State House staff, 1 Minister return as Malawi President Mutharika enjoys holiday in US

Gender minister Jean Kalirani and a bulk of State House staff who accompanied President Peter Mutharika to the UN general meeting in the US a few weeks ago, have returned heightening speculation the head of state is on leave.

Mutharika arriving for the meeting.

Mutharika arriving for the meeting.

Mutharika took two cabinet ministers; Foreign Affairs ministers Francis Katsaira, who has remained with the president in the US and Kalirani, who has since returned.

Mutharika is however remaining with a dozen security detail, head of state spies, Nicholas Dausi and very few State House handlers.

State House spokesperson Mgeme Kalirani said Mutharika is still working in the US and could not say what type of job he is doing nor when he is expected to come back home.

Estimates show he is blowing K5 million each day he stays abroad amid IMF projections that the economy is likely to collapse completely because of uncontrolled expenditure in government.

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19 thoughts on “State House staff, 1 Minister return as Malawi President Mutharika enjoys holiday in US”

  1. ANALYST says:

    Nyasatimes, in this story, you say APM took 2 ministers to the UN General Assembly (Jean Kalirani and Francis Kasaila); but in the story on the sex video of Vincent Ghambi, you say he (Ghambi) also went to the United States for the UN General Assembly – which is which then? Its important to be consistent with such basic facts!!!!!

    Oops Ghambi is a deputy minister I have realised

  2. Chibweya joe says:

    Ngakhale mukuti mabvutowa ali ponseponse koma maiko a nzathu ali much better than us. Zambia, Tanzania, even Mozambique and Rwanda. Koma Malawi abale kaya. God have mercy on us

  3. Mwapwiya says:

    We were together with Nicolas Dausi at National Day of German Unity in Area 10 yesterday, ask even Lazarous Chakwera will confirm this, they shook hands, Nyasatimes learn to say the truth sometimes u r an embarrasement, Gift Trapence was there ask him, wat a shame.

  4. nyenyezi says:

    i hate this creature called peter muntharika

  5. Chikadza Kuwani says:

    Vincent Ghambi woyee! Nduna za APM amwene.

  6. Angozo says:

    Nikolasi yekhayo musamunamizire. Tinali naye ku Mwanza Secondary School Hall pamene tinali ndi chinkhoswe. Unless you tell the nation he flew to US after the chinkhoswe on Sunday.

    1. grace chunga says:

      kikikikikiki ndiye tikhulupilira ziti.

  7. Chilungamo says:

    Wakwiya ndi mfiti! Apume basi! Nayeso ndi munthu. After all America is his second home. There are his children, businesses and a house there so what do you expect? Ngati anthu akamapita kuoperekeza maliro ku Chitipa ena amakasala komweko kuli bwanji ku America. Jeoulosy will never take us nowhere! Even if he came today. He would not solve the problems at ESCOM or Water Board. These problems are man made to frustrate the President because the bosses in these Institutions are opposition stewarts therefore they are deliberately causing problems to frustrate people hoping that there desired party can win favours come next elections.

  8. Dr Lozai Mbilizi says:

    UNGA turned into sadaka ya chigololo. The case of one Vincent Ghamb mix sendera sisters

  9. santana says:

    I don’t get you Mr reporter. Are you saying the president took only two ministers to America? And you say the bulk has returned. Tell us the number making this bulk.

    1. Bullshit says:

      It clearly says Gender minister Jean Kalirani and a bulk of State House staff – its the state house staff that is making the bulk. Please next time try to re read of you missing a point than lashing at pointing a finger at an innocent reporter

  10. Thava boy says:

    A careless head of state Malawi has ever seen, how can you happily stay away when your country is languishing : hunger, no electricity, water problems, no salaries 4 teachers, no drugs in hospitals, economy crumbling, education deteriorating, …………..everything falling apart, no one to give us hope…..ministers sharing our taxes …useless DPP government…..

    1. mamabeat says:

      Is this first time? Why do you keep questioning. Malawian this is what u wanted and you will continue 2019. Does APM or ministers care? they will get allowances in dollars and that is what they care.

    2. Nambewe says:

      Kodi ndiye kuti ukakhala head of state, sutopa nkufinika kupuma? adati atenge ndege apite ku states kukapuma mudakati akuononga ndalama! so if returns to Malawi now is the electricity problem suddenly going to go away? stop being emotional and see things for what they are! This man is trying this best under impossible circumstances, this man has won the trust of the donors! dont you know how to give a compliment once in a while? No I say pumani bwana mukatha mutipeza!y amene zamuwawa aphulike!

      1. Bangwe says:

        Nambewe, these people told us during campaign that they were to address these problems, now you cannot tell me that they are tired, what do you mean? what have they done so far? atopa ndi chiyani, kuba? are the donors living in Malawi to appreciate how we are languishing? Stupid…..ngati mukusangalala mai ndimwai wanu koma kusongoloko tiphulikira limodzi….

    3. grace chunga says:

      Inu mavutowa ndi a global ndithu ndipo things will never get better. Khalani oweranga malemba

  11. Dr Mbilixi says:


    1. mamabeat says:

      Mulila chiyani. Zozifunila ndala. U wanted a prof. u got him. despite what these family Muntharika did in the past

  12. be humane says:

    Tsopano kuholiday amatenga anthu onsewo inu a Nyasa? Tsopano mumapanga phokoso ngati anthu ena onse anabwerako watsala yekha bwanji? propaganda yakuvutani a Nyasa pepani

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