Sex workers alliance formed in Mwanza

Mwanza District Council intends to establish a female sex workers alliance as a way of curbing the spread of HIV and Aids in the border district.

Sex workers

Sex workers

Mwanza District Aids Coordinator, Pearson Mphangwe said this when he updated DACC members of the formation of the grouping.

He said the formulation of the alliance would give sex workers opportunities to share solutions to problems they are facing in the course of their trade.

“Nowadays HIV and Aids activities are focusing on the key population such as female sex workers because they are at high risk of contracting and spreading the virus. We want to put them into groups where they can be discussing ways of preventing the virus as they are doing sex work,” he said.

He said a lot of sexual activities that are happening in the district involve sexual workers hence the formation of the grouping.

Mphangwe said members to the alliance would be female sex workers who are mobile, static and also those who are operating from their homes and have disclosed to the alliance of their sex work.

He however said the establishment of the alliance should not encourage others to engage themselves in the act as it still poses a threat

Mwanza experienced a boom of sex workers in 2013 during the construction of Moartize-Nacala railway line that has passed through the district, according to a 2013 Survey Report on Projects and HIV and Aids.

Meanwhile, Medicines Sans Frontier through a Malawi Model and Key population intervention Project has managed to reach out to 2,427 sex workers and 3,294 truck drivers with HIV services.

Medical Activities Manager for Medicines Sans Frontier, Bote Zamadenga told Mana on Thursday the number of sex workers reached with HIV activities last year has been increasing from 506 in January to 960 in March.

He further said the number of truck drivers that have also been serviced with counseling services has also gone up from 186 in January to 486 truck drivers late last year.

Zamadenga explained that female sex workers and Long Distance Truck Drivers are the main target of the project whose aim is to provide them with tailor made and comprehensive HIV and TB interventions along the corridor.

He said in Malawi the services are provided in three sites namely Mwanza District Hospital, Wellness Center, Mwanza Boarder and Zalewa clinic in Neno district.

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Kelvin Kalavina Kavalo

Where is our beloved Malawi going now??? What does it reflects to Malawian young generation? This will not solve the problem of HIV/aids spreading but encouraging prositution all across our countly which will result in high school drop out late, & more consequences in Malawi.Malawias must teach & demonstrate good moral values to our young generation not helping them digging their own graves like formation of this tellible formed union.Check this out….




Sorry!,ukaziputa Limbanazo.

Starling Kondowe,from Chikwina CDSS,in Nkhatabay
Starling Kondowe,from Chikwina CDSS,in Nkhatabay

I dont think its a good solution at all.Why cant the district council organise a behaviour change coaching on these ladies,and later put some structures which should be substitutes to their sexual work.If the alliance is formed inorder to transform them ,then its ok.Otherwise allowing them to resume prostitution,its like extinguishing fire with petrol.


mmmmh kumalawi koma


What Will The NGO Say After Fighting Against Homosexuallity?. Does God Allow Prostitution? Shame


Go Konko Kuli Madyo. Musankumbutse


Leaglising Prostitution? Really? I think you people are not serious!So if you don’t fear GOD,, who else can you fear? In any case you can not have reasons to justify your argument! Please fear GoD! take other measures to protect yourselves, form other societies to earn yor living than this unholy and cursed thinking. GOD have mercy on you and redeem you from Satan thinking.




this is progress! We need the same for Gays too….. bravo and in the name of JESUS, GOD BLESS!!!!! Equal rights for all , not just the religious bigots!!!!!

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