‘PP must have leadership on the ground, auto-piloting would destroy it’

President of political scientists in Malawi, Joseph Chunga has attributed the current problems rocking People’s Party (PP) due to lack of leadership in the third strong political party in the country.

 Khumbo  Kachali with Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje

Khumbo Kachali with Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje

His comments come barely days after reinstated party regional governor for the north, Christopher Mzomera Ngwira reiterated calls for PP president and founder Joyce Banda to step down as party president and let Khumbo Kachali, former vice president of both the party and the republic take over.

“You don’t put a party on autopilot. I think JB has been out of the country for long. We have never heard that the party has appointed an acting leader,” said Chunga who teaches political science at Chancellor College.

He said PP is one of the biggest parties in Malawi and needs its top leadership on the ground to deal with day to day problems.

Party spokesman Ken Msonda has in the past said there was no need for Banda to be in Malawi to lead the party, saying the world is in technology era therefore she can lead through roaming.

However, Chunga said as long as Banda is not in Malawi, leadership problems will continue.

“This clearly shows that there is leadership vacuum in the party. They might not want to accept this but this is true,” he said.

Since the announcement of the presidential results to which she trailed third after her sworn arch rival Democratic Progressive Party’s Peter Mutharika and Malawi Congress Party’s Lazarus Chakwera, Banda went abroad.

The party has suffered defections of some of its trusted members including S Brown Mpinganjira and have seen some political squables as a month or two ago, the party did not allow Kachali to hold a political rally in lower Shire.

It remains to be seen if this pressure would force Banda out of the self imposed exile.

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Mavuto sazatha mu malawi katangale wachuluka. Kuba kwachuluka. Malawi afika 100 years asanasinthe. Anthu akungolimbilana maudido mzipani malo motukula dziko lathu.


I wish u to come back home only if ur doings out there are finished .you hav ahome (ahouse) do u mean u left for aboard becoz govt couldnt provide both security & ahouse


Iwe berson #7 why is Liberia lead by a woman? U r so jelousy and gready. In ur eyes and mind 0 do u c a woman jst like u. Do b with nchombo sichifukwa bt brains, siaminchombonu u r failling to lead ka small country malawi. U were even brot up by awoman. Funku!


pp just answer this question,where else in Africa apart from Liberia do we see woman leading a political grouping?n’zamuna izi.remember once beaten twice shy.

Atusaye Kaonga

pp is indeed a strong party that will be back in power soon to solve the current situation. We have seen how things are in Malawi


Mai wathu msiyeni…Kukhala mkazi sichifukwa…pp yagwira mseu


Yalakwa, law yalowapo abwela asakufuna

power vacuum in PP is indeed ruining the party and the longer it stays like that the worse it gets. I don’t understand why the so called PP high profiles can not write to JB and Tell her that in the best in the best interest of maintaining stability in the party an Interim Leader has been appointed or elected and that he/she will wield Party Presidential powers until JB desires to come back to Malawi. I think PP has a cult of Personality on JB. I don’t see how any sane politician would sit idle waiting for a leader… Read more »
super mario

Mzimayi uyu akugwetsani 2014 koma azibambo mukukakamirabe. What you need to do guys in pp is all of you join other parties like mcp and dpp untill amama is back.


Who cares about PP

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