Speaker says Malawi citizens should demand  stricter accountability

Speaker of the Malawi National Assembly, Richard Msowoya, has challenged students and all citizens in general to call their Governments to accountability if they truly want to see change.

Msowoya made the challenge in Mzuzu on Friday when he held a public lecture at Mzuzu University.

Speaker, Msowoya: Hold your government to account

Speaker, Msowoya: Hold your government to account

“The problem with us [Malawians] is that we are just good at complaining; but we do little to call for reforms.

“It is a birthright for every Malawian to have access to good education, for example; but all we do is whine over what is not being done yet we do not stand up to call our governments into account,” he said.

Msowoya said if people take their governments to task over presence or lack of a particular service, leaders will always be mindful of what they need to do.

“Government has a lot of issues to work on and if no one takes them to task over particular issue, little will indeed be done.

The challenge came as a response to a concern raised by several students who claimed government did not care about the welfare of students in the country, arguing poor structures and education standards are a sign of that lack.

Deputy Vice Chancellor for Mzuni, Dr Loveness Kaunda, appreciated parliament for the initiative of reaching out to people with vital information through the “Taking Parliament to People” project.

“As a university, we see it as a great initiative that will help us get involved in issues of our concern,” she said.

The speaker delivered the lecture on the topic, “Taking Parliament to People: Engaging Public Universities and Colleges on Parliament Work.”

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chitanipo kanthu pera

Blessed Banda

No. 6. Can you also give staistics of CHANCO, Poly, KCN, and LUANAR the way you have done with Mzuni?

Angoni Saka

Speaker, did you notice the nepotism at Mzuni?

95% of Lecturers-Northeners
95% of Students-Northeners
95% of vendors supplying food staff-Northers
95% of support staff, watchmen, cleaners etc -Northeners

And yet it is funded buy tax from Nsanje to Khotakota

mikel silence

You greedy idiot come and see how mzuni is infested with southerners!! I come from Central but The control is from south!!


wana wanu ali kuno ku mpoto koma mukukhuwa ndowe zoti mpoto thengere atumbuka kuzikonda mupwetekesa wana wanutu !! mzanu pitala wana wake Ali ku U S A asakupusiseni


And in your Quota System knowledge, do you believe it will be economical for someone to carry tomatoes from Nsaje and supply to Mzuzu university?

Employ a watchman, who does not need any specialty knowledge to do a job,from Mwanza, while thousands in Mzuzu can do the same Job?

What you fail to understand is Northerners go where the jobs are, while you from other districs you shum going to the North, and yet you expect to be employed in the North.

Such is thr mentality of a quotq system person.

Unlike students who can gavalnise themselves for common action, the general public is difficult to mobilise because of regional and ethnic divisions. If one stands up for a good cause, people ask who is he or she. The only time Malawians act is when things have gone really bad as was the case with 1992 and July 20. And with the ruthness with which BINGU responded and no action taken on the violetors of human rights, the Malawian population is as good as dead. We will be at the mercy of THE PRESIDENTS. The answer to this is FEDERALISM so… Read more »

Shuzho paliji a Msowoya. Isi tapulika.


AS True Citizens and future Leaders of our Country when we want to voice Out our grievances by holding peaceful demos which is one of our foundamental RIGHTS we are Barred or Teargassed !! 2 BAD !!


Ooooohhhh Richard sweet Richard. We are taking the gvt to task this time. Time for talks and complaints are sooo 2009. Secession is coming and you also don’t get too comfortable with DPP.

c. Phwisani

You guys n your camp are giving hope to impoverished nation called Malawi. Kept on opening our eyes. One day is one these arrogant people will be brought to justice.

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