Prosecute pastors in ‘HIV healing’ claims- MIAA

Faith leaders who tell people with HIV to stop taking their life-saving drugs  should face prosecution, Malawi Interfaith Aids Association (MIAA) has suggested.

NAC Acting Director of Programs Dr Andrina Mwansambo and MIA Executive Director Robert Ngaiyaye briefs members of Press in Lilongwe-pic by Lisa Vintulla

NAC Acting Director of Programs Dr Andrina Mwansambo and MIA Executive Director Robert Ngaiyaye briefs members of Press in Lilongwe-pic by Lisa Vintulla

MIAA has since appealed to the Malawi Law Society (MLS), Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) and the entire Civil Society Organizations community to provide the grouping with guidance on how the law can take its course on religious leaders who forces HIV/Aids patients to stop taking antiretroviral medication.

There reports that many people with HIV have died after they stopped taking antiretroviral drugs on the advice of their Christian pastors.

“Let me appeal to Malawi Law Society, Human Rights Commission to provide MIAA with guidance on how the law can take its course” said MIAA Executive Director Robert Ngaiyaye  said  in Lilongwe.

Ngaiyaye  called on the government to do more to prevent faith leaders encouraging people with HIV to stop taking their drugs, saying this is a violation of their rights to health and life.

“It is not right to allow certain section of people to deprieve others of their rights to life and good health because of their conditions at the pretense of praying for them. The right to health and life here is being violated,” added Ngaiyaye.

Ngaiyaye emphasized that it is high time his association get proper advice on the way forward on how to address the problem because the situation has gone out of hand.

He therefore called upon human rights activists and their organizations and the general public in general to support MIAA’s course to ensure People living with HIV have the right to life.

For so long, many people have been told by religious leaders to stop taking the life prolonged drug for HIV!Aids patients after being prayed for.

Recently, a local newspaper reported that in Nkhatabay five people died after a religious leader asked the to abandon ARV’s after he prayed for them.

“This is a very disturbing development and would like to appeal to religious leaders to stop this practice as it has no theological nor the holy scriptures backing,”said Ngaiyaye.

While calling upon the media to write more on the dangers of abandoning ARV’s MIAA Executive Director has also requested people living with HIV/Aids themselves to be proactive by stopping listening to religious leaders who request them to stop taking ARVs.

Through MIAA, religious leaders agreed in 2008 that ARVs and prayers should go together.

Recent statistics indicates that thousands of people living with HIV/Aids have defaulted taking ARVs with Chikwawa being the highest district followed by Mangochi, Mchinji, Ntcheu, Karonga among others.

Ministry of Health spokesman said prayer is not a substitute for HIV treatment, advising that faith organisations can make a positive contribution to raising awareness of HIV by highlighting the benefits of testing and effective antiretroviral treatment.


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14 thoughts on “Prosecute pastors in ‘HIV healing’ claims- MIAA”

  1. MIAA get lost!!! says:

    MIAA is a speaker of devil,devil wants all malawians on ARV,you catch more money when people taking these useless drugs,mind you,GOD can close your mounth,do you say GOD is failing to heal AIDS? am one of those who healed from HIV/AIDS through faith

  2. mweSA says:

    You Ti retract your words ..God is not a man to be insulted. You can insult anyone but not God. The voice and breath you are using is from God. Know God is loving but ask for forgiveness. Never never insult God again.

  3. mweSA says:

    This is the voice of the devil ! MIAA do you have any faith in you. Serious you don’t deserve to talk on faith fir sure .. just close if you want to fight God. Bob I don’t want to make you a prayer point. Repent before its too late.

  4. Tt says:

    Guys, your guys are absolute morons, they cant do anything. God has never never never healed an amputee, despite his claim of being very powerful! He is a joke, an idiot with ego! He brags but does nothing, he is useless!!!

  5. sekulu says:

    The Malawi Law Society,

    The MIA is a bunch of scientists (the Pharisees, Scribes, Sadduccees) who in John 9 told that boy never to say the Lord Jesus has healed him. The same the did in John 11: 43- after the raising of Lazarus.

    For twelve years science and them good doctors failed that woman with the blood issue but the very minute she touched the lord Jesus both physically and spiritually she was made well. I am the Lord that heals all your sicknesses (Psalms 103:1-5) and by His stripes we were healed (Isaiah 53:5).

    If La, Fansidar, Quinine heals Malaria, why do people die of malaria in our beautiful hospitals. There is no proven record that doctors has brought a dead person back to life but we have a myriad of doctors certifying that indeed so and so died and to be brought back to life in Jesus name ( The Widow of Zarephat son (I Kings 17:17-), Lazarus, the Finland boy hit into pieces by a car.

    How many miracles should be done before you believe, ‘He is the same yesterday, Today and Forever’, Heb 13:8

    MLS do not be led astray by the blind, Amen

  6. Chakhalira says:

    Koma I seriously doubt the faith this MIAA group is advocating. Is it faith in God or in ARVS?
    Enafe we have Full testimonies that God through His word heals ALL diseases. I am afraid that the arguement MIAA is advocating in condemning Pastors and Prophets in a blanket manner has serious potential to discredit the works of God. This should be stopped. Do NOT use your organization to suppress Gods’ work MIAA.
    God Heals All Diseases!

  7. munthu says:

    plz ARVs does not heal some one with AIDS,..its only a life prolonging drug, so by encouraging to adhere to the drug does nt mean that they will not die of the disease..,nooooo. they will die but not very soon. while stoping ARVs will make things worse. yes pple hv rights whether to take drugs or not but no one shud misread pple on this by telling pple things which even them selves do not believe.
    despite that we go to church to pray, we have our belief no one shud make pple to believe what they believe….NOOOOO

  8. Chakhalira says:

    Do not confuse Theology and healing in the Bible. I have worked with Theologians for so many years and many of them never belive in Biblical Healing. The Only standard I know is: Believe in God The Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit and have Faith in what His Word says and Act on what the word says. Basi tele!

  9. Dya Mani says:

    The comments from these diehard zealots are nothing but laughable


  11. Born again wapamwala says:

    I believe in miracles and I have seen people being healed, why dont you take them and conduct your HIV test again, if your god is dagon, mine is the Almighty, miracle worker, He healed the sick and he is healing today.

    Just surprised that an interfaith institution has no faith in God that he can heal HIV aids. Go and read the bible. These things shall follow them that follow Christ. Now I doubt if you are following Christ or magog.

  12. dalitso says:

    Many people in these days who call themselves pastors, prophets, Teachers, Apostles have no little knowledge of theology. They believe that being spiritual does not need theology. If that was the case, Paul and all first disciples of Jesus would not have spent 3 years learning the word of God. What we have today is a group of people who call themselves men of God communicating what God has not said. There is need to regulate and set standards for all churches in Malawi for sanity to be restored. There are many who are taking advantage of the vulnerable people and as a matter of fact, it is sin before God.There is no harm to encourage people to take their medicine and unlike mislead people and be responsible for their blood on the day of judgment. Never just argue with experts,learn to analyze and be a critical thinker.

  13. The Partriot says:

    MIA and Mr Robert Ngaiyaye should know this:
    1. Every patient has the right to refuse, discontinue treatment at anytime regardless of who or what has motivateed the discontinuation.
    2. In a court of law, its very difficult to prosecute someone based on hearsay: if someone says so and so told me to stop ARVs , thats not enough to prosecute someoneunless there are witnesses.
    3. Issues to do with faith are very hard to legislate, because we have liberty on how we pray, who we pray to etc. For example “the Apostolic mission” members do not go to hospitals, they just pray, do we need a law or the Law society to force them to go to the hospital? The Jehobas witness , they dont receive blood even if a member is exsanguinating to death, they refuse to get blood, are you suggesting that a law should be put in place to force them to get blood by force?
    My unlearned advice is Mr Ngaiyaye and company shouod concentrate on civic education on the merits and demerits of stopping ARVs rather than wasting time to prosecute Pastors who believe that their clients have been healed, issues of faith are complicated!

  14. Henga says:

    I think you people are insane, you want to say that God can not heal HIV but ARV can. that’s nonsense, if four people have died due to their lack of faith, it doesn’t mean there are no people who have been healed. We have many examples of people who have been healed by prayers.

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