Police shoot two ‘robbers’ dead, recover goods worth millions in Malawi capital

Malawi Police on Friday night shot dead two suspected robbers in Area 36 Lilongwe, during a hunt-down for robbers who broke into Transcom Company premises and stole computers worth millions.

 Mkwanda -Recovered some items

Mkwanda -Recovered some items

Shoot to kill

Shoot to kill

Kanengo Police spokesperson, Sub. Inspector Esther Mkwanda, confirmed the incident and disclosed that they also had two suspects in custody while one suspect escaped during the Friday night encounter.

Mkwanda said on the night of March 13 this year armed robbers broke into Transcom Company premises in Area 29 (Kanengo Industrial Area – Robert’s) and stole computers and other items.

Investigations on the breaking revealed that a guard at the premises connived with the robbers to steal the items from the transporting company, according to Mkwanda.

The guard was caught in Ntchisi where he had holed himself up after the March 13 operation and the police arrested him on April 20.

Mkwanda said upon interrogation, the guard, Sanudi Kalembera, revealed the whole plot and his information led to the Friday night man-hunt and show-down in Area 36.

“Our CID Officers traced the suspects and apprehended them in Area 36 while they were coming from another break-in at Nathenje Nasfam Depot where they had stolen similar items as they had from Transcom in Kanengo,” explained Mkwanda.

She added: “We caught them with the stolen items in their possession; they were four in number and during the encounter two were shot dead, one was arrested and another one escaped.”

Mkwanda identified the deceased as George Mainga Mideyo and Emanuel Manze Phiri. She said although full details of the two were yet to be established, Mideyo was a renowned hardcore criminal on ‘wanted-list’ by the police.

The police further identified the other suspect they arrested in the Friday night operation as 35-year-old Lawrence Peter, from Kainja Village TA Chauma, Dedza.

Peter and Kalembera the guard face charges of Breaking into a Building with an Intention to Commit a Crime, which is contrary to Section 311 (a) of the Penal Code according, to Mkwanda.

Kalembera, 29, hails from Chamama, TA Wimbe in Kasungu but according to Mkwanda, he gave his employer, Protelligent, false information regarding his home of origin.

The police have since recovered some of the items the gang stole from Transcom and Nasfam, Nathenje Depot which include 9 laptops, two printers, five sets of computers and a plasma screen among others.

The law enforcers have since appealed to all employers to scrutinize their would-be-employees thoroughly before taking them on board.

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30 thoughts on “Police shoot two ‘robbers’ dead, recover goods worth millions in Malawi capital”

  1. JP says:

    I would recommend Malawi Police to introduce under cover cops. That way they would get ask informations from these thieves and their iterations prior to attesting them. This way there will be region of innocent individuals being killed.

  2. ANACHIMINA says:

    Amanena za mob justice sanaberedwepo,sanaziwone, popeza kuziwona nkulinga uli pa mtendere. I remember one Lawyer who used to sympathise with DZIGANDANGA ankayesa akuwerenga James Bond; he was too academic and had not yet experienced the trauma that these tugs insteal when they invade one’s home. One day it happened to him. Wife gang raped,his property stolen. Himself was at lakeshore resort mfuno salota amwene. Ankayesa zocheza, amkatokosa njoka kuuna n’chala. ANACHIMINA.

  3. zigandanga nzikopa za Anthu says:

    NYASATIMES, we love you please continue with the goog work and keep us abreast of these isues as well as providing us with a platform free of charge but very rich indeed. I personaly love and admire you frome bottom up.God bless you all.

  4. zigandanga nzikopa za Anthu says:

    Please help me. The “Malawian Law” says: A suspect is regarded innocent until proven guilty by a competent court of law: Now tell me, some crazy notorious gun totting human beast(s) CHIGAWENGA AMWENE) has broken into your home and by God’s grace you catch them may be with help of neighbours.All evidence bare and proven fact is that the owner of the property’s is at risk( 99.99% death and only .01, I mean only .01 thus if mizimu ya kwanu yakukora is survival. So you still insist until proven guilty. TO HELL WITH THE ACHAIC LAW. I sincerely love and admire our couragious women and men in uniform. May God Almighty continue to protect you and your beloved families. If some one is listening!!! AMEND THIS STUPID STATUTE PLEASE be4 it is too late. ABEGO OH!

  5. OsmanLastnumber says:

    Lawrence ndikumuziwa bhobho kwambiri,,, Eee kani adawa ndi cruku kkkkk mwatheka bwanatu APA… Congrats to those who managed to shoot and kill the idiot’s .

  6. Escaped robber says:

    Fill them with gun bullets

  7. bristol says:

    Kill these beasts without delay. I don’t want to lose you men in uniform because these robbers are also armed. Just always shoot them before they realize that they are surrounded. Please cleanse Capital City of these beasts.

  8. Enawa says:

    Though justice denied but welldone job these are dangerous animals

  9. IBRAHIMi says:

    Dank zakhala bwino mwina zakubazo ndikuchepa kuno Ku RSA timapotokola pakhosi maka cape ton

  10. christopher Banda says:

    congraturations malawi police

  11. Black Market says:

    Between Police Justice and Mob justice, where is the difference?

  12. therere says:

    eliminate them, Area 23 also has these thieves

  13. Chitsiru chiri ndi mwini says:

    Keep it up our police officers shoot all of them sizomapitaso ku khoti azititheraso ndalama za misonkho yathu mmalo mogula chakudya anthu adye. Mbava ndi mfiti kale ikapeza munthu sinyengerera imapha ndiye iyoso iphedwe basi. Gwirani ntchito a polisi athu zithe psiti!!.

    There is sharia law in Arab countries akakupeza waba amadula kay ndi mkono kaya mwendo ndiye ife kuno sharia law yathu ikhale imeneyi.

  14. That’s a welcome development, am happy with that ,keep it up but ife tikagwila wathu ndikumugenda ndi myala kupha pang’ono u say that its mob justice.

  15. Chilungamo says:

    Shoot to kill! Amabwezeretse chitukuko mmbuyo komanso kuonongetsa chuma cha boma akapita ku prison milandu imatenga nthawi anthu kumangodya ndalama za boma kumati ma allowance. Wonani mmene za cashgate zikuchedweramu tikanakhala anaphedwa anthu amenewa pano chuma cha boma chikusungika!

  16. Chief Kapoloma says:

    zusiyana pati ndi justice pompopompo? inu kupha ndi machaka ife kupha ndi miyala draw game apa

  17. Ntaila says:

    Incompetent police. You were supposed to arrest or at most disable not kill. Justice denied. What if there was mistaken identity? The police are not judges

  18. ellias says:


  19. Jafrez says:

    You may be saying bravo police but wait till they gun down an innocent person and justify they had to.

    This aint no different from mob justice – justice denied

  20. Roberto says:

    I see no difference police killing suspects and mob justice that occurred in Nsanje, Dedza and other parts of the country. Justice denied!




  22. Ze Roberto says:

    Excellent job Malawi police. Malawi is two thugs less.Kankhani kabwino!

  23. Ignacious says:

    Welldone kill them more officers

  24. olira says:

    Ngati alipo emwe sanachimweko atole mwala nagenda?

  25. Man of God says:

    I like that. Bola pamenepoka. Osati wopalamula mlandu azithawira ku police, no. Takunyadirani kwabasi.

  26. Charombanthu says:

    Smoke them out!!! Akutisowetsa mtendere amenewa…

  27. Denguzman. says:

    Kill dem all coz they are bad citizen.

  28. chigo says:

    thank you very much our men of security services.

  29. phelezunje says:

    Thats commen
    dable job policemen.

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