Police extract Msungama’s mobile phone data: ‘Malawi WhatsApp coup plot’

The Malawi Police Service has handed back mobile handset Samsung Galaxy S4 with extracted data, to Ulemu Msungama which was impounded during his arrest as among three opposition MCP politicians accused of planning to unseat President Peter Mutharika is dissent from various sections of the society.

Msungama: Phone data erased by Police

Msungama: Phone data erased by Police

Msungama has confirmed that indeed the Police have given him his phone but the data including call history, texts and contacts have been removed.

He said content in his phone was extracted and Whatsapp has been deleted.

Deputy MCP Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka said police conduct was a breach of Msungama’s rights.

“The phone has been tampered,” he said.

Police arrested Msungama and he was letter released after spending a night at Kanengo Police notorious holding cells.

He was arrested for allegedly plotting a coup through a WhatsApp conversation.

Rights groups think the arrests are politically motivated.

Malawi has no technology to do surveillance on WhatsApp and other social media.

However, the police say they have arrested MCP executive Ulemu Msungama, spokesperson Jessie Kabwila and the party’s legal adviser Peter Chakwantha, after they received a tip about a WhatsApp chat discussing how to unseat Mutharika.

One of the WhatsApp conversations, they say that President Mutharika can be taken down the same way former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was removed from power.

Generally, conversations cantered on ways to address social and economic problems Malawi currently faces.

Msungama stood in Lilongwe City North East parliamentary election in the May 2014 polls and lost to Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) Bentley Namasasu, but is challenging the results in court.

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Apolice inu mumfunse mukhito amatero pofuna kusangalasa mbwiyake koma atasiya ufa mbwiyakeyo anaona zotani? be careful!!!


Koma m’malawi sadzathekanso ayi, kupusa kuchita kuposa tudzi? Bolanso tudzi limanunkhako anthu mkutseka mphuno. Ofunika kuthamangako mwina mkuchenjelako abale.


Koma ABALOTELI mwanyanya. Mpaka pamenepa? Pafunika kuwapanga hirer ajawo adzakuwumbeni ndi Mitu yanu yonga ZIBOLI. Za Ufiti basi.


Koma tikanathamangako pang’ono nanga chokharila mdziko lopanda chakudya nsi chani mwina tikanachenjelako, zilizonse kumangoti yes bwana jesus its now the time to come coz tikuwonjeza kwambiri its worse than ever.

Samuel july

Anthu otsutsanu nde mukuonjeza kwambiri.ngati ndinkhani yotukula dziko bwanji kungonena nzeru zanu kwa amalawi and working together with the rulling government to develop malawi. You just wasting your time ndimapulani ongofuna kuphetsa anthu osauka coz the end results a mapulani anuwo ndi nkhondo.anthu sanakusankheni with a reason behind so give chance to the DPP .please please musatiphetse!!


the information deleted can easily be traced if really someone wants it, nothing has been done here with the advanced technology!!!!!

Ukaipa dziwa nyimbo

Is it right for the policemen to snatch my phone and read my privacy? This is happening mostly at Kanengo.Where to they get these rights?

Captain Keus

koma anthu inu….
dont dare doing things or starting things u wont manage to end it….because what u are doing will lead to something that will not be good. Damn Malawian politicians dont u have well planned strategies for your psrties for 2019?…apart from planning to pull somebody down? sit down and get back to your senses, think about your relatives, friends and families when cold war starts…because what you are doing can 100 percent lead to that.
ask rwanda…u selfish vagabonds

Optic Computer

If left alone, the Malawi Police has no capacity to convict the accused. They are just wasting their time. How will they prove to the courts that the data they have collected was indeed from the said phone, beyond reasonable doubt? Besides, if someone refers to the Egyptian incident, no one overthrew Mubarak, but all disgruntled Egyptians through demonstrations, which is also a constitutional right in Malawi coming as a right of association.


Vuto ku Malawi dyera inu achipani kuyikira kumbuyo zoipa. Dzana anali Peter ndipo mudatukwana police. Mawa mukakhalanso inu muzatinji?

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