Prophet Hara delivers a spectacular sermon in South Africa

Malawian leader and founder of Ambassadors for Christ Ministries Senior Prophet Justice Hara was the hot issue in South Africa after putting forth an awe-inspiring sermon on Monday, July 13 at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s fast emerging ECG church in Pretoria’s show grounds.

Prophet Hara

Prophet Hara

The service, which was broadcasted live to million viewers via Prophetic Channel also attracted thousands of people that filled two main auditoriums of Hall H to the last space available.

The congregation was treated to his never ending gridlocks of motivational and spirit filled words that left people cheering and jeering throughout the whole service. His message cantered on recognizing and submitting to the anointing of chosen men of God.

“The anointing is not for everybody, it’s for somebody who holds a revelation. You should never get used to the anointing neither should you be familiar with it. What God did yesterday He will not do today because He is doing new things every day. Regardless of the title you hold in life, you still need a man of God to speak something into your life. God will send a man to interpret His will upon your life to you,” preached Hara.

On Christianity, Prophet Hara said, “it is not a religion, Christianity is a reality. It is the life of God revealed in humanity. Once understood your life will never be the same again.”

Hara also took time to impulse people to have God in their life and make sure that their relationship with Him is safeguarded and recognised in His house.

“The greatest life changing encounter happens when a person makes a decision to be rooted and established in the house of the Lord. A seat in your house can kill you but a seat in the house of the Lord will give you life. Be established in the house of the Lord,” he said.

He also took time to bless congregates and declare victory in their lives.

“Can I whisper something to you, this is the last time I am seeing you looking troubled like this. The Lord has just ministered that things are turning around in your life and if yesterday your brother was testifying, this time it will be you,” declared man of God.

After Hara’s teaching, it was time for Prophet Bushiri to do what he knows best, giving out nothing, but accurate prophecies confirmed true by those being talked to.

Bushiri is slowly taking over South Africa and he is now being recognized and treated as VIP for his contribution to the rainbow nation. Every week, thousands of people from different nations are flocking to South Africa to attend services at the Malawian born prophet’s church.

Of late, the church has housed a number of well-known figures across Africa including Nigeria’s Osita Iheme and Igwe Obi. He has also accommodated Prince of Swaziland as well as King Zwelithini’s daughter and South Africa’s trending gospel artists Benjamin Dube, Sechaba and Swazi Dlamini.

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32 thoughts on “Prophet Hara delivers a spectacular sermon in South Africa”

  1. pastor wa pa nyasa says:

    smoko boy & others speaking outrageous nonsense. U are the same people who were calling the prophet names; wa satanic, hule and many others in pubs, minibuses, homes, supermarkets, Ku stadium, churches etc. He walked away to another land where he could be honoured leaving you to continue with your bickering.

    The more you speak negative things about him the more anointing & riches/blessings God is pouring on him.

    Most Malawians lack strong faith just like some Nigerians-always castigating their men of God but believing in witchcraft. Remember touch not my anointed and do him no harm. We are losing a lot pastors and prophets because of this negative talk. The blessings of the Almighty are going with them. What have they left behind in Malawi? looting of govt cash, killings, albino hunting, police armed robbers, an imminent hunger and a combination of problems you know.

    If we don’t change our attitude towards our men of God and continue to refuse Jesus Christ we are in for it!!!!

    May God have mercy on this country.

  2. PH-Junior Wa-Hara says:

    Enchanter #1 and Major 1 zamunyasa akakolope nyanja olo ulimbane ndi Bushiri or Snr Prophet Hara zao zinayera aise naweso panga zako apo biii unakasauka mpaka kale kale kukavutikaso kumkavutikaso ku gehena ,

  3. gina says:

    Test the spirits.
    God talks to all people
    Look at spiritualism.I know a guy that is great..he s bang on be careful .who the goat in sheeps clothes..
    Only stand with someone who has been tested..amen guys no witchy poo’s etc.

  4. Vipeka says:

    Mabodza wokhawokha. They are after money. Very soon they start stealing cars. Busy ndi akazi kuno

  5. vin mongu says:

    so what is wrong with being an expatriate? Goodall said we need to plough them rands and benjamins to this country. good show bushiri and hara bring them benjamins here. asiyeni amalawiwa mpinganjira waauza zoona.

  6. aDeaconess says:

    I belive when u get born again you are annoited a holy priesthood, a peculiar person. But you get special annointing according to the calling you have in the body of Christ some teachers, some administrators, some pastors so on and so forth. but God’s word admonishes us in 2chr20vs20 that if u obey God’ s word u will be established and if u obey God’s prophets u shall be successful. that is the mere reason I obey God’s prophets coz its written.

  7. Smoko boy says:

    Why based in south africa instead of your home land malawi? Arent you the same people who tell us that God is every where? Come back home and help your brothers and sisters.

  8. That’s Good.Let God Receive Honour On What He Is Doing These Last Days.

  9. Phwaks says:

    Bolani tisakakuoneni ku gahena. Tikawapempha ambuye tikakusekeni koopsa. Surely eniakenu mukudziwa kuti choonadi muli nacho kutali. Tiyeni nazo

  10. captain says:

    Every prophet will go to south Africa , even witch doctors from Malawi are full in south Africa. That country’s are easily taken away by events. Amatengeka heavy. Anyway Malawians were not respecting Bushiri as wat is happening in south Africa

  11. makwinjaishmael says:

    Aaaaa,bwerani kumudzi mudzatithandize kupemphelera umbava waku ma high office!. Anthu akuphedwa chifukwa cha umbava umeneu.chonde bwelani.

  12. sven says:

    nonse mungokhamukila ku joloza kusata chopeleka cha mma ‘RAND’ popeza KWACHA ndiye inathadi mphamvu basi!! ayi chonchobe sewenzani theba mu zina la yesu anyamata bola kumayang’ana ku mmawa kuwopa kungazakucheleni mukutamba komweko!!

  13. desciple says:

    please post such powerful messages on u tube as some of us cannot access prophetic channel.

  14. kholowa mkabudula says:

    A Prophet Hara ndiye alibe ma Benzi ngati Salanje kapena Convoy ngati Bushiri sinanga ali kunja komko tiwadziwe nafe?

  15. Kenkkk says:

    His message was recognizing and submitting to the anointing of chosen men of God. Is this submitting to the message or to God or to him mr Hara?

    Most of these so called prophets are too materialistic and submission means accepting whatever they say, giving them all your money, property, taking advantage of the poor and women, the list goes on and on. The result is themselves becoming filthy rich. That is not Jesus Christ’s teaching and humility.

    I am Christian but I don’t believe in these false prophets masquerading as the anointed ones. Only Jesus is anointed. The rest of you are false just as the bible warns us. Self-enrichment is your motives. Wolves in sheep’s skin.

    Concentrate on what Jesus and the bible teach us, that means spending most of your time helping the poor and spreading the word of God honestly to all so that we are spiritually saved.

    All of you kuzadzana ku Rsa, why?

    God bless you all.

  16. Major 1 sizocheza. This is where God is manifesting His glory.

  17. jokujoku says:

    A malawi kuzolowela thangata system and thats why all the so called false profets are flocking to joni. Indeed as Bashiri earlier said that malawi could have been getting a lot of forest but now see who is reaping. Dyela 2much

  18. Bwanje says:

    Money speaks volumes. Men of God are deserting their impoverished country for greener pastures

  19. Kadole says:

    Nothing 2 comment….just reading your comments amicably & with keen interest.

  20. Mbanangwa says:

    All preachers will go to RSA, lucrative business. Personal glory versus God’s will. Some of these prophets are indeed sent by God decipher them by their fruits . Other prhets ar cone men . Decipher them by their fruits.

  21. mswachi says:

    “The anointing is not for everybody, it’s for
    somebody who holds a revelation.” Who is this guy, who holds the revelation? Jesus? Holy Spirit? Or Bushiri? Do I hear money speak? Clarify man of God!

  22. john says:

    Kodi where and how can we watch the prophetic channel is it on dstv or free to air channels?

  23. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    This man seems yo be a true man pf God malingaa ssatengeke ndi chopereka a khristu .A salanje taonani azanu kutchuka ndi uthenga osati kuzionesera ndi kachuma kanu apa facebook

  24. Pope the antichrist says:

    Koma Salanje, Bushiri komanso Hara yu ali ndi zilolezo zokhalira mudziko la South Africa?

  25. Munthuwamba says:

    Vuto lathu Amalawi kukonda kukokerana pansi. Too much nsanje ndi kaduka.

  26. lebo says:

    Hara’s sermon was so insipiring. Bushiri is truelly a man of God & as you pray for others please remember me in your prayers & prophecies.

  27. Mpumi 0717191848 says:

    It was a wonderful service#God bless you Man of God…your country is blessed!!! To Prophet Justice Hara

  28. Apurupuru says:

    Kodi kuno kumudzi anthu utumiki wanu sakuufuna?

  29. Precious says:

    May God bless you prophet Hara for the wonderful sermon.I enjoyed the whole service and I am not the same after the service.

  30. JB says:

    A Malawi ntchito kutukwana anzanu akutukuka mukhala choncho kikikiki

  31. clement says:

    Salanje ku John, Bushiri ku John, Hara ku John, etc. Osakhala ngati Joshua kutumikila kwao konko ku Nigeria. Dziko nkupindura ndi forex kwa anthu obwera

  32. Ghetto Salvation says:

    I have always admiremired this man of God… Great message. You rock Hara keep the fire burning.

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