Speaker cancels SADC-PF Trip due to Malawi economic challenges

Speaker of Malawi National Assembly, Richard Msowoya, will not attend to the Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum (SADC-PF) due to economic challenges that the country is experiencing.

Speaker Richard Msowoya: Cancels trip

Speaker Richard Msowoya: Cancels trip

Msowoya was expected to travel to Mauritius for this year’s high level SADC-PF for regional integration meetings which will take place on  16 and will end on 18 December,2015.

Parliamentary spokesperson, Lenard Mengezi, confirmed the cancellation of the trip to Mauritius.

“Yes its true, the Speaker was supposed to travel to Mauritius for SADC-PF sessions but he has cancelled the trip in order to save money.”

Mengezi said the meeting was very important because almost all SADC Speakers of the national Assemblies will be there.

SADC-PF was formed in order to promote human rights, gender equality, good governance, democracy and transparency.

It also Promotes peace, security and stability and hastening pace of economic cooperation, development and integration on the basis of equity and mutual benefits.

SADC-PF also facilitates  networking with other inter-parliamentary organisations as well as promoting the participation of non-governmental organisations, business and intellectual communities in SADC activities.

SADC Familiarising the peoples of SADC with the aims and objectives of SADC; and
Informing SADC of the popular views on development and issues affecting the region.

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11 thoughts on “Speaker cancels SADC-PF Trip due to Malawi economic challenges”

  1. maganizo says:

    Bola asakhale kuti ndalama zake analandila kale zipite kuchipatala. Mutiuze kuti wapulumutsa ndalama zingati

  2. Koma ????? says:

    saving? for whom? for what? Where will the cash that was already budgeted for go? It amazes me how we think sometimes!

  3. mogasa chairman says:

    now you’re just being silly. these meetings are very important. by not going then you will be left in the dark and always be one step behind your colleagues. what if crucial sadc issues that involve malawi are discussed?

    what we want is for only five people to go instead of fifty or 72. don’t stay there for 9 days but just the 2 days of the meet, you don’t need to eat each and every single dish on the menu, don’t close the bar so you can taste every single drink that there is……also if your friends pay back the ‘houseallowancegate’ money, then there would be money cash for 10 such trips.

    does it please you to be called ‘the poorest country on earth?’ after 50 years of peace? ndi somalia yomwe kutiposa? it irritates the hell out of me!!!

  4. Alex Likoswe says:

    Magufuli is the man. Save and show where the savings go.

  5. Baba wa Boy says:

    Stupid political rhetoric.

    Buying expensive cars is not spending? but attending meetings is spending.

    When will these stupid Malawians learn not to politicise everything. The office of the speaker budgeted for this, but used the money on other things, now you want to look like saints.

    Saint Msowoya. Rubbish.

  6. Peter says:

    How can a meeting be important just because “all speakers will be there”? Its time we looked back and assess whether all these meetings/workshops are really important.

  7. nyu says:

    Hehede!! ati kufufuta machimo, who do you want fool? Sipaja mmati everything was budgeted for? Osakhala ndalama zake nzija munatafuna zija?

  8. jangoh says:

    akanakhala BBC ibu man bwenzi pano atanyamuka kale kumakadikira komko

  9. Bwande says:

    It’s a good idea to save and of course this is a good gesture. But the important question is, ‘what do we do with the money that is saved?’ That’s the most important part of it. It is possible to save by not going to the trip and then someone spends that same saved money on yet again useless things elsewhere.

    Saving in Malawi would only work if people stopped thieving in government and parastatals. If people will still claim allowances on useless local or foreign trips, if the president uses government resources for political rallies, going about in bloated convoys, people still abusing office resources for personal and family use, then the saving gestures will be meaningless. Maybe it would have been helpful to quantify the saved money and direct it to be used for a specific need just like Magufuli is doing and this saving would be meaningful. Otherwise, be assured, someone somewhere, sometime soon will squander these savings in some way.

    The main problem with Malawi is corruption and bad governance even though your president seemed not to be aware or didn’t want to accept it on bbc.

  10. Fraction says:

    Zopanda nzeru basi. The meeting would not really benefit Malawi any way. Look at the behaviour of our parliamentarians and the so called NGOs etc, opposition…How can Malawi progress with partisan decisions such as no fee hike in gvt sec sch? All of those parliamentarians do not have their kids in gvt schools because those schools are indeed free of knowledge. When will these “representatives” of people do things with the national future in mind? Free drugs, free primary education, free sec sch education (~K7,000/term day school, K13,000/term boarding sch…really? But this is for like Blantyre sec school. Can you feed a child for a whole term on K13,000? What about utilities, security, textbooks etc), free university education (as it is now it’s essentially free), free fertilizer (heavily subsidized). Fellow Malawians we need a change in mindset. We are not going to make mother Malawi a better place for our posterity. I am very disappointed with Chakwela’s mindset in an era as this one in 2015! I do not see principledness, deepness of thought regarding matters of national importance when they jeopadize his own political life. That would be heroism and statesmanship. But alas! If he becomes president, he will certainly be no better than previous leaders.

  11. chatonda says:

    Good example. Akanakhala Mr Ibu, atanyamuka kale. But it looks the conference is very important than saving money for one person. Next meeting, please go Mr Speaker Sir. Mcheka akanakhala atapita kale kukaphika kabichi ndi Makakana konko.

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