Sepp resigns as Fifa president four days after being re-elected

Sepp Blatter resigned as Fifa president on Tuesday, four days after being re-elected to a fifth term.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter gestures after he was re-elected at the 65th FIFA Congress

FIFA President Sepp Blatter gestures after he was re-elected at the 65th FIFA Congress

Blatter, 79, announced the decision at an unexpected news conference in Zurich, six days after the FBI raided a hotel in Zurich and arrested several Fifa officials.

After holding the role for 17 years he was re-elected after his only rival, Jordan’s Prince Ali bin Al Hussein withdrew after losing heavily in the first round of voting.

. “I will call an extraordinary congress to elect my successor as soon as possible,” he said. “I am very linked to Fifa and its interests and that is why I have taken this decision.

“What counts most to me is the institution Fifa and football around the world.”

The announcement came as a major surprise to the footballing world, with Blatter adamant he would not step down despite mounting pressure in recent weeks.

Blatter’s announcement comes after Fifa has admitted it paid $10million destined for the South Africa World Cup to an account controlled by the disgraced former vice-president Jack Warner. The payment followed a letter from the South African FA to Fifa secretary general Jerome Valcke.

“I had stood again to be elected as I thought it was the best option. The election was closed but the challenges that Fifa are facing have not come to an end. Fifa needs a profound restructuring.

“Although the members of Fifa gave me a new mandate, this mandate does not seem to be supported by everyone in the world.

“I have thoroughly thought about my presidency and the last 40 years in my life. These years were closely related to Fifa. I only want to do the best for Fifa and football.”

Due to existing Fifa rules on the notice periods required for elections and for candidates to present themselves, the election may not take place until at least December.

Domenico Scala, chairman of the Fifa audit and compliance committee addressed the conference after Blatter;

“While the timing will ultimately be up to the executive committee, the timing of election is likely to be between December and March.”

Meanwhile the Swiss attorney general have insisted that Blatter is not under investigation by Swiss authorities. Leaving us no closer to the rationale behind Blatter’s sudden change of mind.

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15 thoughts on “Sepp resigns as Fifa president four days after being re-elected”

  1. Willie Chirwa says:

    The whole CAF block voted for Sepp Blatter while they pretty well knew that this FIFA institution was tainted with corruption. Secondly we have Burundi trying to do away with the big man syndrome which some of us may like or dislike and Blatter is that syndrome in football administration. Now we hear of South Africa trying to clean its face in the wake of the $10 million payment to the diaspora in the Carribean, which diaspora are they talking about if not just trying to save their corrupted and xenophobic face. The Carribean is fairly well off than your close countries like Malwi were you donated a brand new second hand bus FAM being the first user in Malawi. To FAM yes the now retiring FIFA president did assist Malawi not with personal money but FIFA money (whoever takes the mantle will not do otherwise) and you went there voting blindly dispite that glaring corruption which he sat on , if i were to say you were also bought will that be far from the truth gentlemen.

    Next time at the extra ordinary conference go there and vote using your brains and not your toes and never again join silly bandwagons for the sake of it.

  2. Zakwathu says:

    Walter you are also part of beneficiaries for FIFA apple pocketing and dont dare to stand,you have corrupted alot of affiliates to vote for you,and also palm oiling some of journalists to write good news favouring you.Walter has spoiled our futobol,No money no position in FAM

  3. smadav says:

    Atsogoleri anzeru amatero osati wachaholi aku Africa.

  4. Bubu says:

    This was obvious. I for one wondered how he thought he could stand up to them. It did not matter whether UEFA was against him or not. If States says no, its no!! period!!!.

    One can win the vote from corrupt African and South American delegation. But majority does not count if US says no!!. Was he going to fund FIFA from his own pocket? US controls the sponsors.

    I hope our delegation did not benefit in any traceable way from this corrupt money. We are not taking about ACB in Malawi here. We are talking about FBI. Check me!!!

  5. chinena says:

    Walter Nyamilandu u wasted Malawi’s vote on this International fraud starm

  6. Namatchaitsa says:

    Walter emulate your evil master and resign!

  7. Captain says:

    Naye Zaka 79 unafika potchedwa mfiti iwe. Leave it for others

  8. Patriotic says:

    US power ikhoza kugwetsa Tina fragile Third World Governments should they want to. Fare thee well Blatter

  9. Bakha Nkhomano says:

    Only if Malawians would borrow a leaf, bwenzi pano zinthu ziri bwino. Koma kuno Mbava zonse zikunjoya kuyambira m’boma kufika ku civil society. Mwachitsanzo, Billy Mayaya ndi mnzake McDonald Sembereka anaba ndalama ku HRCC zoposa 50million kwacha. But they now pose as saints even before paying back the money. They also feel they have the moral highground to attack their fellow thieves. Kodi Anganya inu Billy Mayaya ndi Mcdonald Sembereka mubweza liti 50 million ya ku HRCC.

  10. oneil says:

    le hm go, old guard lacks innovations. poor blatter cant xcape americans!!

  11. oga chijoke says:

    I knew he wouldn’t last and I said as much.He is definitely involved in the scandals otherwise he wouldn’t have been strong armed into resigning.

  12. Arridiverci ! says:

    Goodbye Sepp !
    If I were you , knowing that I am the corruptest Guy that ever ran Fifa , and knowing that I had finally been smoked out, I would not have stood for re election .
    You had the mentality of an African President, “third term, and then life term” as if no one else in the world could do a better job. Stubborn and impervious to innovative ideas , dictatorial to the core, no wonder the African praise singers sung your praises !
    Goodbye , Aurrivoir , Arrideverci , Sayonara , Aufwidersehen , hamba kahle , Kwaheli ,
    I think I have said it in enough world languages !

    Go And Stay Gone

  13. Charter says:

    Blatter out, goal technology in!

  14. Wa-Makala says:

    From now, I will not underestimate the power of Americans’ influence in global business. They just proved that they can literally change the course of almost anything…

    1. Zikomankhani says:

      In this case Europe as well. The threat of some UEFA members, and sponsors, pulling out of FIFA was just too much for Blatter. Africa and Asia may have the votes, but not much else.

      The fact that we gloss over or even glorify corruption in Africa does not mean that everyone else has to do the same. FIFA has to be cleaned up, hopefully in time the same will happen with affiliates such as our own FAM…

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