Simama Hotel fracas: Police arrests two girls ‘who confess lying about missing girl’

Two girls are in Police custody at Lilongwe Police Station, for admitting that they were sent to Simama Hotel to lie that they were looking for their friend whom they said had gone to the hotel with a man earlier in the day in one of the hotel rooms.

Mob at Simama Hotel after hoax of missing girl

Mob at Simama Hotel after hoax of missing girl

Simama Hotel in Lilongwe

Simama Hotel in Lilongwe

Police public Relations officer for the central region Ramsey Mushani confirmed that indeed two girls are being kept at the station.

However he could not divulge more details to avoid jeopardising the ongoing investigations.

A mob on Monday, descended at Simama Hotel, after hearing that the hotel is keeping the young girl.

Police fired teargas to disperse the mob that were pelting the stones and damaging the hotel.

According to the statement from the girls, they stay in Area 24.

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday, Simama Hotel Managing Director, Francis Simama, has condemned some media houses for fuelling the fracas by inciting the attack at the facility with sensational reporting based on unfounded and unverified information.

Simama thanked Malawi Police, hotel security and management for the support rendered to them.

“There was a bit of confusion and misinformation on the whole matter. At 2 pm two young girls made their way to the hotel exit allegedly claiming their friend had walked into hotel premises unsupervised. The security personnel was rather baffled and brought to the attention of the head security and the General Manager,” said Simama.

“We at Simama hotel have a policy of no entry of minors to the hotel premises without supervision,” said Simama.

Simama said, Malawi police were alerted and they promptly responded with six officers within 5 minutes adding that the police officers were briefed on the incident.

“They were granted permission to search the premises. Upon not finding the alleged missing girl, they proceeded to further question the girls. The girls confessed that there was no missing friend on the hotel premises.

“ To our surprise the mob outside the hotel premise had gone out of control and was desperately trying to enter the hotel premises. “

He added: “The mob has broken and damaged some glasses, of the hotel and damage was minimal. Furthermore no guest or staffs was injured.

“We will leave the case to the police to do their investigations. We would like to point out that the hotel has 56 CCTV cameras which are operational 24 hours. We are disappointed to some of the media outlets for broadcasting without any investigations or enquiries. I believe this is called sensational reporting which escalate the event last night and we also invite the media to do their thorough investigations on the matter.”

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Kutengeka ndi za mmaluwa osanyadira kuti mMalawi mnzathu wakongoletsa mnzinda wathu.Koma inakakhala ya mzungu.


guys pena pake osamatenga khani zakale kapena zomwe kukuziva from other people and try to merge them for ur own truth, at-least you cud hear this story frm the bottom line. Much as i knw kut radio imeneyi imayakhula zoona but on this matter aaaaaaa lets be serious and kumanena zinthu zomwe muli nazo umboni…….lets call white…white…black shud b black not not saying things kuti zikhale momwe ife tikufunira…….its very bad that the imagine of this wonderful place is dented with anthu oti they have nothing to offer to the world as far as development is concerned

There Are So Many Hotel In Lilongwe Why Mation Simama?And No One Is Agaist Simama We Are Proud Of It Bcoz It Has Beutfy Our City Lilongwe.Apolice Anafufuza Yes Bt Malawian Police Too Mutch Corruption We Can’t Trust Them Mwawapatsa Ndalama Kuti Abise Nkhaniyi Akakhala Atsikanawo Mwawawopseza That Is Why They Cofc Kut Amanama Ikakhala Cctv Mutha Kuzimitsa System Ya Cctv Pa Nthawiyi Akakhala Ma Radio Station Enawa Samantha Ntchito Amalengeza Zinthu Patatha Mwezi Amadziwa Kulengeza Zinthu Ngati Wa Opposition Wapanga Mistake Pamene Radio Iyiyi Imatha Iribe Mbali And Imanena Zoona Zokhazokha That Is Why Boma Ndi Anthu Ena Amadana… Read more »

Conniving with a kapokola kuti nkhani iwoneke make,no truth.

Gilbert Chikokeni

My Father in the Lord Bishop Abraham Simama, Dont worry God will fight for u, Devil shame on u, NO WEAPON FASHIONED AGAINST U SHALL PROSPER, and THE BEST IS YET TO COME

newton chione

ukavu ndiwo wasuzga waka, there is nothing wrong with simama even the bible says lazy people should not. check the type of people they went there, you will see to which group they belong to


Poverty is the root cause of ignorance. Umbuli too much palalawi

Pseudo code(the devil incarnate)


Boyle Gwedeza

This is unfortunate. These 2 girls must be punished severely coz they are the ones who caused the fracas

Musandinamizire Otumidwa
Musandinamizire Otumidwa

If he has a good number of congregation and they don’t miss, why this….mxieeeee… a Malawi…

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