Picture of President falling gets Misa-Malawi award: Times scoop media house of the year

Times Group photojournalist Snowden Kadzakumanja on Saturday received an award at Media Institute for South Africa (Misa) Malawi chapter gala for a  picture of Malawian President Peter Mutharika falling down outside of Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe in January this year.

Award winning photo: Aides rush to the defence of the Malawian leader Mutharika when he had a big fall

Award winning photo:  Malawian leader Mutharika when he had a big fall

Times Group’s Editor in Chief George Kasakula receives media house of the year award – both electronic and print – from Petroleum Importers Limited general manager Enwell Kadango

Times Group’s Editor in Chief George Kasakula receives media house of the year award – both electronic and print – from Petroleum Importers Limited general manager Enwell Kadango

Brian Banda receives talk show host of the year award

Brian Banda receives talk show host of the year award

The awards were part of  the 2016 World Press Freedom Day under the theme ‘Fostering Freedom of Expression’  which included a freedom march within Mangochi Township, panel discussion at Fort Johnson Hotel, sporting activities and gala dinner at Nkopola Sunbird Hotel.

The picture was first posted on the front page of the Sunday Times newspaper and depicted the President being helped out by the presidential detail.

It was later posted on Nyasa Times and went viral on social media.

Times Group has also been declared media house of the year by Misa-Malawi, print and electoronic TV respectively.

Most of its journalist scooped awards including Whyton Kapasule (education), Richard Chilombo (human rights for his Zachimalawi blog), Rachel Muhango for her Times TV health program, Madalitso Mussa  of Tales of Times bagged American sponsored columnist award named after late Muckracker Ralph Tenthani.

Other awards for Times Group went to marverick TV and radio presentor Brian Banda who bagged the best talk show host. Malawi News assistant editor Charles Mpaka received two awards in Sanitation reporting and ICT category.

Editor-In-Chief for Times Group, George Kasakula said it is a call for big celebration for country’s biggest media house and also a challenge “because we have raised the bar and we need to maintain it.”

On Monday, Times Group’s daily title, The Daily Times editorial celebrated the awards but attributed it to working on feedback from the readers, saying “we have lived by our ethical values and promote public interest at whatever cost.”

The editorial adds: “We have stood with the oppressed, creating enemies for ourselves from those who enjoy oppressing the vurnalable.”

The paper said Times journalists have made “sacrifices” along the way and sometimes having members of their families victimised.

“Because of your support, the oppressors hesitated to strike us; they saw millions of faces behind us,” said the paper.

Times Group saluted and dedicated the awards to its audience including “all people of goodwill.”

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24 thoughts on “Picture of President falling gets Misa-Malawi award: Times scoop media house of the year”

  1. Ujeni says:

    I hear tree is also a video of Mathanyula ‘s fall please pst on youtube.

  2. Nambewe says:

    Zopusa award ndi award coz munthu wagwa what is so special about it. inu simunagwepo? Shane and disgraceful

  3. journo says:

    If youre not a journalist stop asking why the picture won,,youre clueless about journalism.. thats a great picture it could win any award intenationally..meanwhile zipitilizani ntchito zanuzo and stop complainng

  4. Moses Kula says:

    Brian Banda congratulations. You continue to shine.

  5. Lapani says:

    This is stupid. Zikuoneka ngati kuti a Nyasatimes mumadana ndi Peter MUntharika. Mulemekezezeni ndi mtsogoleri wa dziko lino. Amene mukuwafuna kuti alamulire dziko lino nawonso adzalemekezedwa nthawi yawo ikadzafika. Mulungu akuthandizeni ndithu.

  6. Kholowa mkabudula says:

    Mugabe and kamuzu Banda the lions of Africa,their turn to take a spin came so we are used to this as they are just humans no matter what. So an award for thi s picture? To me no!no! That is how we show our stupidness, someone does a miscalculation then we are happy what a wicked generation though l am not APM’s fan?

  7. Chief Kapoloma says:

    wagwa wagwa basi asaaa

  8. BigMan says:

    Only in Malawi can we celebrate such mediocrity. A man slips while planting some trees in a garden and someone takes a picture. They win best picture award? Please research what other international awards use as criteria for photo journalistic excellence. We are too simple in Malawi.

  9. Zoona says:

    Koma tsonotu chi body guard chavala suit ya black chinayesetsa kuti munthu wa mkulu asagwe. Koma ayi dzanja likalemba lalemba basi.

  10. Third eye! says:

    This is so stupid picture one can take and publicizes it , what are trying to do, are you celebrating or enjoying on what happened and you feel like we can share a smile with you?

  11. Zilani says:

    The president is a public figure. His privacy is compromised ay times. He knew of this even before he went around begging us to vote him into thay office.

    Even when he was not voted in, he managed to get in that office.

    If he has had enough of it, just quit. No hard feelings. No one should feel for him. Ndi moto wapathupi uwu.

  12. Charles says:

    Marcus Zimbiri (#2) please note that not all news is supposed to change or have a bearing on a country. News is just informative and the photo of the falling President was meant to inform us Malawians of what had happened to our President at that tree-planting exercise. Even news from other countries that has no bearing on Malawi is meant to inform us of what is happening outside Malawi, it is called current affairs. Think of the many stories you have read and the photos you have seen in newspapers, have all of them changed Malawi? The photo journalist who took that photo did a great job and we must be proud of him. We should also be proud that Malawi is maturing, in that the government never took any action against the journalist, unlike what happens in some other African countries. Maybe this is the biggest proof that the publication of the photo of the falling president provides to us Malawians on the freedom that the press has in the country.

  13. Congrats Mada Musa(not Mussa) mwana wamu mnzinda

  14. Munthu Wokonda dziko lake says:

    Very stupid article by a pathetically hateful journalist. What does the following statement reveal regarding the mentality of the writer of this article? “Malawian leader Mutharika when he had a big fall”. hate siikuthandizani chilichonse ayi. Ali bambo ako agwa ndiye wina wajambula ndikumawaika mu nyuzi chonchi how would you feel? Would you toot that as heroic journalism? Rejoicing at the fall of your father? Really? Very stupid.

  15. wobeba wanga says:

    peter has to punish these people. really they are taking him for granted.

  16. kamale says:

    This should be mediocre of the highest order, so one get awarded for capturing and promoting a disgraceful event, a when there are so many photos which were captured with high significance to the society including those for people in distress and suffering? Which in turn led to mobilisation of assistance?? I really don’t admire malawi media for its mediocrity. Excepting for Brian Banda I think the rest is trash!! And once again I say trash

  17. Vyanusi says:

    Marcus Zimbiri (No. 2)
    , The photo means quite a lot to free expression and tolerance for the the Governing Party current DPP. If your were there during the UDF and former DPP of Late Bingus rule such a picture could have earned the whole Times Group serous repercusions. The TV station would have been smashed, cameras confiscated and adverts banned. To some of us we know where we are coming from. It is unfortunate that you do not appreciate how tolerable Peter is and how he values freedom of expression.

  18. Mkulu Zikaoneka says:

    Oops! I’m not a DPP diehard and I will never be one but what has Malawi as a nation benefited from a picture of a President falling? Those who took pictures of albinos being butchered by merciless people not recognized. My mother Malawi!!

    To Brian Banda; congratulations, keep up the good work.

  19. Captain says:

    Kusowa chochita. Nothing wrong with a fall.

  20. ziiiiii says:

    Pali nzeru pamenepo mwasowa chochita misa eti. Any benefit for the country? Kodi inu simunagwepo? That is normal.

  21. ziiiiii says:

    Anzanu a Pilirani Banda anakadzikwilira. KKKKKKKK

  22. John Tomoka says:

    Brian Banda you deserve such recognation. We are proud of you Amene sakukondwa akakolope Lake Malawi……………..2016

  23. Marcus Zimbiri says:

    What benefit does a photo of a falling president give to the people? What else has changed for the better after the photo of the falling president?

  24. Emmatuwa says:

    Brian Banda ife a Malawi timakunyadira kwambiri

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