State House cautiously welcomes proposals to have 50+1 electoral system

President Peter Mutharika will keep his views secret on the proposed 50+1 electoral system, a system that would allow a general election candidate to become President only if and when he amasses more than 51 per cent of the votes cast.

Bamusi: CSO's should consult the grass roots

Bamusi: CSO’s should consult the grass roots

Mabvuto Bamusi, Mutharika’s advisor on civil society groups and non-governmental organisations said this on Friday.

“It is up to Malawians to decide what system they want. But whatever system, it should be for uniting people. The civil society leaders should consult Malawians at grass root, this should not come from few political or civil society leaders for their own political expediency,” Bamusi said.

He said President Mutharika would not give his views on he matter although he would want the result to reflect the will of the people.

“If people want it, His Excellency is ready to listen,” said Bamusi, who said people should be demanding a robust constitutional review process.

He said the same happened during debate on federalism, saying Mutharika chose not to have his views known.

“He said let people and people have spoken,” Bamusi said.

Mutharika got 36 percent of the vote during the 2014 general election, votes he amassed mainly from the southern region prompting some opposition politicians and civil society leaders to insinuate the President received the mandate to rule the country from one tribe.

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31 thoughts on “State House cautiously welcomes proposals to have 50+1 electoral system”

  1. Kanene says:

    A MCP ngati munalephera kumwera konse kuno mungazaipeze 50%? Minga imene mukudzala idzakubayani nokha,sitingabwelerenso ku nkhanza zanu ayi UDF,DPP tidzapanga mgwirizano simudzadutsa.

  2. James Phiri says:

    50+1 is not the way to go my friends. If a Presidential candidate polls less than 50% then make that person share government with other candidate in a coalition government. Why go to the expense of a run off? If you remove candidates and leave just 2 to run off there’ll be a winner of course and it will be a winner takes all scenario. This is not good as the others who originally voted for other candidates are having their votes rejected. Make these politicians compromise and work together rather than one person having all the power. Coalition governments work for Germany, last time in the UK, Israel, and many other countries. It prevents dictatorships. Multi-party in Malawi is same as one party because which ever party wins they rule like one party state.

  3. M.Bamusi ur at it again.
    Federalsm survey was fake uncredible and sats nothing about demographics,a reverand chingota bodzatu ili abusa. So ur president listens to church sermons on radio,kodi mulibe chapel or prayer room kunyumbako..ooohh!

  4. kuthakoko mkumwa kokopina says:

    munya muona a lomwe odya nalikukuti inu

  5. tan'gatan'ga says:

    We need a referendum on THIS. It is not whether Peter agrees or not, we are not workers on his farm.

  6. Clementine says:

    Whether changing the format never affect DPP. We are all over the regions voting for the blues. Mcp failed to get even single member of parliament from south while dpp got in central and north. The next elections will be landslide for DPP to silence these power hungry people. Do you think you can defeat DPP? You’re sick people.

  7. Ndondomekoyi ndi yabwino chifukwa anthu amasankhadi mtsogoleri ndi mavoti ambiri. Osati munthu kungopeza mavoti pakati pa a lomwe azi basi ameneyo wa wina. Za ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. angoni apaphata says:

    You idiots. To have a 50 plus I vote means only two candidates are competing. Normally the countries that do that have reruns for the top two. Ndiye masanje timapanga nd I zisankho zathu tingapange rerun? We have greedy people who would go to court to get an injunction to be involved in the rerun and stupid judges who will grant such allowances for a penny. The simplest way is let the majority rule. Since most of us are illiterate fools we shall vote for our kind.

  9. Kenkkk says:

    Bamusi is talking as if the federalism results recently announced carry credibility. The only way Malawians can decide on 50+1 and federalism is by referendum, not csos or ccjp carrying out secret surveys which most Malawians were not even aware of that a survey is being done by pac or ccjp on federalism.

    The survey for example on federalism should have been announced in advance so that everyone knew what was going on and nationwide samples conducted including the question people were being asked to answer. That would have carried some credibility. By the way I am against federalism but I don’t condone cheating. I want to win fair and square, the survey by pac or ccjp on federalism is scandalous. I tend to lean on secession for the north in the long run.

    Bibo is proposing USA system of Electoral college for ech district or state but as we know even in USA, very rare does a president have a 50+1 mandate. Actually one can be a USA president by winning say 10 -15 states out of 50 with large electoral votes. If someone wins say New York, California and Texas, he will definitely be home as these are the largest and will only need probably less than 10 states to be winner.

    So 50+1 does not guarantee any fairness or a true reflection of the whole country. Is 50+1 achieved by winning only the south good enough?

    What we forget is the reason why we want federalism or 50+1? Lack of development or equal share of development in the country will only be solved by the govt of the day changing its behaviour on such important issues as nepotism, tribalism, poor governance, accountability, corruption and thieving of govt coffers for self enrichment, etc. 50+1 or federalism will not solve the above problems we have, it is the leadership that can change the current status quo and make most Malawians happy.

  10. MPINDO MICHAEL says:

    Our present system does not respect the principle of majority in democratic rule. Some one who wins even with 40% of the country’s population still poses a challenge of legitimacy. We have to remember that Malawi is not an isolated country, we can justifiably refer to how other countries do.Ghana..Burkina-faso, IVory coast.. Just to mention but a few. The president must have at least 50 +1

  11. Bibo says:

    The 50+1 formula won’t solve the problem of regionalism because somebody can achieve that by combining votes in the tea growing districts and eastern region districts, and that will make that candidate a regional candidate with a majority. The UDF/DPP alliance can bring that to reality.

    The best way to erase regionalism is to have an electoral college vote. Each district will be allocated a specific number of electoral votes depending on size. For example, Mzimba can have 20 votes and Balaka can have 9 votes or Mulanje can have 17 votes and Likoma can have 2 votes. If a candidate scores the highest number of total votes in a district say 100,000 electorates in Mulanje, then he wins the 17 electoral votes but forfeits the popular votes of 100,000.The electoral votes would represent 17 delegates assigned to that district. It should be the same concept as the FAM delegates who choose a president of the association, the only difference is that all electorates or qualified voters are not involved in a FAM presidential election.

    What it means is that determination of a winning candidate should be based on scooping the highest number of electoral college votes.Such results would be universally accepted by all citizens. Scoring the majority votes concentrated in one area doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the mandate because you have been rejected in other areas or regions. A candidate has to prove that his or her support and popularity are widely spread and the electoral college voting system is the answer. Al Gore lost to George W Bush because his electoral college count was inferior but had majority popular votes. This proved that he wasn’t widely accepted. Acceptance has to be based on how many districts and regions and not how many votes- that is very tricky but reasonable.

  12. Nathan says:

    That system is welcome in Malawi because the current system allows someone who has been rejected by the majority to become president. For example, Peter amassed only a meagre 36 percent of the votes. This means the majority 64 percent did not want him to become president. But under the proposed system, what will happen if none of them gets over 50 percent? Will there be no president?

  13. Wachikulile says:

    Kodi tsitsilo muli imvi eti? Mwachita kupenta ndi easy black

  14. Ndinunkha says:

    The reality is no presidential candidate will ever amass 50+1% votes of the electorate in Malawi. The Malawian political landscape is heavily regionalised. No Notherner will vote for a Southerner. No Southerner will vote for a Central region President. The same follows for the centre they will never support the other regions. We are simply creating another problem here. What happens if we have an inconclusive re-run? It brings us back to the current scenario where our parties amaphathikizana to get into government. This is all it is. 50+1% is just a waste of time and effort. Lets find better things to do.

  15. Vikhumbu says:

    Bpp south got 1million plus,MCP less than 50 thousand.Mcp central1 million plus,ddpp 400 thousand,North for joyce.Meaning dpp is every where,and dont worry Dpp will domination on souyh and north,socond at centre.Ndiye anavoteredwa ndi ntundu umodzi ndindani.Kulira kwa munthu wamkulu amakakamira kuusi kuti adzikhala ngati akulira ndi utsi.

  16. CHE SAIDI says:

    Malawi ndi dziko lomvetsa chisoni zedi leaders think of them selves chovuta ndi chiyani apa kuvomeleza.

  17. The Analyst says:

    . . . We may be beguiled into believing we are a peaceful people for failure to distinguish between being peaceful and timid or stupid; but truth is, Malawians are just as violent and devilish as any devilish devil can be, when it comes to election matters.
    . . . As such, a mind that doesn’t forget easily can see that along with this 50+1 system is chaos or governments of national unity (if we are fortunate).
    . . . Who doesn’t know that in Malawi if a candidate leads, he/she already declares/starts calling him/herself a president and his supporters start organising road and street parties.
    . . . Who has already forgotten how some people could organise parties or make deafening noise just when some presidential candidate was coming second in the last elections. Such is our strange impatience!
    . . . Now if such a people have their candidate lose in a re-run with this 50+1, when in the first round he/she got the most votes; would the result fall short of chaos or war? Answer this qstn with an honest heart coz its ok to lie to others; but the worst thing a person can do is to lie to self.
    . . . We have for so long, known peace n enjoyed it coz of patience or stupidity or whatever buts this 50+1 system is chaos, for Malawi. The cost (financial, economic, chaos, pandemonium, tumult, bloodshed, govt of national unity-inefficient) far outweigh the benefits (legitimate electoral mandate for a sitting president – an illusion).

    “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, its time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain

  18. Mkwapu says:

    50+1 the only way to unite this country or next time there will b civil war

  19. Green Grass says:

    It’s a must that the 50 plus one system be adopted. Whoever opposes it will only show that they are not sure of their popularity and want to be President through a tribal vote. Away with unpopular minority governments

  20. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    It is always dangerous to allow illiterates shape the direction of a nation in the name of democracy. The illiterates include those with college degrees and PHDs but still think and reason like an ignorant villager. Let the real experts provide the advice based on common practices in the world. We don’t want to hear statements talking about costs of any electoral system

  21. jp says:

    Bamusi ndi mfiti amuuza bwampini wake uja kuti asalore 50+1, akudziwa kuti kagulu kalomwe sikadzasankhanso president, muona akana zimenezi “Undertaker” kkkkkkkkkk,,

  22. kambindingu "hard & low" says:

    I don’t see ruling elite accepting this proposal because they know that this will end their regional dominance of the majority south. Expect a lot of excuses from them on this matter.

  23. George Kamanga says:

    a Bamusi ziwa kuti Galu akatola fupa LA nyama munofu ndi kunona kukatha kufupalo amataya ndi kukayang’ana lina. Bamusi fupa lomwe wagwiralo anzako anadyako kale ndilopanda munofu. ulinalo kakakaka ukalimeza lisalira pakhosi yomweyo ndi imfa chifukwa kuti akapange operation ya pakhosi imavuta.
    ndi angati anzako anayetsera kutafunya fupalo koma alikuti. afutse a Khumbo kachali, uladi mussa, men lipenga, ken kandodo banda may in a osatha. koma onsewo Ali kuti.
    fupa lotagunidws kale ndi Agalu ena lilibe chabwino. DPP ndifupa lotafunidwa kale ndi Agalu ena ndipo ambiri alikumanda pamodzi ndi Galu amend analiyamba kulitafunya (bingu)

  24. Alungwana says:

    We need this and we indeed need this!

  25. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Kodi APM akuopa chani?

  26. Patriot says:

    With 50%+1, bye bye ma sanatiniki nu, to hell with you Demonic Progressive Party (DPP).

  27. SUPPORTER says:

    Eyaaadi koma
    Zoberana zachuluka.


  28. Njolinjo says:

    You need an advisor as well. Palibe chanzeru chomwe mukamba.

  29. Njolinjo says:

    Silly Bamusi! You an advisor as well.

  30. Shem says:

    Section 65 and senate were put in the Constitution after thorough bconsultations. Tell your boss to do something about them. Access to information bill was put together after thorough consultations. Tell your boss to table it. A president is a topnleader who must make his opinions known. Otherwise, he won’t inspire us. I think you’re a bad advisor, Mr Bamusi.

  31. Dwambazi says:

    We don’t care what Mathanyula views are it is the people that have the power.

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