Suspects reveal DPP’s Dyton Mussa master minder of terror campaign

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  deputy national youth director Dyton Mussa  has been implicated as ‘commandeering’ the political violence that occurred in Mzuzu and that he is heading a hit squad.

Mzuzu panga thugs beleived to be state-sponsored are freed

Mzuzu panga thugs beleived to be state-sponsored are freed

Suspects who were arrested  in  connection to the violence that erupted last week at a solidarity rally Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera held in Mzuzu city implicated Mussa to have been the mastermind.

Recently, Nyasa Times revealed that ruling  DPP recruited youths who will eliminate critics of President Peter Mutharika and his Vice Saulos Chilima, and the party

An impeccable source confided to Nyasa Times that the party appointed a notorious thug Dyton Mussa to be  commandeering a reign of terror.

“They intend to use pepper sprays, pangas and drips-yes the same drips, they will be literally poisoning people. Their team would do exactly what they did to Robert Chasowa and even Issa Njaunju of ACB,” explained the source.

Northern Region police spokesman Maurice Chapola could not deny that the suspects had mentioned Mussa but demanded to know the person who revealed.

However, government officials are said to have ordered Police to release the suspects and told them to “shut up” to get state protection.

Police spokesman Nicholas Gondwa said DPP did not have a hand in the violence in Mzuzu but  the Peoples Party which was involved in the fracas.

The  statement by  Gondwa come amid  calls for the police to arrest former PP member Christopher  Mzomera Ngwira whom  people accuse of being sponsored by the DPP to disrupt the rally.

“The DPP was not involved in this. According to the arrests we have made, it is the PP divisions that is the cause of that,” said Gondwa.

Five suspected arrested involved with the violence are: Thembisire Nkosi, 32 from Nkosi village, Traditional Authority Nthwalo in Mzimba; George Mwamtobe, 38, from Mwangukulu Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Kilipula in Karonga; Lumbani Munthali, 29, from Matupi Village, T/A Chikulamayembe, Rumphi; Clive Nthakomwa, 52, of Malema Village, T/A Kyungu in Karonga; and, Frank Simwaka Kashololo, 30, from Kashololo Village, T/A Mwenewenya in Chitipa.

Gondwa said the arrested suspects were released on Sunday March 27 and denied this was due to political pressure taking into account it was a holiday Easter Sunday.

“We gave them the police bail at the expiry of the 48 hour rule. We did not want to keep them in custody for long because the next day was holiday,” he said.

Gondwa said the suspects, one of them a former PP official (Nthakomwa), are expected to appear in court on April 15.

Minister of Information Jappie Mhango is suing PP vice president Kamlepo Kalua for K100 million for suggesting Mhango was behind the Mzuzu rally fracas.

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP), a social development arm of the influential Catholic church has expressed concern that Police can be politically “compromised”.

CCJP acting national secretary Martin Chiphwanya said Malawians deserve “an honest and truthful police service” since it is run on tax-payers money.

Police have been a letdown to the tax-payers for their inaction during the day of the violence and  behaved unprofessionally throughout the development on the matter.

Dyton Mussa however said the task for DPP youth  is to promote three pillars touted by President Mutharika which are “patriotism, hard work and integrity.”

And he said the DPP youth zealots, called Cadets,   want to “bring discipline” to Malawi.

Mussa said it is normal in Malawi to have party youth defending their leader, citing the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) of late dictator Hastings Kamuzu Banda (1964-1994) and the United Democratic Front (UDF) of former President Bakili Muluzi (1994-2004) which protected their presidents.

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19 thoughts on “Suspects reveal DPP’s Dyton Mussa master minder of terror campaign”

  1. Always DPP why not you.Have you forgotten Malawi Congress party bad ruling ,killed a lot of people and forced teachers that northerner must go to their northern region you think north people forgotten that, now you people supported regionalism .Don’t blame DPP it’s yourselves to be blamed instead of developing our country campaigning dragging backwards development jealous only in yours heart wait twenty-nineteen DPP will win again Amen Mulungu akukhulukileni tosefe ndi udindo wathu kutukula zikoli kukonda ndi kuzilemekeza wekha osanyozana May God bless all let us meet in prayers to ease our differences.

  2. Funzo says:

    If you commit murder, are you released if the next day is a holiday? Plan your murders carefully and you will be free!

  3. ineyo says:

    This savage so called Dyson mussa to me is just a small fish being used! The fact that he has been implicated and he is perfectly indicated that they did that by saying he and Co. want to bring sanity and discipline.

    Now let me remind Dyson that his days are numbered. who is gonna kill him? His own masters for fear of being cornered. Mzuzu thugs were forced to implicate him. As for me I would love to know the exact big fish who is behind all the no sense!

    For Gondwa, the police spoke person remember that ntchito zanunzo ziri politically driven…… u know what I mean.
    ….how come u concluded that PA divisions led to the fracas that erupted in mzuzu. Now what do u have to tell the nation since the truth has just started trickling in.

    Nanga za Njauju Gondwa uli wiza chain dzino? watch your mouth the nation is following everything.

    Lastly once again to Dyson during Kamuzu era how old were u? People were oppressed left right and centre with now where to complain. Ñthawi ya bakili people were still tensed and living in the past. As As for today, we are all following everything democratically and with this technological advancement I tell u we know everything. so stop fooling yourself or else. …….

  4. Joloza says:

    Just eliminate the dude guys. They should know that we are never afraid. Petrol bomb, hit him with a car or use the same panga. No need for a gun

  5. chipalamandule says:

    Tikakwiya muwona.

  6. GREY says:

    AAAA! very shame to our police and DPP admstration

  7. peter says:

    Apapa ndi do or die……let us also prepare ourselves….za kamuzu zinali kale, za udf tisanazindikile….when they come to opposition rallies,,,,,,,,,let them face MOB JUSTICE BASI….SIZONYENGERERA…….Who do they think they are? to hell with the police……

  8. YABWANYA says:


  9. chilichonse cha masanje in this poorest nation on earth. nyasalande sadzathekanso amwene!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Patricia Kaliati says:

    Only God knows!

  11. Chesipokosi says:

    All these will come to an end if I become the president.

  12. Bololo says:

    Chonde amene amaziwa kutukwana mu chitumbuka andiphunziseko ndikufuna nditukwanepo apa!

  13. Omex70 says:

    You, Dyton Mussa, guard your stupid and stinking mouth. Kuno ndi kunja. You will regret very soon.

  14. Buyelekhaya says:

    Let me remind the so-called chief commander in perpetrating political terror that we’ve traveled that road before but it ended terribly!

    We had notorious thugs in the UDF era who could wreak havoc with abandon! A case in point is Kasungu. There were Zimba and Ben. These were chief thugs! At the mention of their names you could tremble! The police were in their pockets! They could wreak havoc and expect no sanctions. They were the law unto themselves!

    In one of their terror campaigns they literally chased Gwanda Chakwamba and Heatherwick Ntaba all the way from Chulu to Kasungu Police Station where the chased sought refuge. It was in vain as the thugs harassed the two in full view of the police.

    Ben died in the North in suspicious circumstances. Some said he died with a decapitated body following a botched terror operation which backfired leading to his deserving death! Zimba died of ‘natural causes’ after messing up with so many people’s wives and girl friends! A criminal case was still in court upon his death.

    May this message sink into you (Mussa & Co.) that DPP will not ‘rule’ this country forever! Can’t you learn something from what happened UDF? Paja amati chikauluka chimatera! You’ll suffer and nobody will pity u!

  15. dpp says:

    So Dyton Mussa’s sentiments vindicates that the Cadets indeed beat people and cause violence. let them know that they will not be spared by Mob justice if they think police will always protect them. they are known from all corners up to where they sleep. even their relations are traceable. they are not the smartest.

  16. Man of God says:

    Don’t these so called leaders have security details? What other protection do they need from these thugs? Why should some people be alienieted in their own country? This mussa needs to reminded that there was a nortorious zimba in Kasungu. It did not end well with him. At the meantime he is some feet deep. Policies like those shouldn’t be given space in our society. Let’s join hands and stump it out once and forever. We want coexistence even in event of different political affiliations. Malawi is one.

  17. Hambani says:

    This guy shud be eliminated first before he does more damage. Malawians have lost trust in the police and the only way to bring justice is for such people to be eliminated. It will send a signal that the police and party officials can shield these party thugs, but people can also take the law in their own hands.

  18. Robert Daudi says:

    We knew the revelation will come to pass..There is GOD in heaven,trade carefully.

    My God is writting on the wall.

    Until the philosophy which hold one race superior and another…inferior…is finally.. and permanently.. discredited…and abondoned…every where is ………..ha ha ha ha ha.

  19. ngongoliwa chimaliro says:

    wotchani ameneyo anamzuzu. Asamachite matama. Nkhani ndi usiku basi. Just use apetrol bomb. Diso kulipa diso. Chifukwatu wadya zambiri za peter ndiye a opposition mutha. Wakutsina khutu ndi mnansi

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