Pictorial focus of Prophet Bushiri giving maize in Malawi

The charismatic Leader and Founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has ventured on a philanthropic mission once again in the warm heart of Africa, Malawi with his ‘Beacon of Hope’ as charity begins at home.

Bushiri seating on top of the bags of maize before giving it to thousands

Bushiri helping a family carrying maize

Bushiri distributing maize

Thousands in Mzimba going home with a bag of maize each

In Mzuzu heaps and heaps of maize for free Bushiri says let us love one another

Thousands in different parts if the country going home with a bag of maize donated by Bushiri

Bushiri in Dedza helping a woman carry her bag as tracks offloaded thousands of maize

In Ntcheu a sea of people with a bag of maize

Bushiri, who landed at the Kamuzu International Airport earlier last week,  made known to all that despite popular beliefs,  his charity mission is not politically inspired, but rather an act of pure love for God and  his fellow citizens.
Indeed  three days into his escapade, the flamboyant man of God is  recorded to have already  fed  over ten thousand families in the central and northern region.
According to sources within his ‘Beacon of Hope’ charity,   this week will be nothing short of the same, as Bushiri and his team are expected to storm the most affected areas with dire need of food.
In an unquestionable portrayal of empathy for his fellow citizens, the frontiers of philanthropy have been overridden as the controversial Prophet has grabbed the headlines for another world class act.
Many can question his ministerial works but Bushiri has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is indeed a man of integrity by showcasing his love for people through charity.
Looking at the pictures which were taken as he distributed maize one would ask how does this youthful prophet manage to feed such unfathomable crowds.
This is a shocking pictorial focus which Nyasa Times took as he was commencing this remarkable work which as Malawians must learn to appreciate.
Thousands continue to benefit on this ‘feed the nation’ initiative regardless of religious affiliation  or beliefs.
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29 thoughts on “Pictorial focus of Prophet Bushiri giving maize in Malawi”

  1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    May Almighty God keep on blessing Bushiri more and more. people need food to eat, not cheap political propaganda

    1. Prophetess Lilly says:

      My father my father, no matter what they say about you, God is increasing you daily because you are not a fake Prophet but a choosen one, the Prophet of our generation love you my dad no matter what they say about you God is using you mightly love you Papa, your Daughter Prophetess Lilly Mpumalanga Mount Zion Christian Gatherinh

  2. Wezzie Nyangu says:

    If this maize distribution was done by a white man from Europe others could hv bn so happy but since Major 1 is a malawian basi zalakwika ,God bless Major1 for his wonderful works in Jesus name.

  3. Emmanuel says:

    This is good news no matter you others may talk/interpret it, am very happy with this young but humble prophet, go ahead Major 1????????????????

  4. ungwelu says:

    @Mmihavani. Sorry Mr/Mrs Mmihavani.

    The reference to to the Bible Teaching are misplaced. This is when you are giving out one small thing or something which can be presented as a single item in a house (not the money Chaponda stole from Malawians which he did in secrecy).

    If the exercise was programmed to do as you said one bag to an individual (privately/secretly), how many months or may be years would it have taken and the logistical costs.

    Countrymen, let us comment for real not for show!!!!
    Good day

  5. gwaza biiii says:

    You’re very happy to receive that bag of maize but you will see how painful will be when paying back. Palije munthu angazale chimanga pamapeto pake osakolola kanthu basically nkhunjila. Apa?????????

  6. Mmihavani says:

    Matthew 6:2-4

    2 “So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. 3 But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.

    1. The Zwartkop says:


    2. Abiti says:


  7. mjiba says:


  8. che nnungu says:

    Tikudziwa kuti mbava zina zachimanga zapsya mtima. Zakhala bwino zipsye mtima kwambiri. Mbuzi za nkhalamba zakuba. Thanks Major 1 Malawians love your humanly gestures

  9. Esau baison says:

    we rely appriciate man of GOD WOW!!

  10. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    From the distribution exercise one could easily deduce that even the most
    vulneable people and those who are very old were able to receive a bag of
    maize without paying even a K 50.00 or K 100.00 to be listed as a beneficiary.
    This practice of paying money to receive bags of maize
    donated by some internatinal organisations is common is some villages where
    it is enforced by some village headmen, group village headmen and even T/As
    for their own benefit. But Beacon of Hope’s distribution has never been riddled
    with this practice. Why?

  11. ZOBANDUKA says:

    Major 1, Bushiri, As a bonafide Malawian citizen, I salute you…. You came all the way from South Africa where you are based, left your comfort zone, and come to Malawi with maize to feed the poor, regardless of their faith or political affiliation, NO BURNERS of ECG behind you or whatsoever, It really shows the motive of your actions are from deep down your heart to the poor multitudes of Malawi. Our sincere thanks also goes to the People of South Africa and to all those who generously contributed for this maize to reach Malawi. I Salute You Man of God! Your rewards will be waiting for you in heaven! Keep up the good work! Thanks once again!

  12. Zedi Ntatapa says:

    Nde mwati “Shocking Pictures’?

  13. bakha says:

    malawians u r fools , munazolowera kuona ena akuvutika , whats the problems ,distribute urs

  14. Chuma Changa says:

    people will always rush to a free lunch whether in Malawi, India or the UK.
    Of course this is a good and kind gesture. Nothing wrong with giving away free food but we have to remember this is pocket change to this guy. Same way the major missionaries built schools and hospitals. The pics and article are taken(and written) with one purpose only; to raise his profile.

  15. kau says:

    major 1

  16. Beston chagala says:

    I love your GOD,I love you.Keep it up man of God.That is true love without boundary.Osati ampingo wathu okha,NO.Azitumiki ena tenganipo phunziro,ntchito kusaukitsa nkhosa mumpingo mukatere muzinyoza azitumiki anzanu kuopa kuti anthu angakuthaweni mumpingo.Do good and people will follow the goodness.ALLELUUUUJAAAAAH!!!

  17. Thyolo Thava says:

    Pamene wina ali ndi K166,000,000.00 Ma rand, Indian Rupee, pula, Namibian dollars, Ethoipian carruncy, Euro, Kunsi kwa bedi mchithumba, Wosauka alibe naye ntchito and claiming. Nanga Gudo ali wa Finance ali ndi matumba angati a ndalama. Nanga Pitala, U claim to love Malawians?
    May God forgive you anthu adyera ndi odzikonda. OSauka mulibe nawo chifundo.

    What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and yet loses his life. Muzazisiya

  18. illuminator says:

    mukati akupanga kuti anthu amuone….zonsezo apeleka bwanji mobisa????

  19. Samuel Lwara. says:

    God bless you Bushiri. Keep it up and pray for our nation. Lead the next generation to corruption free nation. God is indeed in control through you. Take whatever you can and make the sky a limit. God bless you once again.

  20. Galu says:

    The pictures are great, taken by a professional, and for the purpose of making an impact. Look how he deliberately chose the sacks to be so white. Look at this beauty of a picture where the multitudes have the bags on their shoulders all at the same time, creating a beautiful sea of white. What does the young prophet want? I mean apart from helping the needy. I sense danger because if he says I want to be your next president, he could be that. Yet I worry because mau a mulungu ndi ulamuliro wa dziko dont go together. Religious leaders could make the worst dictators since they think they know what is right and they are talking with God directly. Ruling a country by the bible could be as disastrous as these secular cashgaters.

    1. yandula says:

      Galu ndiwe wabodza; Major 1 is doing a commendable job for the citizens; osati ndalama mumasuitcase; chopondedwa basi

    2. Hot Dog (Galu Yotentha) says:

      Simon was called a Zealot. It was a political grouping of the Jews which was against the abuses of the Roman Empire. Simon was one of the twelve apostles if Jesus. Why was he chosen as an apostle when he was participating in politics. These two go together. Koma mukalowetsa dyera, nsanje, kuphana, kunyozana, Satana amadutsa momwemo nkupangitsa ndale kukhala zoipa. Major 1 is doing a commendable job pamene ena akupanira masaka a ndalama

  21. Achimidzimidzi says:

    This is extra ordinary. This man is a of action.

  22. Magufuli says:

    “Anthu achiphamaso akamachita ntchito zachifundo amachita ndi cholinga choti anthu awaone. Ndikukukuzani mwachimvekere, iwowo alandiliratu mphoto yawo!” Yesu Khristu.

  23. Owen Kazembe says:

    You are indeed a man of God Major 1. We have many people in Malawi who have money but can not do what you are doing. They feel good when they see people suffering. Next time think of how you can empower these people for them to be economically independent. God bless you abundantly.

    1. Major 10 says:


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