PP accepts Mpinganjira resignation: To recycle in DPP

Former ruling Peoples Party (PP)has accepted the resignation of its vice-president for Southern Province, Brown James (BJ) Mpinganjira.

Mpinganjira: Takes Atupele's statement with a pinch of a salt

Mpinganjira: Meanwhile on personal project

Mpinganjira announced his resignation from the party on Tuesday, joining the growing number of  senior PP members who have quit the party since its founder Joyce Banda lost the  elections last year.

The veteran politician said he decided to quit PP leadership post and withdrew his membership “to concentrate on a personal project”.

His resignation from the party comes weeks after he revealed not to contest in any future Parliamentary elections.

PP Publicity Secretary, Ken Msonda welcomed Mpinganjira’s resignation, calling him a matured politician capable of making his own decisions.

”Honourable Mpingajira is a matured politician, a former cabinet minister, a former Parliamentarian and respected church elder; he knows what he is doing,” said Msonda.

Msonda told Nyasa Times in an interview, Mpinganjira was exercising his Constitutional rights therefore the party couldn’t stand on his way.

”PP is very democratic. We practice intraparty democracy. Honourable Mpinganjira has neither committed any sin nor broken any law for resigning as PP member and veep. We wish him well,” added Msonda.

Mpinganjira is rumoured to be on his way to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which he couldnt confirm or deny.

“The objective of every political party is to get into government. But if you do not succeed in that objective, it is not helpful to busy yourself with obstructring those that have been given the mandate by the people to govern,” he said.

He however hinted on a possible comeback into frontline politics after ‘the break’ , saying he was available to render his assistance given an opportunity by the government.

Mpinganjira was cautious with his words and left without any foul-mouthing his former party as is the case with most politicians.

Political journey continues

Mpinganjira, who is also an evangelist,  was one of the first members of United Democratic Front (UDF) and served in Bakili Muluzi cabinet before he resigned and formed National Democratic Alliance (NDA) which he used its ticket to stand in 2004 presidential elections.

Mpinganjira, who came forth during the 2004 presidential election, used to be Muluzi’s trusted aide and a senior minister in the UDF government, and was at one time even tipped to take over from Muluzi at the end of the president’s two terms.

But relations between the two soured when Muluzi began contemplating constitutional amendments to extend his stay in power.

Mpinganjira was arrested several times soon after leaving government for offences ranging from corruption to treason.

In 2009 he contested the presidency as running-mate of MCP presidential candidate John Tembo.

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Mumunva akunena kuti mulakho mulakho posachedwapa…za ndale ndi zopusa…inenso ndi sintha chipani sompano


Ozungulira mutu amenewo akungoti uku apita uku apita.

kenneth kiyare

Ndiye ndale za Ku Malawi zimenezo


BJ wasiya chipani cha JB

Esther banda

Ther aint such a thing like a permanent friend in politics

Nyamata wakwa Mayaka

DPP kulandira a Mpinganjira kkkkkkkkkikiii zosathekaaass


That’s why i like msond he has always been there all the times with pple but i wonder amayi amapatsa unduna mbewa ngati achina brown awa

makarios makarios

your time is over BJ leave politics to your son


To hear about this man crisscrossing political parties is sickening. I blame those that accommodate his acts to get into this & that party, back & forth. Surely there are many capable young men political parties should be looking. Avoid recycled people. Do you think they have anything new? Please PP, DPP, MCP & so forth do not recycle politicians. We will never forge forward, or rather change our visions to develop this country.


That’s how Malawi politics is all a bout. We are all malawians,we have the right to choose the party we want to use to satisfy our ambitions. That’s why it is difficult to change our laws to bar such good samaritans, who has seen the need to assist the failing DPP after a successful PP. I salute Lucious Banda and his famous section 65. We will realize of late the sense he was making.

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