Political affiliations causes division in CCAP Blantyre Synod

As accusations and counter-accusations continues to engulf “divided” CCAP Blantyre Synod, some reverends, among them Reverend Chimesya Phiri, are accusing Synod management of confusing and instilling fear in delegates to the forthcoming Synod Bi-ennual Assembly to be held from August 24 to 27 2015.

Rev Maulana:  Facing stiff challenge

Rev Maulana: Keeps comment close to his chest

They are also accusing their General Secretary Rev Alex Maulana of trying to block other delegates to the 30th Bi-ennial assembly.

The borne of contention is the polls for Synod top positions expected to take place during the Assembly, and this has apparently created two camps ahead of the polls.

Maulana, who seeks second term, will battle it out with Mangochi based reverend Lazarus Kadango and reverend Paul Mawaya, Moderator of Michiru CCAP church.

It is believed that Maulana led camp is being financed by ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and President Peter Mutharika while the other camp, which is pro Kadango and Mawaya, is allegedly getting financial support from former ruling People’s Party.

However, the accusations follows the letter the Synod management wrote to all Presbytery clerks asking them to appoint at least one Minister and one elder for every four congregations.

The letter, dated 24 July 2015 and signed by Deputy General Secretary reverend Moyenda Kanjerwa, also says the maximum number of Ministers in each presbytery should not exceed two third (2/3) of their number.

In the letter, Kanjerwa also says the Synod Moderator, Vice Synod Moderator, the GS and his deputy will attend in their official capacity and not as commissioner for the purpose of determining the total number of commissioners from the Presbytery.

“For purpose of ensuring that the number of eligible voters is clearly known, the Presbytery Clerks, the Synod Youth Director and the Director of Women Affairs should submit a list of names of delegates to the Synod office not later than Thursday 30 July 2015.

“The Presbytery clerk for each Presbytery and those responsible for the appointment of women and youth delegates should ensure that persons of high integrity with capacity to understand and actively take part in deliberations of the proceedings are appointed.

“When making appointments, ensure that you strictly adhere to the provisions of the Constitution as explained,” advised Kanjerwa.

But this did not go down well with Chimesya who, in a letter dated August 4 2015 and addressed to Deputy SG, requested to the Synod management not put any strings to the delegates and allow all serving and retired church ministers with a congregation to exercise their voting rights during Assembly.

“Sir, your letter which was addressed to the Presbytery Clerks in all Presbyteries is not in conformity with the current issue at hand regarding the Bi-Ennial Assembly, the Article 7.2 of the Blantyre Synod Constitution states of Delegates to ‘Synod’ not Delegates to ‘Bi-Ennial Assembly’ which is open to all Synod Ministers and their commissioners after all the Synod Constitution does not provide any guidelines for Bi-Ennial Assembly.

“This Assembly is open to all ministers and don’t come up with strings as if it is a Synod Annual Conference,” challenged Chimesya.

He the observed that Synod’s letter was aimed at confusing, bringing fear and dividing the Synod and electorates.

“Please let not your office confuse the delegates to the Assembly. I totally challenge your letter as it defeats the rights of voters as constituted by the Constitution, do not bring such confusion; please do not divide the Synod,” said Chimesya, who also threatened to obtain a court injunction should Synod proceed with its stand.

But when contacted by Nyasa Times to provide his side of the story, Maulana declined to comment, saying the matter and all allegations level against him are being handled by their legal advisor.

“I have had enough of that and I will not say anything at the moment. I have left everything is hands of our legal advisor. So, I have nothing to say,” said Maulana.

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73 thoughts on “Political affiliations causes division in CCAP Blantyre Synod”

  1. shame on Blantyre synod

  2. mr gwitoto says:

    abusa inu mwalowa satana eti?.Lolani malamulo anu agwire ntchito basi osati kumagwilisa ntchito malamulo omwe sanasainilidwe kuti mubele nao masakho.lolani azanu ena akupondelezeni ngati mmene mumawapondelezela inumo.oipa inu eti?.

  3. not myname says:

    Pepani Abusa Inu Ngakhale pakhala mkangano otani musamatulutse nkangano wanu kwa atolankhani mumapeputsa ntchito ya MULUNGU osamafananitsa ndi udindo wapansi pano.Kukhala pa interview kulongosola mikangano pa wayilesi sizinthu zoyenela tamavelani anzanu angakhale atsekelane maofesi kwa atolankhani amangoti ndi za mnyumba mwathu tikambirana

  4. nkrumah says:

    Why not Livingstonia Synod where nepotism is part of Nyondo’s creed.

  5. Samuel Nyapala says:

    Ndi zoona kuti Maulana amamwa kwambiri ndipo ali ku Chilema adagwetsa chipilala cha pa church cha Anglican atakhuta. Chitsiru chinzake Chimesya adachinda mwana wamngono ndipo Maulana ndi Kadawati adaipondereza nkhaniyo. Onsewa ndi zitsiru palibe wabwino apa.Bola mbusa uja adali pa Domasi Jeanes ndiye wabwino.

  6. Bangor says:

    A,me eye ndiye Alex Maulana mulhomwe weni weni wa DPP akuwaona anthu onse a CCAP ngati Nga DPP. Iye ndi amene anamulowetsa Peter Mutharika kuti anamidze anthu ngati wa CCAP munthu woti sakhulupilira kuti kuli Mulungu

  7. Zautsilu says:

    These are not men of God.they are thugs in crerical attire cheating the Lord’s flock.Why fighting instead of preaching the word of God?The Lord will judge you

  8. chiumia says:

    whenever people start fighting each other in church just know that the Holy Spirit is. not. there and that they are doing Gods work on their own without the involvement of God’s power

  9. Mary says:

    Nonsenu kangoyambani ndale…..musataitse nthawi akhristu.

  10. Lingalirani says:

    Am afraid there is only one solution to all these chaos….lets kill the lomwe’ asap…this mulakho bra bra bra thing is a cancer…remove the cancerous cells ,only then its when you’ll be sure you are completely healed…Kill the lomwe’s…and if they rise again…kill them…again and again….and again…

  11. Mapwiya says:

    Nyasatimes Please Leave Blantyre Synod Alone. Stop Your Nuisance On Our Good Synod Please.

  12. chikopa says:

    We believers in CCAP BT Synod zikutinyansa what you our leaders are doing. Take the word of God leave out politics. Is this the first time such a gathering has been held? Remember old Revs like Kaporo, Chikwesele, Makonyola etc never fought as you are doing now. Why then tossing each other on issues well documented. This only tells me that there are other issues behind. What a shame on men of God

  13. tsetsefly says:

    Its unfortunate that most Pastor’s have commercialise God’s work. You only need to work closely with Pastors to understand that the way to God’s Kingdom is really very narrow. Without wanting to judge them (Only God can judge them), the retrogressiveness of God’s church is mostly caused by greedy Pastor’s. They put personal interest before God’s. Disintegration of churchs in form of breakaways and other forms are caused due to financial reasons. Money has become so good to Pastors so much so that some Pastors are prepared to twist the truth, bring politics into the church or kill. It is very shameful that the Blantyre synod is in this state because of money. Politician like using Pastor because of the influence they have on the masses. Blantyre synod will realise that the two factions are proxies for DPP and PP. This is shameful in the eyes our God. Think about it.

  14. Judge Joash says:

    CCAP is a disgrace!No wonder it is good at ufiti.Zoona kukanganilana maudindo mpakana kufuna kutengerana ku court.Stupid fools.Opusa ndi mamembers anu amene amakukhuthulilani ndalama!

  15. Kachingweh says:


  16. CHONCHOBE says:

    Zau Mulungu apa ndiye tichotsere ndithu tikapsya! za Mulungu zomwezo mpaka legal Advisor? naye legal advisor opusa ngati ameneyo basi busy ndi zatchalitchi, bwanji osamalimbana ndi za cashgate? shupiti Zanu nonse!

  17. mwanamulanje says:

    CCAP leaders if you want politics just resign pastorhood and join politics. Several pastors resigned and joined politics like Lazarus Chatsika. Timamutukwana kuno. So guys just join us inorder for you to know confrontations.The following snakes are waiting for you: Pat Botoman, Laza Chatsika, Ken Msondabwi, Jesse Kabwiritsitsa, Juliana Juvinailo, mwana Tchweee mapwevupwevu Kalemupo, Gwengwele VP. These snakes are being domesticated by Mathanyula according to Mr Airtel Money.

  18. Zangaphee says:

    Apa ndiye za Umulungu palibepo. kikikikikikiki

  19. amfana says:

    zingooneselatu kuti azibusa alero amangoyamba zinthuzi asanaitanidwe. ziwani izi pomatha zomwe mukuchitazi nonse mukhala mutalandira chilango.nonsenu mbava shatapu ndakwiya nanu ineyo wakwaya wapompano

  20. Thanduxolo says:

    It should have been “As accusations and counter-accusations continue”… Eetu!

  21. Dikisan says:

    Mpingo osakhale ngati club. Mpingo uzikhala ndi ndodndomeko zoveka bwino. CCAP mwatani?

  22. Mbuya says:

    You people keep away from politicians as Madam Kaliati said at Ndix rally not to mix ve two and dats very very true

  23. Twakwalakwa says:

    For those who have an opportunity to run an organization would not agree with the behaviour of Chimesya or leaving everything to legal advisor. If Mr. Chimesya is indeed a man of God, he would have prayed to God for His involvement so that the Synod should choose the right leader. If you trust in God, anything is possible even without being confrontational.

  24. mtandire says:

    CCAP will go down if these kinds of leaders are still going to be clinging to their positions….ndi ntchito ya Chauta iyi

  25. muthu mmoneke says:

    nanunso a Chimesya nkhopeyo ngati gandala yankhumba mumatani mukutukwanisatu maitanidwe anu ndiye mkazi wanuyotu ife tingomutenga tiyambe naye mpingo wina kuti asanyozeke mwamva?

  26. Kwangwagwa says:

    Ndiye ine ndalama ndasiya kaye kupereka ku mpingowu chifukwa zikubweretsa makangano. Za Caesar perekani kwa Caesar basi.

  27. WATSOPANO says:


  28. Mayi says:

    A chimesya akunena zoona kuti anthu ena akhale ndi ufulu opanga nawo ma vote ndipo kuonela masankho. A maulana osasiyila mulungu bwanji alowelele pa zochitikazi mmalo mwake akumusiyila leagal advisor oyendela magazi ngati iwowo. Mpaka kufuna kuyima kachiwiri? A maulana siyani anzanu nawo avinepo si za chipani izi ndi za mukungu izi. Mukuchitisa manyazi mpingo wathu wa ccap. Nsomba imodzi ikaola mu bwato zonse zaola. Inu mwaola nde kuti tonse taola nkuona a mipingo ena akutitukwana ndi kutinyoza. Wake up plse zisiyani izi ndi za pa dziko la pansi. Mu ccap kukönda ndalama kuzunza a khristu kumasonkha ndalama ndi zinthu zambiri ati kukacheza ndi a zibusa ku manse every month kuzaza box board pamene a khristu ambiri akuvutika ndi kusowa thandizo maka ku town kuno. Thus why akulimbilana ma udindo. Zasiyana ndi ku ma midzi nkuona safunako ku midzi akawatumiza kumeneko

  29. changu says:

    Inu munayambira kale kudyera mundale. A Kansilanga anagulilidwa pick up car ndi atcheya, a Billy Gama anapatsidwa scholarship ndi Bigbu, ena aja anaima u MP wa UDF ndikugwa chagada ku Zomba.

    CCAP church ndi ndale. Kaya kusauka? Omwe akuti muyambitse Blantyre Synod Party (BSP) sakulakwa. Just come up in the open.

  30. Omex70 says:

    The problem with CCAP is that most of the pastors in this church are not born again and are not called by God by they call themselves or they are calling each other into ministry. If you are coming from a prominent family you are easily accepted into pastoral ministry in this church. But if you are coming from a poor family, you can not accepted into ministry even if you genuine calling from God. Many people are members of this church because their grand parents were members of this church. Most of the members are just nominal Christians who just go to church for formality. If Blantyre Synod has let say 1,000,000 members in its register and if God can just show us the book of life for cross check, I am sure one will be shocked. If a pastor himself has no salvation experience, how can he lead others to salvation?

  31. Mayi says:

    Inu catholic ndiyabwino pati ansembe kumanyengana ndi azimayi a mu mpingo momwemo ndi ma sistere. Palibe mpingo wa 100% right. Ma sistere ndi a nsembe anayamba kale kale kupanga uhule mu ma compound a ma church

  32. peter says:

    please in the name of Jesus , might God ;lets not have elections this time for fear of blood , osewo should not take part in elections, achokeso mmpingo , lets follow catholic system pa mipando yayikulu m synod ,politics, corruption , womanizing, drinking and driving whats that

  33. I am now a Pentecostal but I still pray for your salvation and employment as you are trying to put it on here otherwise yours is not a calling from God but for you serve Peter Munthalika on the othe hand and Joyce Banda on the other. God is the best judge of all these squabbles.

  34. zanga phee says:

    where is our Blantyre synod going, what are you going to preach to us.Our moderator , you are the man of GOD, do not leave everything in hands of the Legal Advisor, but leave everything in the hands of God. Legal advisors are also human beings who can translate this issue to oppress others.

  35. Dr Henzie Mussa-Chemical Engineer says:

    Akulu awaso nkhope choncho ikhaleso ya GS zowona? Nkhope ngati ya Stain Chirwa amaluzitsa Silver Strikers aja. Sometimes a face can tell a story. Nkhope zinazi are synonymous to failure. Fit to be heads of DAMBWE

  36. Tamandani Sauka says:

    Mukazaona chakuda chitakhala pa mpando woyera dziwani kuti masika ayandika

  37. zagwazatha says:

    Choonadi chimamasula kkkkkkkk mwamva a maulana ndi a chimesya.

  38. kamps says:

    You have left everything in the hands of legal advisor? ?? What do you leave for Yaweh then?? You are a shame.

  39. Mr double says:

    bad systems of elections, ,,ngat ndale? eh eh mwat anthu salowa nazo satanik kufuna udindo? eh mwandiopsa kayaaa ganizan bwino

  40. anadimba says:

    maulana akuchita kuoneka kuti ndiwanyanga ,wabodza komanso mfiti. Thats why he is affiliated to the bloody party ,anazikwanje, insecurity,cashgate ,sex teachers nacgaters ,zikomoambiri.

  41. Bratusha says:

    Mlaka adaimba nyimbo yoti, ” Mlandu wa bishop mwapita nawo ku khoti eeeh!!! Mukufuna khoti liphunzitse mpingo chikondi eeh!” End of quote. Inu a matchalitchi mwataninso kodi? Shame! Kodi anthu ndiye tithawire kuti tsopano? A ma pentecostal ndiyenso mbavanso komanso adultery . Ambuye angobwerani ndithu ife dziko latilaka. Palibe mpingo ukuchita za nzeru/ umulungu masiku ano.

  42. mabeka says:

    Big up chimesya! asabere mkulu ameneyu we are following everything asawine adzikaledzera akachasu akewo

  43. Wakiki says:

    The problem in churches to day, they are full of professionalpastors/reverands that are not called by God. They are not led by the Holyspirity rather, they are led by by their theological certificates. Worse still, some of their certificate papers leave alot to be desired. God is not stupid and cannot be mocked. Some of these churches are finished because they are now political parties. The funy the things about God is not about a colar on the neck, that white colar neck shud be in the heart. All pastors shud read Ezekile 34 Vers 1. They are bust feeding their stomatch using the Name jesus but the ships are rotting. kkkkkkk God intervention

  44. Ulunji says:

    Church politics at its best.As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of coming the son of man.

  45. Peter Mathanyux says:

    Blantyre Synod is home to DPP diehards Billy Gama and mmangisa. These are behind the scenes ndalama anadya kale!!! Maulana is just a sacrificial lamb. Koma ndithu Mulungu akuona zonse.

  46. Blessed says:

    In the hands of legal adviser and not GOD? What a shame.

  47. redeemed says:

    Indeed the devil has realised that his time is no more, and is now busy to scoop as many people as possible to join him to hell. May the good Lord be merciful enough to open our spiritual eyes and escape death.

  48. Lord Mansfield says:

    Catholica Eeh Danger, Ma Pente Nde Za Drama, Presbeterian Dyela Ndi Za Mdziko nde Bolaniso Ku Ma Bar (mahule Nd Zimwamowa Amamvanako) Koma Ma Synod Ayi Ndithu Tizingodikla Zilango Zathu Nthawi Yomaliza Chuma Chathu Tikutafunilatu Padziko Lapasi Pano Nanga Anthufe Mutinamizanso Chani Ngati Inu Mwaonetsa Kulephelana Ndi Kusagonjelana (ANYAU AMATI AMPINGO ADALEMA ADAYAMBA NDEU……..)

  49. Mlaliki says:

    Dzanja lalemba. Mafumu ndi abusa amwela zikho za Yehova ku Blantyre Synod. Wanzeru aziwa kothawira. But allsaid, izi zikuchotselani ulemu wanu anthu a Mulungu choncho it is wise to let Allah, Jehovah, Yaweh to give you guidance. But first leave the politics behind and God will surely take away your burden.

  50. Abusa awiriwa muwapange disfellowship/ achosedwe . Nanuso. Azipani ziko likukulepherani chifukwa chokonda Corruption. Kasiyeni kakalabu ka CCAP kakhale kampingo.

  51. Complex says:

    No 1> Please get to understand that it was not the state trying to control church, but church wanted to be the world leader and controlled the kingdoms all over. The church later on ushered in the dark ages, during which people who had different religious ideologies were being killed using the kingdoms that were in place then (Inquisition). But the church is secretive on this and will deny this fact so much. Matsatatsata wina azasatira satana ku moto!

  52. The Prison monger says:

    All this chaos is being ochastrated by this cultural grouping called Mulhakho wa Alhomwe. The grouping which operates like the Jesuits, has more hidden agendas, it wants to control every sector in Malawi and its achieving that. Its high time Malawi has to wake up and stop this cancerous tumor before it affects all religious groupings in the country.

    CCAP already is already inffected and paralysed, NEXT!!!!!!!!???????????

  53. changalikandu pwagu says:

    Mukaphatikiza ufiti ndi chigololo, zili komko ku ccap! Kodi azibusa inu mwalodzedwa eti? Iyi ndi ntchito ya Mulungu siyilani ndale anthu andale.Pilizi chotsani ufiti mmatchalitchi anu! Zotsatira zake ndi zimenezi, kuyaluka basi. Kuno ku Nkhata mbusa anaphedwa ndi akulu ampingo paufiti; wina mwana wake anapezeka ali kumanda chifukwa chaufiti. Kodi osapemphera kwa Mulungu bwanji, kusiyana ndi kutenga nyanga?

  54. kadyankena says:

    phwando la Belsezaar, dzanja lalemba pa khoma.

  55. Patriot says:

    Mukazaona anyamata atakwera kagalimoto ka blue atanyamula zikwanje musazadabwe.
    Mpingo uwu akagonjera a DPP usanduka nawo wa Sataniki.

  56. mbuya from nselema says:

    koma abale tiri masiku otsilizadi

  57. Muai says:

    Crying for my CCAP eish!! ndale mwayamba kudziphatikiza ndi Mulungu. sankhani utumiki wanu pilizi.

  58. Mlangizi says:

    Thats the very reason i dont go to my ccap. Full of hypocrits. These ppl can never lead othets to salvation. Anthu akuba oganiza za matumba awo ndi chuma basi. All ccaps are useless. Same things happening ndi ccap ya atumbuka ku Lilongwe. Ccap ya a chewa ndiye nyanyi kuba ndalama za a zungu!!! Iyi ya alomwe ndi a chawayi ndi imeneyi andale angowamenyanitsa and they cant see it. Zitsiru za a busa basi, mikanjo pepeyaoepeya koma nzeru alibe. Ndi Mulungu wake uti anthu akuba inu?

  59. CCAP nchiyani kodi a Malawi. Livingstonia CCAP kumpoto, Nkhoma CCAP pakati, Blantyre CCAP ku m’mwera, apa mufuna kudulirananso Blantyre Synod. Mapeto ake aliyense adzakhala ndi CCAP kunyumba kwake, timayembekezera inu amipingo kumadzudzula ife andale, koma mukuti mukachoka pogwiririra mwana wanu mukukalimbirana Synod, mpaka Synod kung’ambika kkkk, musatero.

  60. Yatota Yatota says:

    Chimesya ndi chisokonezo basi. Abusa ena ndi by name basi…

  61. Alfred Minjo says:

    Kodi mpando umenewu ngonona eti? Z+mwezi zauzimuzi mpaka court injunction asaaaaaaa? Ndimaesa ndiinu nomwe mumatiyimbisa chorus ija imati yesu ndi Lawyer wama Lawyer, Judge wama Judge. Tsono inu a Chimesya lero mukuti bwanji? Court injunction yake iti? Osaikiza nkhani zanuzo m’mapemphero bwanji ngati anthu a mulungu enieni. Atsogoleri onyenga inu..

  62. daro says:

    Mwalowesa satana mukachisi wamulungu, kodi inu asogoleli amasikuano bwanjikodi kususuka ndizamzikolapansi.

  63. wapankhata says:

    ma synod nonse mungopanga disband and join catholic, the universal church, otherwise palibe chikuchitika chothandiza anthu kukalowa kumwamba, dyera basi ngati ma pente

  64. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Atsogoleri ampingo, khalani okhulupirika pamaso pa Mulungu ndi chikumbumtima chanu

  65. Tili Chenene says:

    This is unfortunate. Anthu osatembenuka amavuta bwanji!! Za ziii!

  66. Denguzman says:

    Reverands, why ru wsting ur time busy fighting coz of money instead of preaching gospel? Mind u, god is watching all what u re doing and simuzifunse kuti chifukwa chani ma Pentecostal church akubadwa evryde inu muli busy kumakanganirana maudindo. Ufumu wakumwamba ndiwovuta kuumvetsa and kutsogoloku aliyense adzayamba kupemphera kunyumba kwake ndi family yake basi coz nkhani zammipingo panopa zanyanyanya. God help us……

  67. Wakwithu ndi Wakwathu says:

    I have left everything in the hands of ‘legal counsel ‘why not keep everything in the hands of Jesus.

  68. Dr Mrs Ben Phiri Mutharika says:

    Left in hands of legal advisor and not in the hands of God? This GS is very secular and needs to be relieved of his duties.. Chimesya more fire

  69. Malawiyano says:

    Peter has never seen a church door since he became a gay , from nowhere you brought Peter to your church , not even following the right procedures of officiating his marriage . Corruption at it’s pick at Blantyre Synod , you have to solve it , you corrupt men of God.

  70. Bob says:

    Trash. Tell news that affect every Malawi soul

  71. limani says:

    I thought maulanas last statement was gonna be,”i have left everything in the hands of the Lord”? But ti him,he has left everything in the hands of an earthly lawyer? Ooo,koma ziliko ku blantyre synod,kodi paja blantyre synod and livingstonia synod ndi ma brothers eti? These guys act so congruent,zitha kutheka achina levi nyondo tikunena pano achoka ku mzuzu akupanga camp ku blabtyre to assist in electioneering ti assist their brothers-the maulanas,just like someone commented yesterday that we shud not be surprised next time when the CCAP church in malawi declares its allegiance to the middle east’s ISIS,

  72. nkrumah says:

    Great our GS. Ndinu wowinawina

  73. Mwitiwa says:

    On the question of the relationship of the church and state, Jesus’ answer portrayed that there must be separation of powers. Study the history of western civilization about what happened when the state regulated religion. So many Christians suffered and many were persecuted more especially those who were against state-controlled religion. However, those who escaped persecution in Europe later introduced a different system of government in the USA. They founded their government on the principle of separation of religion and state. My fellow Christians in the Presbyterian church, learn from history and distance yourselves from politicians. If you study history of the Christian church in the early and middle ages, you will find that the pure Christian church which Jesus christ left was corrupted when emperors of Rome began to control affairs of the church. This also led to the corruption of Christian teachings and hence Christianity has been divided since then up to now. Leave politics and political questions and issues alone. Put on the badge of Christ and unite your members under the banner of love that Christ had given us. A concerned Christian from Ntcheu.

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