Prophet Bushiri’s PRO survive assassination attempt in Malawi

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) has upped the security detail of his Public Relations Officer (PRO) Kelvin Sulugwe after an attempted attack by unknown thugs on Wednesday along Mchinji Road.

Prophet Bushiri and his PRO Kelving Sulugwe (left)

Prophet Bushiri and his PRO Kelving Sulugwe (left)

According to information at hand, Sulugwe met his fate when he was travelling from Mchinji where he had gone to visit his relatives.

The incident happened just after passing Mpingu, where unknown car hit his vehicle from the back and started a chase with the aim of hitting him off the road and make it look like an accident.

He was able to outspeed the thugs’ car, described as a black Nissan Xtrail with no number plate.

Luckily, the thugs quit the chase when Sulugwe approached the security Road Block along the way.

Asked about the incident, Sulugwe only said he is ‘safe’ and that’s what really mattered to him.

“Don’t worry about anything. I am safe. I was born and raised here. Malawi is my home. Once again, I am safe, that’s what really matters to me, the rest, I have no interest in.

“I am still in the country for a couple of months. For now, I have just been advised to take necessary measures and be on guard. It’s not everyone who is happy with what we do,” explained Sulugwe.

Prophet Bushiri is reportedly saddened when he heard of the incident and immediately took action, hiring private security personnel for his PRO, who is believed to be one of his most loved and right hand men.

He also reported to have hinted that this is among other various reasons why he has no interest to invest in Malawi because his trusted men who put up good work for him are usually attacked.

Few months ago, one of his pastors, identified as Pastor Arnold Juma was attacked to near death by what is believed to be regime thugs.

Few months ago, Sulugwe’s name appeared in what was believed to be ruling  DPP’s ‘ Hit List’ released by a party militia who was involved in the planning of eliminating  government critics.

Sulugwe lives in South Africa, but is currently in Malawi to facilitate the launch of Bushiri’s rap competition where the winner will walk away with MK3 million plus a car.

Bushiri is so far seen as a political threat to President Peter Mutharika despite his continued refusal that he harbours no interest to run for presidenct.

His church and his followers are constantly attacked by DPP’s propaganda blogs.

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17 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri’s PRO survive assassination attempt in Malawi”

  1. God honours every word of his prophets, major 1 pliz say something on these people so that the rest should learn unforgatable lesson ,bcoz malawi pple are keen on insultinp prophets of God.jealous ,hardhearted and ignorant nyasas you must respect God’s prophets or risk being cursed.

  2. BOB says:

    WHY u nyasatimes u put Bushiri on this news ,there is nothing for him here u must write the truth ,u supposed to wrote who involved ,im verry sorry to see some comments to say its DPP who did this which means everything happen to ECG Is the rulling party wy? u nyasa u better stop ur politics u just want want to cause a fight to malawian ,munuwake wa nyuziyi anaba ndalama ku press coperation nkuthawa ,ur shit..

  3. Pang’ono ZANU guys kuti mutcuke. Wy wy major 1

  4. Goddiea says:

    Akhristu sitinjoya pa dzikp lapansi kwanthu ndikuzisenzera mtanda basi. Tikanjoya kwa Mulungu ife chifukwa kumeneko ndikumene kuli mtendere. Osadanda ngati uli mwana wa Mulungu. Koma ngati uli man of God. Munthu wa Mulungu ndiye dziko mulinjoyadi koma mapeto ake ndi kufa kenakp kumwalira.

  5. Nyanga says:

    what will somebody gain by killing Sulugwe? Looks like its him who set up the hitting just to boost their popularity. There are people who have died on the road popular ones not devils advocates. keep the story to yourself.

  6. chamsolo says:

    eeeeh a D PhiPhi mwaonjeza nsanje ndi man of God what ashame, He born a Malawian and Bushiri major 1 is a true son of God mukungotaya nthawi anya phaphiii pangani zanu mutchuke….

  7. jb says:

    Bushiri is good man he want to give us k3 million

  8. The bible is clear on prophets.thus According to christian belief. There shall not come any one called PROPHET after does surprise me to see people following someone with this same title

  9. Son of major 1. says:

    Chanco olu utukwane there is nothing u can do, he is major 1, we love him and u are nothing to him. The whole world knows him even your pitala is afraid of him. What God has shosen no man will take it down, on that I can challenge.

  10. Paso says:

    God is great don’t worry.

  11. future says:

    masiku otsiriza wabwino alikuti abale

  12. Chemusa says:

    Shame on DPP

  13. Chambe says:

    Let me tell you guys, there is a lot under the tip of the iceberg that even the reporter has no knowledge about.This is about church membership issues and ECG. Look around in Malawi and you will find that one Pentecostal church is increasing its membership and planting churches every year. Bushiri though famous in South Africa, though proudly having money has failed to influence his wealth on building churches in Malawi. Since he left for South Africa in 2012, his church has failed to expand in Malawi.

    1. J.K says:

      This is the only church growing internationally and internally. There are several churches in Malawi and out side Malawi mainly run by Malawians which means Major 1 is promoting is country men. I would say believe in what you believe and leave us believe in what we believe The God of Major 1. Not attacking each other thus not right. Joshua 24:15 You have to chose whom to follow or which teaching to follow.

      1. Chanco Economist osati wa Bunda kapena Poly Ayi says:

        You guys are just attention seekers. Please get lost. Major 1 ndekuti chani? Zankutu basi!

    2. Chaponda Wophoda says:

      A Chambe mwati muyankhuleko zopanda nzeru. Nde mwakhwanatu. I don’t doubt that you were one of those who were in X-trail. Nde mwagwanayo. Anzanu akuyenda zodula za ma speed omveka. Please next attempt ask for the speedy one. But I doubt to out class the men of God, because JESUS will carry them on the wings and they will proudly say, “I am safe, nothing more.” Satana walephera. Bravo JESUS! No weapon formed against God’s children will succeed. Koma chi Satana sichiyimva. Ukhawula!!!

  14. Bush doctor says:

    Shame on the Zikwanje party. You can not win with violence. Fear of unknown grips this murderous regime. Then I see on the other page APM praying for the rains. He must surely have another god to which he was praying. On one hand you want the messes of God and on the other you perpetrate violence. It doesn’t work Sir. The God I know does not condone violence or any form of hatred.

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