Speaker named ‘hero’ of North Malawi: Richard Msowoya honoured

Youths in Malawi’s northern districts of Karonga and Chitipa have honoured Speaker of parliament Richard Msowoya as the only leader who is “politically mature” as well as a freedom fighter for northern region.

Speaker Msowoya Humbled

Speaker Msowoya Humbled

The district’s youth representative Steve Simsokwe cited Msowoya’s resignation as the minister of education in 2009 during the late Bingu Wa Mutharika’s administration due to the quota system, being in supportive for federal system of government as well as sticking to his party as major contributing factors to the honour.

“He has always been fighting for our welfare as the people of the north in different scenarios such as quarter system,” said Simsokwe.

Simsokwe further described other politicians, traditional and religious leaders as the fortune seekers and that their silent on the issue of federalism is one of the evidence that they have been muted.

“As for other politicians, traditional and religious leaders we have already lost trust in them because they are financial seekers that’s why they are changing parties and decisions now and then, for instance they are now silent on the issue of federalism which many of them have been calling for and its only Msowoya who has stood for us,” Simsokwe explained.

He said the youths have prepared to crown the speaker with an award soon after the current sitting of parliament and that his behaviour is strongly translating the goodness of his party the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

In his remarks, Msowoya thanked the youths for the recognition and has pledged to continue fighting for the welfare of the region as well as the country as a whole.

“Am happy with the initiative because this shows that my people, region even country are pleased with my work or commitment and I pledge to continue with it,” said Msowoya.

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52 thoughts on “Speaker named ‘hero’ of North Malawi: Richard Msowoya honoured”

  1. Denis Tembo says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkk hahahahahahahahah! Tiyeni nazo anthu ochepa zipani 12 shaaaah koma atumbuka,pano muli nkhwapa mwa MCP mwaiwala kuti Kamuzu anakuthothani nde mukuona ngati awa alipowa adzakusiyani?? Even Cabinet yawo nja o chewa basi

  2. dayrich mzomera2 says:

    lets love lead as we malawians.

  3. mang'anja says:

    northeners kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!what?hero???i thought we have good youth from north oooh!now i see you are not serious,nsowoya is one the politician prostitute .i thick these guys they don’t know that they don’t know.we pipo from south&central we don’t vote leader from north bcoz of ur selfishness u ur de best region in malawi.if u want to rule malawi u must combine with chakwera to fight aganst dpp without that u will see dpp continuing.on the issue of federalism its good but it wil cause discrimation in malawi,a good example is nigeria investigate this.it will be difficult for a northener to come to south to seek for education,medication u know north it is poor region in malawi and its you who will suffer with the issue of federalism good bye thick properly hero koma chihana ndi chirwa.

  4. Mmeeee!!!!!! says:

    Mbewa zikatha anona ndi aswiswiri.
    Koma kumeneko. Anthu aku south akungotimvetsera tikumangokamba za federalism. Tiyeni achina north tisamuke ku south ko tikatukule kwanthu kuti pofika 2019 tizapange dziko lathu osati za federalism.

  5. mbani says:

    Support him

  6. Obster says:

    Lets work together for the benefits of the people not selfishness, make our Malawi a place to live in, give me support as am coming to unite us all, stop pointing fingers and embrace one other

  7. chawanangwa says:

    I totally believe and agree with this observation. Many northerners , learned or not are not principled. Each bait they fall for it and bite it. Most are selfish and only fight for themselves even if they are old and have nothing to lose they still want to be popular and use their intelligence by scorning the few northerners who stand up for the people. If for once borrow a leaf from the Jews we can make a big difference. Even if were denied the opportunity to rule because of our minority status but we can and will always be respected because of our solid stand. Opportunities are created and with time if we can be united disciplined and respect fellow citizens from other parts of the country it will not be long before we have bumper harvest. Let those from other parts scorn at us do to the best of their abilities , but we must remain focused.

  8. CHEKUCHEKU says:

    I Have Been Thinking That Anthu A Kumpoto Ndi Anzeru Koma Ndinu Zindere Zenizeni. Msowoya???Hero???? Wapanga Chani Tell Me? Winthu Wakumpoto Ni Vindere Vyakufwikapo Mwe……..

    1. Bongololo says:

      Written like a true mice-eater. Good job!

  9. man u says:

    The formular to get DPP in opposition permanently was when Msowoya partnered with MCP for northerners to support the Chakwera/Msowoya team but northerners missed it big time. Let this be a lesson in 2019.

  10. munthu Wamkulu kwambiri ngati church la katolika says:

    Hero withu ndimwee. Mwima nase muvisuzgo tbina mpoto rutirirani kuti lwera vinandi ivo tikutindiwizgikira pasi.
    A msowoya ntchakwenerera kuti muvwali mphumphu yauchindami pa ivyo mwachita,mwalongora kutemwa wanthu kulekana NA aba wakutemwa uthonori,vyuma,kulowerera mumijwere ya phere.
    Imwe mwavivya dada, tikumuongani chiuta walutirire kumuvwirani NA Vinjeru

  11. clement says:

    Za ziiii ndi zachibwenubwenu basi. Hero? For what? Bushit people who named stupid msowoya hero. We know people from the north who contributed not only in northern region but Malawi the likes of Kanyama, Vera chirwa, chakufwa not msowoya. Kodi atumbuka ukhwiri chiyani?

  12. ask me says:

    Iwe dzina lako Chindere ndiwe chitsirudi?Why should they practice quota in Malawi when all are Malawians?Students should picked on merit than this useless quota system.It just encourages laziness to other students knowing that they will get things in an easy way.

  13. zaluma says:

    This is madness. I do not thinks Msowoya befits this title. I have a serious problem on how some northerners think. All points made to crown Msowoya hero are not in the interest of the region but a political ploy, vendetta and divisive tool. Those who want to speak in the name of the region should be mandate by the whole region. This is a misguided and misrepresented statement assuming as if it represents the region. I categorically refute it as personal view point of the few fortune seekers from Chitipa and Karonga. Silence by the leaders accused by speakers on issues they credit the speaker of National Assembly is sufficient evidence that it is not a regional position. Stop this madness! I hate you because you want to “for”and “with”.

  14. Kaka says:

    Correction. Msowoya resigned anticipating to become Mcp running mate which didn’t happen. He was not happy having been down graded from being a full minister to a deputy. Folks northerners should avoid being too tribalistic

  15. obwande says:

    Mature leader with a vision.

  16. Winston msowoya says:

    Iam astonished and flabagasted to read the word: HERO bestowed on Richard Msowoya.In the first instance,Mr.Msowoya committed a treasonable betrayal by joining the MCP and closely associated with John Tembo the man who under the obnoxious leadership of Hastings Banda,carried out untold atrocities against the northerners in particular and Malawians in general.Suffice to point it out that it is the MCP that made our country a lions den in which our basic human rights were totally or ruthlessly crashed and the people of Malawi were exposed to the political lepers of Africa and laughing stock of the world.Malawians,particularly the youth,must not,I Repeat,must not,forget the thirty years we had lived like slaves and dead souls in our own beloved mother Malawi.The names like hero,wamuyaya,messiah,breaker of the federation,zonse zimene ni za Kamuzu Banda etc.These kinds of praises easily misguide people.Please note that: You can destroy an effigy,but you can not erase history.ALUTA CONTINUA,VENCEREMOS.

  17. Chikangawa says:

    I’m a northerner too and I desist this. For Goodness sake, let’s stop this hand-clapping, boot-licking, hero-worshiping behavior once and for all. It is counter productive to elevate a fellow human being to that status especially someone you hired to represent you in any portfolio starting from the president, ministers, members of parliament etc etc. they are our servants not the other way round. We are the ones who sent them to parliament. We ( the people) have the power…. So please cut it out!

    1. ruth warren says:

      ur not tumbuka ur analysis makes sense. tumbukas will neva analyse issues like that

  18. Bless says:

    Let me start by congratulating the Youth for the initiative well timed.The Northern block lost its muscle longtime ago and the only way to claim its glory is to identify ablock leader.Issues of federal system can only work when the North have astrong and mature leader,welcome Richard.

  19. Bongolol says:

    Msowoya is campaigning for presidency be aware Chakwera

  20. Kenkkk says:

    Conflict of interest, no comment from me.

  21. Njakwa says:

    I’m a northerner but I have a serious problem with this. When we start giving titles like Ngwazi, wamuyaya, chilelawalanda, hero, njanji ya Moto etc. etc to politicians, they become big headed, they start to believe that they are the messiah, they start to believe that they are untouchables, they believe that they are our superiors and we are their subjects and then they start to behave the same…… And then we cry foul?? Stop giving unnecessary titles to these politicians. Lets bring back sanity to this nation

  22. chindere says:

    Tribalism at its best.have you ever heard the south or centre choosing a person as a champion of the south or centre.Pena paketu northerners mmaonjeza and am shocked the speaker is tolerating that yet he claims to be a national figure

    1. Bongololo says:

      Nobody is stopping your fellow mice-eaters from doing that. It’s a free country!

  23. Vizara says:

    Please do not use the term ” hero” Very loosely

  24. Nkhunika says:

    In true sense Richard Msowoya is the man of the moment for the north.So focused with alot of respect. Wena mpoto nthawi yakwana yomsatira mtsogoleri ameneyu. Amene mukususa chodabwisa simuchoka ku north. Tisiyeni ife eni ake tasankha ameneyu ndithu.

  25. stivo says:

    mukhumba waka mumulyeli msowoya apa..

  26. kwacha says:

    Hero, kkkkkkkkkk hahahaha,my fellow mputo,wakeup surely you are youth

  27. Atumbuka munavotera JB inu. You’re not reliable.

  28. Namatchaitsa says:

    Atumbuka ndinu anthu omvetsa chifundo! Ngati pali munthu amene wasintha zipani ndiye Richard Msowoya!

    But I sympathize with you because you don’t have anybody who you can call a hero! Having a tumbuka speaker is the closest you get to the presidency!

    What a shame!

  29. Yotam Kasambala says:

    everyone knows Malawi is 90%ran by northerners,at least at any level be it in football,activists,govt offices and everywhere.

  30. Redeemed says:

    Za ziiiii

  31. eclipse says:

    Hero of the jungle..dead north. I don’t see anything to be proud of from the north. A region of nepotism, greed worse than the mulhakho belt. Look at the behaviour of livingstonia synod,Aford and not forgetting the past when the northerners changed names in order to get selected to secondary schools in other regions. Thank MCP for supporting this man



  33. Chi dele says:

    Atumbuka ,My foot! Please define to me the meaning of a hero.Its a shame that you can crown Msowoya this tittle a man who is a disgrace and that he doesn’t display any good behavior .What has Rechard achieved in Malawi.If it is him campaigning for that recognition by using the youth then he will live to regret because Malawians know the truth Shame on you northerners

  34. Ambele Chile says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha Quarter system kodi? Mmayesa quota system, nyasatimes ndi dhilu!

  35. chikhwa says:

    Guys from nkhamanga, we rush in making pple heroes. What exactly has this guy done? resigning out of miscalculation, supporting federalism then my hero will be Mzomera he tiressly advocated it. Is sticking to a party being a hero? Others have stopped is he any better? Should we settle for Speaker position? Young pple wake up. Stop dreaming. A Msowoya dont be flattered!

  36. Khelo says:

    I agree with the one who says that we northerners are to blame for giving achance to rule the country away to the mlhakhos which Dr chakwera & msowoya deserved.we should have allied with our friends in the central region to defeat the so called mlhakhos

  37. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk a hero?????? What hero here youths from the North? If that is the case then you have poverty of heroes. I’m sorry for you guys. Analephera a Chihana to be objective who is Nsowoya guys???? Politicians will always be politician don’t be fooled.

  38. one malawi one people says:

    hop they have been bribed to glorify him and MCP…..aford, DPP, then MCP, he is a political prostitute just like others no difference…..

  39. ngulenjet says:

    Then it’s wise and good to thank MCP party and the pipo of the center becoz when we denied him a vote they gave him. what a shame next elections let’s support him

  40. Kaseka Jnr. says:

    It is very true that Richard Msowoya is a Mature Politian. He was the first to see the evil of quota system and parted ways with the late Bingu Wa Muntharika -MHSRIP.
    As a true son of Northern Region I agree.
    His is a leader of his own class and this is why he relates well with all leaders but on principles not money.
    Richard please keep it up. This our country and belongs to all of us.

  41. Youn says:

    We need such kind of politicians if Malawi is to prosper, but hey……. do not spoil him with alot of human worshiping angayambe kutipengera tikuona.

  42. Mubwe says:

    Ku mpoto munavotera Joyce Banda

  43. Bongolol says:

    Msowoya was once DPP, aford and Mcp what are you talking, just because he commented on federalism, people from the north it’s shame for you. Not all youths from the north but those from his village only not as claimed.

  44. The people of north are a disgrace. They did not vote for MCP for Msowoya to become the country’s vp. Had it been MCP did not want to feature him during the ellection of the speaker Msowoya would have been a mare MP. Come on norhteners try to see the reality. MCP is the only party that sees no boundaries. Be wise in 2019.

  45. phwiyonaire says:

    Msowoya ndi dhilu…

  46. nobel says:

    It’s good that such politicians are crowned to shame fortune seekers. Malawi is in dire need of such level headed politicians who can be entrusted with the high office. That’s why Malawians on May 20 voted for him for vice president of the Republic of Malawi.

  47. truth says:


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