Prophet Uebert Angel to visit Malawi: Brings package for street kids and charity activities

Multimillionaire leader and founder of Spirit Embassy Ministries Prophet Uebert Angel, who is internationally recognized for his fail proof prophecies and for pioneering the prophetic ministry in the larger part of Africa will visit Malawi for a crusade and charity activities on dates yet to be announced.

Prophet Angel coming to Malawi

Prophet Angel coming to Malawi

Information sourced by Nyasa Times indicates that the prolific British national, Zimbabwean born and now USA based prophet is coming to visit his spiritual son, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and together, they will jointly conduct the crusade, visit street kids and do a number of charitable events.

“I can indeed confirm the coming of Prophet Angel and preparations are under way for his historic visit to Malawi. When it’s all done, we will announce dates and communicate his program,” said Prophet Bushiri in a Skype video interview with Nyasa Times.

Prophet Angel is the founder of Spirit Embassy Ministries launched in 2007 in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. His involvement in social responsibility gained him prominence in Zimbabwe and across the world especially in UK. He has been involved in Charity works since the inception of his church in 2007.

Through his Adopt a Family Scheme, the less privileged families get houses built for them, monthly groceries in addition to getting their minors’ school fees paid.

In Zambia, Angel also built a house and donated thousands worth of goods including adopting a 74 year old widow together with her four children who were living in poverty.

Of late, the prolific prophet has been under media attacks championed by his claimed adversaries, with so many unfounded assertions levelled against him. His relocation to UK gave birth to a number of speculations which among others include the rumour that he was chased out of Zimbabwe following his denial to publicly oppose demonstrations which were organised by Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of Movement for Democratic Change, an allegation his church vehemently deny.

Other heated accusations include a rumour that he had impregnated a woman and sent her to German to conceal the deed while others said the prophet relocated to UK to get treatment for an alleged brain tumour disease.

The allegations were dispelled by his church members on the basis that their “Major Prophet” was a victim of jealous ‘men of God’ who are opposed to his level of wealth.

This has been the case since he established his church in Zimbabwe. He has been endlessly vilified since that time. The contention articles have been repeatedly published by Zimbabwe’s online websites.

However close ally of Prophet Angel who is also part of the organizing team told Nyasa Times that people will always talk about men of God and every allegation levelled against Angel does not bother him because he believes he has peace with He who called him, and that’s God.

“If a person chooses not to believe in the simple fact that Prophet Angel is called by God and he pioneered the prophetic ministry in many areas and almost every man out there with the prophetic gift claims a link to him then I submit he has nothing to prove because he works for God not mankind.

“His relationship with people is to teach the word of God and tell them His views. It’s just hilarious that out of all the countries he has been to, including UK and USA, its only Zimbabwe that has tried its best to nail him to the wall of humiliation using the devil’s propaganda tool which is some part of the media and suprisingly his most fights come from the so called church” he said.

“Prophet Angel is a prophet of God, responsible to reach out to the world, but happens to originate from Zimbabwe and the bible explains in a clear form that a prophet is of no honour in his home country. He constantly reveals that he prays for his nation, for Africa and for the whole world. AFRICA has to learn to celebrate its heroes.

“ For the accusations on him I just laugh and pray to God that one day, people will be redeemed from the lies and propaganda of Lucifer. I can tell you he can’t wait to come to Malawi to see his spiritual son Shepherd, to minister the word of God with him and reach out to the poor people, street kids in particular,” he concluded.

Prophet Angel is an ostentatious British national whose name is now synonymous with miracle signs and wonders. He is credited for starting the miracle money, weight loss, ridiculous instant miracle phenomenon that have taken the world by storm among other mighty works.

His accurate international prophecies have made him a friend of billionaires, millionaires and presidents due to his uncanny ability to predict national events by time and date even years before they happen.

He is also known for preaching the gospel of prosperity as well as prophesying and he has also been featured in Forbes magazine as one of the richest young men in Africa.

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Peter Mbewe
It never ceases to amaze me how we as Malawians allow us to be misled by this kind of absolute bulshit???? How on earth can we call ourselves a civilised nation if we allow the likes of Bulshit Bushiri, Chinda-Chinda Angel and The Biggest Joke of them all TB Joshua make absolute arseholes out of us in believing the bulshit they talk, the bulshit they perform and in general performing for a clowns of idiots like us. For God sake Malawians, wake up and see these wankers for they are = BULSHITTERS of the first order. Do not pin your… Read more »
Says the truth to shame Devil
Says the truth to shame Devil


Peter Mathanyula Wakuba

He’s obviously another fake prophet BUT if he’s involved in social responsibility like the article claims then I don’t have issues with him. So what if he made some chick pregnant. Kuchinda ndi kuchinda basi. Even prophet amakhala ndi nyere.

chatry man
Just to comment about the man of God. Don’t get me wrong. I am a christian and a strong believer. Well I dont know where to start cos I have heard alot about this man of God. I have ppl who have been to his ministry to fellowship in the UK.Each prayer has a special fee to pay etc etc. They move from one place to another Once ppl open their eyes and know their system they ran away and open another church in a diferent city where ppl don’t know them. They keep doing this on and on even… Read more »
Kindom ya Atumbuka

I wish I attend his services bt my poverty is a hindrance, lets hope he take his messages across all the three regions of the country. Organisers make sure you dont design only to carter for the rich people, u dont set charges. Target the underprivilaged, oppressed by politicians. Otherwise we shall know that you guys are from satan. I have seen this prophet on screen make people sleep by the power of holy spirit, and many more.

Do not be carried away, man can confess being a Christian but not such in heart. We will be happy if what has been written here is true. The writer simply says he the Prophet is famous for his accurate miracles, healings, deliverances. Please give examples so that those of us who dont know him should be convinced because I have never heard anything particular about this man just as I have never been convinced by his so called son Bushiri. And these people run away from their impoverished homes, why? Bushiri lives in South Africa and him lives in… Read more »

welcome man of God!

Major son

Great news to people who love God that’s ma grand papa

Last Days

We are a conscious pipo spiritually and we aware the Bible warns of false prophets in the last days but God always supports his messengers with clear evidence and works and deeds, we will see for ourselves. and the Spirit of the LORD will tell us


I cant wait for his coming. I will surely attend this crusade!!!.My story will have to change

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