Prophet Bushiri drags businessman to court over K130mil debt: Wants garnishee order to Indebank, Nedbank accounts

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) has dragged a Lilongwe based businessman Timothy Phiri to court for his failure to pay him back a debt amounting to K130 million.

Major 1 Bushiri : Wants : Wants garnishee order to Indebank, Nedbank accounts

Major 1 Bushiri : Wants : Wants garnishee order to Indebank, Nedbank accounts

According to the writ of court summons which Nyasa Times has seen, Bushiri has given Phiri 14 days after the service of the summons to acknowledge whether he intend to contest in court.

First defendant is Timothy Phiri, second defendant is Inde Bank Limited, and third defendant is Ned Bank Limited.

Affidavits which Nyasa Times has seen indicate that Bushiri gave Phiri K130 million debt in August in agreement whereby the businesmsan was supposed to pay back the whole amount.

According to the affidavits, Phiri is abusing and misusing the funds and is unwilling and refusing to pay back the money.

Phiri operates current account with Inde Bank. He also operates another current account with Nedbank, Mzuzu branch.

It is alleged that Phiri has acquired different vehicles using the man of God’s money.

Some of the vehicles include; Truck Registration number MJ 6863, Toyota Fortuner DZ 9009, VW Golf Registration number DZ 4960, Toyota Prado Registration number DZ 5201, Nissan Note Registration number DZ 2218, Nissan Note, unregistered, and Will Cyph Registration number DZ 3540.

Bushiri is being represented by  Jivason and Company.

When agents of Bushiri have been requesting Phiri to pay back, he has always been saying: “I did not get any money for my business from any person, I do not owe any person any money,”

Bushiri is therefore asking the court to provide a mandatory order compelling the banks to release the money in the said bank accounts to court to be forwarded to him plus costs of the action.

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73 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri drags businessman to court over K130mil debt: Wants garnishee order to Indebank, Nedbank accounts”

  1. The Truth says:

    Koma ma bodza enawa, Bushiri iwe ungakongoze munthu K130m. Musatinamizepo apa. Paja mumazitama kuti ndinu olemera koma chonsencho ku Malawi kuno munasiyanso ngongole zambiri mbiri, anthu anu a ntchito simumawalipira, amakhalira kupemphesa. And why were you lending money to this money instead of giving it for Charity Work, apa ndiye zawonekeratu kuti nzakumidima

  2. redeemed says:

    My late grany, may her soul rest in peace, taught me that, when one borrows with no intention to pay back, he or she is just as good as a thief. It disheartens me that a lot of people abuse the generosity of their rescuers and ruin the chances of those who genuinely seek help to receive it.
    The holly Bible teaches us that a wicked man borrows and never repay while the righteous keep lending.
    To those who are reluctant to repay their debt please note, your debtors didn’t lend you their hard earned income by virtual of having nothing to do with it, but they chose to put their needs on hold to help you, therefore the least you can do is to return the favour by settling your debt, else you will always have a need to borrow. Remember, a man is a master of his own fate.(shake Spear)

  3. Tt says:

    Bushiri is a business man, he sells a non existent and fictitious product called god, this product is so successful because the people willing to buy it have already been brainwashed by their parents during childhood. The god product has a huge prophet margin because it does not require lot of inputs, it’s tax free and has no guarantees. It’s success rate is as good as chance.

  4. Koma ????? says:


  5. George Kamanga says:

    The Almighty God remain the final judge in this matter for nothing is hidden to Him.

  6. mbuya says:

    send your angels to collect basi

  7. Pokelloe says:

    Asiyeni amenewo akudziwana masamu awo asatipweteketse mitu ife ayi.

  8. Donya says:

    comment loading

  9. Swiswiri Mbewa says:

    Timothy Phiri represents a crop of crooked businessmen who obtain money through false pretence. In the case he hoodwinked the man of God abusing the trust the man of God had in him. Others who may need a financial push from the generous man of God will not be given the opportunity because of such despicable behaviour. How can you be flaunting stolen wealth.

  10. bav says:

    A Phiri matama onse aja ndalama za mwini wache

  11. Amalawi says:


  12. Joseph Moyo says:

    A phiri wanso akuti kaikisa,zikuoneka kuti ndaramazi adawabwereka osatchaja interest izi ndi zolondola ndpo kwa wa business ndi mwai chifukwa wapindula nazo.komanso zomutengera ku khoti sizolondola kwa munthu wa Mulungu zinazo ndilibe chot ndinene chifukwa anthu ambiri amatenga themberero pa za Mulungu pongolankhula chimbulimbuli.

  13. benedicite says:

    a loan must b paid back irrepective from whom u borrowed!

  14. James Tsamwa says:

    Man of god katapira kodi? kikikikikikikiki. How did he acquire such worth? Si za kuba basi.


    Learn this man of devil, oops god.

  15. WILFRED ZIBA says:

    don’t comment if you don’t feel like commenting, just by lending him such amount of money clearly shows that A Man God has got a heart of helping people. A LOAN is A LOAN, Just pay back the money so that othe
    rs can also find the favour the MAN OF GOD did to you

  16. Man of Golide tsopano
    Uyu ndi business Man osati Prophet. Usabweze ndalamazo nayeso anabera anthu omutsatira osapenya omwe satha kuona kuti ndi crook

  17. kukhala says:


  18. DADA says:

    A loan is a loan!!

  19. nasimati says:


  20. johnM says:

    Is he not a man of God? He should just forgive this Tommy Phiri and move on. For a man of God, money should not be important. He should consider the loan to be charity

  21. Balamanthu says:

    We are a country of EXTREMELY DISHONEST AND CROOKED PEOPLE.AND LOOK AT HOW HE USED THE MONEY-FOR NON PRODUCTIVE AND DEPRECIATING ASSETS,PROBABLY AZIMAI MKATI PLUS UFITI!Except for the truck, this guy should pay back and he may run away now but la 40 likwana posachedwa!

  22. Dick says:

    Nanga Miracle money amabwezatso???


    za kaisala kwa kaisala

  24. flyton Manda says:

    Ask God to solve the problem.

  25. The Most Concerned says:

    Major 1. Please send him the Angels tonight. He pay back voluntarily

  26. Namarokoro says:

    man of god

  27. Atate says:


  28. pluto says:

    Wowerengawe khala maso

  29. thako la mmwenye says:

    ndiye tchalichi ichi anthu amapelekabe za mbale ndi ma figure akutchulidwa apawa?

  30. savimbi stevovo says:

    Bushiri is right

  31. Namarokoro says:

    Does the money belong to Bushiri or ECG? You should be very carefully when reporting here one day you will put this pastor of yours in trouble with revenue services in South Africa. If you claim that the money belongs to Bushiri, does Bushiri pay tax for that money? Is it Bushiri taking Phiri to court or is it ECG taking Phiri to court?

  32. Misheck sibande kaitano says:


    1. Nanga bwanji anasankha kukakhala ku RSA ko osakhala ku Zimbabwe kapena ku Lesotho? Uyu ndi profit of Golide

  33. Sapitwa says:

    Easy come easy go! Prophets should not resort to courts to recover debts. They get free money and should always write-off debts after they make wrong decisions of lending money to bad people. The moment they start resorting to courts for recovery of debts, just know that this is the beginning of the end. Debts are sources of evil and am sure the prophet hates Phiri hence failure to forgive him and write off and move on; shame!

  34. thako la mmwenye says:

    man of God just forgive him and forget the money. Ka 130 mio nkachaniso kwa inu munthu oti muli ndi migodi kunja

  35. nasimati says:

    Its sad to see what appears to be well groomed and educated men sitting and rallying around this stupid conman so called man of God or whatever! One day people will wake up. Remember Bonke! What happened to him?

  36. Cholopi says:

    Bwana bushiri read bible careful amati ukabwereka zako ndalama usakumbutse coz mphoto yako ili kumwamba ngati mukutengera ku court musiyana bwanji ndi akunja otengerana ku court…
    Any way am not God

  37. Gerald Nditani says:


  38. Wanzeru Wa Ku MMawa says:

    And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting to be paid in full. Luke 6:34

  39. Fanta Moja says:

    loan or katapila? how many months

  40. Fbi genuine says:

    forgive him man of God.mesa mati tizikhululukirana wina ndi mnzake.Ngati boma la pitala ili likulephera kumanga a police atatu aja anakhuzidwa ndi nkhani ya 400million yomwe inapezeka ndi mnyamata waku accountant General mu account yake mu chaka cha 2011,sindiye kuti linawakhululukira basi.ife tikungodikira A Chakwera kuti akalowa mboma azawamange bwino .Pajatu mlandu suvunda ayi unless a nkhoti agamule.Nde apolice amene akukhuzidwa ndi nkhani izi asamasimbwe makukamu chifukwa la 40 lawo likubwera.

  41. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    i said it!! zitheka bwanji the person who cal himself man of God.kumapezeka akupangisa katapila .if indeed dis man is true man of God,why not forgiving d guy? even TB joshua can not do katapila and can take sumbody to court. He can only pray to God….this guy is doin illegal deals soon he wil b exposed….

  42. بىاىىىئ ففففففف says:

    Nkhaniyi sikumveka bwino, mwati phiri is abusing and misusing the funds kodi mmesa mwati anamungongoza. Kodi agreement inali yotani?

  43. Musazafulu Dums. says:

    Munthu wa Mulungu ziwani kuti 70 kuchulukisa ndi 70 imene imakwana 4900 times kukhululukira munthu m’modzi akakuchimwira ndiye apa ndikoyamba kwa uyuyu. Muona kuti mpanga bwanji.

  44. mbuyankhoma says:

    What would Jesus do, in this situation? I guess he would have given his creditor more millions of kwacha for free and then bless them for abundant wealthy.

  45. Pls pay Prophet Bushiri to avoid …….

  46. Mclaren says:

    Man of God, can you lend me $300,000 and my security is a coal mine with 20m reserve. Ask Nyasatimes for contact details

  47. mphwache wa bingu says:

    I think there is no case here. And this guy will not pay back the money. Bushiri is not a bank and has no legal mandate to lend money to anybody. If you did so you were doing so at your own risk. Money lending institutions are registered by the reserve bank of Malawi. That’s why katapila and village banks are illegal.

    I also doubt if Bushiri indeed gave this guy all this amount of money and expected to pay back just after a year. Just is just a way Bushiri wants to steal from this man.

  48. Mbuya says:

    Pipo hv got money man of God share me only k2 million i beg

  49. Rodriguas says:

    If you want to become poor do that to Bushiri.

  50. mmmmmmmmm ndalama za chinjoka mpaka kupitisana ku khot? Thats why phiri akukana kuti sanangongole ndalama kwa munthu chifukwa akuziwa kuti ndalamazo ndi za chinjoka


    musanapeleke dollar man of god muzimufufuza kaye munthu pangono ponse. timothy mwana wakuba kuyambila kalekale ubwana wake wonse. theres no way angabwenze ndalamazo wakukwangwanulani basi amenyo tikumudziwa.
    paliponse pali ndalama amayandikilapo ndikuombapo heavy.
    mmangitseni atengelepo phunzilo.

  52. Mugonapamhanya says:

    The story is not adding up. The story says that Phiri borrowed money from this so called prophet which he is failing to pay back. How can it be alleged that Phiri is abusing the money that is his own? Kalipo kalipo kakumidima. Prophet chasing profit. Munthu wa Mulungu katapila.

  53. levelheaded says:

    Helping a Malawian is just a wastage of money and time. You lend interest free money to somebody and later he thinks of not returning the money because he thinks you are already rich and doesn’t deserve being paid back. I have tried this to even my so called close friends only to leave me in tears at the end.

    My advice to my fellow rich people,don’t you dare think of helping somebody without a collateral. If you want to please God you would better venture into charity work which pleases God most. Palibe angakutembelere chifukwa choti wamukaniza ngongole,infact kulibenso something like wina kukutembelera.Akafuna ngongole adzipita Ku Bank. I repeat, Go charity, God rewards abundantly.

  54. mbolozidana says:

    Major1 Papa wapondedwa apa, mmayesa you are the man of God, mupempherere kuti abweze osapitanso ku court

  55. ophiri says:

    koma nzeru za m’malawi. magalimoto onsewo achani? i hope watsegula car hire

  56. Tt says:

    If you can walk in air and have angels in your church, why do you need lawyers to get your money back? Can’t the same supernatural elements get this money magically? If jesus blessed you, why cant you just forgive this guy, I thought thats what jesus would do! Kkkkkk

  57. Ma says:

    Kkkkk A prophet tsopano kungomwaza cash? How did you guys know each other?

  58. Bob says:

    Bwezani ngongoleyo

  59. Peter Munthalika says:

    mneneri akufuna zake zapasi pano apo bii,ndende

  60. Peter says:

    Anthu mukudya money pa Malawi pano eti!!

  61. Anthu akuda says:

    Tiwona momwe zithere

  62. Fex says:

    major go deeper mulandu uwina kapena ayi prophesayi ????

  63. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Why should somebody repay miracle money??????

  64. The guy has to pay back the money. No excuse. You borrow, you pay.Period.

  65. SONG says:

    Osampempherera bwa kuti agwide ndi zimizimu.

  66. Phwado says:

    Perform a miracle on him so that he gives money with no heip from courts.Pajatu mumati mumatha nanga apa zakuvutanitu!kkkkkkkkkk!Pepani!

  67. yakumbuyo says:

    Friendly gift monies without witness are invalid before the court of law.He claims to loan money to people .has got license for loaning money ? These are friendly donations.

  68. Rabson Kwakwalala says:

    Man Of God Apa Simunachite Bwino Talingalilani Zomwe Anakukhululukilana Yusu . Kodi Sizikuposa Ndalama Imene Mwamumangitsa Nayo Munthu Munatani Kungomukhulukila.

  69. more $ says:

    Do not take advantage of people by borrowing and not wanting to pay back. Kumeneko timati kuba. It’s not because someone is seen to be man of God that they will let you scot free with their money.

  70. Rhooo says:

    miracle money

  71. Banda says:

    We are yet to know the truth behind Bushiri.

  72. Truck says:


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