Two MCP MPs arrested for assault, out on police bail 

Two Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Members of Parliament (MPs) were on Friday arrested by Kanengo Police and released on bail on charges of common assault.

Chimwendo Banda: Accused of assualt

Chimwendo Banda: Accused of assualt

The MPs, Richard Chimwendo Banda of Dowa East, Amon Nkhata of Kasungu Central and two other party members Brian Sambo and Zumani Chidzanja Nkhoma have been charged with three counts of common assault, malicious damage and theft.

National Police spokesperson Nicholas Gondwa confirmed of the arrest.

“I can confirm that indeed the four were arrested on February 4 following a complaint by MCP Regional Governor for Central Lakeshore Mr Lyton Dzombe.

“According to the complaint, Dzombe was beaten by the four at his office, in Area 28 at Nzeru Zabambo Transport where some office materials were destroyed and K500 000was stolen,” he said.

Gondwa said the four were released on police bail the same day.

He said they are expected to appear before court on Tuesday.

There has been some infighting in the main opposition party recently mainly due to leadership differences.

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23 thoughts on “Two MCP MPs arrested for assault, out on police bail ”

  1. Godobola says:

    How can the whole honourable assault another person? Take out them ‘honourable’ gown from them immediately courts!!!! What information are we trying to pass on to the kids, anyway, at least MCP kids?

  2. Lets see if you have even a year in government .Akukhadzurami a Malawi and you will be on the run from multitude of crimes. Cashgate, murder, electoral fraud, arson and treason.

  3. bmwebmwe says:

    Iwe mlopwana ndiwe mbuzi kodi anenapo zogawana mutundu apa anthu a DPP ndinu ozikonda ndichifukwa muli okanika

  4. Jinack Chinula says:

    I think it is good to stick to regulations in order not to spoil the image of the Parties. Here things happened by mistake.

  5. Mussa mthulama says:

    That wont affect the victory mcp

  6. Gwamula says:

    Look at the article itself Namadzunda has appointed Dzombe as Regional Chair Lakeshore! really, assault, malicious damage, and theft, Kkkkkkk what type of journalism is this, So Namadzunda you are a hired specialist to tarnish MCP.

  7. Jambo says:

    Always balance your stories.You should have asked the MPs for their side of the story. Be fair

  8. Mmalawi says:

    Iwe Chancy, MCP has Regional Chairmen, not Regional Governors! Besides your article lacks balance as it doesn’t get the side of the alleged assaulters

  9. Kanjedza says:

    Dzombe ndi m’bale wake Napoleon ndi mbuli basi. Amaganiza kuti ndiwo ali ndi ndalama basi. Dzombe ali ndi 4 certificate yogula munthu wa std 6. Zochita zawo umawona kuti izi ndiye mbuzi za anthu. Khombe ndi uyu akuti ndi professor pa PLU mbatama basi. Munthu ungagwire ntchito kwa mbuli Dzombe koma akuti ndi professor? Kikiki

  10. mulopwana says:


  11. commentator says:

    i become so much disgusted when someone comments tangible and crucial issues like these ones with a tribalistic perception just as the way some nonchalant and narrow-minded fellows are doing here. why do we still take enjoyment in demonizing others based on their tribe or regions, and what benefit a are we getting from it ? To me i see that it is just a demon which is lureing us into this nasty and a devilish behaviour of castigating other”s tribe s and needs exigent exorcism if this country is to develop.

  12. the citizen says:

    the party is United and still strong am concerned why some are taking this personal and not considering the image of the party the leaders are not above the party that’s why we always say politics must not be above industry

  13. Chakwera showing his true colors

  14. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Ndiye wina adziti “Kwacha! Kwacha!” lero????

  15. wewe says:

    Do you think we can vote for that party? Even mutandimwesa Petrol sindingavotere mcp

  16. Chakwera Chatsika says:

    Koma guys MCP mwafika pamenepa? The problem is that big dance dancers can’t and won’t give dialogue a chance. Nkhata zili thoo mu Chidzanja cha Chimwendo pamene Nsambo zikulira. inetu ndimadabwa. 2016 nkumati kwachaaaaa! Usawi kapena chichi? MCP KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Maloto a chumba ati kufuna kulowa mboma thru backdoor.

  17. Blessings Kaweru says:

    Bamenyani uku magesi akukwera mtengo

  18. Blessings Kaweru says:

    it is well

  19. Ntcheu bwanje north says:

    Nanga nkhani ya friday pls

  20. Nyausithobwa says:

    Am surprised on what is going on at with you guys at Nyasatimes having noticed three stories in a day attacking MCP. it is well known that Leyton dzombe has been used by DPP to cause confusion in MCP and he is the one who bribed those district chairmen to stage an uprising to Chakwera, With all the atrocities the DPP govt has brought to Malawi. you still back them? I strongly doubt the credibility of your attack. Some intelligence form a foreign office shows some foul play by DPP in bribing those with any potential of a threat to shut them off. i hope you haven’t fallen play? the truth shall always prevail but have to warn that whatever man can do on earth, God is in control. Viva MCP, Viva Chakwera. Kwachaaaa!

  21. Bwanje North says:

    Nanga nkhani ya Friday mpaka Lero aah Nyasatime mwatani kodi timakudaliranitu ine podziwa dzinthu mwachangu

  22. Ganimunthu says:

    Nyasa I wonder why you are not getting the side of the Mps. It is true that you have of late decided to side with those that are destrong the party . You mean the 2 Mps could go and steal 500 000 from a regional chair . Please do not be used get facts as to why that meeting took place and why the party meeting wax taking place at a workshop.

    Bravo MCP bravo Chakwera forward ever backward never . Go on go on . CHAKWERA IS OUR MAN DZOMBE YOU CAN WAIT FOR 2030

  23. Konge Lesi says:

    Kongelesi ndi chipani cha nkhanza! The Chimwendos are very violent people. If you are in doubt, just ask the wives of all the Chimwendos wherever they are. Very violent people. Akakhala awa a Richard Chimwendo ndi MP chifukwa DOWA is a district of wild animals. He cannot be an MP where there are people.

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