Report shows increasing homophobia in Malawi

Two human rights organisations, Centre for Development of the People (Cedep) and Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) with support from an American based organisation, Benetech, have launched a report on human rights violations on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity which indicates a wave of intense homophobia is washing across Malawi .

Proudly lesbian: Students from Blantyre International University pose nude to showcase their lesbian sexual orientation

Lesbian romance: despite the stigma attached to homosexuality, the push for equal rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is gaining momentum.

Malawian lesbian romance: despite the stigma attached to homosexuality, the push for equal rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is gaining momentum.

The report which has a few of the documented cases from eight districts across the country,  gives a face to the human rights violations that are happening to the Lesbians, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Inter-sex persons (LGBTI) community in Malawi.

Speaking during the official launch of the report in the capital Lilongwe on Tuesday, the United States of America (USA) Charge d’ Affairs, Mike Gonzales said it was important to shed light on abuses of human rights that exist in our societies.

“If we bring these issues to the public eye we can begin the process of ending future abuses, bringing justice to the victims and holding the perpetrators to account,” he said.

He said the abuses which are inflicted based on someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity are not acceptable.

Gonzales, however, expressed worry over increased cases of abuses experienced by minority groups not only in Malawi but across the African continent.

The American envoy commended the two human rights organisations, Cedep and CHRR for their integrity and humanity in documenting the cases and giving a voice to the victims.

Gift Trapence, executive director of the Centre for the Development of the People (Cedep), an organisation that champions sexual minority rights,  said there is no problem with consenting adults of the same sex having sex in private.

Trapence  said the report was a reflection of what the sexual minority groups experience in their day to day life, the life defined by inequality, exclusion, violence, name calling, physical and emotional abuse.

“We believe that these abuses are fuelled by the punitive laws in our penal code that have always stirred up homophobia and have had very toxic effects on people’s lives shattering self-esteem, increasing marginalisation and creating huddles for the LGDTI individuals to access legal, health and other related social services,” he said.

He said time has come for the government and its stakeholders to break the silence on how they look at gender-based violence issues and stand up to publicly condemn and make it clear that violence on any grounds including sexual orientation is unacceptable.

Trapence appealed to the government to introduce laws that can protect all Malawians equally regardless of their sexual orientation at the same time introduce mechanism to monitor cases of violence against LGBTI.

However, the report will be used as a strong evidence base for effective advocacy, public awareness and social change efforts.

In 2009 a gay couple Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza were arrested and convicted 14 years for publicly wedding.

But former president the late Bingu wa Mutharika pardoned them following an outcry from the international community.

Homosexuality is illegal in Malawi based on remnants of sodomy laws introduced during the British colonial era. The laws are perpetuated by cultural and religious beliefs.


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154 thoughts on “Report shows increasing homophobia in Malawi”

  1. Mulungu akukana zimenezi ROMANS 1 VES 27 Mitembenuke mtima

  2. Kanonono says:

    Mugabe was right. These people are worse than dogs and must not be allowed to move freely.

  3. ana ama town says:

    after seeing those pictures right there am lost of words….thats just too much….Ambuyedi akubwela atsala pang’ono…..Lord Jesus give us the strength to wait for u…

  4. kholowa mkabudula says:

    That’s rubbish! Why can’t this man tell us that his president’s Obama’s daughter’s are lesbian’s as an encouragement to us?

  5. gerald kaphika says:

    Burn dem all or legalize indian hemp

  6. Who gives a rats ass about homosexuality in Malawi? Gad damn it we are one of the poorest countries in the world with a lot of real issues to worry about. Not this nonsense and devil related issue called homosexuality.

  7. exodus chenembu says:

    nyasi munabadwa kumunthu koma?makolo anu akakuonani pa snarp ziti chani ? ngati ili ndalama koma uli ndi tsoka

  8. .no matter how much we can talk or criticise this,it won’t stop coz the prophesies from the bible are in a process of fulfilment.These are the works of hell and anyone who practices them is buying a visa to hell the pit of anguish and torments.

  9. no matter how much we can talk or criticise this,it won’t stop coz the prophesies from the bible are in a process of fulfilment.These are the works of hell and anyone who practices them is buying a visa to hell the pit of anguish and torments.

  10. Pachaz says:

    lets punish all idiots who are calling themselves Gays and Lesbians by just slaughtering them ,we got nothing to lose

  11. Peter Nkosi says:

    A day after this article was first published, I cannot find anywhere on the internet from where the alleged report can be downloaded. It seems that the report was unveiled with great fanfare at an event in Lilongwe graced by foreigners who praised both CEDEP and CHRR, and who presumably were given hard copies of it. Meanwhile the vast majority of us who are being maligned in the report cannot find out what we are being accused of.

    Benetech is said to be a benefactor of both CEDEP and CHRR. There is almost nothing on the internet which tells us how it relates to our two NGOs. If you search its website ( for “CHRR” or “CEDEP” you will not get a single hit. Searching for “Malawi” gives two hits, from which we learn the following.


    “We have increased the capacity of local organizations to sustain independent human rights documentation initiatives in Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Eight of our partner groups now have secure documentation systems in place using Benetech’s Martus technology and have documented several hundreds of abuses and other incidents against LGBTI people. Furthermore, nine partners across all four countries are about to release their first-ever evidence-based publications about violations in their communities.”

    That was published on 30-June this year, so the report referred to in this article must what Benetech are expecting to see from its donation.


    “In our Human Rights Program, we’ve extended a first batch of donated Android phones to several of our partner groups working to promote LGBTI rights in Malawi, Uganda and Zambia—where sexual minorities face grave violence and discrimination … Consider what it means for these human rights practitioners in Sub-Saharan Africa—who have limited access to technology and who are subject to ongoing state-sponsored harassment—to have mobile phones equipped with Martus. They can now use Mobile Martus (in combination with other features on the phones, like audio, video and image recording apps) to securely collect on-the-ground, first-hand accounts of violations against LGBTI individuals in their communities. They can securely send text, photo, audio or video files to the Martus servers and can be sure that even if their phones are confiscated or stolen, the encrypted information is protected and recoverable.

    Hivos, A Dutch NGO funding CHRR, has bits and pieces about Benetech and CEDEP/CHRR

    An extract: “Benetech obtained seed funding so that organisations (in Malawi) could purchase computers, hard drives, USBs, cameras, scanners and printers. Part of the training involves general digital security techniques, such as using encrypted email and storing information on the cloud, and not profiling names and faces of members on websites, and not storing information on paper in the offices.”

    If you want to find out about Benetech, which appears to be an organisation of integrity, then you can start with and the various links to be found there.

    With regard to Hivos, they have funded CEDEP/CHRR at least once, giving EUR70,000 in 2007-2009.

  12. Sabiti says:

    The real problem here is not whatever evil we do but people who are spending so much energies,resources and time on promoting such unpopular idealogies, if these rights were proper and natural there would no such campaigns for them; these are imposed rights

  13. mohiwa says:

    this homephobia issuez we have to understand them with aid of holy spirit other wise pa ife tokha tili chabe.

  14. Me says:

    The end has realy began,,we are indeed in the last days,,CHRIsT JESUs is about to come,,dzuwa lapendeka get ready 4 your destination,,

  15. KAGUSHU says:

    kodi ndiye mumalowetsapon chani candle kapena mtengo kuyti mumve kukoma. inu ndiye ndi Galu bola Galu

  16. TOMERS says:

    mbuzi bolaso zili ndi nzeru kwabasi

  17. dadaboma says:

    I see a no. of comments linking the tendency to accommodate homosexuality to America. This is unfair. Homosexuality has been all over the world, including Malawi and Africa at large. It is part of the abhorrent things that humans do, just like stealing, cheating, adultery, drunkenness, killing and other depraved things. That is why Paul at Romans 1: 22-32 admonished people of the Roman Empire. This has nothing to do with America. What America and others respecting human rights may be saying is that we should accommodate each other in spite of our human weaknesses because all of us have our own sins. Judgement is for God alone. Please leave US alone, this country has a lot of goodwill for humanity. There are countries we need to be worried about and these are nations where muslims reside because this group of people are real threats to human welfare through their jihadist agenda. The world would be at peace without this group of animals.

  18. joe mlinda says:

    even the dead aren’t amused by this.whither goes our beloved Malawi.Jah save us.

  19. Noxy says:

    Very appetising.We have beauty in Malawi.Ayi apatseni ufulu anthu azimvana kukoma moyo ngwawufupi uwu.

  20. joe mlinda says:

    even the dead are not amused God save us from the devil’s yoke

  21. chekambewa says:

    koma ndiye tachepadi nanga akazi nokha nokha ndiye munvapo chani pamenepo?

  22. giblix says:

    hmm d@ meanz amuna tachepa guyz where r we goin eish ambuye mukule ndinu dzikoli lanyanya

  23. bwititi says:

    Patricia Kaliati ali kuti ayankhe zimenezi coz these stupid girls fall under her ministry’s jurisdiction.Malawians! lets rise against any effort dragging as to act against Godly principles of life.

  24. malegolego. says:

    my question is simple how can you feel if your daughter is involved in such acts?

  25. wakuda kamanga says:


  26. wiston uko says:

    go to hell you americans, we are God fearin nation as a matter of fact we cant tolate that

  27. Peter Muthaliki says:

    Anyamata pa malawi mukutani??Atsikana abwino bwinowa akusowa zida zododa ,mukufuna atani anawa??

  28. Observer says:

    I am not very sure what indecent exposure are like in Malawi, but my impression is that the picture of two naked lesbian women is ethically inappropriate for a public medium like this. I think it goes against many moral codes and should not have been published in this form. Its too pornographic!

  29. nyolokan says:

    Ana akongolenji awa…ashaaaaa kuseweretsa chakudya basi.

  30. shikamoo says:

    What identity is there on these pictures to show that they are Malawians. Be careful Malawians. These could be pictures from anywhere and used here to advance there cause. Not every state in America has legalized Homosexual. Why pushing us. We will see in our Nyasaland state

  31. MADALA says:


  32. chatonda says:

    Who was taking the photos? Was he a male or female? Is this normal for these grils to reveal their parent given private parts including breasts that should have been covered all the time but they chose to showcase them like that in the public?
    Let us protect our girls from this contamination of morals at the expense of modernity. Shame on the girls and their parents.

  33. Wesleyjie says:

    Wayambitsa izi zoputsa zakezo ndiwopepera And mtolankhani walemba chnkhani choputsachi alibe nzeru…. Zoutsa basi

  34. chilungamo says:

    We africans hate fudge packers and carpet munchers.PERIOD!!!!

  35. LIVESTOCK MAN says:

    We have better national issues to attend to rather than thinking of a few misguided sticky bitches.

  36. Big brain says:

    Tell America that our problem is Pocerty not sex

    These human rights officials are money hungry.

    Trapeze anasiya kankazi impregnated her,stopped paying rent for her and stopped picking her phone yet he removed her from her mothers house.

    That abuse of human right not what he is talking about

  37. Reasonable Man says:

    Akazi awa si ma geyi musaname. Just 2 girls odzadzwa ndi nyeye. Koma nditaachinda onse nthawi imodzi ndingamve kukoma bwanji? MyMy My. Matupi akewo. Nkhope zakezo. Oh my God!!

  38. Zaonaine says:

    Signs of the end time

  39. chipute says:

    zamkutu basi

  40. Kabotolokamo says:

    America is not God , no matter what they try , the will never change Gods system ,if they argue let them make their own creatures !

  41. John says:

    these girls are given money to play as if they are gay. stupid trapence and mtambo.

  42. The One says:

    A Devils Work!! Hell is waiting.

  43. vyakuchitika says:

    Romans 1: 22 – 32: …because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way, the men abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion… Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things, but also approve of those who practise them. God have mercy on us, our nation. Amen

  44. Quota system says:

    Mugabe said, “If Obama want Zimbabwe to legalize same sex marriages , let me marry him and see if we can have children after one year” Otherwise no

  45. eye eye says:

    IN THE USA, SOME STATES SUCH AS ALABAMA (sodomy law criminalising gay sex) where homosexuality is not a lifestyle acceptable to the general public, ARIZONA, Utah ( where it prohibits advocacy of homosexuality)….so these Americans should also try to educate their masses other than in Africa alone……

    its the same with capital punishment where it is said to be inhuman yet some states in the USA still have capital punishment………………yrrrrrh

  46. REX MSISKA says:

    Malawians be aware that God will not spare you because America refuses to give you aid, or some human right organisations pressurise you to disobey God. No God will not spare you. One day He will come down to this Nation which claims to be a christian Nation and yet He has reports concerning a sin in this same Nation. He will come to see and before He does that He will enquire from those given responsibility to shephard and govern His children.

    Adam’s excuse never worked and Abraham’s pleading for Sodom and Gomora did not spare the city.

    Malawians rather obey God than obey America. Take a leaf from the moslem world, they don’t compromise their faith.

    Mwe ukavu mwe!

  47. Nyongolosi says:

    Koma zoona abuthu inu kumagundisana zikundu zanuzo ine kuno kumadya handwork mulipo.Mulungu akuduleni legeni ndithu.

  48. ibrahim makwati says:

    No wonder less finish our world welocame TO END

  49. If God said no to this behavior, who do Americans think they are to say yes

    1. Observer says:

      Do some internet searches on acceptance of LGBTQs in the US and UK. There is widespread unacceptance and there are some states where prejudice against gay people is perhaps the same or worse than in African countries.

  50. abwana says:

    let them fulfil the end of the world..olo titani palibe chomwe tingasithe.the are signs of evil things we should see..

  51. Peter Nkosi says:

    I see no signs that there is a wave of intense homophobia sweeping across the country. On the contrary, here in Mzimba, after a short conversation with villagers, you can generally expect them to say that LGBTs can do what they want, but stop short at accepting same-sex marriage.

    We are not told in this article where can we find this foreign-funded report so that we can read it for ourselves? I want to see the specific examples of homophobia which are being reported by CEDEP and CHRR, and to compare them to the reports of similar examples which can be found daily in the LGBT media of First World countries such as the UK. You might think that the websites of these two organisations, both massively foreign-funded and fawned over, would provide links to their infamous report. Not so!

    CHRR appears to no longer have a website. Most recently it had, but visiting there today returns “This Account Has Been Suspended”. I was surprised at that because only last week the Executive Director, Timothy Mtambo, used the e-mail address [email protected] in a joint press release with CEDEP. An older website address was but my browser today says: “Server not found”. If you want to find out what CHRR gets up to, where it is located, how to contact it and so on then you will have to plod around the internet to find out. There is a Wikipedia article on it, but it is about six years old.

    What about CEDEP? Well, it does have a very poor – basically useless – website which reveals almost nothing about it, and seems to have been last updated around May 2011. See: You will not find out CEDEP’s physical location, phone numbers, e-mail address, who is the staff, its projects, funding, and so on. Oddly for a foreign-funded website, it is badly laid out, and is hosted on one of those freebie thingies. Tellingly, there is a “Donate” page which invites you to send a check (sic) to: PO BOX 3251, Lilongwe, Malawi. On the same page there is a map showing where Malawi is in Africa. Clearly, the page is meant for soliciting foreign donations, and has been written by an American who has used his own spelling for cheque. Last week Trapence published the rather odd looking e-mail address: [email protected]. I sent a test e-mail there, but kept getting back messages that it was undeliverable.

    To me, CEDEP and CHRR both appear to be very dodgy organisations. I cannot say that they are useless or operating fraudulently, but they most certainly are not operating in a transparent manner.

    Why do CEDEP and CHRR always publish report and press releases jointly? Is there something there to be suspicious about?

    Finally, you can expect the biased LGBT media in the First World to pounce on this Nyasa Times article and republish it. No attempt will be made to source the apparently secret, original report

    1. Reasonable Man says:

      These are one man shows bwana. Two jobless men trying to milk the pro-gay westerner by posing as gay rights activists.

      1. Peter Nkosi says:

        From what I am digging up on the internet I cannot disagree with you. If you are correct then why is nobody exposing these organisations and individuals? Why did Fazilla Tembo write the article as if they all have spotless reputations? The money which they are receiving from donors is not peanuts.

        I take an interest in what is said about Malawi in the foreign media. Both CEDEP and CHRR, mainly the former, get a lot of good exposure and what they publish is believed because it is exciting stuff to First World LGBTs. Nobody from Malawi, except myself, ever contradicts their misinformation.

  52. Pita Munthalikha says:

    koma zinazi ndi kusowa khalidwe. even among heterosexual experiences who really takes pictures nakes while in the act, if not only mad peopl

  53. godoba says:

    book halaam ibwere basi ife zanuzo ayi

  54. dadaboma says:

    Palibe nkhani apa. Tizilimbana ndi asilamu amene agwedeza dziko la pansi ndi uchifwamba, ostati izi za chikondi. Ndani amene atadzamwalire ndi zachikondi zantundu umeneu? Koma limbanani ndi Boko Haram, Janjaweed, ElShabab, Jihadists, ISIS, ndi asilamu onse. Uku ndikumene kuchokere mazunzo a dziko lapansi, osati za chikondi iyayi! Please look carefully where real problems lie. These girls in the photos have lifted each other up and are smiling and enjoying – do you see any tears? But the parents of the girls abducted by Boko Haram in Nigeria are shedding profuse tears.That is the real problem. Hatred, not love, is the PROBLEM. Pls refocus your attention. Direct your condemnation to the things that are worthy condemning.

  55. chakwanuleka says:

    I encourage the boys at the school to hook these girls and make them test real sex. The problem is that they don’t know what they are missing. They keep telling each other lies.

  56. Noxy says:

    These girls looks so sweet

  57. Zyagala says:

    This is nosense! Are you people trying to prove that Almighty God was mistaken to create a man and a woman and blessed them to multiply and fill the earth? That it would have been better to have one gender not two? Our God is never wrong. He will come back to you and when He does the whole world will know. May He purnish all gay activists…….

  58. mbwenu mbwenu says:

    akayanjana alekeni

  59. BLINDED says:


  60. BLINDED says:


  61. Takumana says:

    I am not sure and am not believing what am seeing, i feel these girls anamizilidwa a friend has betrayed them. we know at school sometimes timatayilira these girls were just having fun not sexually involved. awa amahood awa atumidwa why hiding their IDs. some people are testing the waters……amve kuti the new government itani. anyway koma tikuononga dziko.

  62. BLINDED says:


  63. mbudye says:

    Ndikawapeza Ana amenewa achindidwa mpaka asiya zauchitsilu akupangazi akamva kukoma kwa mchila weniweni osati zopisana dzala nkumati akuchita chiani. Mbuzi zenizeni ndipo mumuuze Trapenceyo kuti akwatilane ndi Mtambo aone

  64. Manyazi ndi Malawi says:

    This is the problem with westernization of the african . Mhm. More to come. Sianati . You know that Homosexuality is to make sure people dont have natural families to disintergrate the oder of God. This shouldnt even be here. Its absolutely disgusting.

  65. aTAPENCE says:

    Worse than dogs!! Their fathers and mothers cohabited to produce them to “enjoy” this shameful act! Even dogs can differentiate and are well aware of the need for procreation unlike these misfits and human miscreants!! shame on you Trapence and company. By the way is Trapence married? if yes why?

  66. dyakumusi says:

    A Malawi kutsalila nthawi zonse bwanji? this is 21st century, we are no more living in the past, we have to move and do things in accordance with the present generation. Asiyeni akazi ngati akufuna azichindana okhaokha even amuna ngati akufuna azichindana okhaokha. Ndi ufulu wawo and they do that in the confines of their bedroom. Inu mukudandawula bwanji? kapena muzikhala ma referee akamachindana? The is no big or small sin in the bible, prostitution, adultery, fornication, drunkenness, witchcraft, gossiping are all sins that can bring sodom and gomora in Malawi. Why condemning gayism only? Let those who enjoy sex wen they are doing it with a fellow partner of the same gender do it peacefully, mwinaso timava kukoma kwambili kusiyana ndi mbonga zanuzo zikalowa ku site kwathuku.

    1. Preach bro says:

      Tell these idiots and bigots bro. Nkhani kunene anzawo iwo alibuzy chisembwele maoffice. Mxxxi

    2. mayamiko says:

      Malawi wanga where are going?

    3. dadaboma says:

      I agree with you. We commit many other sins than homosexuality which will equally attract God’s wrath. Let it be God’s judgement; we’re not fit to condemn other people because we have our own unfitness to God. We should not encourage homosexuality but we should also not condemn those who are pleased doing it. They violate no one’s right, and do it after mutual consent, within the confines of their chosen places. Let’s not dislike these people otherwise we’ll be disliked for doing the other sins we do. I don’t know the pleasure they get from such acts but I don’t need to know in order for me me to know that no human is without sin.

  67. Mikoko says:

    Hey hey hey !where is mr undule mwakasura?

  68. Mpimintha - The Rough Neck says:

    Westerners? What about BOKO HARAN?

  69. SyMu says:

    Total stupidity. Lesbians, Gays and Bi sexuals are a product of what we call budding or propagation in agriculture.

  70. Malawianah says:

    Is this ajoke?.U paid them for the pose so that u can fool us that they were lovers.Pls stop yr evil campaigne 4 God is watching u.Americans pls leave Africa alone.

  71. Rasta says:

    THis is RUBBISH please take down those pictures NOW!!!

  72. Kwangwagwa says:

    So, how could they be in existence if their parents did not bear them or if their parents turned out to be homosexual. Foolish fools.

  73. Bigdwag says:

    What misuse and wastage of precious biological and natural resources!!!

  74. john muhulele says:

    lesbians dont deserve space in Malawi lets enact laws which are going to put deplorable acts to rest ie life imprisonment


    Muzamuziwa YEHOVA pasikulosiriza.

  76. malawian says:

    Pajatu jb anavomereza zimenezi. one of then ndi mwana wa jb oponyo mtila kachali wanyamula mzakeyo she’s in 3rd yr at BIU doing BBA.

  77. yousuf says:

    Amalawi tiyeni tiwonese umozi pankhani ya nmaukwati amenewa, kodi ndi chifukwa chiyani mulungu analenga mwamuna ndi m’kazi? Kwa amene amasatila baibulo kapena qurani, chifukwa chiyani mulungu anawona sodomu ndi gomola? Chonde tisalore lamulo limenelo la ukwati wamuna kapena akazi wokhawokha kumalawiko, dziko lamalawi ndi lowopa mulungu tiyenela kulemekeza malamulo amulungu omwe akuletsa maukwati amuna kapena akazi wokhawokha.nkhato tingalore lamulo limenelo, mulungu azatiwononga ngati m’mene anawonongera mizinda ya sodomu ndi gomola.

  78. frank says:

    Inu anthu mukulimbikitsa ukwati wamuna kapena akazi wokhawokha mwayiwala zimene zinawonekera anthu anthawi ya m’neneli lothi kodi chauta anatani kumadera awa sodomu ndi gomola? Chifukwa chiyani anawawononga?

  79. Yobe boo says:

    America is bringing RUBBISH to Malawi. God pliz help to protect your Christian country.

  80. jurgement says says:

    no wonder we’r about to go as it was with abraham&lot chose ur side.

  81. Bond says:

    Zimenezi ndi zitsirudi mukazipeza a zibambo zikwereni mpaka michira yanu isupuke

  82. Soesten Chimimba says:

    Gift Trapence and your friends God is watching you.No sooner or later you will dearly pay for your greedy.I stay in Asia and Asians are deeply rooted in their culture and there is no way an American can come and impose western culture in Asia,Africa yaphweka bwanji??Please come back to your senses guys,I plead with you.

  83. mboniyabwalo says:

    Sodom and Gomorrah

  84. za says:

    inendipita ndikawachinda akufuna kuwanyengakkkkkkk

  85. Onasiwelo says:

    It is a a mazing how on earth one would want to promote the devilish act, if GOD firstly burn people it was because of the same sins ,people can we not learn from this? Do we not have Bibles, have we gone mad? Malawi I am sorry for you if this madness does not stop then a very great calamity will fall you. Burn all guys and lesbians alive, they are worse than any animal because animals know who to mate with, even insects dogs you name it, what is wrong with you? If your fathers and mothers were all guys and lesbians would you have born? Stupid idiots I know you and your stupid Gift of a Man mudzafa imfa yowaw agalu inu I hate you you all stupid idiots guys and lesbians.

  86. gada says:

    Why do these lesbians and gays want to hold everyone at ransom to openly support what them do to each other???

    Frankly speaking, nobody really bothers about them as long as they are not forcing to make out with those that are straight, I believe that should be a fair summary of such a report but somebody wants us all to embrace what’s alien amongst us.

    Can one gay or lesbians come I’m the open with a claim of abuse! And the media is paid to make such noise which is not newsworthy at all!!!

  87. Chikadzakuwani says:

    You dogs makolo anu mulinawo koma, mukunva bwanji chomwechi?

  88. m'bantu says:

    this is shameful. cedep and chrr, you are a shame to malawi. kodi ndi kusowa kwa ntchito komweku for u to promote nyansi zotere? atsikanawo mwachita kuwalipira kuti ajambulidwe atavula, you r just fooling urself.

  89. snaiper says:

    It is so sad that a thing everyone expect that it will bright happiness it is bringing very sad effects on earth you white people you decived as with human right the whole world received that without knowing your agenda behind your r showing your true colours, see now what catholic church is doing in vantican very shameful to the lucifer follower pop franciss

  90. LERO says:

    The two naked ladys were captured in a shower having bath…..however, are we being told that CEDEP is happy with their nakedness? Does CEDEP mean nakedness? are they advocating for nakedness? I know some guys who received money from CEDEP officials to claim they are gay… you remember how much money you splashed to meeting participants at CIVIC OFFICES in Mzuzu last year? Do you remember how long the meeting took? I dont know what you guys are doing…CEDEP you are a shame

    1. gada says:

      I wish I knew how long that meeting in Mzuzu took but I am more than certain those 2 pictures the girls were paid to pose like lesbians lovers when they are not!

  91. dyakumusi says:

    Yes there is nothing wrong for two consenting adults of the same sex to have sex in the confines of their bedroom. This country should enact laws that prevent discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation. I for one wouldn’t hesitate to have sex with my fellow woman if i can find one. After all its more sweeter to have sex with a fellow woman than having a man’s Dick up in my cunt-hole, the orgasm is massive!

  92. mboba says:

    I Love seeing beautiful women together. That’s hot.

  93. kapena kulibe amuna, kuzungulira mitu basi, xautsiru basi.

  94. Adona says:

    Wachinyamata sangalala ndi moyo wako, Koma Mulungu azakuweluza. Last days indeed.

  95. Emmanuel Ndola says:

    God in heaven knows whatever is happening in this world but let try to follow what the says to us through our holly bible, God bless Malawi and My family.

  96. chilungamo says:

    I urge all well meaning malawians not to subsribe to this satanism/luciferianism stealthly disguised as human rights being championed by local agents of western paganism.The advocates of these destructive and subversive movements have one thing in common:western finance.Thats the reason you will find the same people or ngo’s advocating for secular humanism(satanism in disguise)and abortion(human sacrifice in disguise)These movements have completely decimated western civilisation.Is that what we want here?Homosexuality is developmental mental disorder(misala)it was always classified as such until 1973 when the power elite in usa bullied the american psychiatric association into reclassifying it as sexual orientation.The purpose was to use homosexuals to dimantle the nuclear(traditional) family.The power elite since ancient times have always courted slave labour.The easiest people to enslave are ones without a family.We learn life skill from our family from the very first day we are born.When we are detached from family the pagan elite diguised as the government fills the void to push for destructive social programs.Homosexuals dont normally get married,they cant have kids,and are naturally promiscuous.Ironically this discription fits the lifestyles of many heterosexuals today.By advocating this homosexual agenda,the pagan elite have managed to make heterosexuals behave like homosexuals.

  97. adam ofewa kaunda says:

    final days,,,,,,

  98. Common sense says:

    A God fearing nation when it comes to sexuality but when it comes to cashgate and nepotism, we are a God fearless nation.

  99. Maka Eziokwu says:

    We are Africans and we frown at the so-called alternative lifestyle.
    We have been told that contrary to popular opinion, gayism is not biological. And because every choice has a consequence as such, those who choose to practice gayism should be bold enough to live with the consequences.

    America and the West would like us to adopt their alternative lifestyle which negates our cultural norms, but would not legalise polygamy in their climes.

    This is cultural imperialism in its worst form and Malawians and Africans should do well to “shine their eyes”.

  100. Nyasa says:

    Here in the USA, some states criminalize homosexuality. So it is not only in African continent. Tell that mzungu kuti ngakhale kwawo kuno some states don’t allow homosexuality. Abwere kuno ameneyo azawawuze azungu amzakewa kaye.

  101. ANDY says:


  102. Taelos says:

    Whether human rights or what ever,,thats bushit

  103. Mtupatupa says:

    Worse than dogs, they better leave Malawi and live in the USA, where animals of such behaviour are toralated in the name of human rights. At first it was majority concerns to be taken care of, and now is minority rights, whch is whch?

  104. John wa Chilungamo says:

    The issue is not the laws but the mindset of the majority of Malawians. We believe that when the majority believe in one thing then everybody should take the cue. I believe that what they call democracy. Religion in Malawi has guided people to believe that God only made one Adam and one Eve. If you look at this as just a story, why then are there no stories about a man and a man and a woman and a woman

  105. mphatso says:

    mukufuna kuti aphedwe kapena anyengedwe amenewa eti?Bwanji mpaka mwayika zithunzi showing their faces.Kuti mudziti boma la APM lilibe human rights you idiots.Ife tidzingokuyangani tione kuti mulowera kuti

  106. Yaki says:

    Awa ndiye agalu achabe chabe komanso mabungwe adyela ndindalama akulimbikitsa zopusazi zidakakhala chonchi anthu akanabadwa mdziko. Kodi zimenezi ndizimene adanena Mulungu muona akulangani Chiuta.

  107. Sosten Gwengwe says:

    Koma ti ma vvti tamiyendo yabwino bwanji? Ine ndiye ndazikodzera. Umuna ungotuluka okha ndikatiganizira tiatsikanati. Mbolo sikuphwa.

  108. Desire Austin Mtegha says:

    Izi ndiye ndi agalu agalu,sifodya ameneyo ndipo ngati zili zimenezo dziko lathu chipembezo chigwa,ngat amuna akuxowa osangopezana ndi amisala munjilamu coz alipo2 ambiri.

  109. Noxy says:

    Atsikana inu kukongola kumeneku nkumapanga za u Lesbian.Iyi ndi advert mukufuna muzitotesa amuna kuti akufunsileni inu.Za dala dala izi. This is to showcase your beauty.

  110. Chiswa Bumbu says:

    Komaaa mbuz zimenez uhule basi ndie mukuvapo zichan mmmmixx

  111. dzina langa says:


  112. Rompwa says:

    Zoputsa basi!

  113. "A NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    God made Adam for Eve. He never made Adam for Steve or Eve for Sophie. Surely we are in the very last days. LORD HAVE MERCY INDEED.

    1. johnM says:

      No my friend God made Eve for Adam and not vice versa as you have put it

  114. amadeus says:


  115. BigMan says:

    “A wave of intense homophobia”? I dont agree with this lie. I live in Malawi, where is this homophobia. Most Malawians wouldnt care less with what you wish to engage in in the privacy of your bedroom as long as all involved are consenting adults. The problem is these gay NGO’s know they will not get funding unless there is a problem that they can say they are trying to deal with. This is why they have gone out of their way with an “in your face” campaign tyring to force the average Malawian including our children to embrace homosexuality.

    As a Malawian man and father, i have a right to disagree with homosexuality especially when you try to force it down my throat (no pun intended). So when i disagree with your unnatural behaviour dont call prejudiced, i simply dont agree that having a desire to french kiss and thrust my manhood into another man’s hairy behind is natural or normal behaviour. It doesnt matter if you say you are born that way, it still doesnt make it ok. People who are pedophiles, or like to sleep with their own goats may also have been born like that, but it doesnt make it ok!

    As for your picture of the two pretty girls happily frolicking in the shower, that is not a picture of homosexuality, put up a picture of two grown men in the sexual act and let people judge how natural that is.

  116. Mtukwa Chimpango Gwaza says:

    Dzitsilu zenizeni.anyapapi.m’malo momawerenga ali busy ndi zaultsilu zankutu.mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  117. Switky says:

    Sodom and……………!

  118. Munnyabu says:

    A trapence: are ur sisters,brothers and cousins gay/lesibians? Munalowa ntchito ya usatanic God is watching u remember u disgrace ur parents with ur sinful coments

  119. joo mwinimoyokkk says:

    amalawi kaya ndindalama zitipha koma zoona tizisapota zimenezi kamba kofunachuma? kumbukani sodom ndi gomora ngati ndiwanda tiyeni tiyambe kuyang’ana kumwamba

  120. khokholiwa says:


  121. Mneneli Wonyenga says:

    Tikuoneka tonzuna bwanji!!!!

  122. Khu says:

    Zau hule basi..amunafe mbolo zikungokhala kumachita kupanga zimbiri nde akazinu kumasewelesa nyini zanuzo…..its not fair.

  123. Anonabhani says:

    Mthumwi za satana izo. Zingofuna kubweretsa EBOLA basi. Munya muona!

  124. chimmar says:

    malawi is not ready 4 homosexuality ,the human rights organisations of malawi r stupid they dnt knw wat they r fighting 4 they are just after money.

  125. Peter banda says:

    Mwana wamulungu wayandikila bas….

  126. moses says:

    kkkk koma umphawi siwabwino kkkkk

  127. hendrina says:

    anyani amenewa. ulemu wa munthu wamkazi unatha basi. kale likati lizibwelera inu. kudalibe zoterezi ku malawi.

  128. Rodger says:

    may the gud Lord grant them 4gvness & change their lives

  129. Locxycie dh getto boy says:

    What are they feeling pamenepa zachamba etii

  130. Sidix says:

    CEDEP and CHRR officials have wives and chains of sex partners. Trampese is married and has dozens of sex chains forming sex web as in food web in all district of Malawiand abroad. Why promoting stupidity? There is no relative of these promoters amongst the gays or lesbians but they are busy spoiling us. Charity begins at home, so please start with your family members and relatives.

  131. V1 says:

    Tsoka kwa iye okwanilitsa malemba…

  132. Wodzitsata says:

    Mudzafa imfa yowawa zedi!

  133. Poor patie says:

    Prof chisi amakonda zimenezo and thanks heaven he lost election by zero margin mukanaliona ziko lausilo ndi nyasi zimenezo if u dont believe mark my words. Where and how he got money for campaign buying zitenje for the whole country a lecture at college of medicine even dpp sinagawe zambiri as compaired to umodzi party. Bola mwanva ndibweranso God is watching you Ankhwere inu shupit.

    1. nothi says:

      Umampangila nsanje chisi, wopusa iwe. He is a professor pamapeto a school iwe uli ndi chani kapamba. Go to hell!

  134. Innocent waya says:

    Shit happens, go rot in hell fools, kod kumakhala kuli kusowa amuna??

  135. Joloza says:

    Tsono inuyo mabelewo mwawaona, ife ndiye kutiyikirapo zofiira kuti chani inuyo? Asiyeni ifenso tione, kaya mpaka buyazo, zisiyeni tizione, mmesa ndi mmene afunira oniyake!!

  136. Wotota says:

    Sodomu ndi Gomola,kumuputa Yahwe uku.

  137. BOBOLONGWE says:

    koma satana wayima pa malawi. agalu kumatiposa kuganiza?

  138. kanundu says:

    Izi ndizosavomerezeka pamaso pa mulungu koma chillango ndi matemberero zipite kwa akuluakulu amene akuvomereza izi chifukwa popanga ndikulimbikitsa izi akufuna azipeza ndalama. Mapeto ake aike dziko lathu pa chiopsyezo chosagwirizana ndi maiko azungu amene amalimbikitsa zimenezi. Ndithu mulungu amene anaotcha Sodom ndi Gomola achite nawo akuluakulu akuno kanthu pofuna kuthetsa izi kwathu kuno. Dyera pa satana NDALAMA.

  139. America says:

    tiyeni yambani titazingokuphani basi zausiluzo muike mu dziko lathu?? mwaimika kutithandiza ndye muzingolimbikila za chambazo

  140. fumu yoks says:

    quality pic. me like it

  141. nkhedu says:

    zausilu basi.tazionani pamenepo ndiye zikumvapo chiyani zima student zo? ndikubwera konko ndizakukwapuleni asakhwi the way ali ndi makolo amenewa?

    1. Bongololo says:

      Wadokela waka iwe. Mkabunthu nthena mwati waka tukumu sono.

    2. norway says:

      Wafunsatu bwino pamenepa. Ali ndi makolo atsikana amenewa, if yes akutipo chani? kapena ndi ma prodigal daughters? silly

    3. Liberty says:

      Its their choice, they are old enough. Iwe panga zako kapolo iwe

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