Stansfield cries foul over ministerial vehicles

Vehicle merchandisers, Stansfield Limited has cried foul over government decision to buy government cars, including top of the range luxurious vehicles for top government officials including cabinet ministers from Toyota Malawi only, saying this was retrogressive in open economy.

Sansfield wants government to buy its vehicles

Sansfield wants government to buy its vehicles

Stansfield’s Ronald Mollande told a local radio station, Star that his company pays taxes obediently.

Mollande said his company is involved in social services including paying of school fees for needy students at the Polytechnic and reforestation programme.

“We wonder therefore why there is this deliberate policy in government to marginalise us yet our vehicles are probably the best. The vehicles the government is currently buying need frequent mechanical checkups, ours do not need that,” he said.

Stansfield recently unveiled top of the range all either vehicles.

Meanwhile,  Renault, is back on the Malawi market following the return of the French car’s franchise deal to Stansfield Motors Limited.

According to Motors general manager, Michael Khomani, they received a first consignment of the of Renault vehicles in three models namely Fluence – a 1.6 litre saloon car, Duster – a 1.6 litre, 4×2 high suspension vehicle and Koreos – a 2.4 litre engine, 4×4 vehicle.

More models are expected, including a Renault pickup which is expected to be introduced in the country in 2017, according to Khomani.

Other dealerships under Stansfield include Mercedes Benz, GWM and Yamaha.

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23 thoughts on “Stansfield cries foul over ministerial vehicles”

  1. chikondi says:

    Stansfield has nice cars but anthu inu mukuwaderela nsanje eti.

  2. Godisgood Allthetime says:

    @Advisory Committee: don’t mislead people here. What simple service costs K800,000+? If you don’t take your vehicle for regular service, and you once dream to take it for service, that’s what you get, whether it be Toyota, Nissan, Ford or Steed. A normal regular service should not cost you more than K150,000, that is if you take your vehicle for service after the regulated mileage. GWM is like any diesel propelled vehicle like Isuzu etc. By the way, who is Richard Mollande?

  3. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Sopo ina imangokula!!

  4. advisory committee says:

    To some extent the govt is favouting toyota by directing that the govt should be buying toyota tx for ministers ceos ps etc koma a stansfield should improve on their models the GWM model is nightmare. Their pricing is higher and their after sale services are poor and expensive simple service mpaka k851,678.89. Director of public procurement aziee izi ehy procurement entities sre avoiding stansfield koma ti anthu tao ta chkaladi tamwano totumbwa ngati ito ti makhala tolezera all the time and sakhala ndii readily available spares amakaniko aeo cheat kuti aika new parts pamene asuka yakale tikukuonanitu

  5. mr nyasa says:

    Poor business strategy, consult the goverment not media or public, sign of weakness and very low on market levels

  6. lapukeni says:

    Kaguliseni ma kathole anuwo ku mazambiki

  7. advisory committee says:

    Their marketing manageress is busy gambling instead of marketing the vehicle stupid

  8. advisory committee says:

    Stansfield are expensive in servings vehicles and
    They have poor mechanics. They have poor vehicle qualities like the GWM steed is the worst

  9. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    Poor service at Stansfield Motors. There are too many thieves in their workshops

  10. Nyamakumutu says:

    Ndabwelanso so you want our ministers to be using the 1.4 liters wagwa nayo mdala

  11. govt says:

    bwela pa bwandix tikuuze what to do

  12. kobooo! says:

    A Mollande kaoneni Kaye ma file anu Ku office chifukwa posachedwapa mzipatala zina za boma talandira ma Nissan double cabin atsopano ndiye kuti agula Ku Toyota ati?

  13. Koma says:

    I think his job is on the line. What is his educational background.

  14. mogasa club chairman says:

    sorry brother but toyota vehicles are more compatible to malawis road infrastructure than mitsubishis or peugeots.

    word to the wise, don’t blast your competition in public. it makes you look desperate and you could easily get sued. akanena kuti utulutse evidence ya ma breakdown awo, ndipo wayipeza kuti evidenciyo, iwe utani?

  15. Jamison Chagwa Lungu says:

    Ma rubbish business. They want to offload their dirty Volkswagen before the scandal becomes worldwide recall.

  16. Zagwa says:

    Foolish! Who told you that it is priority for Government to buy cars? Government actually has to offload most of its cars as they are not necessary and an unnecessary expense. Didn’t you do market research before ordering? Dzikwelani….nanga mutani nawo? Renault lero? Musatiseketsenso nanu!

  17. redeemed says:

    The term “probably” denotes uncertainty. Now if you aren’t convinced yourself of your own product’s superiority, how do you supposed the external customers trust to be attained?. Bad Marketing strategy if you asked me.

  18. Nambuma says:

    Fokofu!! Chikapani Chozunjikira Chuma Ichi.

  19. nchofi says:

    Koma iwe Mollande ukundidabwitsa kobasi ngati sunabadwile ku malawi kuno. kodi iwe mbava za mbomamu sumazidziwabe. kuterokotu zikufuna soda ndiye inu a stansfield soda simukupereka pamene a mnzanu a toyota apereka.

    my advise to you Mollande chonde if you want government to buy your cars , thamanga mwachangu ndi brief case itazaza ndi ma aloe vera kokasiya ukuziwako.

  20. Chingolopiyo says:

    Is there any car that does not require service? Just market your vehicles but dont say nosense on the media

  21. big says:

    Aaaaah, can your benzes take the rough beating of Malawi roads like the Land cruiser and hiluxes. We have used all vehicles sold in the world and we know what is good for us. Benzes do not do well in rough roads and electronics are a nightmare. Cruisers are the best and got knows this.

  22. Nyamakumutu says:

    Kwe anakutumuni ndi ndani. Kudula inu munyanya

  23. 091212 says:

    Why are you taking this big issue to the media? Talk to the government directly to here ,and tell your marketing manager to do his duties.

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