UDF censure Lucius Banda as defiant MP says Mutharika will be exposed as ‘disillusioned and deluded’

United Democratic Front (UDF) says it regrets several misleading statements made against the party by Balaka North Member of Parliament (MP) Lucius Banda in the media in the recent times.

UDF MP and music kingpin Lucius Banda with President Mutharika : Banda says Mutharika is “misguided and ill-advised

Ndanga: Truth be told, Lucius Banda was part of the establishing the DPP-UDF working relationship

Party spokesman Ken Ndanga was reacting to Banda’s attack to President Peter Mutharika over  remarks on Saturday when he said the UDF and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) alliance would continue despite opposition from “one misguided” MP.

Banda accused President Mutharika of being “misguided and ill-advised”.

He also claimed that as a UDF MP and the party’s leader in the House at the time the coalition was agreed upon, he had never seen or been presented with a signed document cementing a working union between the DPP and UDF.

But UDF spokesman Ndanga has said Banda is walking away from the truth, saying he was party to the birth of the two political parties’ working relationship.

“It is a fact that Hon. Lucius Banda, was involved in all the decisions and discussions that led to the current working relationship between the UDF party and the Democratic Progressive Party, DPP,” Ndanga said in a statement made available to Nyasa Times.

He said Banda accepted to be leader of the UDF in parliament with the support of the party president, Atupele Muluzi.

“It should be noted that this is not an elected position but one appointed by the leader of the party. His acceptance of the role was a clear indication of his understanding and support of the relationship with the DPP, despite his choice to remain in the opposition benches,” Ndanga said.

He said the UDF as party has tolerated the” increasingly disruptive and conduct” of Banda, in the spirit of democracy and the core principles of the party.

“His continued negative comments to the media against his own party cannot further be tolerated being a member of the National Executive Committee of the party.

“His statements against the party and its leadership in the media have the potential to bring disunity in the party which is very unfortunate,” Ndanga said.

UDF said the distorted perspective that he offered about the relationship between the UDF and the DPP appears to be “simply cheap political advantage.”

Ndanga said UDF having accepted Banda back into the party following his foray with the People’s Party, the parliamentarian “has no moral ground to suggest that he is more UDF that the many members who have remained loyal to the party since its inception. “

Reads the statement: “The UDF’s support of Hon. Lucius Banda has been unbending and as such the party is saddened by these events.

The party therefore, humbly advises Hon.Lucius Banda, to be honest and sincere remembering that he is a servant of his constituency and the party.”

The party said it will always open its doors for Banda to present his grievances to the party by “observing decorum” as opposed to the media.

“The UDF party shall then make appropriate decisions on the same,” Ndanga said.

UDF said it will continue with the critical work of rebuilding a strong and united party.

Party secretary general Kandi Padambo also insisted that the DPP-UDF coalition still existed.

But Banda  laughed off the UDF statement,  saying it was a joke as he was informed  during the party caucus of an already made decision.

He is defiant, saying President Mutharika should desist from commenting on two political parties’ working relationship because it does not exist “lest he is exposed as someone who is misguided, disillusioned and deluded.”

He slammed Mutharika for addressing a non-issue instead of talking about matters that people are concerned about.

“For example, the President should have told the people of Mangochi about what his government is doing about the case of Mangochi’s favourite son Issa Njaunju who was brutally and mercilessly murdered in the line of duty while serving in the President’s administration.

“Or, the President should have updated the people on how his government intends to revive the Greenbelt Initiative, of which Mangochi was supposed to be a primary beneficiary.  There are more many key issues that the President could, and should have addressed in Mangochi other than the fantasy that is the DPP/UDF Coalition,” Banda said.

Banda has refused to be part of the coalition since its inception, describing it “unreasonable.”

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20 thoughts on “UDF censure Lucius Banda as defiant MP says Mutharika will be exposed as ‘disillusioned and deluded’”

  1. bimbi says:

    The actual likongwe katsitsa dzaye kuti Lusias akwiyire DPP ndi his past arrest and removal from position of MP in the privious term due to forged MSCE saga. Simunavomerezebe kulakwa kwanu a Lusiyasi? To go deeper chinachititsa kuti DPP imuchotsetse pampando Lusiyasi musaiwale a Malawi ndi choti Lusias moved a motion in Parliament to impeach Bingu atavala suit yake yofiira ndipo debate ya motion imeneyo inavuta kwambiri George Nga Mtafu anapsa mtima ndi kunena a nduna za boma a galu inu, chotsatira chake speaker wa Mzeru kwambiri Rodwell Munyenyembe was highly affected and died in parliament in front of all MPs and all Malawians. It was sad and shame to the nation. Kodi ndi boma lotani likanamusiya munthu wotereyu osamumanga. Amalawi vuto lanu mumaiwala msanga . A Chair a Muluzi amatiuzanso chomcho kuti vuto la a Malawi ndi kuiwala nsanga. Mau aakulu akoma akagonera. Lusiyasi asakome lero, adaphetsa the whole speaker of national assembly. Timukhululukire monga mwana wathu koma monga akulu a dzikolino akale adanena amalawi musaiwale nsanga, mungokhululuka kokha.

  2. Katakwe says:

    hahaha Che Lucius. talks too much u Know Atupele very well bwanji ngati pali issue osamuuza call him and talk to him. pali hidden agenda APA, koma ndikuuzeni Ku convention with support mukufuna kukapemoha dollar kwa Bushiri muyaluka ndipo akuyalutsani. for how long will u b used??? Peter and Bingu r different. and ananenanso kuti amzake a Bingu siamzake meaning kuti adani a Bingu siadani ake. I respect ur decision to remain in Opposition Benches as well as the party showed it. but pakakhala vuto don’t rush to he media show maturity President analakwitsa kukamba nkhani zimwnezo but soldier akanaonetsa maturity osayankha zinazi coz its not ur party leadership who brought the issue to the media. rushing everything to the media shows how in educated ur. have a sober Mind Atupele siovuta u can talk to him anyday ngati pali issue and after all he doesn’t nyoza u ayi.

  3. MyOpinion says:

    I listened to Dausi, Ndanga and one political commentator last week end on ZBS. What came out clear is that both parties could not straight forward say anything tangible about their agreement prospectively and retrospectively. It was clear that they both failed to articulate what they stand for in their working relationship. However the political commentator was factual and articulate on how DPP is benefiting at the expense of UDF.

    I feel sorry of UDF, the party I helped to campaign for in 1994 while at the college. That time the party was listening to advice from different quarters including students. I remember that students were assigned to study the political landscape in their respective communities during vacation. We could tell the party truthfully the strength and weakness of the party in each constituency. Unfortunately thus what I see missing in UDF gradually since 1999. They hatched third term, they campaigned for open term and they sold the party to Bingu at the expense of quality people they had in the names of Malewezi, Aleke, Mpinganjira and many more. What I foresee is what happened to AFORD. UDF had 93 MPs in 1999 and the figures have been reducing to 16 and currently 14.

    AFORD died (although they can’t accept) a natural death because alliances were centred on the leader. UDF doesn’t want to accept the obvious that it’s numbers have been dwindling in parliament. This partnership is eating them too. Anyway Malawian presidents don’t accept that they are failing the country until….. Fancy if you were found with 124 million in your house when you are just less than 10Km away from the bank would it take this period for law enforcers to send you where you belong to? I hear the only commission of inquiry whose results are credible to political govt of the day are inquiries set by its party leader. The irony is that these commissions are chaired by judges and some who later can become CJ. Malawi presidents will be happy to be told zinthu zikuyenda bwino kwambiri when sane Malawians see things on the contrary.

  4. Chipani Changa says:

    Bwana Ndanga zitayeni zamabodza izo mupusa nazo. This party is for us who love it and always voted for it before. Hon. Lucius Banda is totally wrong through his using the media in saying how the UDF is to be governed, but his points are politically right. The President was also wrong in singling him (LB) out as resisting the union, worse-off on a public function like that. I appeal with you and the UDF NEC to grant him and other like-minded people a platform where they can be heard. The party has been swallowed by a big snake and the resistance you are putting against the sober advice is a sign that you are happy inside the belly of the snake than being out and face the reality. At least you know what it means when you are swallowed! Cry my beloved party UDF.

  5. mbanonga says:

    Not all agreements require documentation for them to be legally binding.
    An example is marriage. Some marriages do not have any
    paperwork but still partners live for many years. A marriage partner may take his/her
    fellow to court if anything goes wrong and the court may not require document to effectits
    its verdict by just looking at facts presented and circumstances.
    Ndi zotheka khukhala pa mgwirizano koma osalemberana chirichonse. That’s ok with
    UDF/DPP political marriage. I think Hon Lucius Banda hates DPP government since
    the MSCE saga occurred which landed him in custodial sentence at Zomba Maximum Prison

  6. J Hassan says:

    Keep the fire burning Hon L Banda, anthu amakukonda ukamalakwisa and amadana nawe ukamakonza you said it already in one of your songs.

  7. mzyanya says:

    kkkk it is the same Atupele who owns the party ,it is the same Atupele whose father started the party kkkkk dzuka Malawi dzuka.No wonder this country will not develop with such shallow minds!!

  8. mkanthamachiyani says:

    Lucius Banda is right. Anthu mukudana ndi chilungamo bwanji isaaaa.

  9. Alex Chaponda says:

    Please do not be cheated by these UDF politicians. Apawo ndi mizu yakachere akumana pansi. What UDF is doing is to get back its leadership from DPP and i can foresee that working in the shortest period. Atupele is the next president, wina afune asafune. My simple political analysis shows that some members from UDF joined DPP as study materials and report to UDF party the insights of DPP administration and Lucius is the one behind this connectivity. Thumb up UDF!!!

  10. Atcheya says:

    UDF has already forgotten that the sole reason that DPP was formed, was to deal away with UDF, likely to kill it. It is really strange now that the two could become bedfellows. Is UDF so myopic that it can’t see that DPP is still trying to sink it? What has UDF benefitted from the alliance than Atupele getting a ministerial post, his father being accorded better treatment and one or two faces as members of parastatal boards? Even if Lucius was part of the initial agreement, any reasonable man would change his mind when he realizes that he made a wrong deal! Lucius may not have clean hands, but I think he is the only voice of reason in UDF and if this party has any thoughts of becoming strong ever again, they better listen to him. Besides, he is not a small fish

  11. Wanjiko says:

    Lucius is telling the truth. Atupele ndi bamboo wake have sold UDF

  12. mabusa says:

    Did you sign the agreement or you verbally agreed?

  13. Mzozodo says:

    Lucius Banfda should be honest with himself, at that time when Jessie Kabwila questioned the working relationship between the two parties, I remember him responding sarcastically that ” we should not forget that jessie Kabwila is new in parliament so she wouldn’t understand some of these things”

  14. Chibalo says:

    Abale tizinena zoona, Lucius Banda is very right in his arguments.How for christ sake can the whole UDF as a Party go into an Alliance of inconvenience just for the sake of Muluzi? UDF MPs must show maturity in the way they deal with Malawians.It is actually baseless as well as senseless for all members of UDF Mps to blindly follow the personal interests of the Young Muluzi who as a matter has lost direction.The only place he can be forgiven and taken seriously is in his home-Mangochi/Machinga because of Tribalism but Malawians across can no longer trust this baby who very myopic and greedy for his own pocket and Family.Ken Ndanga, forget about your Party coming into Limelight again.You deliberately allowed it to be swallowed by DPP. You should wait for the young Muluzi to be 60years for the people of Malawi to develop trust in him again.Sine parties dont want to be told the truth, but that is the reality on the ground.If i were a UDF MP i would quickly agree with Lucious and terminate this good-for-nothing Alliance and seriously start rebuidling the party for future elctions and NOT 2019 elections beacuse UDF CANNOT WIN

  15. vuto says:

    A soldier a Major 1 awo…osati a aMphawi..

  16. mercy says:

    Identity Crisis”LUCIUS BANDA” Zizungu akukulemberaniwo,akupwetekesani.

  17. Chimanga says:

    UDF, why are you not commenting on the issues raised by the morally bankrupt president in mangochi? Was it fair for this morally bankrupt president to talk of Banda? Why should it be unfair then for Banda who has been provoked to respond? Ma bazi akupwetekani amangwetu eti?

  18. Yahya Jammeh says:

    Basi, there is no hope for UDF. Chipani chatha ichi, its leaders have been bewitched. They cannot see the motive of the DPP. Why are Ndanga and Padambo so blind? My foot! I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  19. independent follower says:

    yes LB is right the president should address matters of national interest. the coalition between DPP and UDF has not and cannot benefit the peopeple of mangochi for example. LB is raising good issues than back biting. uyimanso and umatiyimilira amalawi not people of BLK only. usaope LB askuopsyeze tithana nawo.
    auze chilungamo and achitepo kanthu basi

  20. Ana Achepa says:

    kkkkkkkk let me also remind Lucius Banda that he was not elected during the last convention, it is the same Atupele he’s insulting who co-opted him, it is the same Atupele Muluzi who recommended him to be a leader of the house, it is the same Atupele Muluzi paid MK100,000 to Malawi Electro Commission, it is the very same Atupele Austin Muluzi who gave him many campaign materials during his campaign and it is the very same leader of mighty UDF Hon AAM who used to hire him and his band with the aim of ensuring that Lucius has cash for his campaign, and Lucius Lucius you used to dance for Atupele and that simply means you are nothing to Atupele and that also means Atupele can Employ you to dance for him whilst he’s just seated so please stop to be rude to Hon Atupele, he’s our president.

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