PP suspends Rev Peter Kaleso for indiscipline

The opposition Peoples Party (PP) has suspended its Director of Administration, Reverend Peter Kaleso for indiscipline.

Msonda:  Kaleso is suspended

Msonda: Kaleso is suspended

PP Publicity Secretary, Ken Msonda confirmed Kaleso’s suspension on Monday.

”Reverend Peter Kaleso has been suspended as PP Director of Administration with immediate effect,” explained Msonda.

Msonda could not disclose reasons behind Kaleso’s suspension but revealed he has been summoned to appear before the party’s Disciplinary Committee.

”More details about his suspension will emerge once he appears before the Disciplinary Committee,” added Msonda.

Kaleso, however, expressed a surprise when contacted on the issue.

He said was not officially informed of his suspension and that was shocked with how the party handled the issue.

”Nobody from the party has contacted me on the issue. There is no verbal or written communication; am just hearing it from the media,” said Kaleso.

”I was in my office the whole day and nobody, even the Secretary General himself, has contacted me that I have been suspended”.

Kaleso has since dismissed the indiscipline claim, arguing he has never been warned or summoned by the party executive of any wrong doing.

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26 thoughts on “PP suspends Rev Peter Kaleso for indiscipline”



  2. BENGO says:

    Abale khomani maloko anuwo mutipatse makiyio adzatenga amai akabwera koyendako muzingokangana?

  3. Lowoka says:

    C’mon Nyasatimes. PP IS DEAD MAN! I’d be concerned if I was suspended from either DPP or MCP. Not these other briefcase parties (UDF, PP, etc).Its not even worth the news.

  4. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Those who falsefully claim that pp, as a party, is dead are themselves walking while in deep sleep and dreaming! For pp is practicing civilised politics which has so far allowed the current DPP administration to govern without any undue political noise or disturbance. If there are problems locking the country today, fingers should not be pointed at JB or pp as a party. Only time will tell who really sabotaged the country, economically, in the so called cashgate scandals that are now known to have even gone far back from the beginning of JB’s two year administration. Let the bodies investigating these issues do so with speed and in the best interest of all Malawians without any interference.

  5. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Non of my business, Agalu inu! Zomwe mukambiranezo tel us. Zikomo!

  6. Gloria Namasina says:

    Suspend all those who went to attend the rebellion meeting in Lilongwe!
    Anthu opusa, adyela, osusuka chifukwa cha K60,000.00, mwamudyela maiyu za cashgate lero mukufuna kumudyelanso khumbo kachale.

    Hon Matola and Hon Msonda fire all those rebellious nec members, JB wil not, she is running the party like a Church. This is politics not a religious grouping.

  7. Dominic says:

    Please, let us not accuse anyone, only God knows all what is happening and will put things in order at his own time. We are all Malawians and should wish each other well including leadership of all political parties. WE ARE ALL MALAWIANS AND THIS IS OUR ONLY COUNTRY.

  8. bonhomme says:

    hahahahaha the empire has really falling…lol

  9. Congratulations! says:

    tidzingomva maina omwewo, since kamuzu regime? kulibe ena a nzeru? mukhalira yomweyo.

  10. Charter says:

    But what are the suspected issues? What kind of journalism is this that cannot present a story convincingly? Without laboring to convince is not short of gossip!

  11. Thom Duncan Paul Nkalodzwa says:

    Zoopsyetsetsa. Mukatsiliza muzatiuza bwino bwino. Zanu izo muladya ndi ine pano

  12. Wawa Phiri says:

    Kodi malemu PP akumalankhula kumandaku eti…kkkk.

  13. Chizeleza Ngwira says:

    Peter Keleso is a Goat of a Person

  14. Kabwira Kapasula says:

    Kodi PP ndiye kuti chani ?

  15. mbodzole says:

    ngati kuli anthu opanda mzeru pa dziko lapansi pano mochuluka ndi a bakha a PP

  16. zabwino says:

    How can a dead party suspend a live member. Everyone in PP was impliedly suspended when JB escaped from Malawi due to being cashgate principal architect. No one can therefore suspend anyone.

  17. Manga says:

    PP is becoming a laughing stick … Indeed it is coming to its end ! Political parties in Malawi !

  18. Aubrey Norman says:

    Malomoti musunge wanthu kuti chipani chikhalebe champhamvu koma mwayambanso ma saspend? nthawi ino ndiyomanga chipani osati kupasula,osapanga saspend uyu akufuna kulanda udindo wa mwini wachipanicho bwanji?

  19. Jang'ala says:

    Ka mupangana suspend kaya ai, zonsezo zilibe nthito nkumangozivuta pachabe. PP idatha kalekale! Palibe zanzelu apo.

  20. clement says:

    I don’t know that there is a party called pp in Malawi. Just thank satan that Joyce tasted the presidency through back door. You killed our Bingu amphaka inu muona. Msonda you must go for blood tests before it is too late to start arv’s. How far with your case of hacking the truck driver?

  21. Mayeso Miyala says:

    Iam not surprised, I saw it coming.
    How could the whole reverend, a director of administration of a political party summon selected nec members at wakawaka hotel in Lilongwe and incite members to raise against the party President?
    Kaleso has stooped so low to do what he did.

  22. vendort says:

    Komatu chipani ichi kaya

  23. Witcan says:

    Timva bwino bwino zachitikazo! Koma a PP ku lilongwe last week ndiye kunabvutatu. Anthu kupanga ma meetings ofuna kuchotsa the founder and the owner of PP. Thus ridiculas! How can they? Ma allowance mpaka aliyense K50,000 koma eeeeeee! zilipo. Msonda find out ndalamazo anapereka ndani?

  24. GUMGUM says:

    a few days after Joyce Banda announced her first Cabinet i told Kaleso PP had disappointed many malawian who had hoped for better change. PP proved to be a recycled DPP, clueless and without agenda. this party in two years will be completely lost and forgotten.

  25. Mr.Bambo says:

    Mukungozivuta apa ndikutaya nthawi yanu kupangana ma suspend za ziii,Chipani chinatha kale ichi.

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