Peter Mponda quits Surestream: ‘I am surrounded by some people who do not wish me well’

Surestream FC technical director Peter Mponda has resigned, claiming he is surrounded by some people who do not wish him well.

Peter Mponda: Frustrated ...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Peter Mponda: Frustrated …Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Mponda claims Surestream officials have been forcing him m to do “impossible things” at the club.

The former Flames skipper said he has resigned to protect his reputation.

“Instead of focusing on what to do to make sure the team recuperates from the recent defeats, they are busy trying to frustrate me,” said Mponda.

The team, which also lost 0-1 to Be Forward Wanderers before drawing 2-2 with Red Lions last Sunday, anchors the 15-team log-table with a single point from four games.

Surestream FC made history by becoming the first outfit to make it into the Super League within two seasons of playing competitive football. They won Southern Region Football Association (SRFA) Division One title in 2013 and the Premier League glory the following year

The academy was started and is still sponsored by Surestream Petroleum, a United Kingdom company with interests in Malawi, and now has 150 players in its books from under-10s to under-18s and the senior team. Only four of the academy players have completed school.

It also reaches out to another 7500 players through its mobile academy in Malawi’s northern and central regions, which they visit two or three times a week.

The academy has already produced two full internationals – goalkeeper Bright Munthali and midfielder Ernest Tambe, 17, – who was recently invited for trials at Bloemfontein Celtic.

“I think I have done my part helping the team to reach this stage and it is time for others to take over,” said Mponda.

Surestream Petroleum’s general manager Keith Robinson said he was unaware of Mponda’s resignation.

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36 thoughts on “Peter Mponda quits Surestream: ‘I am surrounded by some people who do not wish me well’”

  1. Vimbuza Masekese says:

    Paja ndiwe Mponda kukonda kuthawa ma challenge….2010 unatiluzitsa ku AFCON kwa Angolla after zibwana zomapanga njomba uli last man kenako umvekere ndapanga retire apanso waona ukungoluzitsa team waganiza zonamizira ena……No wonder you decline to Germany after kuopera patali.Even in South Africa you fail to get attractions from top clubs.

  2. claytone chanika says:

    mponda malawi wil not hav sam1lik u.

  3. Gibo says:

    it’s too early brau. u cud hv at least left @ a point ur team has started displaying it’s stand in v league. u hv shown 2 v world t@ u r a failure coz u hv quited @ v point ur players n supporters r needing u v most. @ man utd Sir Alex took tym for his side to start doing well in v league bt he never quit. look @ where man u is today coz of him. lyf is full of pple t@ talk about others n note t@ where u’ll go still these kind of pple will b there. learn to stand firm

  4. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Not surprised at all. School dropouts will keep dropping out of challenges in all their life.
    Take it or leave it, school should be first for our children to make critical thinkers that lead with intergrity and maturity in future.
    This mentality has it’s foundation from(@) the team he played much of his life. Street fighting to settle football issues.
    Pointing fingers at others for own failures is total fallacy and a manifestation of a shrank brain because it has either not met challenges or it always runs way from them. So sad. Sopo ina imangokula. Elders who are not leaders.

  5. o-deal-o and loot-epo says:

    malawians are so weak. sir alex ferguson took 10 years to get man utd going. a country of losers and faliures. iwe ndiye ulibe mapwala koma uli ndi bunyufu mu trouser. tizakunyengela babe ife

  6. Bright sam says:

    Coach!!!!!!!!! You are brilliant, even your work is clearly seen by the nations, you are the one who upbringing those guys so dont let anyone to disturb your mind, if you can do that you will frustrate anawo, aneme akulankhula asiye alankhule akadzatopa adzasiya ndikudziwa uli ndi ma masomphenya akulu amene akhoza kupititsa mpira pa mw, mukasiya ndekut masomphenyawo saonekera, zoyamba munthu wina, wina sangakwanitse kupitiliza. Coach ganizani bwino !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. chigodobo chafikaso says:

    OOooooooooooh ! Think twice ,it’s just another day with you and me in pa-ra-daaa-izi!
    mwafulumiza kwambiri man………ansanje akupangila dala kuti uchoke poti kuli chithumba kumene kuja!

  8. My advise to Mponda is that don’t let emotions drive your decisions coz you will one day regret it . Pantchito ili yonse pamakhala anthu a nsanje imeneyo ndiye ntchitoyo koma ntchito za manja ako zidzakuchitira umboni one day and onse ansanje adzachita manyazi ,,, ganizani bwino bwana Mponda , bwelerani ku Surestream ,,team ija ikudikira inu .

  9. Gavanala says:

    Only cowards quits wen the going gets tough.

  10. mponda you wanted your directors to be smiling at you when your team is accumulating negative points from super league? how would you have reacted hat t been dat surestream was being funded by you? real men dont give up easily.. you were paid for this and i dont think resignation will bring more money

  11. Adam christon Masamba says:

    Mr Mponda before u take ur discion, think twice, because our days and our life days it’s another side, it’s have not like old life no, go back to surestream and start new life. U must be strong all the time, this is just beginning to building own ur on to ur side of ur life.

  12. Chigandu says:

    Pali Dollar ndipovuta guys wachita bwino iye sakufuna kukhala ngati Lutepo,Life goes on.

  13. COLBY MAJON says:

    Mr m’ponda maganizo mwapelekawo siothandiza team mu club mumachitika zithu zambiri komaso ukhale ngati soccer ukuyidziwa zolakhula za athu zisakupangitse kusiya team ukatero upha maplayer amawa lino ife timayamika palutha lako lokonda masewera ampira taganiza mozama kwambiri

  14. kanyimbi says:

    Man zikulani. Osamaganiza ngati baby. We are all disappointed with the performance of surestream but the team is loved by many people.

  15. smith h jeliko says:

    man,siose omwe amasangalala akaona anzawo akamapanga zabwino.alekeni atopa okha.inu pheeeeeeee.

  16. chiwa kogoya says:

    Peter change your mind do not quit! it is possible to reverse the situation, usazanene kuti sitinakuthandize ayi. infact your team will do good one day cuz it is promising.

  17. Munthu - The Citizen says:

    Mwafoila man, ntchito yakoyo even national team coach amaifoilira bcoz kuli chithumba. I doubt if you will get another paying job like the one you have ditched. Mukuganiza mothamanga blood as if you are in a football pitch or boxing ring bwanji? Think twice, dont quit!

  18. MKWINYANGWI says:

    Takulani man, and do something matured, sinthani maganizo go back work what you aimed at working. If you are a catholic who reads his bible give yourself time read and see what Jesus passed through, am not talking of the things on the cross but through out the time he was ministering. life is not rosy it has hardos. Learn to pass through them and be a success in life

    1. Julius says:

      I wish Peter that he must not resign, but continue with the team. Forget about these people.

  19. MKWINYANGWI says:

    Week and failing mind. Mr Mponda you have made a mistake that will cost football in malawi. I would plead with you to change your mind. Guys like you should not quit

  20. Phodogoma says:

    Which impossible things? Did sure stream demand the bones of an albino? Had it to do with administration?
    Peter be aware that the position you were holding was not for babysitters. At that level what management is waiting from coaching panel is nothing winning games. Not losing every game as what you were doing. Nonsenses.How much were you paid and what about your players, only the sponsors being greeted by losses upon losses. That is rubbish. My dear that is what the employers do in big offices in which we work. Being Coach/Director is not the same as being Captain of the flames. No no.At that levels there are a lot of criticisms. Out of that criticisms or conflict you can come with tangible ideas.So watch out. We don’t another Leo Mpulula in football coaching community in Malawi. Okey.

  21. ujeni says:

    Peter Mponda is a serial quiter, remember he quit football trials in German organised by Horner, he quite Bullets, he quit professional football in South Africa, he quit at one time national team and now he has quit Surestream. The man is an example of how most malawians are out there quiters. I wonder who wears the trousers in his marriage. Even his face tells a story.

  22. Lupanga says:

    A BULLETS nonse muchokeko ku surestrea minyama ithe! Mwakanika kumabako ka sponsorship maney kti muzidyesa ana amasiye ku bullets zipitani!

  23. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Paja ku Germany unanyanyalanso chifukwa kunalibe nsima.

  24. mtandire says:

    aaah matama inu musatibowepo

  25. chilanga says:

    Even Jesus was also accused. Mr Chelsea shortly was also accused so y not you? Just produce your fruits boy.

  26. Asiyireni man, ingopitiriza business yako aise

    asakupase busy ndi zaziiiiiiiiiii

  27. Peter Mathanyula says:

    Pitala Ponda sopano, zatotaninso a mbuyache isaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  28. Peter, you just do not give up easily. You are not made of that material which breaks up easily.

  29. john says:

    Peter is just being immature.A coach nde onenedwayo

  30. opportunist says:

    U need to be flexible. You were supposed to take hide of decenting views not becoming Mr know it all

  31. Julius H T Luhanga says:

    Great Mponda start praying now enough with football

  32. bokhobokho says:

    Very sad development, komabe fotokozani binobino BAMBO ndani anafuna iwe bambo kuti izipanga juju? Kuli bwino kuluza than kusewera juju, andinva binobino iwe pitala ponda?

  33. makito says:

    What impossible things?

  34. Tembenu says:

    Wachita bwino,tiye kwathu ku Bullets

  35. haward says:


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