Salima chief says her subjects have no interest in education

While some schools across the country are overwhelmed with learners ready to sit for the 2015 Primary School Leaving Certificate Exams (PSLC), only 22 learners of which nine are girls will sit for the national exams at Mchoka Primary school in the area of Group Village Head Ndindi, Traditional Authority Ndindi in Salima.

Group village head woman Ndindi

Group village head woman Ndindi

Mchoka Full Primary School started in the 1970’s and the total enrollment for 2014/15 school year is 1231 learners with the highest enrollment recorded in the junior classes from standard 1 to 5.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Wednesday, Group Village Ndindi and Group Village Magumbwa who are serviced by the school said that the high number of drop outs is a clear manifestation that children and their parents in the area are not interested with education.

“Indeed if we compare the number of learners in standard one and those that are preparing for the standard eight exams, everybody will know that there is something wrong in this area,” said group Village Head Ndindi.

“Yes we should admit that the parents are showing no interest to have their children in school that is why the children are just dropping out as they wish,” said the chief.

In his words Group Village Magumbwa said that the drop outs are there because the children are stubborn and not ready to obey their parents.

“The children here are very stubborn they do not obey their parents on the issues of school, they love to go to video show rooms rather than in school, while the girls drop out to get married or they fall pregnant on the way,” said Chief Magumbwa.

Meanwhile the Salima District Council is implementing a project called supported United Nation Improving Access and Quality of Education for Girls Agencies (UNFPA, WFP and UNICEF) and Mchoka primary school is one of the beneficiaries.

Asked if the project will be able to change the perspective of the community on education and girl education in particular, Group Village Headman Magumbwa said the program will create the awareness but he doubted if the perspective of his subjects will change.

“The project is good as people will come to know the evil of early marriages and other things which are being highlighted but I am not sure if that will end the fashion of being uneducated,” said the chief.

According to information sourced from Mchoka School in 2014 only 36 learners sat for PSLC of which 14 were girls and in 2013 only 38 learners sat for PSLC of which 15 were girls.

The information showed that in 2014/15 there were a total of 419 learners in standard one of which girls were 193 the number drop as the classes go up and at standard six there are 45 learners 14 being girls.

The headmaster for the school Sailos Mzuwala described the situation at his school as pathetic.

“As you can see from the data every year we enroll so many learners in the lower classes but they gradually disappear as they go up the ladder,” said Mzuwala.

As teachers we try as much as possible to retain the girls and boys in school but we do not have support from their parents.

“if we had the support from the parents, I hope the situation could not have been as sad as it is now,” said Mzuwala.

Mzuwala also said that the promotion of girl’s education program is likely to bring some change although it will face many challenges as it struggled to make a behavior change.

Unconfirmed reports says that the area around Mchoka primary school has very few people who have managed to get to secondary school let alone finish form four and can be head counted.

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30 thoughts on “Salima chief says her subjects have no interest in education”

  1. kandulu says:

    Commentsukulu yathu pamodzi ndi uladi mussa

  2. Martha tambuseni says:

    Even the chief knows that his subject are not interested in education.They only wait quota and get weeded to colleges for incompetence.People should be selected basing on merit.

  3. angoni says:

    Kodi kumeneku a Gable anakhala akupitakotu aka zambiri. Anthuwa ndi okanika. I don’t see what will change

  4. Wa ku Mchinji says says:

    A mfumu sadzalemela awa. Timati Ali yense amene satumiza mwana Ku sukulu alipile mbuzi… koma khola lakelo ayiyayi yayayaya

  5. Young&Denzel says:

    Me and my younger brother think that. If the authorities try ban the video shows not to show during class time and start 2pm i think maybe maybe it can work. We have been given time by amama to watch tv up to 8 pm from sunday to friday so that we should not sleep in class we tried to complain to mr and he said i cant do anything am not there. Mwinanso makolowo samakhala ndi chidwi bkuthamangisila anawo kusukulu ngati mmene amatipangila ife amama

  6. zibobo says:

    One problem has not been mentioned here, this area should be provided with Immigration office so that passports shud be accessed easily. Anthuwa maloto awo, nzeru zawo, umunthu wawo cholakalaka chawo ndikupita ku Jon kukagwira maganyu. Sukulu alibe nayo ntchito, honestly, this area is full of muslims and these pple hav nothing to do with education (boko-hallam)

  7. TRINTANCE says:

    May U also Train Parents coz they can help kuti ana aphuzire!

  8. Lufita boy says:

    makolo amenewa ndi mbuzi za anthu,chiefs should conduct civic education to their people

  9. Chimalilo says:

    this issue is not only for parents but also NGOs must support yes the issue is video but also fishing you found alot of people go for fishing than to go to school the same as in phalombe T/A Chiwalo and Jenala is the same situation lets join hand to make better Malawi

  10. kangaroo says:


  11. Tiyanjane says:

    The chief’s concerns are honest and valid. There is need for an in-depth look at what and how out-of-school actvities attract children much more than in school interventions. I am worried that VH Magumbwa plainly admits his doubts on effectiveness of the proposed intervention. Obviously, the problem here is bigger than lack of physical structures and other resources. Benedicto Kondowe et al, here is an assignment for you.

  12. Zebron h banda says:

    Introduce compulsory education for all children particularly girls.Parents whose children aren’t at school be arrested to explain why.This is so prevalent amongst the chewa and yao tribes.Districts along the lakeshore like Nkhota kota,Salima,Mangochi and Machinga are tops.

  13. Edwin says:

    The fashion of being uneducated, seriously? All video shows should be monitored to curb this nosense. All drinking points should be monitored as well. Si zoona zikuchitika ku Lifidzizi

  14. martin chikocho says:

    parents should make corrections from their. mistakes in contributing of school dropouts

  15. Jozza says:

    Achawa a ku Salima mabuluti/mbuzi za mano kunsi. Adzagula machine osokera azidzasoka

  16. Tiko says:

    I am in the north where the same scenario prevails. Most of the boys go to RSA and girls marry early and mostly with very old people. Check Nkhatabay and Mzimba. This problem is for the whole country. Its high time we start compursory education and put retsrictions on education obstructions like video rooms and early marriages.

  17. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    This is shameful, as there are many parts of the country where these trends are evident. Broadly, this impinges on gender equality in future. And so, the renowned polemical MCP politician, Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula should spend some of her energy on this very important issue; in her own home district. The MP should treat this problem seriously, if she wants to shore up her reputation as a feminist. Seriously.
    By contrast, If this was happening anywhere near Nkando, you would see Ms. Kaliati, the urgent one, already strategizing as soon as the report shows up on this screen. And within days, she would be all over the map, in her area, talking to, or even lecturing (and why not?) chiefs and other local leaders.
    We should all advocate for our daughters, and tell them they are as good as any boy. Period.

  18. Tateyo says:

    Very pathetic the whole area becoming mad.KuMalawi ufulu wachuluka aliyense akungopanga zomwe afuna dziko singapite patsogolo.

  19. Mwiza says:

    In addition to the stated strategies let’s enforce the laws on marriage, entertainment etc. Entertainment centres, for example, should open after school.

  20. Bwitoto says:

    Kodi uyoyo wavala mzuli? Nnasala sapita ku sukulu koma ku Madrassa.Asiyeni akuziwa chimene akupanga.

  21. ine says:

    Uladi Mussa sangapange kanthu in his area on this coz he is the beneficiary, anayamba kukhala MP 1994 mpaka lero No any potential Challenger. Is this one of his strategies??? May be

  22. Citizen says:

    iwe vwavwa ukat phuno ngat chogwirira chachidhindo pamenepo. ngat ulintumbuka ndizako zimenezo. atumbuka ndinu anthu ozikonda nde musaziyerese coz of this issue. mukakhala pacompany ndekut muzazapo akukaya. wakwithu-wakwithu ndekut chan? mimba zanu.

  23. watereka says:

    no blame game in the future please

  24. Namalila says:

    Government, please intervene on this and a need be apply force to let the children go to school.
    Failing to do that, we are taming future criminals and murders, ufiti nkati.

  25. Tseketseke says:

    Ubulutu Wanuwo Patsogolo Muzizati A Kumpoto Akuphangira Ntchito Ndiye Boma Lipange Quota System.

  26. CommentI think the mps for the district should take a leading role sensitising their subjects the need of education, asamangoyankhulisa m’maradiomu ayi azipita kwao kukagulitsa ubwino wa maphunziro, Kabwira , Uladi Mussa katiyeni.

  27. Joogerman says:

    people in most parts of the country respect marriage more than continuing education,the other problem is that many learners do realise that their parrent will not afford secondary school education.The funny thing is that primary school education is free while secondary school education is thousands of kwacha,in conclusion primary education could have been paying so that the same money could have been used by govt to lower the fees in community day secondary primary education has only ruined the country as the issue more political than logical.

  28. Kokotowa says:

    New breed of zigawenga. Iwe Kabwila go and talk to your stubborn relatives to go to school!

  29. matthews says:

    Makolo ganizani bwino za tsogolo la ana

  30. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    The result of this madness is that those from Salima will blame northerners in future for poor representation in colleges and top jobs. Envy and jealousy against other people have roots in such type of cultural background. You have to blame someone for your own plight and circumstances

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