Strike have borne fruit: University of Malawi to have single salary structure

Staff of the three constituent colleges of the University of Malawi (Unima) are to enjoy the fruits of their strike demanding salary adjustment and equality in remuneration of employees on the same grade Unima has given in to their demands.

Malunga: Unima bows down to staff demands

Through Chancellor College Academic Staff Union (Ccasu), academic staff at Chancellor College, the Polytechnic and Kamuzu College of Nursing have been protesting against Unima on why it pays a different salary scale for staff on the same grade at the College of Medicine (CoM), yet they work in another establishment outside Unima’s jurisdiction.

Unima has since accepted to remove a 40 percent special allowance to CoM and resolved that all constituent colleges under it will have a single salary structure from July, 2017.

A memo from Unima registrar Benedicto Malunga’s office date March 29, 2017, Ref: 1/12/17 signed by Malunga said Unima Council informed Ccasu  during a meeting on the conciliation report prepared by lawyer Modecai Msiska SC.

The letter states that the  Unima leadership  has been advised “to meet with Ccaso so that tits leadership can learn about how council intends to respond to the recommendations it has received from the conciliator [that] Ccasu and council agreed to engage at the recommendations of the [Principal] Secretary of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development.”

Ccasu president Anthony Gunde said they were yet to get the letter.

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8 thoughts on “Strike have borne fruit: University of Malawi to have single salary structure”

  1. Banda says:

    @devil, boma limapanga kale zimenezo. The time ndinali mboma I was receiving less than a lawyer coz of differences in number of years.

    Promotion in unima but be based in research. These are academic positions. The solution is to separate normal salary from consultancy charges

  2. Devil is in the detail says:

    The devil is in the detail. In Kenya they harmonised salaries recently. But doctors are still among those that earn more. Under salary harmonisation in Kenya, they say someone whose degree takes 5 years to complete should earn more than the one whose degree takes 4 years to complete. If you consider that an MBBS takes 5 years, then add 3-5 years specialising and (for some doctors) further 2-4 subspecializing, we are looking at 10+ years of training; under salary harmonisation, such a doctor has got to earn more than someone with less years of training. The way people earn more than others under salary harmonisation is by moving them up the ranks. For example, all specialists in UNIMA could be appointed as senior lecturers or associate professors at entry. In fact, the Malawi government salary structure could be considered harmonised but doctors enter the service at a higher grade than other professions. And specialists in MOH are appointed to senior grades by virtue of their qualifications. In fact, in the process of harmonisation some cadres may actually be moved down the ranks!

  3. Banda says:

    Apa ndiye wasonyeza kuti sukutsatira zinthu. This means that salaries in UNIMA will be revised. Chances are high that Chanco Lecturers will gain more since the COM lecturers will not be comfortable with the reduction of their salary.

    Koma abale. So you think the aim of the strike was to make COM lecturers receive less or to have chancho and COM lecturers receive the same but better salary.

    Why should consultancy be part of the salary package? No !! Onse ndi aphunzitsi basi. But I was saying UNIMA ikapanga strike zimatheka unlike a MZuni mpaka kupita ku khoti koma kulolela 10% out of 35% kumbwambwana ndithu

    1. Dr Tambala says:

      They will not earn more @ Banda. University council has done its calculations and realised that whatever route it takes it will have to part away with money either through increasing all UNIMA lecturers salaries by 40% which would be a colossal sum of money or compensate the few COM lecturers whose employment contract will be violated by removing this 40%.

      Chancol lecturers should find other means of supplementing their salaries through consultancies like their colleagues at COM and LUANAR rather than relying on UNIMA salaries. Afa ndi umphawi akadalira salary yokha!!!

  4. Dr Tambala says:

    @ Banda Chancol lecturers have not gained a single coin from this strike. They have just managed to make their college of medicine colleagues earn less money through the payroll that is all. Kumamvetsetsa zinthuzi abale. Those COM lecturers should seek legal redress and they will be compensated, Munthu samakudula salary yokupatsapatsa.

  5. Bololo Sakondamadzi says:

    Will the CoM staff be paid a separate salary for the specialist or consultancy services they offer at Queens and KCH after classes. Think carefully. Unima may lose the key teachers at CoM which will render the MBBS degree as useless as the Chanco degree. MBBS was the only valuable degree left at UNIMA. If you dont see this then Mw has a very serious problem at hand.

    1. ziwani says:

      What do you mean mbbs was the only valuable degree at unima?Professionally you cant compare mbbs graduates to economists and lawyers from chanco and you cant compare mbbs graduates to engineers ,accountants and IT guys from poly.mbbs is so average in the industry if you don’t know,so which value are you talking about?I respect guys who do those tough coarses engineering,mbbs ,law and stuff but pa industry mbbs is not counted kuti anthu wophula mtawuni and that’s where the value comes from in the streets not pa college

  6. Banda says:

    I knew that Unima siinama. They are real intellectuals. Osati a Mzuni kupanga demand 35% kulola 10% . Akuti pulezident wawo kuopa kuchotsedwa ntchito. The president of the union betrayed his own colleagues. I wonder what he benefited from this pano anthu akutuwira limodzi. Uku timati kumbwambwana. Boma lili ndi ndalama koma mantha ndi kugunata basi. Bravo Unima . We are proud of you.

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