Political affiliations causes division in CCAP Blantyre Synod

As accusations and counter-accusations continues to engulf “divided” CCAP Blantyre Synod, some reverends, among them Reverend Chimesya Phiri, are accusing Synod management of confusing and instilling fear in delegates to the forthcoming Synod Bi-ennual Assembly to be held from August 24 to 27 2015.

Rev Maulana:  Facing stiff challenge

Rev Maulana: Keeps comment close to his chest

They are also accusing their General Secretary Rev Alex Maulana of trying to block other delegates to the 30th Bi-ennial assembly.

The borne of contention is the polls for Synod top positions expected to take place during the Assembly, and this has apparently created two camps ahead of the polls.

Maulana, who seeks second term, will battle it out with Mangochi based reverend Lazarus Kadango and reverend Paul Mawaya, Moderator of Michiru CCAP church.

It is believed that Maulana led camp is being financed by ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and President Peter Mutharika while the other camp, which is pro Kadango and Mawaya, is allegedly getting financial support from former ruling People’s Party.

However, the accusations follows the letter the Synod management wrote to all Presbytery clerks asking them to appoint at least one Minister and one elder for every four congregations.

The letter, dated 24 July 2015 and signed by Deputy General Secretary reverend Moyenda Kanjerwa, also says the maximum number of Ministers in each presbytery should not exceed two third (2/3) of their number.

In the letter, Kanjerwa also says the Synod Moderator, Vice Synod Moderator, the GS and his deputy will attend in their official capacity and not as commissioner for the purpose of determining the total number of commissioners from the Presbytery.

“For purpose of ensuring that the number of eligible voters is clearly known, the Presbytery Clerks, the Synod Youth Director and the Director of Women Affairs should submit a list of names of delegates to the Synod office not later than Thursday 30 July 2015.

“The Presbytery clerk for each Presbytery and those responsible for the appointment of women and youth delegates should ensure that persons of high integrity with capacity to understand and actively take part in deliberations of the proceedings are appointed.

“When making appointments, ensure that you strictly adhere to the provisions of the Constitution as explained,” advised Kanjerwa.

But this did not go down well with Chimesya who, in a letter dated August 4 2015 and addressed to Deputy SG, requested to the Synod management not put any strings to the delegates and allow all serving and retired church ministers with a congregation to exercise their voting rights during Assembly.

“Sir, your letter which was addressed to the Presbytery Clerks in all Presbyteries is not in conformity with the current issue at hand regarding the Bi-Ennial Assembly, the Article 7.2 of the Blantyre Synod Constitution states of Delegates to ‘Synod’ not Delegates to ‘Bi-Ennial Assembly’ which is open to all Synod Ministers and their commissioners after all the Synod Constitution does not provide any guidelines for Bi-Ennial Assembly.

“This Assembly is open to all ministers and don’t come up with strings as if it is a Synod Annual Conference,” challenged Chimesya.

He the observed that Synod’s letter was aimed at confusing, bringing fear and dividing the Synod and electorates.

“Please let not your office confuse the delegates to the Assembly. I totally challenge your letter as it defeats the rights of voters as constituted by the Constitution, do not bring such confusion; please do not divide the Synod,” said Chimesya, who also threatened to obtain a court injunction should Synod proceed with its stand.

But when contacted by Nyasa Times to provide his side of the story, Maulana declined to comment, saying the matter and all allegations level against him are being handled by their legal advisor.

“I have had enough of that and I will not say anything at the moment. I have left everything is hands of our legal advisor. So, I have nothing to say,” said Maulana.

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shame on Blantyre synod

mr gwitoto

abusa inu mwalowa satana eti?.Lolani malamulo anu agwire ntchito basi osati kumagwilisa ntchito malamulo omwe sanasainilidwe kuti mubele nao masakho.lolani azanu ena akupondelezeni ngati mmene mumawapondelezela inumo.oipa inu eti?.

not myname

Pepani Abusa Inu Ngakhale pakhala mkangano otani musamatulutse nkangano wanu kwa atolankhani mumapeputsa ntchito ya MULUNGU osamafananitsa ndi udindo wapansi pano.Kukhala pa interview kulongosola mikangano pa wayilesi sizinthu zoyenela tamavelani anzanu angakhale atsekelane maofesi kwa atolankhani amangoti ndi za mnyumba mwathu tikambirana


Why not Livingstonia Synod where nepotism is part of Nyondo’s creed.

Samuel Nyapala

Ndi zoona kuti Maulana amamwa kwambiri ndipo ali ku Chilema adagwetsa chipilala cha pa church cha Anglican atakhuta. Chitsiru chinzake Chimesya adachinda mwana wamngono ndipo Maulana ndi Kadawati adaipondereza nkhaniyo. Onsewa ndi zitsiru palibe wabwino apa.Bola mbusa uja adali pa Domasi Jeanes ndiye wabwino.


A,me eye ndiye Alex Maulana mulhomwe weni weni wa DPP akuwaona anthu onse a CCAP ngati Nga DPP. Iye ndi amene anamulowetsa Peter Mutharika kuti anamidze anthu ngati wa CCAP munthu woti sakhulupilira kuti kuli Mulungu


These are not men of God.they are thugs in crerical attire cheating the Lord’s flock.Why fighting instead of preaching the word of God?The Lord will judge you


whenever people start fighting each other in church just know that the Holy Spirit is. not. there and that they are doing Gods work on their own without the involvement of God’s power


Nonsenu kangoyambani ndale…..musataitse nthawi akhristu.


Am afraid there is only one solution to all these chaos….lets kill the lomwe’ asap…this mulakho bra bra bra thing is a cancer…remove the cancerous cells ,only then its when you’ll be sure you are completely healed…Kill the lomwe’s…and if they rise again…kill them…again and again….and again…

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