Sisqo and Dru Hill to perform n Malawi

Multi-platinum selling American music group, Dru Hill, together with lead singer Sisqó, will perform in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe on December 12.

The group, composed of four members namely Sisqó, Jazz, Nokio and Tao, is scheduled to perform at the 8,000 capacity Malawi Square at Umodzi Park.

They are coming courtesy of Peermont Hotels, the managers of Umodzi Park.

Dru Hill was most popular during the late 1990s, with a repertoire that included R&B, soul, hip hop soul and gospel music.

Dru-Hill to perform in Lilongwe. Photo © Dru Hill Facebook.
Dru-Hill to perform in Lilongwe. Photo © Dru Hill Facebook.

Active since 1992, Dru Hill recorded seven Top 40 hits, and is best known for the R&B number one hits “In My Bed”, “Never Make a Promise”, and “How Deep Is Your Love”.

Umodzi Park sales and marketing manager, Temwa Kanjadza, who confirmed Dru Hill’s Malawi concert on Monday, said they decided to bring in the group because of their exciting package.

“We wanted a very competent package and Dru Hill just qualified. Those who know Dru Hill will agree with me that the group knows how to dance on stage and they also sing well and that worked well with our intent,” said Kanjadza.

The group will be joined on stage by local musician Skeffa Chimoto and Veejay Ice.

From Lilongwe, the group will be heading to South Africa where they are scheduled to perform at the Emperors Palace in Johannesburg on December 18.

Dru Hill released two successful albums, “Dru Hill” and “Enter the Dru”, before separating for a period from late 1999 to 2002, during which time Sisqó and Woody released solo albums.

While Woody’s Soul Music LP was a moderate success in the gospel music industry, Sisqó’s debut album, “Unleash the Dragon”, and its hit single, “Thong Song”, were major pop successes, and established Sisqó as a household name outside of Dru Hill.

In 2002, by then part of the Def Soul record label, the group reunited and added fifth member Scola to the lineup for their third album, “Dru World Order”, whose underperformance led to the group being dropped from Def Soul.

The the group signed to Kedar Entertainment Group in 2009 and released their fourth album, “InDRUpendence Day”, the following year, with new member Tao taking the place of the again departed Woody.

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22 thoughts on “Sisqo and Dru Hill to perform n Malawi”

  1. Mkongo says:

    Skeffa Ndi Dru Hill. Country rat and Town rat

  2. Mkongo says:

    Koma zilipo. Mpaka Skeffa.

  3. womenslib says:

    Thong song in Malawi? Hehehdeee…..

  4. Daniel Phiri says:

    So this is where the poor country will waste its forex?

  5. Prison Warden says:


  6. HAROON says:

    Why skeffa chimoto

  7. odala says:

    Akakhala mu form amatiswaya akatha ndiye ‘we r comin’, we r comin ‘ zachamba basi mukalowa nokha zimenezo bola dollayo kukamenyetsa blowjob pa Mbowe!

  8. Pa easy says:

    How can you mix Dru Hill with Skeffa? We’ve Taygrin and alot of urban musicians. Wake up Mr/Mrs organiser.

    1. o says:

      koma ndiye!

  9. jojo says:

    Koma zinthu zaphwekadi izi, kodi gulu limeneli lilipobe???????? who proposed this idea????
    this group was famous in the 90s. Kaya tikaziona konko

  10. levelheaded says:

    Dru Hill? Lero? Koma abale mukuwatengela ndani zimenezo? Ndiye mbola yake a r&b mukawaphatikiza ndi skeffa chimoto heeiish koma a organiser akewo? Mudakawaphatikiza ndi mafana ngati Theo Thomson or Sonye. Sisqo lero? Eei mundikumbutsa ujibidi utangoyambika kumene pa Malawi, ndili form 3 pa chipoka sec school mu 2001. Momwe amavinila achina prince simwaka, Bahat Gama.

  11. chaduka chadewa says:

    Asafuna asiye.

  12. Bololo says:

    Old xul. Taitanani a fresh osati makolowa

  13. Abdul razak muhammed karim says:

    These are the the people who does music with substance, osati zapanozi zopanda mutu, “av got money, av got enemies” zachani bullshit

  14. Liness Moorr says:

    why inviting old fashioned artist?????? we are in the millennium cime on , anatha amenewo!!!! by the way siza kc & jojo zija izi at the end nkukapeze zinyau ziwiri ku stage muwadyere a malawi dolla .

  15. airtel says:

    Koma ndiye zaphwekatu…

  16. Umbuli ndi matenda says:

    Missed opportunity iyi….the promoter is fulfil a child wood dream to bring this group now as the members were his role models growing up. Promotion is about business and money making.

  17. Binwizzle says:

    This is for people who know Music. For those who understand what old school is all about will agree with me that Dru Hill is on of the most successful groups from the 90’s but for those who are much into new school bubblegum music then will never understand. How Deep is your love being my favorite track

  18. George phiri says:

    Why invite people who were popular in 90s. These guys dont have audience in america and europe hence they are coming to africa to have their pension. When they are at their peak they are so rude claiming that africa has no people but bush and animals. Bolanso kuyitana Robert Kelly.

  19. Wozitsata Heavy says:

    Anatha awa achina Sisqo.Tamaitanani oimba omwe ali mu form kapena muchart ngati achina Movado,Lil Wayne,Wiz Kid, Iyaz we just have had Busy Signal.Zimenezi ndiye zitinso???? ndiye bolansotu kuitana Makambale Brothers.

  20. robert says:

    they are just fuc’n good. cant believe they are coming

  21. Oh says:

    Never heard of them.

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