Police Commissioner introduces competition to fight crime

Southern Region Police Commissioner Dr George Kainja has  introduced a competition within police station in the region which aims at dealing with crime and convey the key messages of combating drug abuse, violence and theft.

Commissioner Kainja: Competition to fight crime

Commissioner Kainja: Competition to fight crime

Police stations will be competing for the trophy  in the region in various disciplines ranging from crime management, traffic, performance, leadership and community policing among others.

Speaking to Nyasa Times, Commissioner Kainja said his office embarked on the programme as one way of encouraging hard working spirit among police officers.

“The Commissioners trophy is a new initiative that has just been launched this year in southern region to spur and motivate competition among police stations in a bid to standardize police performance and best practices,” said Kainja.

He further said the initiative will also help in fostering better relationship with various stakeholders in the fight against crime.

Kainja also hoped that the competition could encourage citizens with greater tenacity to assist Police fight crime and nurture their good citizenship.

Blantyre Police station emerged the overall winner in the first quarter and went away with a floating trophy and cash amounting to K200 000 while Mwanza Police were the runners up.

Temwa Phiri a senior officer at Limbe Police station has praised  management for the timely initiative.

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25 thoughts on “Police Commissioner introduces competition to fight crime”

  1. kajedza says:

    The traffic department in all police stations will win the trophy for brining in the largest revenue rightly or wrongly

  2. Hello! says:

    Kubwera kumeneko!!! A Pulifekiti anga a ku Dowa Secondary School amenewo!!!! Lyo lyo lyo lyo lyo!!!!!

  3. Karonga Boy says:

    Munthu Wabwino Ngati Kainja Ku Police Ndi Chetechete.Amukoletsa Chona Pompano.

  4. maxwell Nsani says:

    This may sound like a good idea but it will lead the police to concentrate on petty crime to boost their crime combating numbers and look like they are defeating crime. Pa angelo goveya pakunenedwapo that’s the road to chiwembe and other slums….kodi anyamata amadikilira ma mini bus kuti atsitse katundu pa limbe depot aja, those boys who are drunk on sachets by 9am, mumati amakhala kuti akamaliza pamene paja?

    The answer is not fully to be provided by the law enforcement officers by arresting boys smoking chamba, government should create employment and provide training for these boys. Lack of continuity of government programs is so frustrating. During the 2014 campaign, Chakwera spoke about Nationalising core government goals so that regardless of who is in power, they should build their plans around those programs. When JB was in government, Chihana as sports and youth minister talked about re opening MYP bases for training of young people zintchito zamanja. The woman (JB) may have been a thief and uneducated but some of her ideas made sense. Government should get tough on crime yes, but get tougher on the causes of crime. Youth Unemployment is the main cause of crime. Deal with that!

  5. Political Analyst says:

    great initiative in the short I would suggest a major reform in the treatment of police officers, e.g increased base salaries, improved housing and health care. This things will motivated our police force in the long run. We expect so much from our police force yet we give them so little.

  6. Issa Kabudula says:

    Dr. Kainja this is the mind of men of Malawi we are looking for, for those of us who in dispute of the idea of the trophy money is less bring more money in the trophy, let us avoid critics, and add on other people ideas.
    We need responsible Malawians – osamangokhalila kutsutsa (opposition desk) we need to be proactive and resourceful – this man Mr kainja deserves a congratulatory token for the innovative idea.
    I would like also to see the hospital managers, the army, the teachers and the many government official, councillors and members of parliament to adopt the idea of trophy after hard work.

  7. Hendrina Maseko says:

    Bravo Dr Kainja. Innovative and visionary. The police service need to be motivated to yield high performance. Partner with the community and increase awareness. Community policing should be at the helm and think of conducting trainings to community neighbourhood watch security groups etc etc. keep up the good work.
    Pple this is a good initiative and don’t judge Kainja’s performance with his social life. Mwina inunso ndiye onyenga kwambiri kuposa iyeyo..

  8. Zanga Phee! says:

    Brilliant where were you Sir?, we have been looking for such viable ideas in Police Service,our boys are strong and well trained they were just lucking motivation so here you are, good i need your number Sir i can contribute something what ever small it is.See my name.

  9. mphwache wa bingu says:

    Where is the cash coming from? Is it from personal coffers or from ORT?

  10. zibwente says:

    Wapolisi amahongedwa ndi 500000, Ndiye inu mukupeleka 200000 agawane station yonse ma 3000 , Apatu palibe chanzeru. Munakati aliyense adzatenga 600000 munakaona m’mene mbava zinakagwidwira.

  11. Tsiripas says:

    Great development

  12. Isaac says:

    You are doing it right Mr. You deserve a credit. Do not be discouraged by people whose business is judging others they can’t see goodness for its own sake. For them what matters is the doer, bring him/ her down.

  13. Zandekha says:

    Munthu wachita zabwino uyu.Osat akufuna mpano ai,munatani a Malawi simufuna kuyamika?

  14. angoni says:

    Good move komanso ma patrols both days and nights plis. Ku BCA Hill, Newlands and chigumula area kwawopsya. Angeklo Goveya near the bridge where they sell sugarcanes almost everyday pple are beaten at as early as 7pm.

  15. Chris says:

    The next IG osati mbava za pa Khonjeni Thyolo,mbuli.

  16. Tilipo says:

    Great initiative. Strategic at its best. Ine ndakondwa nawo Dr.

  17. Mable Katika says:

    Continue good work and Tikhale Tcheru TV Programme isafe, timayikonda makamaka ya week ino inali super. Tikumakhala Mmataunimu ndi anthu ongokhala obwera ndi kuyenda usiku okhaokha-Muchitepo kanthu basi.

  18. zachilendo says:

    it will jot last. the initiative will only subject junior officers to be exproited by seniors. u cant imagine a police officer boarding an alpha securicor at the back of an open vehicle. lets assume an accident occurs who will compesate such an officer? its a shame really that u pipo dont have crues of how to reduce crime.

  19. Kokotowa says:

    Why not done at national level, does the commissioner want to discredit the IG?

  20. Mashamase says:

    Dr wachigoba , congrates

  21. bokhobokho says:

    Kunyenga too much at kilimanjaro mtengo wa thenga. Kainja ndi mbuzi

  22. bilimankhwe says:

    Kainja is very scandalous has two police women as wives who fight frequently. What will happen if he becomes IG? All women poolice officers will be His

  23. Good says:

    Innovative and articulate. School sinama, this man know how to motivate and enhance performance of his workers. Well done.

  24. nkrumah says:

    It’s a pleasure to have Dr at the top the home affairs

  25. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Koma mpando wa IG ndiye mwafunisisatu bwana Kainja. Tikukuonanitu

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