Rebels kill Malawi soldier in DRC 

A 50 year old Malawian soldier under the United Nations peace keeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been killed in a rebel ambush.

Soldier was fatally shot

Soldier was fatally shot

Soldier was fatally shot

Soldier was fatally shot

The Malawi Defence Force identified the soldier as Dyson Mayao from Ntata village in chief Mabuka’s area in Mulanje.

The Malawi Defence Force says Mayao worked as a motorman in Erengeti when the rebels ambushed the UN peace keepers.

According to a report on BBC, Mayao was the only peace keeper killed in the ambush that also killed 29 other lives that include a nurse and villagers.

The rebels are said to be operating from Erengeti forest.

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61 thoughts on “Rebels kill Malawi soldier in DRC ”

  1. Samuel Kapangana says:


  2. CK says:


  3. mariana says:

    I am glad that people are making such comments. Mbuzi zina zakhala zikunena kuti palibe chimene MDF ikuchita. Let me school those goats that much of the forex this country is using is from the peace keeping mission. Stop talking nonsense when you are ignorant about issues.

  4. Nachisale says:

    Wish u had information about what a united mission is about…you brut! U were born in a peaceful country so u r blind…u dont know how women and children suffer in war countries…if its not for the heroes like mayao..hell wud open..assume the pipo am talking about were ur brother, sisters, aunts etc….u being forced to rape and kill ur mother..u r so stupid, coward, myopic, dunderhead, chickenshit…dull person

  5. Munthuwamba says:

    That is well articulated Mr Winston Msowoya. However, one point of correction; Mr. Kabila does travel the length and breadth of the country from time to time. And his convoy for your information is quite a sight trust me. He cannot be everywhere of course because the country is so vast. Think of the whole of Western Europe put together; that is how big the country is. And the road infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired. So sometimes when you hear people in Malawi lambasting the government for not doing enough on roads, it is unbelievable. They need to see countries like Congo to see that we are much better off in terms of roads and schools.

    And could some of you for once stop calling our men in uniform as uneducated. It is amazing to see the English written by those of you who make such assertions in the comment segment. Take time to do your research properly. You will discover that currently, the MDF is one of the institutions with the highest concentration of graduates in Malawi at the moment. Talk of civil, electrical and mechanical engineers, doctors, nutritionists, epidemiologists, Bio Medics, lawyers, architects, Quantity surveyors, teachers, journalists, Information technologists etc you will find them there. Sometimes it is better to keep quiet on things you do not know properly lest you expose your intellectual bankruptcy.

  6. Kaya Kwathu says:

    I should congratulate the MDF for their professionalism. You are our country’s pride. I also salute the professionalism in how the information of Mayao’s death has been shared with the public. MDF recognizes the public has the right to know how their own died in the line of duty. That is a huge departure from the tendency by other government functions which thrive on keeping information from ordinary citizens in the name of ‘national security’ or ‘too technical for the general public to handle’.

    In response to the conduct of MDF, I would like to propose that the day Mayao’s body gets to Malawi, he should be given a Hero’s welcome. As a sign of respect to this true Malawian hero, I propose a simple act for road users to leave the road and let the vehicle carrying Mayao’s remains to pass. Those willing can stand by the road and clap hands as Mayao’s body drives by. This should be a VOLUNTEER act of respect.

    If you think this is not outrageous, help me run the campaign for Hero Mayao on Facebook, Twitter, newspapers, and whatever space you can use.


    Let us do it!

  7. Emmanuel jombo says:

    You did your best,may the gud lord embrance his soul.

  8. newton chione says:

    you loved your country, may your soul rest in peace

  9. His excellence the President Jokosi Zidyobwi says:

    It is a high time for all Afrika to unite and kill these rebels including Boko Haram etc.

  10. Benevolent Bennie Kajawa says:

    may God Be with the Family.

  11. Cash Gate says:

    so sad, RIP

  12. California King says:

    Rest In Peace

  13. AKIJA says:


  14. Bull says:


  15. Rip but whats are real benefitz just mentainance of peace or also economic well being of the soldiers! Hoa much does mlw govt get frm uno in terms of compansation etc… Its not about political crooks defsnding fellow crook in Drc, is it be trNsparent or we find out frm Ngos!

  16. Ndaulafika Mkwate says:

    Kamuna, you are very very stupid….moti ukuwona ngati sudzafa chifukwa chakukhwimako? Ambuye akukhululukire chifukwa sukudziwa chimene ukunena. Whether kukhwima or not, lako likadzakwana udzafa ndithu basi….UPUSA!

    May the fallen soldier’s soul rest in peace.

  17. BANDASLIKA says:

    So why are we sending our soldiers to die in DRC; Are some politicians benefiting financially fro the DRC war? Why is our parliament silent on this serious matter and instead making useless noise in the August House?

  18. Tamanda Banda says:


  19. where can i apply to be a cashgater? says:

    ok, koma musiye kumatimenya ife ma civillian, sizabwino.

  20. Beje says:

    So sad indeed dying for another country.Can we stand up and shout days of slavery are over? its pathetic losing a life to a war that will never end and losing it not to your in peace soldier

  21. Kingsley says:

    I don’t think we need new Mandela,Kwameh Nkryma, Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Lumumba, to liberate Africa. African Governments!How long will you realize that the Wars we are fighting are not our wars. DRC is said to be one of the poorest nation in Africa yet they have resources-minerals to be the richest.

    RIP our soldier, you have died fighting a war a war not worthy fighting.

  22. Mac Millan Matewere - Ekwendeni Mzuzu. says:

    May his Soul Rest In Peace.

  23. The Patriot says:

    RIP our hero, died while followoing orders. He went there because the govt sent him there and he died perfoming his duties. He is a hero and the govt should commit to take care of his widow and kids(assuming he was married). Blessed are the peace makers for they shall inherit the kingdom of God.

  24. mphatso says:

    but no one comes to help us when we are suffering from hunger and lack of forex.these mafia are so evil they are the one perpetrating these wars for monetary gains

  25. Gulukunyinda says:

    RIP British but 14 rebels killed and 1 rebel captured on the spot.

  26. Happy Eduardo says:

    Winston, you are a darling. Many thanks for the master piece.

  27. Eye Witness says:

    Mathanyula please recall our Soldiers. Yes they benefit by pocketing those allowances at international rate but losing life is a much waste of our human resources. And you mathanyula benefit from the forex paid by UN but you are using it wrongly not befiting the wrath of Rebels killing our innocent Soldiers. Nawonso asilikaliwo akabwera ndalamazo akungonyengera kutenga HIV and AIDS Ena omwe alinayo kale akungofalitsa.Ndalamazo ndizamagazi sizikupindula, Ena akugula magalimoto oti sang the kupanga maintain ndi timasalale tawo tochepato. Barely one year ndalama zatha zoti anapita Ku DRC kungotsala History kuyambapo kupempha ma Civilian ya mogo. These uneducated people must never go to DRC again…its torture. RIP anyway.

  28. Vwapuvwapu says:

    We are worried, our Government is myopic kkkkkk. RIP

  29. giftadam says:

    Ndizachisoni kuti tataya mr mayao dziko lataya mnsilikali olimbikirala ntchito ause mumtendere mulungu odziwa kutonthodza ankhudze banja lao lamalemua.

  30. burning says:


  31. mulibwanji says:

    America and Britain are behind this unending war. God will punish these two satanic countries. Now they want to provoke Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
    We know everything. They want to bring unending conflicts like what they do in Tunisia and Egypt.

  32. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    RIP brother,however it tells me that Malawian soildiers are among the best because now we equate it to Israel just imagine for how many years now but its today we hear to have lost one.Malawi is like Israel and I hope our sister who lost her beloved one will be well comforted and all what is supposed to be given to the family will be done accordingly.I curse in advance anyone who will eat any coin meant for this widow and family.

  33. kamfwiyo trig.point says:

    so sad for the loss of such a brave and courageous. soldier,!!!!!!! RIP morterman

  34. I mean banda says:

    a 50 year old man can not be employed and be worked as a soldier. FACT. being a soldier required the agility and fitness of a proffessional athlete .ie the activite age of a proffessional player..18-35 thats the reasonable limit..after that age he should be an officer who makes decisions on tachtical issues and admin of a number of soldier’s without being given a chance to volunteer to go overseas and operate mortar just because there is allowance.quick tachtical advancement and withdraw into battle is a must the has very high fitness standards.let the fit young fighting age males deploy to those infantry roles regardless of money. ..experienced order officers can work from chilinde offices . However he is our heroe hes died represrnting malawi..I.e u and its commitment to helping peace to other innocent people .thiis is how it works. .if u peace keeping in other country it means u signed the charter which means u will be hrlped by peace keepers if your country was gonna loose its peace..I.e your wife and kids wont be raped ..your parents wont be beheaded ss their will be congo troops kerping peach in your just in case somebody thought its noyhing to fo with us..congo

  35. Monile says:

    Winston Nsowoya, I fully agree with you. I salute you for your analysis. I wish there are more Africans like you wherever you are.

  36. Winston msowoya says:

    It is indeed sad to have lost one of our soldiers in the Congo’s unending civil conflict started by the Western Nations and the U.S. to covertly smuggle the country’s immense strategic resources such as Gold,Diamond,Uranium,Coltan the list goes on.The fact of the matter is that,there is no government in the Congo that the United Nations is defending, apart from Kabila’s foreign controlled domain.Kabila himself does not know what is going on in his own country,since he has been put into power by foreign powers,he has never been outside of his fortress in Kinshasa visiting his people around the gigantic Congo.The sad part of it is that the United Nation’s peace keeping forces dominated by India and Pakistan,are busy looting Congo’s Gold and diamond in exchange with guns and other weapons with the same rebels they are fighting against.So in short,it is not worthy loosing your life for the war that will never end,it is a commercial war enriching Kabila and his dupes on one side and,international well placed smugglers in Europe and the U.S. While the overwhelming majority of the Congolese are thrown to the vultures.It is indeed,a sad and shameful episode to the whole of Africa and the African people.Wherever the spirits of Nkhrumah,Nyerere,Lumumba and Mandela are,must be cursing us for our naked betrayal of Pan- Africanism for which they dedicated their whole lives.CRY BELOVED AFRICA !!!!!.

  37. Munthu Wabwino says:

    What is Malawi benefiting from participating in these wars? No govt has ever come up in the open to tell Malawians the benefits of sending our soldiers to these ever war-torn countries.

  38. Kamuna says:

    Asilikali bwanj kukhala ngat ana muzikhwimaka ife tinakhwimatu anzanu , chipolopolo sichilowa. Bweran muzakhwime

  39. Gift Nkhoma says:


  40. Oliver Twist says:

    Mbuyache Mayao, RIP. And to the bereaved family, may God Almighty comfort you in this time of sorrow. It’s very painful indeed to lose a loved one. One day AFRICA SHALL BE FREE!

  41. mr nyasa says:

    God is control bola okuba ndalamawa asiye akaona izi coz mizimu yama soldier imakwiya nawo okuba ndalama zaku mission, tsiku lina azamva zowawa coz ndalama zamagazi, ndalama za munthu kupangira run boma plus kulemelerapo ok, wait for judgement soon!

  42. LT says:


  43. vendort says:

    RIP our soldier. We regret

  44. lelo sindinadye chifukwa ndilibe ndalama ili yonse. zonse anaba anthu a cashgate says:


  45. mzake wa soba says:

    Was that peace keeping? They provoked the situation coz they were supposed to be neutral. MRIP

  46. Osauka onjoya says:


  47. wachamba says:

    rest in peace.d

  48. gulugunya says:

    RIP Dyso Mayao. For Chidantere thank you for briefing us what is happening in DRC under our soldiers. You are doing remendable job.

  49. patricia kaliyati says:

    Nkhondo mukufuna pomenya ma civilians ku malawi kuno ndi imeneyi.

  50. Lucky Shawa says:

    So sad

  51. Gadabwali says:

    Munthu was ambushed and u say he has died a hero. Sikusowa matactics kumeneku? Anyway, he has met hs match, amatamika amenewa ndi kumenya ma civilian ku mabwalo a mpira! Tiye nawoni, muwachite kanthu kumeneko, mwina tingadzapeze mtendere ku mpira.

  52. pido says:

    Sorry, it will happen to every one sometime

  53. matombodya says:

    Mayao u soul rest in peace indeed. Sad for the family

  54. Zagwazatha says:

    vuto lotengana alomwe nokha nokha kumapita kunkhondo

  55. mtumbuka1 says:

    That’s what happens when you fight for things you don’t know while you have peter mutharika and his thieving government to chase out of power and yet you decide to die for Congolese people. You see, terrorism is an issue today just because people especially Americans love to go into other people’s countries and fight for things they don’t know and are not even part of….guess what happens to them? they get butchered like chickens. If I was the president I would make it a point that nobody dies for any other country in the world before he dies for Malawi first. These guys are screwed up enough to pick up arms and fight for things they don’t know while the politicians who send them will be enjoying their coffee. Good example, If foreigners go to Zimbabwe during election time to monitor the voting process Mugabe tells them to back off cos Zimbabwe is a sovereign state but when rebels wants to kick his ass he calls the foreign soldiers to help him fight the rebels! Politicians are hypocrites they use you as a human shield. Rest in peace anyway but the bottom line remains that you died for all the wrong reasons.

  56. Amfumu says:

    Very bad rest internal peace baba

  57. Chidantere says:

    RIP u have died a hero in battle. We are proud of you, MDF soldiers. Your reputation and fighting spirit is all over the African continent. Rebels took control of a camp belonging to DRC soldiers and MDF fought back and regained control of the camp and handed it back to DRC soldiers. In anger, the rebels went and regrouped and ambushed our MDF soldiers fatally injuring two and pitifully, one is gone.

    1. Gas Machine Head says:

      Chidantere you are telling us that the rebels “fatally” injured two” and one is gone? How could that happen? If two were “fatally” injured it should mean then they also died. How could you be “fatally” injured and still be alive?

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