Prophet Bushiri named best crowd puller after successful ‘Night of Honey’ event at Africa’s largest FNB stadium

The FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa has awarded President and leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri the “Best Crowd Puller” award for successfully filling up the largest stadium in Africa for two consecutive years.

Major 1 giving his sermon at FNB stadium

FNB stadium full to capacity for Bushiri prayers

Behind a successful prophet there is a woman, Mrs Bushiri

Major 1 addressing 100,000 worshippers and millions others watching on Prophetic TV


This follows after the Malawian Prophet’s recent ECG “Night of Honey” Crossover Night event took place on the 31st December 2016 – 1st January 2017 where over 100 000 people gathered in the stadium to enter into a new year with “Major 1”.

With no billboard ads, corporate sponsors, neither commercial TV nor radio promos, tickets for the “Night of Honey” Crossover SOLD OUT at Computicket stores nationwide in just 9days.

Prophet Bushiri is now ranked the FNB Stadium’s number one crowd puller in a Top Five list that includes the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Justin Bieber and the Soweto Derby.

This achievement is a first for a leader of a Christian movement in Africa.

“I thank God that He has been faithful yet again with this years Crossover Night, 2016 to 2017, breaking another record just for Jesus, with over 100 000 people in attendance. Everyone went back with a miracle, and their promise.

“It was an amazing crossover. My first prayer for you in 2017 is that:
God will help you make good decisions
God will promote you
God will deliver you
God will heal you I stand as a Prophet, let your life be sweeter this year! 2017 is a good year!” – wrote Prophet Shepherd Bushiri on his official Facebook page.

Moreover, in December 2015 Prophet Bushiri hosted the annual ECG church crossover event themed the “Lion of Judah” night for the first time ever at the 94 736 seater stadium and managed to pull a crowd of over 96 000 people.

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30 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri named best crowd puller after successful ‘Night of Honey’ event at Africa’s largest FNB stadium”

  1. Nomzamo says:

    Believe or not God is doing wonders at Ecg I wish I can go there one day and meet my papa major major iyeee

  2. Kennedy says:

    It was really amazing to see people around the world came to worship God with prophet Bushiri Major 1, believe it or not.. God is still speaking through prophet Bushiri… i love prophet Bushiri… and am proud of him to be a Malawian… Lets continue praying for him… it wonderful to be part of Cross over night… the year of honey….LOVE YOU MAJOR 1… PAPA…

  3. santana says:

    What has this occasion got to do with honey? Ask Solomon in the book of Proverbs to tell you what honey means.

  4. santana says:

    Was God aware that this was the last day of his calendar, and people were entering another year of his calendar? Whose calendar is this that says 1st January is the beginning of God’s year? God cannot be involved in this man made fabrications. He was just wondering as to why those people were spending a night there. Hindus have their own calendar which tells them which is the first and last day of the year. Muslims and Buddhists have also their own days. So the same with Jews. Therefore there is nothing here about God being involved in the celebrations of entering a new year. God knows not about your calendars. Just say you enjoyed eating biscuits and jamming to the frenzy of the devil for we know that he does his enjoyments at night.

  5. WISEMAN says:

    satana manyazi bwaa, ndi pemphero langa kuti kumalawi kuno kudzuke wina adzadzitsenso bingu stadium dec 2017, nkhani yake ndi ya yesu basi. wina ofune usafuna koma ife tili kupemphera be ku satana asiye kulanda miyoyo ya abale anthu ndi kumalowetsa ku ufumu wake.

    major 1 keep it up i saluti you

  6. January says:

    majority rules God is in Major 1 and major 1 is in God like it or not world has witnesed the power of God in FNB stadium

  7. ungwelu says:

    Rev Kamoto, I am not a fan of Bushiri nor the many prophets and prophetesses we around the world, BUT if only 10 of the 100,000 + worshipers were saved at FMB Stadium and will enter heaven, we should all glorify God.

  8. Nankununkha says:

    Firstly I am not a fan of religiosity. But my question to those who say Bushiri is fake, who is genuine and what criteria do you use to determine those who are false and true?

  9. Bk phiri says:

    I wish detractors had followed the events at the FNB. Major clearly said what is paramount in ones life is not a break through or prosperity but REPENTANCE by seeking the face of God first. You need to walk with JESUS in this 2017. Leave all the sins you committed in 2016 and let us all kneel down and ask for forgiveness of our sins ! It was so amazing to see the entire stadium kneeling down to pray to God for forgiveness of sins. That’s what happened and am sure someone life was saved that night.

    Its surprising to see a man of God and even a christian critising each other. They bible encourages us to pray for one another coz we are all the body of Christ. Any man of God, and any christian who writes bad of another man if God or fellow christian does not understand the 5 fold ministry of the gospel. My fellow Christians open your eyes and don’t let religious doctrines blindfold you!

  10. hanz says:

    Zamatsiku omaliza kuzabwera aneneri monga bushiri yoswa prophet snake ndiye sindikuziwa luti ndisatire uti “KOMA MALEMBA AKUTI OWERENGA KHALA MASO.” Mulungu ndithandizeni mnthawi yomalizayi kuti ndimalize njira. Ili lizikhala pemphelo lathu maka kwa ife akhristu. mulungu akudaliseni nonse!!!!

  11. Murambiwa Munemo says:

    The purpose of evangelizing is to bring into the life of many who would have listened to the preacher and received Christ in the process. So i believe it is the passionate desire of Christ for Him to be preached to as many people as possible. So i say, do not stop Major 1, fulfill your mandate regardless of the negative comments because you are in this but not of this world.

  12. khwelekhwethe says:

    Continue to serve your God my

  13. Pastor Master Wadi says:

    Rev Kamoto, let’s appreciate where it is due. 2017 should be a year to lift each other up because we are a family, led by one spirit, one Lord and Saviour, and one God.
    Let’s learn to love peace always which will lead us to bring billions of lost souls to Christ Jesus.
    To you Major Prophet, do more please look for another biggest stadium than FNB for the next cross over night,it will be double as much attendance.
    We love you Major 1, its my prayer that I should meet you one day.
    God bless you Major 1

  14. Mary Moyo says:

    Glory be to Jesus and Glory be to God!

  15. joe says:

    Whorever commenting bad I know what’s wrong with him/her. Also my spiritual father knows that its not that person who is writing the devil inside him.
    God Forgive

  16. Pastor Nelson Boy Moyo says:

    Okondedwa: mlembi uyu chidwi chake chili pa anthu amene anali ku night of uchi.
    Sanatumidwe kuti akayese mizimu ya anthu kuti ali woyera kapena ayi.

    Kumakhara wonvetsetsa pazimene zikunenedwa mnkhani. Mutu wankhani ndi number of people or best puller.
    Anthu sangapite kumwamba asananve mawu amulungu. Mawu amulungu ndi amene my brother in Christ Jesus amalalikira. Amawawuza anthu zoyenera kuchita kuti apulumutsidwe kuwuchimo.kuwupmhawi.kumatenda.komanso kuziganizo zoyipa. All these its about salvation.
    Anthu akuyenera azibwera ambiri mmpingo kuti aphunzile mawu amulungu ndi wozodzedwa ake ngati Major 1 ndi ena. Munthu akanva mawu zili ndi iye kuchita zoyenera kudzikonzekeletsa zakumwamba.
    Amene ali mmbusa ngati ine tinene zowona timafuna anthu wochuluka abwele mmachurch mwathu kuti tiwalalikire.
    Mzathu anthu wochuluka amutsata ndingoti zikomo Major 1. Anthu amene ine sindikadawafikira iweyo wandithandizira.
    2017.12.31. Iprophecy to you Major God surprise you because you have surprised Africa being the first Prophet to pull multitude of people.

  17. Hmmm Abusa nsanje kumakhala nayo manyazi pliz,

  18. daniel says:

    Rev kamoto ,what about in your church how many will make it to heaven including you?

  19. Chambe says:

    Is the issue about crowd pulling that matters most to this writer or about how many people that have been evangelized and those that are in the process of being evangelized to receive the free gift of God…..eternal life?

  20. Evangelist leo (ECG DIEHARD) says:

    Thanks my spiritual father. ..
    We love you and we wil always love you ..
    This can only be the hand of God ….

  21. Apao Kugola says:

    Hey salvation is by grace. Read your holy book properly. Even if the stadium had only one person during the event would that guarantee that he/she would go to heaven? So, I say by the grace of God all the 100,000 plus in that stadium have the potential to go 5o heaven (if at all there is heaven in the real sense).

  22. Mtumwi says:

    The fact is the stadium was filled about heaven is something what attracted people way the heaven itself

  23. Rev Kamoto says:

    And How many of these who filled the stadium would make it to Heaven had Jesus appeared right there ??

    1. That’s why they were there, to repent and enter the new year as saints.

    2. Che Otis says:

      You are missing the point Rev Kamoto, i believe the aim is winning more souls for christ, it’s not a gathering for righteous folks only, so sinners are equally welcome

    3. botha masamo says:

      Ndiye kupusako akulu. Nkhani yili apa is about filling stadium not going to heaven. How daft are you?

    4. Habib says:

      Does it really matter Rev Kamoto how many people would go to heaven? Abusa, wouldn’t it be better for you to glorify God that many gathered to hear His word? Mmm…ubusa a Kamoto nsanje. Ine ndikuti “glory be to God!!!!!

    5. Tiuzeni ndi inuyo a reverend. ……poti imeneyo ndi ntchito ya mwini wake namalenga

    6. Kasim says:

      Nobody knows but I am always baffled by pipo who claim bushiri is fake when they can’t show who is genuine if you don’t understand some of these things you better shut up

      1. Vibisi Kumwenda says:

        Kodi a khristu tinakhala bwanji? Mnzathu akuchita uyu tiyeni timuyamikile chikhamu chonsecho pa nkhani ya Mulungu ayi Mulungu alemekezeke ndi zomwe tikulimbana kuti wa bwino ufalikire kwa anthunso chipulumutso ndi cha aliyense osamachita nsanje ngati anthu akupita ku chipulumutso kodi adzapulumuka bwanji ngati uthenga sakuwumva thumb up Bushiri we are behind you.

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