Simama Hotel fracas: Police arrests two girls ‘who confess lying about missing girl’

Two girls are in Police custody at Lilongwe Police Station, for admitting that they were sent to Simama Hotel to lie that they were looking for their friend whom they said had gone to the hotel with a man earlier in the day in one of the hotel rooms.

Mob at Simama Hotel after hoax of missing girl

Mob at Simama Hotel after hoax of missing girl

Simama Hotel in Lilongwe

Simama Hotel in Lilongwe

Police public Relations officer for the central region Ramsey Mushani confirmed that indeed two girls are being kept at the station.

However he could not divulge more details to avoid jeopardising the ongoing investigations.

A mob on Monday, descended at Simama Hotel, after hearing that the hotel is keeping the young girl.

Police fired teargas to disperse the mob that were pelting the stones and damaging the hotel.

According to the statement from the girls, they stay in Area 24.

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday, Simama Hotel Managing Director, Francis Simama, has condemned some media houses for fuelling the fracas by inciting the attack at the facility with sensational reporting based on unfounded and unverified information.

Simama thanked Malawi Police, hotel security and management for the support rendered to them.

“There was a bit of confusion and misinformation on the whole matter. At 2 pm two young girls made their way to the hotel exit allegedly claiming their friend had walked into hotel premises unsupervised. The security personnel was rather baffled and brought to the attention of the head security and the General Manager,” said Simama.

“We at Simama hotel have a policy of no entry of minors to the hotel premises without supervision,” said Simama.

Simama said, Malawi police were alerted and they promptly responded with six officers within 5 minutes adding that the police officers were briefed on the incident.

“They were granted permission to search the premises. Upon not finding the alleged missing girl, they proceeded to further question the girls. The girls confessed that there was no missing friend on the hotel premises.

“ To our surprise the mob outside the hotel premise had gone out of control and was desperately trying to enter the hotel premises. “

He added: “The mob has broken and damaged some glasses, of the hotel and damage was minimal. Furthermore no guest or staffs was injured.

“We will leave the case to the police to do their investigations. We would like to point out that the hotel has 56 CCTV cameras which are operational 24 hours. We are disappointed to some of the media outlets for broadcasting without any investigations or enquiries. I believe this is called sensational reporting which escalate the event last night and we also invite the media to do their thorough investigations on the matter.”

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84 thoughts on “Simama Hotel fracas: Police arrests two girls ‘who confess lying about missing girl’”

  1. Kutengeka ndi za mmaluwa osanyadira kuti mMalawi mnzathu wakongoletsa mnzinda wathu.Koma inakakhala ya mzungu.

  2. ishu says:

    guys pena pake osamatenga khani zakale kapena zomwe kukuziva from other people and try to merge them for ur own truth, at-least you cud hear this story frm the bottom line. Much as i knw kut radio imeneyi imayakhula zoona but on this matter aaaaaaa lets be serious and kumanena zinthu zomwe muli nazo umboni…….lets call white…white…black shud b black not not saying things kuti zikhale momwe ife tikufunira…….its very bad that the imagine of this wonderful place is dented with anthu oti they have nothing to offer to the world as far as development is concerned

  3. thwaleya says:

    There Are So Many Hotel In Lilongwe Why Mation Simama?And No One Is Agaist Simama We Are Proud Of It Bcoz It Has Beutfy Our City Lilongwe.Apolice Anafufuza Yes Bt Malawian Police Too Mutch Corruption We Can’t Trust Them Mwawapatsa Ndalama Kuti Abise Nkhaniyi Akakhala Atsikanawo Mwawawopseza That Is Why They Cofc Kut Amanama Ikakhala Cctv Mutha Kuzimitsa System Ya Cctv Pa Nthawiyi Akakhala Ma Radio Station Enawa Samantha Ntchito Amalengeza Zinthu Patatha Mwezi Amadziwa Kulengeza Zinthu Ngati Wa Opposition Wapanga Mistake Pamene Radio Iyiyi Imatha Iribe Mbali And Imanena Zoona Zokhazokha That Is Why Boma Ndi Anthu Ena Amadana Nayo And Point Of Correction Sanalengeze Kuti Mukusunga Msikana Koma Anthu Akugenda Simama Palibeso Radio Yopanda Tsankho Ngati Imeneyi Tangonenani Kumene Kuli Msikana Basi Komaso Inu Apolice Asikana Alankhule Zoona Musawopseze Chifukwa Choti Akupatsanani Ndalama Ai

  4. Dusty says:

    Conniving with a kapokola kuti nkhani iwoneke make,no truth.

  5. Gilbert Chikokeni says:

    My Father in the Lord Bishop Abraham Simama, Dont worry God will fight for u, Devil shame on u, NO WEAPON FASHIONED AGAINST U SHALL PROSPER, and THE BEST IS YET TO COME

  6. newton chione says:

    ukavu ndiwo wasuzga waka, there is nothing wrong with simama even the bible says lazy people should not. check the type of people they went there, you will see to which group they belong to

  7. job says:

    Poverty is the root cause of ignorance. Umbuli too much palalawi


  9. Boyle Gwedeza says:

    This is unfortunate. These 2 girls must be punished severely coz they are the ones who caused the fracas

  10. Musandinamizire Otumidwa says:

    If he has a good number of congregation and they don’t miss, why this….mxieeeee… a Malawi…

  11. MLOMWE says:

    Malawi sanje too much

  12. They have black Simama’s story. That iz jealousy

  13. Kasama wa kasama says:

    Mulungu atinthandize amalawi

  14. Agness says:

    Sad. Some one must be behind this stupid thinking. The girls must reveal who ever sent them to create such a lie. Shame you lazy people.

  15. cris says:

    any investments imene mtumiki wa mulungu Wichita,anthu amakamba zambili.plz poster just 4 give it.

  16. Joseph Philirani says:

    I am dis appointed with your comment, with all that are being said you still believe that the girls are being forced by the police, I know you have personal issues with The Man of God, but all you need is to be delivered from that demon of hate.
    Why nobody even mentioned the name of the missing girl, and how do you judge that one is missing just within hrs? Analowa mmadzi? Even you own child is delaying coming home by one hrs are going to start fighting that is now declared missing? Please Amalawi let’s stop fighting on stupid things please work hard.

  17. lekani sanje says:

    Don’t rush to conclude that this is because of jealousy . Why can’t you first of all sympathise with the plight of these kids whichever side of the story which they are being used . Let’s for a moment think why and how these little girls have been caught up in this cycle . And why of all the hotels rest hoses and lodges is simmama hotel the centre of this controversy . Let investigations take it’s course and wait for the investigative conclusion of this issue .

  18. Edwin and Peza says:

    Dad you teach us and the church about unconditional forgiveness . Please release these innocent girls from the prison so that you can be a good example .

  19. Taweni says:

    This practice does not help the country’s wish to lure foreign investment. Zodiak needs to check sensationall reporting. It is time they were charged to foot the cost of damages.


  20. Deliverus says:

    Bvuto la a Malawi ndi nsanje. Ukalemera ndi wa satanic basi. Umphawi ndi kachiwanda kobvuta, kuli anthu kunja kuno olemera zedi kuposa maiko. Simama akungoyesa apa and the only explanation malawians can make out of it is satanic because their mind is so limited. Now you wonder why the economic status is where it is today. We need to change the way we think if we are to develop

  21. macho man says:

    Please don’t vent your anger on zodiak. They were simply reporting an activity it’s not up you them to authenticate the truth of the matter . Keep it up zodiak.

  22. Mwaxy says:

    Komansotu a Zodiak sizot Zikachitika tizimvera kwa inu ndiza mmaluwa momwe iyayi, makutu anu

  23. Something fishy here. Investigate the matter with care.

  24. Musazafulu Dums. says:

    Nthawi zambiri usi sufuka popanda moto pakhalekhale muzamva kuti izi ndizoona. Kutheka kuti chidya makanda wina anakokela kamwana kumeneko, osati zamasenga kapena kuti satanist no!!

  25. JOAKIM says:

    Zodiak ndi moto kuti buuuu, ikunena zomwe yamva ndi kuona

  26. meya says:

    No wonder our nations anthem says ”oh God bless our land of Malawi …………put down each and every enemy hunger disease and ”ENVY” ….. Amalawi zikamatikanika chifukwa cha ulesi tisamachitire anzathu nsanje. Simama wakongoletsa pa hotelpo lero umakhala ngati sipamalawi ukamadutsapo ndi usiku pali ngweeee. Amalawi nsanje tichepetse. Atsikana ameneo musawasiye choncho. Anene munthu waatumayo.

  27. Chumba Zaza says:

    Zodiac an emmanueliere please go to class to improve hetrate reporting against friends an achieve award.

  28. Karonga stadium says:

    Zodiak is a wolf in sheep skin.
    Muzapange observes bwino bwino,zodiak imafuna izioneka ngati yothandiza amalawi koma ili ndi kampeni kumphasa.
    They are sponsored by foreign agents to destroy Malawi.
    Always celebrating and glorifying failure,destruction and negativity.
    Nothing positive or good news from Malawi on this Stupidity broadcaster.
    Remember how they covered 20 July killings with pride.
    Remember how they celebrated Bingu’s death with sensational coverage.
    Remember how they have on several occasions incited anger in Malawians by exaggerations in their reports,just recently the UN trip by the president.

    It’s a fucked up station.

    If I was a man of influence like the President i could’ve systematically frustrated this broadcaster and they could’ve have ‘closed shop’ in 2 years time without anyone noticing my hand in the whole thing.

  29. Nasan says:

    Athu aku chesi musamandichitise manyazi ndisamukakotu ine mukapitiliza zopusazi tiyeni tizigwila tchito mulimbika Basi ?

  30. ZBS says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, what is wrong with this radio station called Zikachitika Mumvera kwa Ife? Shame to school of journalism that produced these quarter baked journalists!

  31. monte says:

    zodiac ndi deal dont blame them those who blame zodiac l know u…….but lets wait, do u think the whole hotel as it look like one can be capable of cheking every corner l dont think so mind u no smoke without fire.

  32. A Malwawi tinakhala bwanji

  33. Tony Kanyenda says:

    Nsanje jealousy terrible malawians as a we can do better


    Musisipala , the name can tell that you believe too much in wild roots that’s why you are working for Indians and still poor and you will die poor that’s why your name is connected with roots.

    If you think people become rich the way you think Simama got rich do the same as what Simama did.

  35. GRM says:

    What is the Police doing about Zodiak? What is Zodiak doing about its sensational reporter? Zodiak should apologize to Bishop if they are sensible.

  36. Zodiak iyenda bwino bwanji pamene director ndiwa diploma yogula ya mij? He understands little. Abweze katundu wa SIMAMA

  37. Patrick says:

    Mutu wa khani wasowapo apa,and stop insulting us Malawians tell us exactly of what happened than just making conclusions that Malawians are jealousy and ignorant.

  38. Bololo says:

    Those stupid girls should be made an example of how not to behave in a civilised society. There are too many lazy bones in this country. Instead of engaging in productive activities all they look for are cheap opportunities to steal or destroy. We need a strong leader in this country who will endeavour to clean it up without so much worrying about the next election. Democracy is a gradual process that comes and grows with responsibilities. Let’s not kid ourselves, ours is a mockery to real democracy. A cheap imitation of democracy in fact. Look at the Chinese model. It is designed to suit their cultural fabric and it is a success. Most Asian countries have been successful because they have a system of government which respects their cultural norms. Not simply an adoption of western format hook line and sinker.
    We have savages roaming the streets and others scheming as professionals in the public and private sectors who neither know nor respect other people’s rights all in the name of democracy.
    I wish God gave us a Kagame type of leader. Kodi Ku Army mungokhala phwiii kulibe wolimba mtima koma wokonda dziko ndi anthu? Kapena nanunso dzimabanzi dzili kukamwa. Eish. Are we this doomed. GOD HELP US.

  39. Pat says:

    Doesn’t seem to make sense. Out of all the hotels on Lilongwe why Simama? Why could some girls just wake one morning and decide to scandalise Simama out of all the rich people that are in Lilongwe? I hope you haven’t silenced the girls by hook or by crook

  40. matombodya says:

    Zodiak is not sincere in its reporting of issues. They indeed need to be civilised. God be with you Simama God will show the truth

  41. KING ANGELEZI II says:

    let us wait & see

  42. Misuku says:

    I hope the police will do a thorough jod and the nation the truth as who was behind the girls

  43. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    Zodiak should examine their activity on this issue, and if possible, take responsibility. And ultimately settle privately with the Hotel. Not just for the damage to property, but also for damaged reputation.
    Otherwise the Hotel should consider suing Zodiak, appropriately.

  44. Time will tell says:

    A nation deep rooted in traditional and zamatsenga instead of looking at hard work as a means to prosperity. Mpake mukumapha ma albino kumayesa mulemera. Mukaona nzanu olemela mwati ndi zizimba. Daily ku fellowship mwati mukasala masiku 40 musamuka ku Mchesi mupita ku 43. II a Malawi tsegukani mmaso inu. Masiku omwe mukutsala kudya kumakhala pakhomo bwenzi mukupangila za phindu. Kusala kudya sikolakwika koma salani pankhondo ya uzimu monga matenda osachiritsika, ziwanda, etc Osati kutsala kuti mukhonze mayeso mmm werengani kuti mukhoze mayeso. Kapena kupha albino kumayesa ngati mutukuka ngati Simama ayi ndithu sizitheka. Ngati mukuona ngati mukasala kudya mulandira galimoto mukuzinamiza. Palibe munthu analandira galimoto kamba kotsala. Mungozifunsa nokha kuti pakati pa munthu yemwe akupanga ganyu kuti agule njinga nduyemwe akusala kudya kuti agule njinga Mulungu ayankha uti ngati nonse mukupemphela??

  45. Tiko says:

    zodiak kukhulupilira malodza too much. mpaka programme ya kazdamira, yongonena bodza basi. be civilised zodiak. act as intellectuals who demean subjectivity.

  46. Njolinjo says:

    Stupid and headless Malawians!

  47. Bwemba Sodyeramchere says:

    Malawians don’t give credit to the devil when someone is doing fine
    Satanic ndimene imasaukitsayo and nsanjeyo. Kumakaphwanya zinthu za anzanu umenewo ndi mzjmu wa Mulungu kapena wasatana? Pajatu ufumu umodzi siuukirana. Tiyeni tigwire ntchito tilemekeze thukuta la anzathu.osamangodziwa kutola miyala ndimtima oti tifanane dzuwa litimenye tonse

  48. primitive thinking at it’s peak.

    if you’re rich your satanic or okhwima

  49. Kamtwanje says:

    a kangaude a pa Malawi kupeoera kwambiri. Anthu ambiri amangokhalira kumvetsera kuti kunja kwagwanji basi kumaponya mabodza. Komansi its high time we tamed this uncontrollable love for violence. in this one rhere was ni need to vandalise property. Unfortunately thus madness is perpetrated by idiotic politicians and irresponsible media houses. Lets face it, the private media some people are busy praising have failed this ciuntry big time. They would report on a tence situation as if they want to tell angry ppo to indulge in violence. it is rediuliusly stupid to believe such media houses win awards year in year out. The next thing will be these media houses to employ gangsters to start violence so thsy havs something to report on. Some one aill have to stop this idiocy in our media.

  50. Mussah mcsud says:

    Pali anthu ena ake pamenepo awatuma kuti awayipitsire mbiri azawowo

  51. Pepani kwambiri but still more to come waiting with keen

  52. chimunthu chino says:

    Zodiac as usual was busy inviting the public to smash the hotel. Shame on zodiac.

  53. Phillip says:

    No smoke without fire

  54. shasha says:


  55. musisipala says:

    There is no smoke without fire. Simama has been involved in such incidents in karonga before settling in llwe. Something fishy

  56. Gilbert Chikokeni says:

    Bishop, we are so sory for everything, If some one want s to go to Secondary xool has to pass standard 8, Bishop if u r going to pass this temptation God will put u on top,Malawians are too jelous, Mwayesera kunena maina oipa kuti wasatanic koma mwalephera, lero mwapanga plan yotere, Jelous wil kill u pipo, Pangani chanu chuma, mulibe manyazi, Bishop keep on pressing , we are with u in Prayers.Gilbert

  57. Nasirina says:

    Umphawi umazelezeketsa mxiiiiiiiiiiii

  58. zobwira says:

    koma abaleee

  59. Khemuche says:

    That’s Zodik Broadcastigating Station ZBS.all they know is stupid and sensetional kind of reporting. The lovers of disoder. Check with the 20 thugs that lost life on 20th July 2011 and you will find careless reporting of ZBS there.

  60. James Phiri says:

    Onani Amalawi, why why why why, kodi mukufuna ochita bwino azikhala oyela okaokaa, Mbuzi ndifeyo we have to apologize to this man of God, the way we all reacted, koma ndi school ya bwino to everybody.
    Please apolisi do your job and let the girl reveal who send them to try to destroy that one of the beautiful hotel in Lilongwe.
    Bishop Simama to me personally I say from the bottom of my heart I Pologize to you as I was fooled big way and no body will fool me again about you, I will just beat somebody now.

  61. Kanjex says:

    Miseche ndi sanje thoo! Munakhala bwanji?

  62. chindaxi says:

    History repeating itself. Policemen musadye chi ban apa.Check SIMAMA files from Karonga Police do a good homework..question the girls with profession. They have the details… Since they are young they fear the police.
    Something happened hear!!!

  63. Jimuni says:

    Did those girls really think by pretending their freind had gone in, they’d be given a free tour of the hotel???

  64. Careful Banda says:

    Those media houses should pay for their irresponsibility and negiclence

  65. opportunist says:

    I could not believe this story at all. I saw the Bishop visiting his church on that day afternoon peacefully. The problem with people Who doesn’t have anything to do on this earth is jealous and fabricating stories. U just hate the Bishop for nothing. Let us work hard otherwise an idle man is the workshop of the devil.

  66. choncho says:

    for the first time, allow me to blame zodiak brodcasting station for that unprofessional coverage. Zodiak actually made the whole fracas look real that simama is a satanist and pipo are demanding the return of the girl

  67. Mwis -K says:

    U Whr Thinking It Ws A Ritual..#dirty_minds

  68. Mafulufute says:

    The second photo is an artists impression of the hotel, the actual hotel is very ugly!

  69. abed says:

    Sorry, it happens

  70. feston says:

    missed out on any epsodes

  71. Muloshi No. One says:

    Kodi chifukwa chiyani sadamange Anthu amene amagenda hotel yo chifukwa nawonso ali ndi maganizo awupandu. Anadziwa bwanji kuti kwa lowa a tsikana awiri afuna mwana.

  72. The Analyst says:

    So far three facts are clear here:
    …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..The fact that people flocked to the hotel in multitudes just to feed their eyes on a rumour that some girl had gone there, only shows that alot of people have alot of time to do alot of nothing. And this is not healthy for our country.
    The fact that the rumour was found to be false and that some people were throwing stones at the hotel indicates envy (on part of the people) and success (on Simama). Coz . . .

    “If you are not hated, its a sign that fortune has forgotten you. Success breeds envy.” – Dictionary of Proverbs
    The fact that in no time, multitutes of people flocked to the hotel, shows that the hotel is not built at a suitable place for such a business. And this, Simama was told but chose to ignore.
    For one thing: it’s facing and close to Mchesi – a sensational residential ghetto. For another, its adjacent to Lilongwe market full of frustrated vendors from a long sunny day of little or no trading.
    If we accept to be organised and orderly in life, we can avoid some of these undesirable facts.

  73. Swiswiri Mbewa says:

    Malawians are generally superficial lot who would believe the most outrageous story without casting any slightest doubt. Yesterday the manner in which people shared this unsubstantiated story with zeal tells a lot about our thinking and stupidity.

  74. Shuk Shukor's says:

    Sipafuka usi popanda moto

  75. TUDZI says:


  76. Nansani wa chingoni says:

    We have a very sick nation where people just sit phwii and Create stories…eish!

    1. Naligonje says:

      That’s true,,,the culture of kungokhala PHWIII wakula,,,kufuna kuba baxi,,,a Malawi tili ndi vuto

  77. ken manda says:

    I knew there was more to story, I pay much respect to the Bishop hence doubted the whole story,let those girls face the law!

  78. master says:

    sad poor Malawians being jealousy that way? why do that to SIMAMA? stop being bitter with other people success, u have wronged SIMAMA here, the aim was to dent his image so that it looks like he is satanic pastor too bad!!!

  79. Woget says:

    Zodiak zikachitika mumvera kwa ife……kkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

  80. Good Citizen says:

    Limeneli ndiye Vuto la a Malawi, Mzanu akachita bwino kumunena kuti Satanic or Cashgate. Konma mumamuona akusala tulo, kuthamanga thamanga pamene inu mukuchedwa ndi kuyenda bawo

    Mudzafa amphawi.

  81. dayfri says:

    apa nkhani ndiyokuti chani kodi? mutu wa nkhani apa palibepo

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