Police arrest students from Lilongwe Technical College for demonstrations: Fire tear gas

Union President of Lilongwe Technical College, Promise Chidothi said he does not see any future for the much touted rural technical colleges the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Government says it is implementing if it is failing to take care of the already existing technical colleges, such as the Lilongwe Technical College.

Students being briefed by their Union President on the response by the Principal.

Students being briefed by their Union President on the response by the Principal.

Some of the obvious problems - broken door into girls hostels

Some of the obvious problems – broken door into girls hostels

Non-functional toilet but still being used.

Non-functional toilet but still being used.

He was speaking Thursday in an interview with the Lilongwe News Agency, a day after the students held a demonstration for being unhappy with the situation the college is in.

“We have several problems in the college which the administration is failing to solve. Toilets are broken down, meals are miserable, and there is no menu, if it is eggs available, we may have them for so many days till they finish.

“There is no security, security lights are not there, it becomes pitch dark as soon as the sun sets, coupled with that, the security company engaged provides untrained personnel, they allow strangers into the college any time, even at midnight without asking them questions, there are so many issues,” explained Chidothi.

He said students morale of learning is down due to these problems including psychological ones where their own teachers degrade them, saying they have no right to demand what they want because they pay too little fees (K14 000) as contribution to government subsidy.

Additionally, the students alleged that their teachers work hard in moonlighting to train students who pay them privately .

The Union President disclosed that they had been meeting the principal several times on the problems but nothing has been done. He said they have been complaining about the problems since 2012.

“Every time we meet administration, they assure us that the problems will be solved but nothing happens, the situation continues to deteriorate and learning has been so difficult because of such poor conditions,” explained Chidothi

He said these were the reasons why the students resorted to hold a demonstration, after handing over their petition, they proceeded chanting songs peacefully from the administration block to outside the college gate.

Police invited by the administration, came in when the demonstration was almost dying down, according to Chidothi, with only a few students still dancing and chanting at the gate.

He alleged that although the police found just a few students chanting at the gate, they used tear gas to disperse them, worse still, they proceeded to tear gas students who were sitting peacefully in their hostels.

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25 thoughts on “Police arrest students from Lilongwe Technical College for demonstrations: Fire tear gas”

  1. maths says:

    We in Zimbabwe we thot we are worse but you I dont no how to describe you in terms of development.

  2. Shushe says:

    U guys r at at technical college. Thus plumbing class can fix the toilet,electrical class can fix bulbs and general fitting class can fix the windows and glass. Just ask fo materials from xool or do fund raising to purchase some. And discuss the rest instead of demos.

  3. As a union leader you could have encouraged the carpently class to fix the doors as part of their paracticles. That is Killing two birds with one stone.

  4. kkkkkkkkk says:

    Please osalimbana nd Friday Jumbe. Amene uja ndi super substitute for south. Zikavuta amene uja amalowa mu ground and that marks the end of game. So dont play with zizukulu za John Chilembwe.

  5. chejalasi says:

    The whole college can not maintain that broken door. You just need a thicker plywood, nails, tape, saw, varnish,hammer,and plane with some carpentry skills to fix that problem. I dont have formal training in carpentry but such problem, i can fix it myself. Stupid Chewas. Stupid carpentry trainees at LL Tec. College.

  6. mbani says:

    don’t worry this is typical of the govt u voted for. Another example is the wanted to establish another Bank under Friday Jumbe while at the same time wanting to dispose off another bank sighting financial problems this is what they are doing.

  7. nophiya says:

    Malawians are lazy people. The college has trainees and senior lecturers in all the field complained here. Blocking of toilets is maintained by plumbers, why the lecturer does not use his students for maintaining it as part of training,for roofing and broken doors why the Chief Carpenter uses his carpenter trainees to maintain them during classwork as part of his practical. Lilongwe Technical College has everything to support its. But the Chewas are very people. They want everything to be done for them. Mbuzi za anthu basi. Why cant you just go back to Dambwe for your gulewamkulu. Over 80 percent of students at LL Tec College are from central region and 90 percent of the lecturers including the Principal himself come the same central region.That is a sign of lazy bones. We dont have such a problem here at Bt Techical College because most of the maintenance work are covered in our syllabus and we do them on practical ground. Inu a Chewa ndinu mbuzi zedi.Most of our courses here at Sochi Tech College are on commercial basis and we dont have any problem at all.

  8. opportunist says:

    But what i have observed is the technicians from above mentioned college are more competite than the so called UNIMA who only knows theory .

  9. Marley says:

    Good job Mr Union President. Keep fighting for better conditions.

  10. cheyo the real northerner says:

    It is high time government should stop subsidizing education.

  11. Christian life says:

    Thefty of technical managememt can not be ruled out, probe them mow. U can’t claim a no fundimg. Any small funding can repair a toilet. Carpentry practicals can repair a door, someone may be failing his responsibility.

  12. Chicharito says:

    Tinkakuuzani limbikilani xul mubwere ku Unima koma kumangosuta chamba

  13. Very sensible points, how can village technical Colleges assist tha nation yet so numerous technical colleges have are not cared for? Why not strengthen what TEVET is implementing and opted for a political useless village technical colleges? This is a total political failure that will not benefit real Malawians, mwana wa a tribalistic Chaponda angapite ku Village technical village? Just doing it for political implementation? Malawi will never develop ndithu. We have leaders with subjective poverty, selfish and individualistic political tortured minds.

  14. White Rabbit says:

    Bingu all over again, shoot to kill and attacking innocent demos.

  15. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    The heading of the article does not seem to fit its contents. Where does it explicitly say Police arrested students in the article? Poor standards of journalism, baasi.
    Notwithstanding, the government as the provider of education, in this case, has the responsibility to keep living standards reasonable. Otherwise, just close the institution.
    The student leader may have a point in castigating the government, regarding what it promises compared to what it can deliver. I, for one, would not want to live in that environment. Even if some may think that is better than life in the village – that is NOT the point at all.

  16. Bwengu says:

    Ndiye police ya pa Malawi every demo pamayenera kuphulitsidwa teargas as per their training standards. Even if its a sit in timaphulitsa kuti mukamathawa tinene kuti pali violence. That is one of strategies we were taught at training, timayenera ku kwaniritsa zimenezi basi olo a IG akudziwa sitinga yitanidwe nkubwerera ulele.

  17. chiperoni2 says:

    I agree that these so called rural polytechnics are just means of stealing money and buying votes for 2019. If the President fails to take care of the existing colleges and their products, how will the added ones be cared for? Simply put: CHEAP POLITICS!

  18. 2mbwe says:

    kkkkkkkkk malawi @ 50

  19. Chimani. Game says:

    Kamuzu banda. Built this college and you can’t deny the fact that these other leaders are idiots with no idea as to how to run a government

  20. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are crying like babies

  21. mpimpa says:

    just get ready mafana mukadye 300M ku 6 july basi. Professor my foot

  22. Just dare visit one of the much tounted com tech colleges u will be disappointed! Ngala, a college that was officially launched by APM but hey u cant be going around telling me u weng to college. Zakudwa pathetic, pa college mpakana kutenga exeate popita ku chipatala.

    Dont start something u kno for sure u cant implement. Matama basi!

  23. Du wa Du says:

    Nanunso mulimve kuwawa dziko under dpp led govt. Chipani chodziwa kuba mavoti kokha basi koma kulephera kulamulira dziko. TEARGAS NDI MANKHWALA ACHIMFINE MAFANA MUSAOPE.

  24. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    All govt colleges snd universities are in great need of repair

  25. The real Ujeni says:

    A technical college with broken toilets, broken doors, the whole area is all bare dusty and gravel, what are we teaching the students when what they see already is telling them that DON’T BOTHER. These technical colleges should set an example like an exhibit. Clean classrooms and workshops, tarred surroundings, it should be state of the art. People are learning technical stuff, art and craft but the colleges look like place to learn grave digging.

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