UDF dismisses ‘anonymous’ petition as works of detractors

United Democratic Front (UDF) has trashed accusations over its governing pact with ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Ndanga: Ghost members not UDF Nec

Ndanga: Ghost members not UDF Nec

Social media has been awash with a petition purportedly from anonymous National Executive Council (NEC) members to the party’s leader Atupele Muluzi over his support for President Peter Mutharika and DPP.

The petition calls the governing pact as fruitless, saying at this time when the DPP is facing all economic and governance challenges, the UDF does not want to be part of the rot through a shambolic alliance.

“The UDF should also take an opportunity to make a statement over the current tough economic times. The president must de-link himself from the party in power and President Mutharika and show direction to the party,” reads the anonymous petition.

But UDF spokesman Ken Ndanga said the party does not stifle debate on any matter and expects its NEC members to raise concerns openly and not through “dark corners.”

“It is not wrong to express issues but UDF cannot deal with anonymous petition,” said Ndanga.

“We do have members who provide robust debate on matters that concern our party but we cannot entertain issues from ghost members,” he added.

“Much as issues are talking about our party but the people that are promoting the petition are not the UDF people but belong to another party,” said Ndanga without mentioning the party.

Recently University of Malawi political analyst Dr Henry Chingaipe alleged the affair as an arrangement between the elected political elites of the parties.

“As such, I find it difficult to call it a coalition as not all members are involved nor were all concerned consulted; hence making it a secret ‘coalition’,” said Chingaipe.

Chingaipe said it was expected that UDF would be in a closer relationship with DPP after UDF President Atupele Muluzi was appointed into Cabinet.

But he said if the current arrangement fell apart, the government would still function as if nothing ever happened.

“With coalitions, the scenarios would be very different. The UDF/DPP arrangement is simply some kind of a ‘a political pact’ that began with agreements at personal level and over time, following the drift of patrimonial politics that characterise our political leaders, extended to their political parties,” said Chingaipe.

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42 thoughts on “UDF dismisses ‘anonymous’ petition as works of detractors”

  1. cocobe says:

    Atupele,to win election,its not about money koma umuthu.ulinao umuthu?UDF kuzikonda,ndakhalamo ayi naneso ndazituluka.tidali ndima MP ochuluka,pano number ikungo sika nasika.nde kaya umazifusa?khala naka kachipani kakooo kanyumba

  2. jack mamedi says:

    u hav failed mr hon.Atupele oooooooo no no no no.zikavuta timangovomereza.sungakhaleko ngati Hon chiwaya?satengeka komaso amaganizila athu amene akungwira nawo nchinto.apa nde chipani chatha chatha.kanyuka nduuyo mwanchosayo,chifukwa amafufa kuti zikuyenda bwanji.lero mwanchosa.paja mumafuna ma yes bwana.nkozomba angakuuze chani sibolani zake zikuyenda.pano nde ndakwereretu ya chakwera.

  3. paul mwanaveee says:

    inu abale kodi muthu ngati uyu angati thandize?kodimoti akamakhala amaonangati angazawine?akunamatu ameneyu.afuse ose amene akhala akungawa chifukwa samava ngati iwe.tuluka paja ufuse fuse kuti athu kujaku akuti chani?olo bwana Peter muthalika atati akupase u president sungawine.olo atati uyimile DPP mapeto ake ma MP ukhoza kupeza 5 komaso iwe kuluza.

  4. zebede says:

    tiyeni azanga a UDF tinene chilungamo.Atupele wationjeza,atupele satha kuganiza payekha.ukafuse nkozomba,Ajera akangoti ayi ndi ayi muthu akangoti wadana ndi ajera ndekuti zako zada.kaya zinali zakunchito aaaaa,nanji zachipani ndenanji Ajesoo the great.chilichose ndi kozomba & ajeso the great,gati ajeso anathamangisisa P.A. wa Atupele ameneso anali bale wake[Imran] cholinga Nkozomba aziyendesa bwino zimidala za ajeso.koma eeeeee chaka chake nchino.Imran analakwa chani.nkozomba wapanga zingati kuba ndalama zambiri koma alikuti?chifukwa sucheza ndiazako vuto ndilimenero koma amwenye oooooooooooooooo,yaumeya inkhoza kukukhaladi.Nowel chalamanda amapanga zaku office ndizaku office. Hon.Minister chalamanda muphuziseko nchito mwanayuuuu.pliz,pliz’pliz

  5. This petition cannot be taken seriously,he/she should have criticized under one’s noise not while wearing balaclava ,without a shadow of a doubt this is a brainchild of PP,it sounds more more like them
    UDF believe in unity-we have to unite if really our country is to develop`UDF is very conscious of the development`
    basic truth people rejoice when other people are fighting and vice Versa-mukunva phain
    And for the record Munthalika administration is not to blame for the economic crisis Malawi is going through,the blame should be directed to Joyce Banda and her accomplices
    Munva mmimba simunati
    Atupele Woyeeeeee
    Peter Woyeeeeee

  6. Mchawa says:

    Ken Ndanga is a puppet, pompano amalira kuti palibe chomwe akupezapo anavutika zedi nthawi ya campaign, lost energy, samadya mokwanila koma palibe compensation ina ili yonse. Anthu a UDF ndi zitsilu amakanika kupanga criticise Atupele for fear of being removed from the party. Problem UDF is financed by Atupele and his father that’s why the members does not have a say. UDF is a family party and does not belong to the people. It’s high time the UDF leadership strategized to get other means of funding or else mukhalira kulila ndi kukukuta mano. Atupele akuzunguzani mutu nonse mukhala ngati opanda nzeru. Of course, he is the only one enjoying and his father. Who else is enjoying?? let us be frank, pple are crying for real.
    Talk of Lucious he used to be soldier for the people, but he is quite why?? naye akungoti bola zake zikumuyendela rubbish!! akuopa kuti if he fights amubweletsela mlandu wa fake certificate heheheee.

  7. Chejumo says:

    Atupele is clever and for choosing to work with government that’s being patriotic. Leaders are there to serve the people. Him as President should serve the interests of all Malawians not just UDF party. Unakhonza Atupele. I am just worried that you are becoming a recycled politician. Jumping from one ship to another. PP unali mommo wadyako, yabwela DPP uli komko. Not sure if you could be able to criticize recycled politicians come 2019.
    I salute Chiwaya samatengeka.

  8. Wapa Monkey Bay says:

    LUCIAS BANDA has a guilty shocked with Atupele of his acceptance to be one Cabinet Minister without proper causatations to the members of UDF thats why Hounorable Lucias keeps quiet of not commenting issues related to DPP. He is not happy at all.




  11. Hebrews says:

    Musalimbane ndi Atupele, Atupele is clever like his father, “Kumachangamuka pa town” “Anyamata apa town” DPP was made of UDF. The Mutharika’s were introduced into the active politics by a Chair who moved fro Nsanje to Chitipa , Mchinji to Salima trying to sell Late Bingu. So for any God fearing person can not forget the good things that your brother or father did hence APM rewarding Atupele with a Ministrial post is the right thing. Even if its meant to merge DPP and UDF its one family! Kungotero ena mmimba kuti juuuuuuuuuu.

  12. peter says:

    UDF inatha ngati makatani kodo a malawi sumudziwz zimenezi? Chipani chinatha chimene ngati Aford . Nabola PP idakalipo ndimaiona mu Lilongwe muno

  13. Hamza Tambo says:

    Bwana Atupele konzani chipani chipite pa tsogolo. as of now the party is in deep maddy waters, it will not come out if you delay more.

  14. Moni says:

    Detractors at it’s best, trying to sow seeds of hatred between the two parties. Hon. Atupele, don’t listen to these opposing you here because they’re your detractors who wishes our UDF party no good. Even the Chingaipe himself is an MCP man, therefore he can’t say anything good about UDF and its leadership. We bonafide members of UDF are in agreement with your assisting in developing our nation. Let these people who think that parties should be enemies and not partners in developing Malawi be like that. Show them the new way of politics where everyone should work for the betterment of our land. Not the usual way of Pull Him/Her Down syndrome. KUDOS MY PRESIDENT ATUPELE, YOU’RE WORKING FOR ALL MALAWIANS. YOU GIVE ME COURAGE TO SUPPORT YOU EVEN MORE…

  15. yuona says:

    Ingosanduka UDF Jazz Band.

  16. Mafikizolo says:

    To be brutally honest, UDF is now irrelevant to Malawi politics .

  17. kesterchipala says:

    Musiyen Atupere apeze nzeru zoyendesera ziko simuziwa kuti iye adzasiyiridwa upulezidenti.mwatani kodi Amalawi tiyen timuthokoze Pitala pomudankha Atu. Unduna.

  18. musah says:

    Am sure it want make any difference to the udf president wat ever anyone says he is too selfsh & greedy the same with the so called sg he is da biggest crook & confusanst in the party the so called vetrans especially the yaus makes matters worse coz they take udf as a family party here in lilongwe we have the baisi’s the ajawas but if u see they dont have any following at all dare have never conducted any meetings or spent any money for da party chipani cha a chawa

  19. freedom says:

    This is the time for developing mother Malawi.udf is a visionary party that knows what democratic country is managed.after the new government is elected,we should all work together with the government of the day like termites in building our country.
    when elections are about to be held,then we should campaign truthfully because we dealt with the front lines in the country and we know where we need to change as we worked with the previous government.we should not be watch dogs without participation.bravo u d f this is what democratic country need.

  20. cashy G says:

    Kodi chipani chadzikwanje chikadalipobe?komatu kutha ngati makatanidi

  21. Sub T/A says:

    Excuse me honourable Atupele,Wake up,wake up,wake up please why are you sleeping until this time?What is your secret behind this sleep you make me lose hope and why honourable Lucius Banda is very quiet come on guys

  22. William Chilongo says:

    Stupid UDF guys seriously wat benefit does this so called pact have to the party as a whole ?
    This is how AFORD was wiped from the face of Malawian politics
    U are next on the line- This pact is just for Bakili and his son Atupele the rest forget stupid ACHAWA

  23. amunabawa says:

    muloleni mwana agwire ntchito zinthu zisintha pompano

  24. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    You really want us to be discussing UDF issues in this day and age?

  25. Mailosi Tangukumwa says:

    What UDF should know is that such an important observation whether is from ghost members or what it’s wealthy addressing. We have seen UDF entering into un democratic coalition with every formed government without consulting the membership. They were with Joyce Banda and today with Mutharika is it part of their manifesto? I believe the ones questioning the integrity of their leader aren’t Ghosts as believed by Mr UDF talkman these are top members who don’t want to come in the open for fear of being seen or noticed. Kodi Atcheya is he retired of chief adviser and negotiator of the UDF? Where is the Agenda for change fitting in here now? Young Muluzi should know is that those that voted for him in the just gone elections are watching and observing his double standards and they may not be taken for ride anymore

  26. Nginie Original says:

    I feel very SORRY for UDF because its leader has no clue and thinks members of the party are foolish n wl follow him because he is a son to Atcheya!! If you would like to realise your dream of becoming a Head of State you better wise up n become a man osati kumangotengeka ndizili zonse. Asaaaa

  27. Mabiri Jere says:

    Mgwirizano oipa uwu ife masapota sitigwilizanawo

  28. dadaboma says:

    Atupele went into friendship with DPP to protect his father from persecution by the ‘persecutive’ DPP. Otherwise a reasonable person cannot associate himself with DPP. This is only to the advantage of Atupele and his family, not to UDF as a party. UDF would save its face if it pulled out from this alliance. DPP is a party of thugs and violent zealots. I’m sure that if UDF finds DPP as a good friend, then birds of the same plume flock together. If UDF is different from DPP they should part ways immediately.

  29. MMALAWI says:

    Kodi UDF ikadalipo? Isn’t it a wing of the DPP? Kkkkk! Koma zipani zina kutha ngati makatani

  30. Imraan Sadick says:

    The UDF hierarchy will make a mistake if it chooses to completely ignore these rumblings which are also rampant amongst the party’s rank and file . The agreement with the now hugely unpopular DPP doesn’t seem to be helping the UDF as a party in any way . It’s time the party did some soul – searching in this matter . Ndangodutsamo!

  31. Matchado says:

    UDF, chipani cha makedzana . I can’t waste my time commenting about this dead party .

  32. Dr Mbewe says:

    People know that udf is party thieves and with no agenda. The agenda of udf is stealing government money. Look at Bakili Muluzi a thief.

  33. zopanda mchele zofuna kumava ana oyamwa futseki

  34. Kenkkk says:

    Udf is a puppet party to dpp. Not a single udf mp of ggrir leader has even raised a voice to criticise thd incompetence of this dpp govt.

    Get a leaf from the real cosliyion partners like liberal drmocrats in uk, they hammer and criticise the prime minister and his party left right and centre.

    Udf very disgraceful!!! Please Soldier try to lead from the front because your leader is sleeping while dpp is quietly destroying udf.

    I know you are in a difficult position because it is your leader who also happens to have the money for your party!!’

  35. True that, becouse, not all, who says Lord, Lord, shall enter Heaven. Hence, we must always, respect, obey, observe, or, and keep in mind that, The party, does not, actually belong, to one man. Hence, it is good, to respect, or , and to follow, instructions of, or from, other human beings. Becouse, what actually goes around, will also actually come around. Amen.

  36. Chimbano says:

    Works of detractors? Mmmmm-nkayesa UDF inamezedwa? Ndie owonongawo awononga chani? Poti nanga DPP inangoti kumeza UDF nayonso kungoti phwiiii dovu chuli-chuli,nkonono nkhrooooo ngati nsato yameza poizoni,zoti ndi aja amaenda ndikunamiza anthu kuti adzasintha zinthu nkuyamba kuyenda bwino,ngati bodza ndithu. Koma tiwayamikile a Muthalika ponena zoona ku ntundu wa Malawi kuti adzapitiliza pomwe a Bingu anasiila,lelo ndi zimenezi a Malawi.

  37. Political Analyst says:

    Honestly there is no way Atupele/UDF can categorically disassociate themselves from the current rot in the current DPP-led government if he is there in good faith and for the national good.Otherwise two 2014 presidential candidates are innevitably not only sharing notes but symbiotically and technically ruling their respective people simulteneous for their collective good otherwise one is a traitor-to-be come 2019

  38. J. Manda says:

    Anthu otumidwa amenewo osamawamvera
    amenewo ndiamabungwe akufuna kupanga mademo anya awona zosawona amenewo.

  39. Mwenecho says:

    lo on earth why accepting one person to enjoy while the least in the toilet claping hands Uuuuu ugalu

  40. che lopa says:

    If there is a wise politician and a good ambassador of peace and wishes Malawi well, this is none other Atupele. He is trying to shape a good future for us Malawians by assisting the current government.

  41. Google says:

    Anthu ngati Chingaipe amasokoneza mitu ya anthu zomwe zimakamba inu zimasiyana ndi zomwe zikuchitika why?

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