Rev Chimwemwe Mhango preaches Mwawi Kumwenda in Sunday sermon

Livingstonia synod rebel clerk Chimwemwe Mhango on Sunday during his church sermon at Kanengo CCAP in Lilongwe emphatically pleaded with the congregation to vote for Malawi’s sole netball export Mwawi Kumwenda in the ongoing international athlete of the year competition.

Rev Chimweme Mhango garner support for Mwawi

Rev Chimweme Mhango garner support for Mwawi

This was a great departure from usual traditional church sermons from traditional clerics that dwell on salvation, the warning to people to leave sin and be clean before God if they are to enter His kingdom.

Rev Mhango told the largely youthful congregation to use the internet to vote for Kumwenda, the best netballer of her time.

Current data shows she is leading among the other nominated 80 athletes worldwide.

In an interview later, Mhango defended his decision, saying he serves people of different appetites including those that love sports.

“The people we deal with as a church, love sports, watch sports and play sports. Sports is not a sin before God. For Mwawi to be where she is today it is because of God. There is nothing abominable and sinful about sports, even God is proud of sports,” said Mhango.

He said if Mwawi wins, she will put Malawi on world map and this should be cause for pride for all Malawians.

“She cannot be there if we are not there for her,” said Mhango.

He said it is normal to preach issues that affect the everyday life of his congregation apart from salvation and the word of God as the church now becomes the intergral part of the society it serves.

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27 thoughts on “Rev Chimwemwe Mhango preaches Mwawi Kumwenda in Sunday sermon”

  1. mercy says:

    is there anywhere in the bible GOD said He loved sports…,,,osatinamidzapo apa chimwemwe mhango nafenso bible timalitsata,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,its wrong to say that in a church…because people gather in there to hear the word of God….what can voting help them….zinazi kumaona mmalo omadziwitsana otherwise a true man of GOD cannot do that…..

  2. @Mtumbuka wa Tumbuka, can’t spell cockroaches and claim to be smarter than southerners. I bate you my friend I am Yao but I am very much smarter than you. Koma abale ndi ma labourer omwe azizipopa chonchi. Usongolo eti. A wiche akuno Mangochi twa jausye ku dagala akalitundile.

  3. Economic Commentator says:

    So does it mean the whole sermon was about Mwawi? Nyasatimes musatimate phula apa! You mean he spent the whole 2 hours talking of Mwawi? I think this was just an aside issue, a commercial break so to speak. Couldn’t last more than 2 or 3 minutes. When I was young, we used to have an MP make a statement in church on a development issue. I also recall the preacher encouraging people to participate in a vaccination campaign against measles. No big deal!

  4. Nichoras Dausi says:

    Nde mwati mavotedwe ake ndiotani!

  5. namarokoro says:

    Mtumbuka wa atumbuka, you can’t even spell ‘cockroaches’ and you call yourself better than others. Pathetic motherfucker!

  6. chimbavi says:

    When an opportunity to report is given to fools, this is what we end up reading… I dont think a sane Orgnanisation can employ this kind of a guy. Analysis skills… 0/10. I like sports coz thats one of the activities that keeps our youths busy and their minds fresh. Mind you, idle minds are very good devil’s workshops. When our youths are busy with education or sports unlike being busy stealing, gossiping or commiting fornication, we will be a proud nation.

  7. Mtumbuka wa Atumbuka says:

    makamaka Chimwemwe Mhango!!! ise atumbuka we are the jews of Malawi. look at them, they think kuchinda is equivalent to school. even sports imene timawaposa vachawa ivi. lets form our own country then they will be entering like coachloches becoming illegal immigrants in the process

  8. Phiri wa Ku Mchinji says:

    Munthuyutu akukula koma akuanga za chi babay

  9. kk says:

    Kodi akanakhala wa ku mwela mukanapanga campaign imeneyi. Did you do the same to Chalemba the boxer. Mwawonatu a Tumbuka. Amakhala a bwino akamafuna chithu kwa anthu a mitundu ina. Akawina apa munva zomwe azinena zoyipa za mitindu ina. Any way as a Malawian, I have already voted more than 10 times.

  10. Nsanje muleke says:

    Mwawi refused to play for the national team because she was fighting for her fellow players and not as mwananjobvu thinks. I wish Owen Khamula should also tell us the Chapter read on that particular sunday. Tribalism will never take us any further. Chilemba does boxing while Mwawi does netball. Kodi bible limabvomereza ndeu?

  11. Eduardo Happy says:

    Inu a reporter we don’t say clerk but cleric. Do you need to go back to secondary school to learn English basics.

  12. daudi mj says:

    That is good pastor. That is part of patriotism. If Mwawi wins, it will be good for all of us here. Let us support our own beloved sister

  13. hopekings says:

    she is our own national player she need our votes,if we dont vote who else wl do that 4 us?

  14. ZALEWA says:

    Love thy neighbour
    As you love thyself
    Then you can see
    The love of our God.
    Without that;NO Prosperity !!
    NO Blessings !!

  15. 2016 welcome says:

    Grammar check! My fellow nyasa commenters; there is nothing like OFTENLY. Often is an adverb. For example: I often visit my uncle in Dedza.

  16. Nkhombokombo says:

    Good work Abusa! No need for Mbwenu-mbwenu or pretence! Vote Kwawi! She is selling Malawi like the London Paper, she deserves a little something from the MK295ml! Go!go!go! Mwaw!!

  17. Who cares says:

    I have more important things to worry about than ths silliness. Malawi is in serious trouble

  18. nedisoni mitambo says:

    Neddy Mtambo, as an accountant, waiwerenga kale. Ukufuna ususepo

  19. aaaaa says:

    Really???? Silly article

  20. peter Hussein says:

    I ndeed Mwayi deserves our support to win the award but one question to Rev Chimwemwe Mhango why did you not do the same to world class boxer Chilemba is it because he z not from home region please be fair with prayers as God sees everything All the best Mwayi Kumwenda

  21. Lord says:

    Musayambepo za umbwenumbwenutu yapa, ife timavota bwinobwino, paja munazolowera zokangangana ndi maphokosa

  22. wasoka says:

    chalakwika chiyani?

  23. Neddy Mtambo says:

    Mwawi should market Malawi to the greatest level , lets vote , please remind us offenly how to vote ,

    Neddy Mtambo ,
    Radio Maria

  24. The Photo Analyst says:

    Maybe it’s only in my squinted eyes or in my wildest dreams but Chimwemwe Mhango yu amaonenga ngati amasuta chamba. And that given a tot of Kachasu, amaoneka kuti sangakane. And therefore, more of a man of crooked ways than a messenger. Anyway, God has his own ways and knows no weird-looking messengers.

  25. Mwananjovu says:

    I have voted for Mwawi several times. It is a lesson learnt for Mwawi as she can remember, she was refusing to play for Malawi team and now she needs Malawians most to vote for her. This is the world

  26. Malawiano says:

    Owen Khamula the writer, is there any need to introduce him like that? Do you have issues with him? Were you in church just to pick errors? are you a fault finder?

    Which scripture did he read for the sunday sermon?

  27. MG2 says:

    Is it because she is from wakwithu? kkk! Atumbuka tsopano!

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