President, Speaker meet after Malawi parliament stopped school fee hike

President Peter Mutharika and Speaker of National Assembly Richard Msowoya on Thursday met for the first time in Lilongwe, a week after parliament stopped the government from implementing the secondary school fee hike.

President Mutharika with the Speaker Richard Msowoya when he opened the sitting if parliament

President Mutharika with the Speaker Richard Msowoya when he opened the sitting if parliament

The two did not talk to each other during the commemoration of the International Human Rights Day but their body language told it all.

Leader of the House Francis Kasaila accused Msowoya of “ambushing” the government by allowing a private members motion that called for the suspension of the fee hike without consulting the business committee, the political leadership of parliament as is the norm on any business of any day.

Msowoya hit back, saying standing orders, rules that govern the House allow him as Speaker and chairman of the Business Committee to introduce any other business.

He then allowed Salima Central MP Felix Jumbe who said it was unfair to hike fees in this economic turbulent times and asked the government to increase the fees when it improves the economy.

The motion was passed which means the fees cannot be implemented.

So Msowoya, vice president of opposition Malawi Congress Party on Thursday received a luke warm handshake from President Mutharika who had been out of the country when the motion was passed.

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30 thoughts on “President, Speaker meet after Malawi parliament stopped school fee hike”

  1. thumzy says:

    tikaphunzira mmakwanumo mwatijaira2 fees hikinng z nat a joke guyz

  2. mbwiyache says:

    Please honourable MPs, don’t block issues for the sake of it. Fees sikwera yes,koma mukudziwa kuti ana athu akudya nandolo ofumbwa m’maschoolmu? Enanu you were once secondary school teachers,izi mumazidziwa. Kodi fees amalipra mesa ndi makolo, Inuyo mukumvera chisoni mwana kapena kholo/guardian. For education to improve fees must be hiked to cater for costs that schools incur.

  3. mbwiyache says:

    School fees ikuyenera ikwere abale. Can somebody tell kodi ana a ma MP amapita ku masecondary athu omwewa, kutalitali. Maphunziro alowabe pansi chifukwa school authorities are not getting enough to feed our kids in schools. Tisanamizane apa economy idzakhapanga liti improve? Who has an immediate answer? Forget about high quality education in Malawi ngati ma fees ali pomwepa Amalawi. Education is an investment that if you want succeed in every thing you do you must indeed invest. I support the idea of raising school fees kuti maphunziro akwere. During Kamuzu era, there was high quality education because we are paying from primary, secondary up to university. Nthawi zina ndi bwino kupita kwa a neba kukaona zimene amadya pa tebulo lawo ndi choling choti uphunzireko maphikidwe. Umzinamiza kuti ndimadya pakhomo panga osadziwa kuti anzako pa tebulo pawo pali chani. Fees ikwere basi education is not cheap amalawi. Amene ali graduate akudziwa you have to dig deep into your pocket to access quality education. Ku CDSS fees ili pa MWK5,250.00 zoona zimenezo ndiye tiziyembekeza kutuluka opita ku university (graduate) forget it my fellow Malawians. Mukaukaniza kukweza fees koma chiriconse mitengo ndi yoch]kwera, are these opposition MPs realistic. Thank you for taking you time to read my article

  4. Watereka says:

    Schools have not received the rescinded circular as such we’ve told students of the new fees…….kuzolowera subsidy amalawi we will never move forward with such myopic thinking

  5. willo 7 says:

    kodi ndalama mumati anthu azitenga kuti ngati zilukusowani inuyo aboma

  6. Kunena Mosapsyatila says:

    Breakdown of fees in an average Govt Boarding school is as follows: Boarding: K15 000, Tuition: K500, GPF: K250, SDF: K2 000 TRF: K1 000.

    This is the fees of an average boarder in a Malawi of today with the high cost of living. I truly agree that Malawi is a poor country but let us analyse the boarding in the beginning.

    With your sane minds my fellow Malawians, which parent can afford to feed his or her teenage daughter or son with K15 000 for a period of three to four months at his homestead. This amount is like an upkeep keep allowance for a Malawian student for 3 to 4 months. Tell me fellas which budget beating student can afford to live on this mean cash? No body can afford.

    You send your child with this kind of money for the head teacher and a boarding master to hustle with. Before coming up with the revised fees, govt didn’t just dream but had to consult the relevant personnel on the ground. To be frank, schools are struggling to keep students. If the fees remains the same, I can for see some boarding schools closing come next term.

    I know that the opposition blocked the fees hike in order to score a political mark. Yet you are the same people who are chanting about poor quality of education. How can you improve the quality of education with a K5 000 in CDSS’s; its a big joke!

    Finally Malawians if you are not ready to dig deep in your pockets for your child’s education, then forget about higher quality education, expect more indiscipline in schools, half baked graduates, general retarded development in the country and que of all sorts of education related problems. Your neba countries are investing in education by digging deep that is why they are advancing.

    sitimangowombera m’manja poti otsutsa anena. wake up a Malawi aku Nyasaland.

  7. Chikondi says:

    Fees hike isnt suitable for this time as the country’s economy is unstable.

  8. chindaxi says:

    Am wondering??? Why is that MPs are paid allowances when attending parliament seating which is why we voted for them to do that job. So they are paid twice monthly salaries plus allowances.

    Please educate me on this one.

    The Government would have saved a lot by not paying allowances to these big headed for nothing MPs.

    Parliament is their duty station.

    Most of them stay in town…eg Frank Mwenifumbo stays in area 47 and you pay him allowance when he goes to parliament. He sleeps,eats in his house.

    Government would save alot!!!

    We spend too much on these pipo while patients are starving in public hospitals eating once a day.

    Let’s cut on some of these expenditures!!!

  9. 36% says:

    Thumb up speaker. Kikikiki

  10. calombo says:

    Muti boma lilibe ndalama nanga athu akumudzi azipeza kuti pamene mukuwonjezera FEES mmalo motsitsa kuti athu wamba akwanitse mukuwonjezera kuti athu azingosawukabe Masamu anu mukupanga bwanji MBALA wa thu.

  11. Mkwapu says:

    Kapange impheach amako usana pange speaker

  12. willybetha says:

    Bola pamenepo fees sakweza apa asakukweza malipilo awanthu bwa?change chatikwana zisinthe!!!!!!

  13. Ghadhaffi says:

    Sindimakhala kumbuyo kwa ma MP ongofuna kukhutitsa mimba zawo. Ndimadana ndi anthu osaganizira za miyiyo ya anthu osauka. Abakha acabecabe inu sindingasangalale nanu majekete peyepeye ngat mphemvu mukupangana zokhaulitsa anthu ovutika nd osowa,agalu inu mbuzi za ma MP.

  14. Sapitwa says:

    This was pushed on just to frustrate the Government. Iam just wondering this syndrome of freebays when the same opposition is pushing for high standard of education; how without funds?
    May be government needs to lower the level of perks like is it wise to buy prados and land cruisers when Fortuners are there? Paying exorbitant house rents for the executives as if these are scarce resources really? Paying daily allowances to MPs for doing their jobs really? There are lot of fats that can be skimmed to reduce these foolish costs which can in turn be used where needed most.

  15. Malawian says:

    I’ m proud of Honourable Jumbe and the entire opposition team. Chakwera 2019 BOMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA1!!

  16. Titus scot says:

    Politics of PhD will not develop this country. Anthu akukulirana mitima zedi. Aliyense akungoti “wamkulu ndine, mwana ndiwe!”

  17. Sinapondamtota Mbirithire Masiyafumbi says:

    Kasaila is very stupid and he is failing to develop his constituency in Nsanje anthu akusowa zakudya kumudzi kwanu iwe busy kumatsutsa zopanda phindu

  18. Mlauzi says:

    By all standards Malawi is a poor country. That ill conceived fee hike was gonna hurt the poor and keep them sliding in deeper throes of poverty for generations and generations. Ngakhale nduna inu ndi anzanu olamuliranu, ambiri munaphunzira ndi ndalama za kachaso. Simukanakwanitsa kulipira school fees if it was high during your time. Don`t be selfish!!!!!!!

  19. Kumpwepe says:

    University & colleges fees increased alread from 55,000 to 275,000. I am yet to see if Parliament has the power to reverse implementation. My understanding is that University Council has the Powers to determine fee structure and not Parliament

  20. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    There is nothing more insulting to one’s intelligence to see symbols of leadership like we see here yet the country seems to be deficient of leadership

  21. Mwalusya kuvotera wamama winu....kkkk says:

    Muzidya nyemba daily anzanu ma sausage…..kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  22. Jamison Chagwa Lungu says:

    Ma rubbish business. I thought they met as leaders of two arms of govt under the constitution? Is this Chichewa English or English Chichewa?

  23. camasa says:

    msowoya ntchito ukuitha boma lachepa even lmpeachment sangathe ana achepa

  24. Njolinjo says:

    Msowoya can’t be impeached because he has the support of the majority but Peter can easily be impeached because he got 36% of the votes with 64% not wanting him.

  25. Taifa says:

    Malawi is totally democratic not Magufulism. Magufuli is ruling dead people. He will be in trouble when these dead people woke up from their deeper slumber.

  26. Joseph Nkasa says:

    Good job Mr. Speaker sir with your team!!!

  27. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Msowoya you are doing a good job. Pitala should be impeached.

  28. Jon says:

    How does the executive arm of government expect buy-in without consultation? Just pushing things without talking to the gatekeepers never works. It’s a basic tenet of diplomacy

  29. Think-tank says:

    Thumbs up to our Mps for such a move………DPP has run out of tangible ideas to run the country hence their decisions are only myopic

  30. Nesho says:

    Msowoya should be impeached

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