Police arrest DPP councillor, chief over stolen LDF items in Zomba

Police in Zomba are keeping in custody the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) councillor, a traditional leader and five others for allegedly breaking into a store room and stealing 24 bags of cement meant for a bridge project.

Nyaude: They have been charged

Nyaude: They have been charged

Police spokesman in Zomba, Tomeck Nyaude confirmed the arrest of Zomba Ntonya councillor Lawrence Kika, who won on the ruling DPP ticket, village head Kaselema and five others.

“The cement was for the construction of a bridge that connects Zomba Ntonya and Zomba Thondwe under the Local Development Fund (LDF). We have managed to recover six bags only,” said Nyaude.

He alleged the suspects broke into a store room where the bags of cement were kept pending commencement of the development project.

Nyaude said the suspects are still in police custody pending appearance in court to answer charges of theft.

Some DPP councillors have of late been hitting headlines for being on the wrong side of the law such as theft and rape.

District Commissioner for Zomba Bernard Kansala could not say the fate of the councillor and the village headman, saying his office would be directed by a court ruling.

He however lamented that such behaviour retards development activities.

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26 thoughts on “Police arrest DPP councillor, chief over stolen LDF items in Zomba”

  1. Hes says:

    Councillor ameneyo ndiwochitisa manyazi zedi.Komwe umalandira sikokwanira?Chisiru!!!!!

  2. Nyapaphi wabowa says:

    This is what most DPP councillors are doing. Akuti boma ndi lawo choncho angathe kuchita chili chonse kuphatikiza kuba. This is just one of the many ugly scenarios. Nanga a Mulhako mulinso ndi mawu apa? Si wanuyi wakuvulani basi! Anawatu akuonera. Shame! Yatsala ya K92 bn ija. MBAVA!!!


    Mwabisa zambiri tell us more

  4. Galu was DPP ameneyu awzolowera cashgate zachamba basis isi!!,

  5. Captain Mediocrity says:

    Now this is the Malawi I know, there’s no way someone is simply a thief if he is in govt, and where the reporter has not given you any indication as to what the thief’s motives are we rush to attach it to the party.

    Any man is ruled by self preservation, and thieving is just a manifestation of self preservation. It is only a matter of how far YOU as an individual are willing to go. Let the law deal with these clowns accordingly. And then we might have a better chance to weigh this moment in our history.

  6. Mapwiya Namuhaya wa ku Phaloni says:

    Tsiku lina ndinalota nyumba yosanjikizana itagwa ndipo aliyense ofika pamalopo analira.

  7. Ozitsata says:

    That’s what people are paying for their crave of voting for party colours and symbols.

  8. mtichimwitsa says:

    Nkhuku imatenga make unyera mnyumba

  9. MLOMWE says:

    Alomwe akubera alomwe anzawo aku Ntonya paja Bingu adaberanso alomwe ,Pitara ndi mkazi wache adaba ndalama zama ARVS pano Councillor wachilomwe wabera Anophiya anzake kikikikiki kumbwambwana si uku?umve ku Dpp

  10. pwefu says:

    Amaona kuchedwa

  11. pwefu says:

    Like father like son

  12. Sibweni says:

    Malawi watani????????????????? Eeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ben phiri says:

    kusankha kwanu kosayang’anira akusata zomwe akuchita akulu awo

  14. Pyoka says:

    If tingatani ndiolamula

  15. Amalawi mulindivuto yonyozetsa zinthu kutengera kusiyana pandale,dziwani kuti malawi sadzatukuka ngati tingakhale ndi maganizo oti wanzeru koma ine awo ayi.mulungu sadzatukula malawi bcoz ambirife ndife abalaba.

  16. mapwevupwevu says:

    Councillor Wa chitumbuka uyu!

  17. Wodzichepetsa says:

    Nde DPP imene ndikuidziwa ine imeneyo

    Ilibe chibwana

  18. Nam'binga says:

    Ntchito za DPP,KUBA,KUPHA ndi KUONONGA.

  19. SONG says:

    Ndinanena kale mbava izi inu abale. Dzikoli lilimnja a galu. Kaya.

  20. The Analyst says:

    You stupid thief, why do you want kutukwanitsa makolo? Do we have to travel incognito under the guise of something that we are not; so as to get what we have not? Nooooo, you are a thief in whatever fashion statement! You can fool some misguided poor souls but not some of us. Your strategy is now laid bare for all with eyes to see. Bravo, the police!

    To the courts . . . Know that justice is void of eyes. As such this thief guised as some councillor should be thoroughly punished. Make him an example of the many rot that goes unseen, unnoticed or unreported hence unpunished.

    Now to the rest of us . . .

    This guy is a thief before he is a councillor. Just like any man is first intelligent before he/she is a professor. This man only became a councillor to increase access to touch for his thievish hands. Anybody who fails to see this and extends undue accusations on others, is a misguided n frustrated poor soul, failing to use not even a quarter of one of his brain cells; hence being ungrateful to the Almighty for the gift of a free brain.

    Munthu omvetsa manyazi uyu! A thorough idiot! A complete fool! Foolish nong! . . . Asa!

  21. Mukharapwio says:

    as usual Katsaira will refute claiming it is the work of PP/MCP to discredit DPP government,he will also attribute this to cashgate,he will we go on to say that the President is implementing Public Reforms which will end this,and remmember tha we have struck an agreement with Chinese/Indian investors so u better report on these successes he will remind the reporter,finally he will tell the reporter that the President is committed to improve security as gvt has just bought vehicles for the police and that the President is going to Malta where among other things he will attend a forum on security with eminent leaders including PM of Australia,Canada,Theresa May,Zuma,Mahama etc

  22. mtumbuka1 says:

    Theft is part of the dpp culture in fact it’s in their DNA. A fish rots from the head but my biggest worry is the alliance between dpp & udf(two cerebrated thieves) running the country and one can only pray and hope there will be any cent left in the government coffers. The country is in trouble.

  23. Bebvu says:

    Like father like son. These councillors are only copying what their party advocates – the plunder of public resources with impunity.

  24. Green Grass says:

    So Councillors also don’t want to be left behind in the looting? No wonder in most Districts they are busy chasing away Council secretariat staff once they note that they will not have a chance to stral

  25. Issa Kabudula says:

    The DPP councillors must undergo political training, it help them understand that; to be a leader/political or otherwise, it does not give you a licence to steal/defile under age girls.
    The ruling party must guard these types of ill disciplined individuals as will give a damaging impression to the citizens – as if atumidwa nda bwana awo.

    Malawi is one of the country which, only politician is a celebrity and nt any other, and if the celebrity is behaving badly send bad waves of culture to the people especially the young people who are ready to copy any thing they see, without second thoughts.

  26. Tanazio says:

    A DPP mukuti chiyani? Kubela boma lanu? We need to see your action on this………We are following you.

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