Referendum for same-sex affairs in Malawi – Mutharika

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has said the country will go to a national vote for ‘yes or no’ in a referendum to decide whether same-sex relations should be legal and the issue of legalising abortion.

President Mutharika: May call for national  vote

President Mutharika: May call for national vote

Calls for legalising same-sex marriage have received resistance in conservative southern African nation.

But speaking in a special programme on tax-funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) television, President Mutharika hinted that his government will resort to call for a referendum for the citizens to give their vote.

Many religious leaders are against same-sex liaisons as they regard marriage as being exclusively between a man and a woman.

But minority rights activists call for faith community to take a “reality check” and not move into denial of the realities as there is social revolution worldwide.

Renowned gay rights campaigner,  Gift Trapence said its high time Malawians remove all prejudice, discrimination and hate crime on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and inter-sex (LGBTI) people.

Trapence noted cases of homophobia in Malawi, saying  gays are being “harassed, threatened and even physically assaulted simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Further, he argued that there is “good evidence that the HIV epidemic hits harder where anti-gay laws and prejudice exist. Voices of reason and goodwill must speak out against this hatred and irrationality.”

Same-sex marriage is now legal in 20 countries worldwide

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154 thoughts on “Referendum for same-sex affairs in Malawi – Mutharika”

  1. aunt says:

    Malawi has remained poor all these years despite aid from the West. What that means is that we should stop looking to the West for our prosperity but to God to bless our nation so we can govern ourselves. What is happening today is that the West us imposing homosexuality on us and blackmail ing our leadership to embrace sin in the guise of democratic rights. As a nation we are saying no to he’ll with sin and abominable acts in our land. We are better off poor than become a puppet the rich west who are morally poor and doomed for hell. Malawi should break any covenant that made it a member of some nations United in sin. Our leaders should set aside a day of repentance and intercession for our activists who are busy playing the devils agent knowing it is sin. Instead of making us proud that our sons are more learned than us they are busy cutting holes in our society with nonsensical issues. Why not mobilize people to match for prisoners who are drummed in a small space like sardines? I am believing that in much learning there’s insanity.

  2. Mulopwana says:

    Ambwiye u think we dont know u r proLGBIT, and u r a coward to accept so u call for a referendum wt ur cheap baby tricks so u can rig the referendum as u have always done before and say malawi vote for gay. Shupiti… Sungachenjere mpaka kalekale doom will come upon you

  3. Winston msowoya says:

    It is unbelievable at this trying time for the President to take his precious time to engage himself in ungodly matters instead of posing for a minute and ponder about millions of our people who are living under most dreadful economic situation under his watch. I strongly oppose the way octogenarian Corrupt tyrant Robert Mugabe is treating his fellow countrymen,but when it comes to sodomy and same sex- marriage,I vehemently stand on his side of the equation.Recent international economic index,put Malawi’s economy as atrocious,this means the country’s economy is tittering to a complete collapse.A good instance is the county’s currency KWACHA which has of recent,dipped down astronomically.Again,this goes down to the question of LEADERSHISP. 51years of independence,unfortunately,leaders have come from two provinces where the bright of the brightest come from and yet,the country has lost its dignity and reputation.What prevails is condemnation of the Northerners who have been completely shutout because of from where they come from,and yet,they are Malawians and Africans just like those from Cholo ( not Thyolo) ,Mangochi,Balaka,Kasungu just to mention a few.It is therefore,a vivid conclusion that as long as other societies are not welcome or recognized as citizens of this country and that their brains are sidelined,the people of Malawi are bound to loose finest and brightest brains of our nation and Africa.Without no doubt,Malawi has embraced a ferocious system of AFRICAN APARTHEID.

  4. MCHEMO says:



  5. MCHEMO says:



  6. Winston msowoya says:

    This proves that Peter Muthalika is a non- stater like his brother Thom Muthalika.Both of these two brothers,are just political excursionists (TRAVELLERS). At this crucial moment,our people are embroiled in economic disaster,Peter Muthalika could allow himself time

  7. wadabwa mt says:

    Don’t be fooled by these so called human rights activist, who are in fact heterosexuals but funded by foreign organizations. We cant hear from them because all what they are saying are the interests of their donors and not majority of Malawians. Malawian journalists, please learn to gather data from voiceless people. These human rights activist ,as they claim, have no any other answer other than YES because if they say NO that will be their end. I mean they shall be fired. Its so stupid to conduct referendum on obvious things that you Know the answer is No. If you keep on saying, ” we should have it!!” I as one the concerned intellectuals turn to wonder what is the mission behind this. Why wasting time and resources on vague issues.

  8. eneah kaunda says:

    musatiwonongere ndalama zathu ndi zopusazo

  9. zackie says:


  10. demol ky says:

    fuck u peter and ur entire family 4 ur fucking refrendum zobweretsa zi ma illuminant zanuzo ayi konko dzikolantu lino ayi mulungu adzakulanga koopsa dan ur malemu brother

  11. benjamin h. good says:

    Palibe avomereze

  12. stephen says:


  13. ck says:

    peter ndiwe mfana osasamba………ngat umadya mabhuthi anzako ife zisatikhuze

  14. Stanley says:

    Just hire me and give me more weapons so that I can ambush these dogs don’t waste time and money for dis shit

  15. myao says:

    Anzeru ndinu achitsiru.
    PM. For evry vote opposing sides campaign including authorities, let us know which side r u.

  16. Waku Guatemala Wachita Resign, Kodi APM atula pansi liti says:

    This man you call APM is not serious. Zoona nkhani imeneyi ingakhale priority pa mavuto onse omwetili nawo mdziko lathu?

    Let’s force him out guys.


    Yes,there are serious development issues this toothless Bwampini could be pursuing.My fellow Lhomwes I warned that you against voting this guy.He is stupid and clueless he thinks he can unlock doner taps of financial aid by coming with this stupid proposal.I also told you stupid Malawians that this guy is a gay and was forced to marry Gertrude to hide his true identity.What we should do is to vote a yes vote to his suggestion.The Referendum conceipt is a mere Smock Screen to enable him marry Dr Ben Phiri his long time girlfriend .I cry for my beloved country.We should have strong leaders like Uhuru Kenyatta who stood up to homosexual lobby by saying strong No! Koma izi ndiye useless.

  18. Lloyd says:

    Hi Malawians!

    My name is Lloyd from Australia. I am 31, studying journalism and have always, always wanted to come to Africa. As an out gay man for over ten years, and also a keen supporter of looking after other humans, I just want to plead that you will do the right thing and support LGBT people . I know religion is a big factor in your country but I ask you just to be kind to one another. there are so many other awful things happening to gay people across the globe and I would just be so happy to see that your country would change for the better for gay rights. We’re just people. If I had the money, I would love to come there and help out with whatever I could. I think too deeply about things. And life is too short to hate. I wish you all the best. Lloyd.

  19. Grant Joseph says:

    Stop to talk about that stupidty and think of new ways of running dis country of ours mother malawi we are proud of it

  20. Only ignorance if you believe the white colonial master missionaries..they are the ones who talk about Satan. All born through nature are intended through nature to be the way they are born. There is proof that people are born with different forms of sexuality and attraction. Why believe those colonialists who just wanted to steal Africa

  21. Anti Gay says:

    it is clear that the gay and lesbians population in Malawi is very minor. The referendum will go against them.

    why don’t our government put the money into other good use ?

  22. yemweuja says:

    Bwampini ulibe umunthu ngati wa nkulu wako Bingu. Malawi is a God fearing nation bwanji ukubweretsa chisokonezo. Iwe nchifukwa chani unakwatir Getrude malo mwa mathanyula nzako. I remember now ndi chifukwa chake Bingu anakumenya mbama ukumuuza zoti apange legalize same sex marriage. Mbuzi ya president dziko lonse la pansi. Kaya u professor yu anakulembelani mayeso inu nkukangopanga graduation.

  23. Poor Richman says:

    Mr. President, did you realize that what you are saying is reflection a failure on your part as a leader to be decisive on maters of your country? You don’t call for a referendum when actually the outcome is obvious. Don’t divert attention away from issues that are biting Malawians now-forex shortage, hunger, security laps, dwindling education standards, shortage of medicine, and soon fuel scarcity.

    Be a leader and not a follower, Mr. President, just like Kenyatta, Kagame, Museveni and Mugabe

  24. botomani says:

    Zakuthako basi ! Mxiiii.

  25. Katong'ongo says:

    We will make sure this referendum becomes a flop. Mupange kumwera, kuno kumpoto tikufuna federal. Mbwenu!!! Why referendum now? Real issues which matter need referendum.

  26. Clement masakasa says:

    Mmalo mokambirana zotukula dziko lathuli mukuti tivote zopusazi.Kodi kulibe zochita zanzeru.Plz stop this,cos majority will say “NO”.koma mudzasandutsa “no” kukhala “Yes”.Aaaa Yehova atithandize.Ine zababulozi ayi.

  27. James Phiri says:

    Za ziiiiii

  28. Malawi says:

    There are more important and development critical isdues that deserve referendum than this relatively less important and low impact isdue. Please dont waste our taxes on this..just give them the sought space and use the money on referendum for more important things like recall provision, section 65, etc

  29. Matic says:

    za mathanyula ayi..that is total waste of money…anthu ngati Gift Trapence kuwapeza kufunika kuwagenda ndi miyala, no room for them in Malawi. Nyasi ayi!!!!

  30. dennis buju says:

    gift trapence tikuzimisa ok dnt bring america style here hu r u mbuz

  31. CHILOBWE says:

    Gay is satanism, Malawi will never say yes to this nonsense, Uhulu Kenyatta President of Kenya told Obama on the face that people people of Kenya have more pressing issues to deal with rather than wasting time discussing gay issues, Mugabe once said gays are worse than pigs.

  32. mmalawi wenwen says:

    péter nd mbuz mbuz eishhhh

  33. Nde says:

    tikukuonanitu! kumamuopaso okupatsani matama oti kukhale referendum yo. nthawi yo gulitsa bank no referendum koma za usiruzi nde referendum work up Malawians

  34. fyoshibubu says:

    Mr Plesident! you know the truth and laws of malawi but you are failing to tell, why because of money so you want to compete with GOD! i remember our Malemu Bingu said how can we agree home? does it mean nkhukhu ziri ndi nzeru kuposa munthu? kapena agalu ali ndi nzeru kuposa munthu? Mr President fear God first then you will find the ans. Aliyense ovomereza homo azafa infa yo wawa

  35. Webster Munthalika says:

    Paja awa ndi a DPP ADZABELA MAVOTI more over Peter is Gay the referendum will favor gays do no let this to happen

  36. kate says:

    Waste of resources but May be Referendum ichitike kuti chilungamo chiwoneke chifukwa DPP inabela ma voti. Tikulamulidwa ndi Mbava.

  37. ibrahim makwati says:

    MR president u know better malawians nobady can say yes for sexguy so tell as abaut ur self wich side u are YES or NO

  38. Truck says:

    Mmalo molimbana ndi kukonza Economy mukulimbana ndi za Zii! Kiki!

  39. anzeru says:

    Abale let us comment with sober minds. Amalawi mwatani kodi?? Mwangobwera mzimu wongotukwanana, kunyozana etc. Koma mumapemphera inu?? Umunthu wanu ukumakuchokerani chonchi bwanji?? If this is what democracy is all about then I think one party system was good for Malawi. Yes, with this democracy it seems we have also invited International demons. No wander there is this pressing issue of legalizing abortion, homosexuality. Zonsezi ndi zakumidima za uhule, zotumikira ziwanda. Ndiye ife basi tagundika kumangotukwanana mmalo mopempherera dziko lathuli kuti chikhochii chitipitirire. Mkutheka these issues are attached to our AID conditions. And each time mukutukwanana pa Nyasapa just know kuti mukuthandiza kumanga ufumu wa njerekezi. Tsono inu a Nyasa Times mumamva bwanji anthu akamatukwana pa net yanuyi?? Don’t you think the devil is using you as agents of hate and obscene languages, tribalism and false accusations in this nation of Malawi?. Are you aware of this?? Anthu amachita kupanga mpikisano wa kanyozedwe, katukwanidwe, kasambulidwe ka anthu. Even kutukwana anthu oti ali innocent aulemu wawo. Mumadziwa kuti Mulungu zimamunyansa zimenezi – amazionatu zonsezi. Infact I have had this observation for some time and I pity you. Please Revisit your objectives and mission. Our God is a God of Honor, Respect and Justice. Read Revelation 22 : 12-15. Zikomo

  40. John K Black says:

    Minority rights cannot be subject to a referendum. These are constitutional rights that are not negotiable. People can never be illegal, whether they are straight or gay or any other way.

  41. mwini wa ayao says:

    Guyz,don’t waste money 4 the thing that even animals are not doing.if ur father was going to do tht, u was going to be on earth?stupid ideas.pple r suffering with poverty why dont u help them with tht money u want to waste 4 voting.

  42. mwalawira says:

    POLITICAL INTEREFERENCE AT ITS BEST ON BLANTYRE SYNOD RADIO? Have you listened to Blantyre Synod Radio of late. It is just a DPP mouth piece. the only difference with MBC Radio are the spiritual hymns ndi kucheza ndi a busa a DPP. What comes next, I don’t know

  43. zanga phee says:

    Za Ziiiiii, Referendum ya chani, the answer is BIG NO!!!! x 100,what kind of human rights are they fighting for,kumangomva kuti ma ufulu basi , kodi ka Gift Trapence kamaoneka bwanji, ndikokwatira, kodi nanga ma hule amalimbana nawo aja amafuna chiyani, osamalimbani ndi amuna anzako ngati zili zololedwa bwanji, zopusaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  44. Nabanda says:

    Amati Kukula Simzeru

  45. mr.B.malonda says:

    Please journalist,everybody knows that MBC is a tax payers funded institution and as such we dont seek to be reminded about it.It is become a popular trend to say” tax payers money” in teference to state funded organisation.What do u aim to achieve? Yes the issue must be decided by the citizens provided that the outcome will reflect the wish of the majority of us malawians. Definately in the end we will have no one but ourselves to blame should the outcome not impress the donors or tje tesults marks the begining of cultural degradation.

  46. Abdul says:

    the only way for malawians to get over this gay issue once and for all is to take this gift trapende on top of chayamba building and push him down to his death

  47. Waste of money. The answer will be “no1 If dogs, chickens and pigs can’t do it, why should human beings do it.

  48. bob says:

    It is a waste of money to call for a referendum on same sex marriage. It is an obvious thing that same sex relations are becoming part of our modern life . This is a waste of money the way it was calling for a referendum if people wanted one party or multi party rule. Even abortion should be legalized without calling for a referendum. Save the monies and build hospitals to facilitate abortion

  49. Concerned Citizen says:

    A APM mungachite bwino. We’re in democracy. You don’t have to decide for us. Let us vote & b responsible for ourselves.
    Go ahead Petulo.

  50. Harvey says:

    If the government have enough money, the better they would think of having a referendum on federalism but not on homo issues things which malawias can not opt for, why arbortion do you think we can choose to kill never, never use that money for maiz, medical drags and for salary increament.

    1. Harvey says:

      use our money to buy medical drags, maize and salary increament. Not homo issues

  51. samba says:

    Inde zinthu zikusintha masiku ano

  52. Professor Chipsenthe wa Mavuzi says:

    Wasting tym on issues whose outcomes are obvious. Mboliiiiii zamanuuuuuuu. Osapanga referendum pa federalism, age limit on presidential candidates, capital punishment bwanji? Basi ukatero ukuwona ngati wagwira ntchito yotamandika kwambiri? Ichidi nchifwaka fwaka et!!!! Kkkkkkkkkk. Clueless robbotic president. Mxiiiiii

  53. Joseph says:

    What an idiot!! Who would go and waste their time to vote for stupid trivial things when we have a myriad of issues that really need a referendum for!!!!!!!! He is just doing this for the donors’ money. Well news flash, we don’t care. Your MEC can’t even organise and run a mere counsillor elections, how can they run a national referendum. Just tell Mbendera to fabricate our answers, he does that already anyway! I thought you said you do not have money to hold referendums for sale of MSB, the splitting of North Malawi, the abolishment of quota system,,,,,,the list of things that really affect Malawians is long. Gays will get married whether you agree or not. This president and it’s dunderhead advisors really need their heads screwed right. Something is wrong with these people!

  54. Sapitwa says:

    Recall! Donors cited same sex marriage and lack of Gay and Lesbian rights as some of the good reasons to suspend Aid to Malawi. This was before this cash gate.
    The pressure is still there from many Donors from the US who are insisting that Malawians have no problem with same sex marriages and weddings but there is no political will. APM knows what many are not aware of this foreign pressure. Referendum yes; let Malawians decide to close this chapter.

  55. Jayjay says:

    We need referendum on issues like section 64 and 65 or federism and probably where to locate cancer refral clinic not on this one.

  56. Maseko says:

    This President is as stupid as he looks. Issues that really needed a national referendum were swept under the rug. Why didn’t you call for a referendum on the sale of the people’s bank MSB and federalism. You are going to waste resources on gays just because you fuck Ben Phiri? We need electricity, water, food…..basic human needs, The Kwacha is on a downward spiral and you have no clue what to do. People are dying of hunger, hospitals have no running water, drugs and not enough food to feed the sick…… And you are going to waste much needed resources on gays.? Women will decide their own rights and not the government …….definitely not this one.

  57. Trapenz analandilapo kangacepe. Satan is clever he uses these Gift s

  58. RoyK says:

    No need for referendum but let tiligu ndi nansongole co-exist and God will judge

  59. Kadakwiza says:

    We don’t need a referendum. We need jobs. We need food, fertiliser. These are the main issues right now. We got parliament to deal with such issues concerning guy or lesbian.

  60. Nachithidzi says:

    Trapence ali ndi mamina mmutu

  61. Moses Makoko says:

    I didn’t vote for DPP and let alone it’s president because l couldn’t see anything new these guys would bring. Kodi tizivota nkumataya ndarama just bcoz gift trapence akufuna kugonana ndi mwamuna mnzake, zoona? ?? I am told gift has got a female wife, yet he is busy promoting same sex, what’s this?
    Za chiphsyede!

  62. the liberals says:

    The constitution is already clear no discrimination at all….whats the basis of this referendum , are you suspending the constitution?

  63. Lovemore jereh says:

    Dis z last days,dat z just begng expect big things ahead,soka kwa iwo osata oipayo nasiya dala chilungamo.

  64. oipa ndinu! says:

    apresident athu ingovomerezani kut dziko lakuvutani kuyendetsa basi,sizoti anthu azivota zinthu zanu za nyasizo ,zoona azisiya zi ntchito zawo nkumapanga zoti avote pa nkhani zopusazo,apa mwaonetseratu kut inu muli mbali yovomereza ,kodi olo anthu avomereze ndiye kut malawi azakhala olemera ngati USA?kodi mkazi ntchito yake ndiyotani,tangoganizani kut makolo anu akanaganiza zimenezo bwezi inu muliko??Mr president think deeply osamangotengeka/kutengera maiko anzanu tisiyeni ndi ufulu wathu kaya tizigona ndi njala sitinayambe ndife kusiyana ndikubweretsa lamulo lopusa chifukwa choti inunso mmatero!

  65. mavuto athu says:

    I thought he has powers
    we do not have resources for that

  66. mavuto athu says:

    where are your powers as it was with msb

  67. kabotolokamo says:

    Really ?,Is he going to use his own money , if its state funds its a waste , there are so many challenges that need those fund !

  68. Deogracias Benjamin Kalima says:

    tivote basi pamenepa,Republic of Ireland ya kwa azungu komweko inapanga yake referendum yofunsa nzika pankhani ngati yomweyi mu mwezi wa MAY wapitawu ndiye ife zivute pati?REFERENDUM WOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!

  69. Daniel Phiri says:

    Is this a burning issue to warrant wasting tax payers money on a referendum? Nobody asked for a referendum on gay rights.m If you really want a referendum then give northerners the chance to vote on whether they want to break away from Malawi just like Scotland

  70. Malawiyano says:

    This dunderhead he has already retracted what he said about referendum , he talks as if he has never been to a school of law in America atoll . He talks first and Viola thinks on his behalf later on .

    MEC gave Malawians an idiot to lead 16.7 million people blindly . Malawi is not the same with MECs choice.

  71. padoko says:

    Mr. Trepence, what you call Social revolution world wide has nothing to do with our God fearing. God’s words have not changed against the classes of people you are advocating for. To hell with their monies which have eaten your reasoning capacity.

  72. Hitler says:

    There was no need for a referendum on the issue. Gay marriages is not a priority on our agenda. Is he for it or what?

  73. Mayi says:

    Kodi iweyo gift trapence ndiwe gay? Kodi bambo ake akanakhala gay akanabereka iweyo ndi amako? Ukati legalising gay nde kuti chani? Si kwa azungu kuno to legalise gay. 20 countries which have legalised gay nde kuti chani? How many countries are there in the world? Nanunso a peter you are calling for referendam zomwezi? Nkuona akuti ndinu a gay kwa getuyo mumangonamizilako kuti si ndinu gay. Yelekezani referendam yo kapena muzabela ma vote ngati momwe munachitila kuti muwine u president. Ife gay ndi kugonana akazi okha okha toto. Nde akaziwo amagonana bwanji? Za nkutu basi. Mu malo moti musove mavuto a kusowa mankhwala mu zipatala, kugwa kwa ndalama kumene kukumapangisa kukwela kwa zinthu mu mashop ndi mu misika, kudula kwa ma bill a magesi ndi madzi kuzimazima kwa magesi kusowa kwa madzi ku ma water board subside feteleza kuchoka pa 500 mpaka 8500 basi kutaya nthawi ndi za referendum pa za gay? Shame! Cry my beloved country a ngwazi kamuzu banda ku manda uko!

  74. Teams says:

    According to Viola the President has backtracked on this statement saying he made it in his position as President. Now in what capacity was he speaking to MBC? This is the problem of trying to make the President speak too much to the public on issues written for him and you will have the MBC propaganda guys trying to outdo each other and they will in the process embarrass him. Slow down you propaganda guys!

  75. Chakupatsa Mphwiyo says:

    Purporting Gift Trapence’s fund raising through this mediocrity is like asking Pigs to become Cows. It won’t happen. When Trapence marries Timothy then we will succumb to it. Why are they still married with women???

  76. Mtochi says:

    If there is something the president has done well, is this vote, lets people of mw speak.

  77. Dwambazi says:

    When it comes to stupid issues like same sex marriage and abortion then you want a national referendum, You did not have a national referendum before you sold MSB.

  78. Mapiri says:

    We don’t have money to waste. Let us hold a referendum on federalism not same-sex marriage. This is against the Bible

  79. moya says:

    All the two topics are a waste of time we all know the obvious outcome and they are not issues to spend money on right now. How about a referendum to either start with k 500 billion or k 20 billion cashgate? Ok why talk of abortion now when blm is ontop of the issue? Let them configure 4. Nkhani yayikulu ndi ya sane e sex

  80. Nyanakumutu says:

    I can’t worst my precious time for such a stupid thing. Let them do what they want after all they will only damage their anus. That one is is like Ekezozi for the worse.

  81. Nyatwa says:

    We need a national referendum on whether Mathanyula is capable of leading this country anymore.

  82. Geff Chimuliwo says:

    Zimenezo zisachitike osaononga ndalama za boma ndi zinthu za chabe zopanda pake

  83. chatonda says:

    This is not an issue My President. The issue can be solved by NOT talking about it. That is all. Just like the Chamba smokers, when you talk about it it becomes an issue but when you do not talk about it, you make it an issue. Forget about them and simply keep quiet. This is the best solution to same sex marriages.

  84. xxxxx says:

    Referendum To please who? Donors obviously. I would rather have a referendum on your fitness To hold office given the economic turmoil.

  85. MAGOMBO CALVIN says:







  86. xander says:

    we need a referendum on feudalism system and not same sex marriage.

  87. Concerned citizen says:

    There is nothing worth to call for the referendum other than carrying on developmental activities.Whats special with guy sex so that we can legalise it.Sin is a sin.Otherwise, lets also legalise murder,witchcraft,stealing,and all sorts of sins.Ati kupanda nzeru!!

  88. Chatty Man says:

    God forbid! Malawi is a God fearing country the obvious answer will be 1000% NO!We do not want Shimita happening in Malawi.

  89. Zoonazake says:

    Mufuna mukabeleso muzikati amalawi abomvera, zuchitsiru!

  90. Dr Jack says:


  91. aphiri says:

    Bravo APM

  92. savimbi says:

    Prophesy from Prophet Liabunya is slowly about to be fulfilled ie.Peter will bring Satanism to Malawi.Gay and Abortion are all anti-Christian. Things are getting worse every day, and I can see Malawi becoming the Greece of Africa.Peter will be forced to RESIGNING when running Govt will be tough going.Various big names in will be killed bcoz of Politics, Njaunju being one example.Malawians take it or leave it, that’s the truth

  93. Aliyese anabadwa yekha palibe odzudzula mnzake kuti ndioipa. Let everyone leave their own life who are you or whom am I to judge.

  94. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    Timve kaye vote ya APM! What is your take on this matter mr president?

  95. anadimba says:

    kodi Trapence ali ndi mkazi? Nanga mai ache ndi aamuna? Woputsa ameneyu kwabasi . Kodi iyeyu ali ndi ana? Anawo anabelekedwa ndi bwenzi lake lalimuna lija? Aproffessor, nthawi zambiri sindigwirizanana ndi mfundo zanu. Koma nayokhayi mwayetsetsa kuganiza ngati pro ffessor

  96. Masiku Otsiriza says:

    So prophet Liabunya was right! Lord may your will be done on our nation and its leadership……do not let your people perish.


  98. Issa says:

    Use the money for drugs in hospitals. Catch and kill all mathanyula. By the way let all malawian gays and lesbians come out and speak for themselves. All we hear are campaigners who are happily married.

  99. Bob says:

    With the current economic situation in Malawi I dont see holding a referendum as being helpful. Let MPs discuss gay marriage in one of their sittings.

  100. DADA says:


  101. njomba says:

    akulu inunso mukufuna mathanyulawa eti.

  102. Zapadziko says:

    Nothing will change. Malawians cannot vote for legalisation of homosexuality or abortion. Results are already known.

  103. all-i-can-say says:

    Can you afford a referendum Mr President? We have an elected parliament to discuss such issues thoroughly and vote for or against. There will always be parties for and against such socially challenging issues but we as a country must allow a healthy debate for and against. Let’s use our broadcaster and other media outlet as a front for discussions before tabling it to parliament.

    Malawians need a lot of civic education owing to low literacy levels and putting such issues through a referendum seems a bit premature and at best smirks poor understanding of how poorly informed our citizenry are.

    Show some leadership Mr president.

  104. kadamanja says:

    We want referendum on fedulo not zomwe mwafuna zaumathanyula anuwo.

  105. You must know!!!!!! says:

    Gift Trapence Pitani uko ndi Matanyula ako. Abale zinadzi , just be eating money for donors. Some who say LGDBTI be legalised for what reason? We dont have such abominational practices in Malawi. those who practice it, let them come out kuti afinyidwe bwino bwino. If this country were for Matanyula, even anthu ena amene kuti zimenezo zichitike bwezi kulibe.
    My advice to the president, Matanyula is a developement priority in this country, therefore lets us all concetrate on fixing our economy, improve our tax regime, create employment for the your, attract foreign direct investment, eliminate wanton corruption and among others

  106. Omex70 says:

    Referendum is the only way to go. Let Trupence and his wife say Yes to gay marriage but 95% of Malawians will say No. It is only the wizards and witches that will say yes to this foolish type of marrige.

  107. Mulomwe says:

    Trapezi atipanse dzina la munthu mmodzi amene anapangidwapo harassed. A pulezidentiwo asaonongo ndalama kumapangira rifulendamu bwanji ndalamayo akalipile a phunzitsi 11,000 aja. Koma ngati akufuna refulendamu Ma same sexwo apange okha voti tione ngati angakwane 50

  108. Mulangizi wa APM paza mthibulo says:

    Zilibe ntchito izo, tangokonzani economy like what Bingu did in his first term.

  109. george chimowa says:

    fodya wankuluso mupange legalise

  110. BIG BOSS says:

    Enawa akungofuna kutipusitsa basi they hav wives in their houses.all they is fool us zoona mwamuna mzako ungauze kuti khalabwino nkulase nayo pamtumbo?or mkazi mzako ungauze khala chonchi chala chilowe bwino?izi zilimbikitsa uhule chifukwa akaziwa azifuna mbolo nkumapita kubwandilo basi nanga atopa nchala.amene avomere timuchindira akazi ake kuti tiome ngati sizimpweteka panyopanu anthu ophunzira amene mukutengapo mbali abambo anu afachinda amanu kuti mubadwe ndemukuti ai koma mathanyula pamtumbo panu

  111. munthuson says:

    to save money, make tripatite. federalism

  112. Alex Likoswe says:

    We have bigger issues to sort out than these

  113. chipie says:

    Girls n women are dying coz of taking unsafe abortion in fear of facing the law. It’s like the current law is saving unproductive lives and messing already productive souls. Ligalising of safe abortion can be more much better.

  114. Ndakutoperani says:

    Doesn’t make sense to me for a bankrupt government to waste money on an issue she pretty knows what the outcome will be. Shelve that aside and concentrate on fixing the economy! Anthu inu bwanji kodi!!! Ndakutoperani ine aah!!

  115. Sha! says:

    So it’s only in 20 out of over 200 countries where this rubbish is condoned!!!!!

  116. Mzee says:

    Trapence you are too daft. In Malawi no hospital wants to know whether one is homo or hetero before accessing antiretroviral drugs. In short your orientation os not important when it comes to treatment. Its obvious that the NO camp will prevail then what!After homosexuality we shall be told to legalise paedophilia. Its also important to realise that 89% of western leaders are gay although they may be married. That which animals dont do is unnatural although am told that most dogs in UK are gay.

  117. Atonga says:

    We dn’t want to mislead people you activist if same sex marriage is bad then malawi is n’t ready to do that.

  118. zamkutu mathanyula says:

    because de president himself z gay!!! That’s why he won’t hesitate. Call referendum on federalism that’s what z our priority osati zauchitsiru zanuzi fotseki!! Try it and c God’s wrath on u mathanyux. U wl nt live to tell de story.

  119. I hope those satanists propagating for this vice will respect the verdict of Malawians. Uhuru Kenyatta told Obama that that stupidity is a non issue in Kenya! When will these aliens come to terms with this reality?

  120. Chigandu says:

    Yokhayo tizavota kuti NO kugonana anthu ofanana ziwalo ndipo alibe ufulu kuno anthu amenewa ndipo ufuluwo sadzaupeza pokhapokha asamukile kumaiko 20 amene amapanga zimenezoko basi.A President chilowereni m’boma chimene mwayankhulako chokhala ngati chogwira mtima ndi chokhachitu basi ndipo ndakuomberani m’manja kwa nthawi yoyamba ineyo.Awa akufuna kuti tizipha anawanso tathandizira limodzi.Chifukwa chani dziko lapansi komanso maiko akutikakamiza kuti tizipanga zinthu zozetsa machimo zokhazokha?

  121. commentator says:

    The issue of equality is pertinent. Surely noone must be discrimunated against or punished solely because of who they love. But let’s not waste money and people’s time just because they’re poor and powerless. Learn from Uhuru Kenyatta.

  122. Che Nkope says:

    Uchitsiru uwu.this guy haz failed us. Zopusazi mpaka referendum? Dziko likuvutika to get funding for running govt institutions. Mpaka kupeza ndalama zochitira. Referendum nkhani ya kumaliseche kwa amuna zoona? Surely this president is sick in the head. CHICKEN PRESIDENT!!!! Shame!!!!!

  123. mangulenje says:

    Which “good evidence is Trapence talking about, that HIV epidemic hits harder where anti-gay laws exist? We need not go far than South Africa where gays relationships are allowed for us to appreciate that what he is talking about is pure nonsense. HIV prevalence rate is high in South Africa despite it’s allowing of homosexuality. The truth is homosexuality increases chances of contacting HIV because the anus is meant for excreta and not sex.

  124. mkwita says:

    Coward..Why should a bigoted population decide the life of another?This is a matter of right and wrong.No one should control what goes on in others bedroom..palibe amakuuzani za mchipinda.Mukati tchimo ndiye musayambe..inu anu machimo thooo.tchimo silichepa olo kukula

  125. Cardiac Arrest zcoming says:

    Mr. President, of all the problems Malawi is facing now, are you sure you dare telling us of going to a referendum on this foolish subject? If it is poverty which is making you and others to say this, then you are all poor in your minds and to hell you will go with this tumor. Malawi needs development and not gay rights hidden under the cover of minority rights.

  126. godfrey says:

    ndibwino kulimbana ndi nkhani zomwe zikhoza kusintha miyoyo ya a Malawi kusiyana ndizopusazo.

  127. Nabetha says:

    People need referendum on federalism not this useless agenda.

  128. Chawaka says:

    Thank you Mr President at least you know how to put issues to bed. I hope you have not miscalculated your intentions with Malawians who are ready to embarrass the advocates. Even if you said we vote tomorrow. Malawians don’t need civic education on this issue. This is a Christian nation practically. But on paper it is a religious nation. Kkkkkkkk we need this referundam God is watching.

  129. wawa says:

    kuwononga ndalama chifukwa cha refrendum yomwe mudziwa kuti answer yake ndi NO!!!!
    Those [PEOPLE giving you pressure tell NO!!! We dont want same sex marriage…
    Dont waste money please.. ku europe satha kunfusira there are women up 40yrs not wosakwatibwa chifukwa ..

    Infact this is aganist Gods Law… adzikana mugabe.. Puttin…..malawian we are not fools this is crazy stuff….

  130. Truth says:

    Please APM! for once be serious, we have more pertinent and disturbing issues affecting the lives of many poor Malawians than that issue. Borrow a leaf from young Kenyatta who knows what to prioritize. Don’t waste our resources and time that issue, though personal to you it is not a national concern for now. Address the bulk of real issues on your table. You have a more challenging task to move Malawi forward than swaying our minds to rambling issues that can’t help save a life in our struggling hospitals. We are truly a laughing stock don’t just please donors let Malawi address its contextual priorities. Malawi now needs a visionary and practical leader. If you are too old or desultory to lead better honorably give the mantle to whosoever the cap fits. Don’t wait for revolution to oust you.

  131. ..... says:

    Nde wakuuzani kumene atakapeze ndalama in this buried state?
    The country is broke, bankrupt, dead, and this clueless lomwe leader is talking of referendum.
    What no sense, RUBBISH

  132. Maliroagonepati says:

    On the sale of MSB you were adamant that you as Government you have the mandate to decide. Now because there is no direct benefit to you and your party, you want to waste billions of Kwacha on a useless question? Please use those billions to feed patients and for loans for university students.

    Take this issue to Parliament. There is absolutely no need to waste public resources when we already know that the answer will be an overwhelming “No”.

    Mozambique did not waste time and money on a referendum, they simply changed their penal code in December, coming into effect 180 days later (29 June 2015). The Government in Mozambique knows that the majority of Mozambicans oppose homosexuality, but as Government they know they have to show leadership and repeal a discriminatory law.

  133. B Max says:

    Kuvota ndi kwa bwino but the problem is They have already put in place all plans to make sure what they [Gorvernment&thro MEC]want to achieve after Refrendum thatsy now are accepting the4 its not voting

  134. konto says:

    ngati mulibe nazo zochita ndalamazo ndipatseni ine. referendum answer yake mukuidziwa kale?

  135. mine says:

    He wants to do it openly with his doc now

  136. juxtstaposition says:

    Instead of discussing real issues on the ground we are intending to spend tax payers money to have a referendum on this foolish issue.

    Let the western countries keep their money and respect our culture. Marriage is between a Man and women where children are born out of it. Let them not call these as marriages give them other names. That is a devilish set up gays!

  137. Wozinyanyala says:

    What!!!!you mean dogs are more wiser than the whole Proffesor? A dog knows which one can make a marriage partner and yet people who claim to be educated to a certain extent doesn’t differentiate ……heheheheh anthu akusowa mankhwala mu zipatala and the president is busy thinking of waisting money on stupid things. You busy kukangana ndi anthu about cashgate yet you cant put the little we have to a better use. Please agalu inu use your brains. Do you really need to call for a referendum to talk about shit…..are you sure you are normal? Mpakana pa front page a President akufuna referendum …..abale inu Malawi uja…sure Mr. Proffesor?

  138. Fuvung'ondo says:


  139. Uta wa Leza says:

    Read between the lines. Legalize it or no foreign aid, no investiments. Someone or some people are squeezing Peter’s balls and applying pressure. His response is, OK, OK, we pretend to have a referendum and then rig the vote to pass it through”…

  140. Same sex says:

    Dont foget referendum on hemp and porn….thank u

  141. Zambiata says:

    Koma ndalama mwasowa nazo zochita? Bwanji osathandiza ku chipatala

  142. kkkkkk koma peturo ulibe utsogoleri iweyo ukanika kunena kuti No? Nzako mwana pa kenya apa uhulu kenyatta anakana obama atabwera ku kenya. Komanso nkhalamba ya pa zimbambwe inakana iweyo bwanji kodi? Kodi ma investors 17 anakuyenderawa anakupana eti? Pena pake sindimaona utsogoleri mwaiwe. Kodi amalawi ali ndi ndalama zopangira referendum? Ndalama yake yomweyi mukutidula ku ma sms iyi? Kapena wakulonjeza ndalama za referendum ndini? Zopusa zakozo uzipanga ndi ma 17 investors akowo. Iwe satana ukufuna kudzabaso ma vote a referendum.

  143. Thom Chunga says:

    As God fearing nation we should not go for that. Iit is an abomination. God fobids .

  144. akweni says:

    pulezidenti wanzeru ayenera kulimbana ndi njalayi osati zimenezo bolani mutalimbikitsa ufiti kuti tizikwera ndege zotchipa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. John says:


  146. Capital hill says:

    Bola referendum on Federalism and quota system

  147. Bayoz says:

    Calling for a Yes or No vote about gay rights in malawi? Come on, its obvious that 99% will vote against it.

  148. Njolopingo says:

    Referendum, voting “yes” “no” for minority rights does the resolution make sense? Isn’t the the outcome for the whole exercise obvious? Something fishy here.

  149. thako la mmwenye says:

    iwe Trapence za manyi kuno ayi pita nazo ku europe kwa anzako osuta cocaine omwewo mitumbo yathu ndiyonyerera basi osati uzilowesapo migobozolo yanuyo

  150. Jojo says:

    I am going to vote!!!!!

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