Prophet Bushiri complaints of media blackmail: Rejects ‘Mutharika worships Satan’ report

Enlightened Christian Gathering leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has sent a formal complaint to Malawi media bodies after he has of late been subject to on-line media attacks.

Bushiri has claimed he has refused to be stampeded by some reporters who have been demanding money from the Man of God after being appointed AFRICCI president.

Prophet Bushiri: Cliams blackmail

Prophet Bushiri: Cliams blackmail

Recently, one of Malawi’s online platforms reported that Bushiri had preached in his church that “Malawi was sold to the devil and that [President] Peter Mutharika worships Satan.”

When contacted to comment on the matters, Prophet Bushiri’s public relations officer Kelvin Sulugwe told Nyasa Times that the Man of God’s sermon did not attack the Head of State and that the report had sensationalised the context of his message.

Bushiri claims one of the online news website is trying to blackmail him into giving out money to stop them from writing bad articles and that he has since reported the matter to media watchdog, Misa-Malawi.

“I must say that it is so unfortunate how some overzealous media platforms have resorted to blackmail the prophet into giving them money to stop attacks. We have the messages that one of the people owning a news website sent to the prophet and to me asking for money and threatened to use his platform to destroy the prophet’s image and he has vowed to do this until God knows when,” said Silungwe.

“All I can say is that the prophet is not shaken as these attacks haven’t started today. He has been subject to media attacks for years now and despite that, he continues to rise and transform lives. Its so unfortunate that these false stories end up confusing people who are weak in faith and being a spiritual battle, God fights for the prophet,” explained Sulugwe.

However, Sulugwe declined to give a specific name of the individuals who have been trying to dupe the man of God, saying such information will be shared with the media watchdog.

“I don’t think it matters if I stand here and mention their names because that is exactly what they are expecting to attack the man of God further. I employ you to take time and look at the recent stories attacking the prophet you will notice a greedy touch in the articles that have no basis in what so ever and they can’t even outline facts in a good order,” explained Sulugwe.

He continued: “Prophet Bushiri prays for them and he is praying for Malawi. He knows what he is and who he is. Never has he stood up in church attacking government or the president as reported by one of the papers .

“And talking of Bushiri’s appointment as AFRICCI’s president, we leave that to Malawians to see what will transpire as time goes. I can’t stand here justifying this appointment to people who have made up their mind not to see the truth and that’s not my entitlement as AFRICCI has its spokesperson.”

Bushiri was appointed president of African Christian Coalition for Israel Ltd, a newly launched Christian development charity organization that intends to give development grants to African Governments through its partners.

On Friday this week, Bushiri is expected to present a cheque to South African government.

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42 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri complaints of media blackmail: Rejects ‘Mutharika worships Satan’ report”

  1. mbachi says:

    Anthu nsanje bwanji eish… Prophet Bushiri was born to lead. Proud of you Papa. You are called by God and He will fight your battles…..

  2. dwasco says:


    1. mbachi says:

      Nsanje zangokula apa. This is a true prophet of God

  3. louis masanje says:

    i heard what the man of God said on that matter, he ddnt mention the name of the president, and wat dat media house want is jst to destroy the image of the president and the Ministry of Profet Bushiri.May Almighty God 4gv dat media house in Jesus christ name

  4. peter says:

    The very dangerous thing in life is only when u stand public and begins to attack the eyes and mouth of Jahova who is the Prophets,No one in Heaven or on earth havs ever fight God and win,am feeling sory becoz the one attacking men of God,Jahova God wil never allow you to go unpunished and i curse you,Papa Major has never in church attack the Gorvenment or the Presedent it is you urself who is attackng the President,bring the evedence here we want to see and hear if you recorded the speach,nothing gud wil come out of you,i curse ur land,ur water,ur food,what ever you touch and everything that conces you

  5. TrueFactor says:

    Is there hard evidence like a recording of what he said? If yes, bring it out & he should be prosecuted. And his “prophetness” is questionable. If no, then palibepo nkhani apa,,, just image-tarnishing.

  6. Well well well spiritual matters need a lot of care , as people don’t see what happens out there in that relm who can judge

  7. phillimon mphanza says:

    The truth shall stand and these other things shall pass away. Great is your reward Papa and ECG

  8. The cash gater says:

    Hold on ! Did I hear he will present a cheque to RSA , hmmmmm smacks off suspicion, where is the money coming from ? Just like drawing water from a pail and dropping it in the Pacific Ocean. Zina ukamva Kamba anga mwala ndithu

  9. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Man of God man of God chani apa. We are all men and women of God unless you say that we belong to the devil.

  10. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    Put everything in the hands of God. He will soon unveil the truth. Let the works of the holy ghost be at most higher. Atolankhaniwo ndi okonda dziphuphu, anazolowera poti APM amapeleka dziphuphu kuti adzilemba nkhani zabwino zokhazokha za DPP. Awululeni amenewo tiwadziwe ayaluke.

  11. thana nawe says:


  12. Whether you believe it or not, the truth is the God of Bushiri is a true God, the creator of heaven and earth. If you dont believe you must ask its your problem. Some of us have seen this God working thru him.

  13. koma ichi ndi chipongwe munthu wanjala kumutuma kukapatsa chakudya anthu ozimbidwa.Pamene Malawi akupempha thandizo inu aPulezidenti mukukathandiza RSA.Ntchito zinazi nzopwetekesa.True ulosi chuma chimapita kumene kuli chuma chidzake.Yesu sanapange ulosi koma lero anthu mukulosera to individual ngati ula!

  14. evangelist mhango says:

    Satanic people their minds are set on devil their father; stop attacking my father ; ana njoka inu. Repent otherwise you r destined for hell.

    1. evangelist Mhango says:

      To be devil minded makes our country to remain under developed . God the creator owns all the wealth you see not the devil .so stop thinking devilish .Papa major 1 works for God. Let Him accomplish what God called Him for. Once again repent otherwise you have bad ending if you continue fighting my father major1. We love Major1 the servant of the Most High God.

  15. juanita's mum says:

    Hehe hehe jealousy na go kill you, leave my Papa my Major 1 alone.

  16. Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka says:

    Mudzawazindikira ndi ntchito zawo. Yehova tithandizeni kuti chidziwitso chathu chikule.

  17. juanita's mum says:

    No mutter how you try to damage his image you won’t manage. His a blessing to the nation and has saved so many souls, so of you fight him you might be ready to fight God, coz his the one that always fights his bottles. No wonder you will always be failures coz you always course yourselves by fighting an innocent Man of God. A Powerful Prophet for that matter.

  18. Patriot says:

    Kodi Bentley ija munagula?
    Paja Ministry yanu ija ndi ya chani?
    Eti zoona akazi anunso ndi pulofeti?
    Eh koma geni ikuyenda ku South Africa, eti?

  19. Boswell says:

    last days.

  20. zandile says:

    Silungwe, this is where you are wrong and it makes you to look like a liar. If you name the reporter he will be shamed and next time. Next time you want to complain about such behaviour contact media council

  21. Mmodziyenkha says:

    Throw it deeper man of God-mr Presidenta prophets.!

  22. Nkhombokombo says:

    Go higher man of God!

  23. Chrisantus Kamaghoko says:

    Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is true and genuine Man of God. Whether u hate him or what he is just a man of God.

  24. Witness says:

    How come this AFRICC does not have a website with all this money?

  25. alukosyo says:

    sour grapes

  26. gabbage says:

    My appeal to the greedy african governmnts please do not accept these moneys unti we establish the source otherwise the devil is purchasing the entire african continent-forwarned is forarmed. Seriosly, 42 trilion kwachas just like that? where are in the world these funds coming from? African please wake up. Even the most richest countries in the world have never given such an obscene amount to frica before. Watch out 666.


    Man of God complaining yet at the same time he says God is fighting for him, so why complaining. All false prophets will be known very soon, time is running out. They now know that they are being exposed that is why they are teaming up to defend themself but they can not fight the truth. Wait and see. May the Almighty God punish them because they are misleading many innocent people who blindly follow them. AMEN.

  28. [email protected] says:

    for those who hav sins of blasfame men of GOD stop it with forthwith becoz it waz writen in the bible thats a sin against holly ghost and all blasfame men of God they should know that they are agaist GODs will stop and reapent ngakhale akuti ntchimo lochimwira mzimu oyera nkovuta kukhululukidwa

  29. INEYO says:

    Grammer: 2, Content: 6, Sentence Construction: 3, Title: 0. Total Marks 11/20.

    1. freespch says:


  30. Phodox says:

    Bushiri you have check your mouth when it comes the time for you to fight the Malawi government. You are not holly than T.B. Joshua. But the government of Nigeria taught him a lesson. Did you see what happened to TB’s hotel.

  31. chims says:

    quite interesting.affricci ltd is it a bank or an NGO? the guys are rich mpaka grant to sa sure we will no longer need the west for aid or whatsoever. tieni nazoni bola osagulitsa dziko.

  32. The more they talk ill about my prophet the more he rises!!

  33. kawanga says:

    man of God pray for them

  34. What is this says:

    Move on man of God, dont be distracted by greedy media

  35. elder sage2 says:

    What is this AFRICCI anyway? Malawians are so gullible they just believe any silly thing. Am starting to suspect Nyasatimes is in this Bushiri league. Why do you keep giving space to this trickster masquerading as man of God? …or is it man of god?

  36. Abiti Mangarita says:

    MOG, nanga cheque cha Malawi chili kuti? they say charity begins at home, thandizani kaye ana amasiye ali mbwee M’malawi munowa. Ambuye akudalitseni pamene mukuganiza zothandiza anawa.

  37. Danga Lapezeka says:

    WHY CRY FOR PUBLICITY? “Dzuwa salozerana !aliyense amliona yekha” likewise if he is worth what he claims to be he doesn’t need reporters.What is hiis motive?Zobera anthu poopseza ndi Bible basi! Otherwise Hell fire is waiting for you infidels.God will not just let you pass through imposters,Sons of the devil the condenmed.

  38. Zosautsa says:

    This is a simple case to verify whether the so called prophet said it or not. I guess his preachings are recorded, if not then endeavour to contact any people who were present on that day and conclude your story. Otherwise it will be regarded as hearsay and indeed blackmail.

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