Political scientist faults DPP’s removal of elected SG Kalilani

Political science professor at University  of Malawi’s Chancellor College, Blessing Chinsinga has faulted ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  for removing its elected secretary general Jean Kalilani and some changes it has made to its National Governing Council without a convention.

Chinsinga said the changes of elected office holders replacing them with those appointedd were undemocratic and “raises the question of ownership of the party” who gave the positions to the officials with a vote at a convention.

Kalilani removed as elected DPP secretary general to be appointed mere advisor

Kalilani removed as elected DPP secretary general to be appointed mere advisor

“Such kind of restructuring has to be endorsed through a convention. On that basis, one may argue that the changes were not as considerate and undemocratic,” he argued.

Reacting to the sentiments newly appointed party spokesperson Francis Kasaira says the party constitution allows the party executive committee to make such changes when need be.

He said the party’s leadership has done nothing wrong in effecting the changes.

“A convention cannot be done after every few months or year. Minor restructuring may be done by the party’s executive as it has the mandate,” said the new spokesman.

Several positions have been changed in the party which saw Kalilani being replaced by new DPP secretary general Ecrain Julius Kudontoni.

The party has also appointed veteran economist and diplomat Ted Kalebe as Vice President for the Centre replacing Dr Hetherwick Ntaba who is heading to Britain as Malawi’s new High Commissioner to London.

Another DPP position of vice president has gone to Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr George Chaponda (south).

Leader of Government in parliament, Francis Kasaila is now the party spokesman replacing verbose Nicholas Dausi, who is heading state spy agency.

DPP has also appointed Richard Makonde as the new National Organizing Secretary taking over from Chimwemwe Chipungu who is now Safe Motherhood National Coordinator.

State Vice President Saulos Chilima is now a member of DPP National Governing Council as special advisor like Kalilani.

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23 thoughts on “Political scientist faults DPP’s removal of elected SG Kalilani”

  1. Kanyimbi says:

    Zopusa basi ndalama mmene yasowelamu ndiye muziti convention ya chiyani? muwapanga sponsor? Athu woyipa ana a satana.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      DPP is never short of money!!! Since when?

  2. chithako says:

    Guys kodi ndi chipani chiti kapena boma liti latukula central region even the north. DPP. North for MCP was a dead North.

  3. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    kalirani is from the centre thats why she has been removed…DPP is too tribalistic

  4. Manzy j says:

    Vuto la anthunu mumangoyang’ana mbali imodzi yomwe mukuona kuti yalakwikayo. Zakuti kalirani akuyang’aniranso ministry of health simukuganizayi. Andino mukufunanso mumuonjezere chintchito china chausecretary gernal ngati pacentral po palibe wina oti akhonza kumulandirako ntchito ina. Mumafuna apangise convention mukateronso mudzti DPP yaba ndalama zopangira convention. Inu inu tisamangosutsa chiri chonse chifukwa mumadana DPP iyayi kumasutsa pamene zikulakwika chifukwatu chirichonse chinga chitidwe ndi DPP kwainu chikumakhala cholakwika. Nde zinazo mudzasova inuyo ngati mulungu angadzakuloleni kutenga boma. Thanks

  5. Well. My responsibility is to wait and see

  6. Mack Banda says:

    So removing an elected Secretary General of a governing party is a minor change which does not require a convention. My foot!!!

  7. Central says:

    Its because she didn’t defend the Cancer centre as Health Minister as instructed by DPP and worse still she is Chewa from central Region!!! Central and Northern regions will be needed by the DPP in 2019 not now. After all she was close to Bingu and not to Peter!! Ayisovaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mayi ameneyuuuuuuuuuuu!!

    1. ndangodusamo says:

      I thought Kudontoni, the new Secretary General is also Chewa from Salima, the Central Region? What is your point here? Tribalism basi inu Atumbuka. You always sleep, think, and eat tribalism. That’s the language you know.

    2. Kenkkk says:

      Cancer centre, very interesting indeed!! She is right, she couldn’t defend the indefensible. Experts and donors who know more about these things chose LL for the c centre. They were right because they thought about Malawi, its people and equality of accessibility for both South and North regions.

      But for DPP people, Malawi, North or centre do not matter, only the south matters to them. In future each region or even district will have a cancer centre but for now all of us should equally and easily access the proposed centre in LL.

      This is the very bad behaviour that Dpp has been practising for many years, diverting money earmarked for projects in other regions to their own projects in the south. And when the North complains , all
      you say is ndiozikonda.

      Please sometimes you Dpp people should have a heart. Quick to mention unity of Malawi but your actions are the opposite!!!

      If she was really removed because of the cancer centre, then she has got a lot of respect from the majority of malawians.

  8. Overseer says:

    Jean Kalirani is the most loved Dpp female exeutice member due to her maturity levels and boldness in difficult times. She acquired that position democratically as such slipping her of that position like that is a worrisome development and unacceptable. By the way why is Kaliati’s position intact even after serving on that capacity for years? What wrong has Jean Kalirani commited to deserve this? What message are you sending to malawians? Did you consult your advisors before effecting your decisions? Am a lomwe but iam dissapointed.

  9. Nankungwi says:

    I agre with Chinsinga! I am very worried that a position which was acquired by democratic election at convention especially as the person has been perfroming the job well can just be terminated by the president! This is a very dangerous sign! why are you victimising this woman? She made a brilliant SG, she is a fantastic MP, and what reason have you got for doing this to her? unnecessary power use here and we the voters are not happy wiht this!

    Its a lame xcuse to say powers are given to the Committe to make chnages then why tghe hell do you have a convention! can this silly committee chnage the presdients position if it wakes up one morning and dreams that they want him out of office? NO I am not happy in fact I am very unhappy and I need a better explanation!

  10. Nyapapi says:

    But he also said the party has done nuffing wrong in effecting the changes! So which is which?

    As for ownership ndani sadziwa kuti mwini wa DPP ndi ndani, kapena tidziti mwabadwa lero?

  11. Nobel says:

    Attacking Dr. Chinsinga on this issue shows that some ppl are danderheads coz the commentator is talking sense. He’s just commenting on the developments emerging in DPP. Lest we forget, this is the same party that had held no convention for some time after its inception. The so called NGC was appointed by Bingu so there’s no news here coz thats what DDP’s NDA stand for. No democracy in this party.

  12. Federationist says:

    Kuganiza mopusa inu a Wakukaya.Chinsinga is a regular commentator on political issues both in print and electronic media and amachita kumufunsa. Tamazitsatani abale than displaying your lack oof knowledge on simple issues such as this one.

  13. Kenkkk has hammered the nail on the heard. Chinsinga is talking sense which some DPP diehard baboons cannot see it now. Samvela zanzake anamva nkhwangwa ili mumutu kale. Good leadership simply means getting advice from the governored regardless of their political affiliations. Malawi is NOT Dpp or Dpp is Malawi. Malawi is simply bigger than some of those myopic individuals in Dpp. Try to swallow divergent views that come with a lot of sense.

  14. Kenkkk says:

    Sorry for poking my nose into dpp affairs but I find removing an elected member of such position as not a minor thing. That is going against the wishes of the party members who elected the member. I have no problem with the executive or governing council adding new people but removing an elected member who has done nothing wrong is not right. Why the rush to change when you could have waited for your convention and explain there why you want to make changes? Even the reasons given so far for the change are not convincing at all. If the dpp constitution says so then I hold my hands up!!

    If you think your leaders can’t make mistakes, then you have a big problem my friends. That kind of thinking comes only from a brain- washed brain. Leaders are not divine, they are humans and make mistakes!!!!

    So you may throw stones at chinsinga but he has a point which some of you diehard dpp supporters are too blind to see. We learn from Both opponents and ourselves!!! That is how autocracy and dictatorship creep in if you don’t start nipping it from the bud!!!

  15. Mzumara says:

    Munthu akanatani a news amupeza pa khomo? Basi anangoganiza zokamba bwererazo basi.

  16. bambo chinsinga osakamba za AFORD bwanji? yatha ngati makatani.

  17. Wakukaya says:

    This is a party internal mater.

    Is chinsinga DPP?

    Why do people who are not members of a party, involve themselves with party issues?

    The party has its own Governing Body, is it complaining?

    So why Chinsinga?

    1. makito says:

      Retrogressive thinking ada inu!

      1. Wakukaya says:

        Your thinking is retrogresive.

        A party is like a club, so why should a non-member be concerned about a committee of a club he is not a member of?

        If you can’t see that you are dull. Not all people that vote for a party are members of that party.

        1. Chembe lumbe says:

          We have to be concerned with dpp cause it’s a ruling party. All these un Democratic Party episodes will eventually creep into the running of state affairs

Comments are closed.

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