UDF governors in Mangochi rejects ‘propaganda’

United Democratic Front (UDF) leaders in Mangochi have said that the recent victory for the party in the Mongochi Msikisi ward local government by election is a vote of confidence for the party and its leadership and that no propaganda against the party will succeed.

Atupele Muluzi: UDF/DPP working relationship

Atupele Muluzi: UDF/DPP working relationship

Several local  party  leaders in the lakeshore district dismissed any divisions in the party as a result of its relationship with the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), saying such allegation are unfounded as there is unity amongst members and supporters in the district.

“In as far as we are concerned we have no problems with the parliamentary relationship between our party and the DPP.

“ Our leader Atupele Muluzi called for a meeting for all the leaders  in the Eastern region long time ago which includes Mangochi where he explained in detail what the relationship entails and we all supported the idea,” said Abubakar M’baya, Regional Governor for UDF the Eastern Region.

He said in relation to the recent UDF president’s official engagement at the Mangochi council, UDF members were excited that they will also benefit from the access to good housing initiative also known as Malata Cement subsidy programme.

M’baya emphasised that UDF’s relationship with the DPP does not mean that the two parties are one and the same but that such assertions are “ mere propaganda” in order to bring confusion in the party.

The party’s district Govenor for Mangochi Urban, Yusuf Foster in a separate interview with Nyasa Times said that his committee and members are all in support of the relationship and that they recently won a by-election in Mangochi Central constituency is a vote of confidence for the party and it’s leadership.

“Our enemies will try to use all sorts of propaganda to bring confusion in the party but they will not succeed,” said Foster.

He said there is nothing wrong with both members of the party in singing praise songs for their respective leaders.

Foster said that in as far as UDF is concerned its role is to support a government development agenda which will help all Malawians including the people of Mangochi.

He said the UDF party cannot just be campaigning all the time when it has Members of Parliament and councillor who will have to explain to their people what they would have done after five years.

” We did our campaign and for those who made it this is time to deliver. Our president (Atupele) has emphasised this on several occasions and that’s what we are doing as a party now.”

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16 thoughts on “UDF governors in Mangochi rejects ‘propaganda’”

  1. BEXTRA says:

    Ung’onoung’ono tsopano

  2. baggio says:

    Njoka saweta!!kkkkk



  4. MOKHIWA says:



  5. idrissah says:

    Sorry Kodi mwati UDF ilipobe?

  6. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Cheap politics! Honestly speaking I do c UDF kulibe by 2019! UDF cows!

  7. Mhesha says:

    Agents of Nyau party and Nyika clan are afraid of the DPP/UDF alliance. They are 101% sure that with this pact working, Nyau and Nyika hopes of going into government are now zero. So they want every inch of stupid propaganda to bring confusion in order to have the political pact dissolved. That’s the whole move and noise. Otherwise, their hopes ruling the country are getting slim by day.

  8. machika says:

    Zoti UDF inzatha zomenezo ndiye ayi nthawi yino ndiyonthanza boma osati ya campaign ino uuuu d ffff amene zikumuwawa aphulike.

  9. Seleman Abdul Karimu says:

    Its very unfortunate that the officials does not read the writting on the wall,anyway ican’t blame them coz AAM cannot consult them coz of their chicken brains,.The fact remains UDF will not future any Presdential Candidate come 2019,en you call that aparliamentary aggrement???open your eyes en see noone will not propagate apropaganda against UDF comeon ndani angazitayise nthawi to astinking sinking ship……

    UDF will die anatural death,you cannot use apoison whch you used to kill your friend to be asugar to coat your cake

  10. Maximum Prison says:

    In United states once a President is elected, campaign ends there until the next elections. Why people have there country at heart they work together for the sake of development. But in Malawi ignorance plus poverty, people keep on campaigning and decampaining for ever. Umbuli too much

  11. Ngongoliwa says:

    Stop wasting your time you UDF people, and feel ashamed and sorry of yourself on how miserably your dying party has been fairing in any general election. How can you claim to be progressing with your party leadership when you even fail to reclaim that 100% record of MPs you once used to claim even in your Yao bedroom of Mangochi? It’s time you have to accept the reality that the UDF is a dying party that is just surviving on a life saving machine of DPP of which anytime soon will be switched off deliberately so as to send you to your final resting place and end as makatani as your semi-god a chair prophesized. The problem is that you fail to accept the truth of things not going well so as to go back to drawing tables of saving your remaining areas thinking that DPP will do that for you. Mukunama achawa inu DPP and MCP is gaining ground in your political bedroom. How can you compare yourself to DPP’s popularity in Mangochi as if it featured a candidate there? Wait for 2019 that’s when you will face the real tune of DPP. Mbuli zosalankhula in Parliament ine sindinaziwone ndithu. Without Chiwaya speaking basi the rest of you session ends without any contributions in parliament. Mmalo mokamba zamomwe mgwilizano wanu upindulire ayao anzanu okusatilaniwo you are busy celebrating malata and cement wotchipa za DPP koma achawa inu ndinu anthu okufadi mundale basi.

  12. captain says:

    UDF yangotsala maboma awili basi.kkk zomba inali yanu ndi balaka koma Pano aaah agwape inu mwanya

  13. Mutabaruka says:

    I intend to write a book entitled “From A National Party To A Tribal/Religious Party – The Story of Malawi’s UDF Party”.

  14. The Destroyer of Nepotism & Tribalism says:

    Instead of calling the national leadership to explain the details of the relationship, he chose to call his fellow Yao guys from the Eastern Region. Chipani cha tsankhotu ichi, no wonder m’dala wake ankakonderanso mtundu wawo. UDF idzatha ngati AFORD

    1. Chenji ku Msika says:

      UDF yatha kale Phiri.

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