Prophet Bushiri drags businessman to court over K130mil debt: Wants garnishee order to Indebank, Nedbank accounts

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) has dragged a Lilongwe based businessman Timothy Phiri to court for his failure to pay him back a debt amounting to K130 million.

Major 1 Bushiri : Wants : Wants garnishee order to Indebank, Nedbank accounts

Major 1 Bushiri : Wants : Wants garnishee order to Indebank, Nedbank accounts

According to the writ of court summons which Nyasa Times has seen, Bushiri has given Phiri 14 days after the service of the summons to acknowledge whether he intend to contest in court.

First defendant is Timothy Phiri, second defendant is Inde Bank Limited, and third defendant is Ned Bank Limited.

Affidavits which Nyasa Times has seen indicate that Bushiri gave Phiri K130 million debt in August in agreement whereby the businesmsan was supposed to pay back the whole amount.

According to the affidavits, Phiri is abusing and misusing the funds and is unwilling and refusing to pay back the money.

Phiri operates current account with Inde Bank. He also operates another current account with Nedbank, Mzuzu branch.

It is alleged that Phiri has acquired different vehicles using the man of God’s money.

Some of the vehicles include; Truck Registration number MJ 6863, Toyota Fortuner DZ 9009, VW Golf Registration number DZ 4960, Toyota Prado Registration number DZ 5201, Nissan Note Registration number DZ 2218, Nissan Note, unregistered, and Will Cyph Registration number DZ 3540.

Bushiri is being represented by  Jivason and Company.

When agents of Bushiri have been requesting Phiri to pay back, he has always been saying: “I did not get any money for my business from any person, I do not owe any person any money,”

Bushiri is therefore asking the court to provide a mandatory order compelling the banks to release the money in the said bank accounts to court to be forwarded to him plus costs of the action.

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The Truth

Koma ma bodza enawa, Bushiri iwe ungakongoze munthu K130m. Musatinamizepo apa. Paja mumazitama kuti ndinu olemera koma chonsencho ku Malawi kuno munasiyanso ngongole zambiri mbiri, anthu anu a ntchito simumawalipira, amakhalira kupemphesa. And why were you lending money to this money instead of giving it for Charity Work, apa ndiye zawonekeratu kuti nzakumidima

My late grany, may her soul rest in peace, taught me that, when one borrows with no intention to pay back, he or she is just as good as a thief. It disheartens me that a lot of people abuse the generosity of their rescuers and ruin the chances of those who genuinely seek help to receive it. The holly Bible teaches us that a wicked man borrows and never repay while the righteous keep lending. To those who are reluctant to repay their debt please note, your debtors didn’t lend you their hard earned income by virtual of having… Read more »

Bushiri is a business man, he sells a non existent and fictitious product called god, this product is so successful because the people willing to buy it have already been brainwashed by their parents during childhood. The god product has a huge prophet margin because it does not require lot of inputs, it’s tax free and has no guarantees. It’s success rate is as good as chance.

Koma ?????


George Kamanga

The Almighty God remain the final judge in this matter for nothing is hidden to Him.


send your angels to collect basi


Asiyeni amenewo akudziwana masamu awo asatipweteketse mitu ife ayi.


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Swiswiri Mbewa

Timothy Phiri represents a crop of crooked businessmen who obtain money through false pretence. In the case he hoodwinked the man of God abusing the trust the man of God had in him. Others who may need a financial push from the generous man of God will not be given the opportunity because of such despicable behaviour. How can you be flaunting stolen wealth.


A Phiri matama onse aja ndalama za mwini wache

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