Thugs attack Malawi priest, steal from Catholic parish

A Catholic priest at Neno Parish in Neno District on Saturday night suffered cuts and bruises in the savage attack when criminal gang armed with pangas  attacked him as he tried to stop them breaking into his church.

The priest confronted the thugs  as they tried to force their way through a door after they hacked two guards who were on duty.

But the hugs overpowered the priest and brother who were both tied.

They thugs then went away with with various items including two laptops, two mobile phones and a home theatre, among other things,  Neno Police station officer-incharge  Assistant Commissioner of Police, Maxton Kalimanjira confirmed.

“There was a robbery incident at Neno parish and criminals attacked around 7pm,” he said.

Kalimanjira said police are investigating  the crime incident.

Parishioners are shocked by the incident.

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Mr Santana, if people are living in fear in their own country due to security lapses who should be blamed? Who is commander in chief of Malawi Police? I know you are probably defending the leadership of this country because you are looking at things not based on the facts on the grounds but based on the political spectacles you are putting on. You must be a DPP-die-hard. So I can understand and I respect your choice.


It is the duty of govt to protect its citizens , why killing and burgurlary is becoming rampant?

Mr OMEX70, what does this robbery have to do with the leadership of this country? Do you expect the govt to deploy security at every parish in Malawi? This is a duty of those who looks after security on every single parish. Are you not reading from this post that there were some people guarding the parish? Were those govt guards? Some of these criticisms can easily show how dunder some of these heads can be. If you people are dry with facts on how to dent the image of the leadership you better sit down and rest till you… Read more »

Your name should be Satana because you have no brain. It is the duty of govt and not private guards to protect lives and property of its citizens. A breakdown in security is a sign of failure to govern and give jobs to its people jobs. Thats why in the west ministers of home affairs resign when there is a breakdown in security. Its a moral isdue galu iwe.


Word of advice from me, “Never fight with the thugs…they are thugs and they can kill”. I had an experience of being attacked by armed robbers in my house…brandishing guns and wielding panga knives. Although my first reaction was to resist…I quickly recollected my cool and told them I am not gonna resist, and I will give them whatever they ask from me. I never dared do anything that would make them suscipious, until they managed to get what they could and went away without harming even a single hair of my family and Myself.


El_Ferulls, you are a coward and people like you just encourage thieves to enjoy stealing and harm more. My advise is that people should be well armed in their homes in preparation for unlikely event of thieves breaking. Come-on its your home and you have all the time to stock pangas, knives, spears, catapults, guns, strong sulphuric acid, traps, dogs, electric shock, etc.

If a thief is caught at my yard, its automatic death sentence, no negotiations about it


Do we have a leader in this country? Does he know what is happening in this country? What is he leading if everything is falling apart?

Kaziulika Chimugonda

It’s normal today to hear about theft by thugs. Very brutal in their style of operation. We wonder if our govt is concerned. Theft by thugs can be compared to black-outs. When you have electricity for 8 hours you wonder if all is well at ESCOM. When you don’t hear about theft by thugs you wonder if all is well in your community.

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