UDF justifies move to ‘enhance working relationship’ with DPP

The opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) has justified its move to seek relocation to government benches in Parliament, saying it is meant to cement the governing pact with Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Ndanga:  UDF wants to enhnce working relationship with DPP

Ndanga: UDF wants to enhnce working relationship with DPP

UDF secretary general Kandi Padambo wrote Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya, asking him to move its legislators to the government side in the House.

The Speaker is yet to made a decision as he is consulting on legal implications.

It is reported that “Indecision, uncertainty, division and fear have gripped” UDF over the matter.

The Nation, a local daily, claimed in its report on Friday that it carried a survey among UDF’s 13 MPs on their position, disclosing that two said they have no problems moving, one gave an outright ‘No’, three were undecided and five said they would follow the party’s position.

The paper quoted the MPs anonymously.

UDF spokesperson Ken Ndanga said the decision to relocate party MPs was done to enhance the working relationship with Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Ndanga said no UDF MP has complained or objected to the move through party secretariat or parliamentary leadership of the party.

UDF leader in parliament Lucius Banda and chief whip Lilian Patel said the party move has the blessing of the parliamentary membership.

Ndanga said UDF has been consulting members on their moves but pointed out that: “It is not feasible and practical to consult each and every party member because they are many.”

An associate professor of political science at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College in Zomba, Blessings Chinsinga, observed that when political parties decide on something without consultation, “it shows that democracy is lacking within the party.”

He said such a trend “needs to be checked.”

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39 thoughts on “UDF justifies move to ‘enhance working relationship’ with DPP”

  1. Geo says:

    Mutarika has just annointed Atupele his successor and next president of Malawi !

  2. This is a big plan for borth two parties UDF and DPP,one day I will see Atupele to rule a country

  3. This is the end of UDF. Bye bye Achakulungwa

  4. EYE WITNESSES says:

    Hahahahahah what am seeing here is not a working relationship with DPP but a pardon relationship. Young Muluzi is in to protect his aging father from persistent court appearance which disturb the old man’s peace. The only way out is for him to stick with DPP and maintain the ministerial positions since he will be in attendance of almost all the meetings that government will be passing big decision let all the prosecution of his father. This will really play a sympathy magic on the minister of Justice to fast track a case of the father of the fellow minister who is in full support of the ruling party.

  5. zandile says:

    MPs have crossed the floor.

  6. bbaa says:

    Udf is nt thinking

  7. Samuel says:

    The Yawo leadership is devastating to this country. Look at how Bakili Muluzi devastated this country in his reign. Look at how Joyce Banda devastated it again in just 2 yrs. If this is a gymic to pick Atupele Muluzi because he is from southern region, then DPP will “rise in state”. Thank you!

  8. sautso Mkhalazulu says:

    That’s Great


  10. mike says:

    Welcome UDF fill @ Home

  11. So this shows UDF wants to join DPP not working together issue as such.I would like to advise the speaker to consult widely bcz this will lead to weaken opposition in parliament.

    1. powder says:

      pple do not go for against, weak opposition means governing is ok, whats wrong wth you? maintain your wish not to tell others to be at your side

  12. kodi udf inakalipo-? mxii no newz here let me continue enjoying my wife

  13. matin Saidi says:

    Iwe uti so called Patriot apa zikukhunzana ndi Mpingo wa Chisilamu if you don’t have comment just keep quiet munthu opanda,nzelu iwe.

  14. Ndikutelo says:

    Malemuwa anali ndi Ana 14 ndipo onse amagonela Ku eastern region, atisiya Ali ndi zaka 21 zakubadwa,ndipo tidzawakumbuka poti amakonda kunena bodza ndi kulichita. Mzimu wawo uuse muntendele,mwambo owaka chiliza ukhalapo 2019 mwezi WA may. Pepani

  15. Kanyimbi says:

    This is good news and it shows how united the southerners are. Few days you will also hear that PP has joined DPP. Others you have forgotten that UDF, DPP and PP all are the children of Bakili Muluzi. Well done and be ready because other regions want a 50+ majority win in 2019. So with this move, ma southerner mukuitha.

  16. myawo weni weni says:

    The move is afuna azapange coalition ndi dpp a udf and atu to stand as a president and akazawina they want to overthrow a dpp ngati zinachitikila ndi a chair ndi bingu..tit 4 tat..mumaadziwa asilamu amapanga zobwezela2

  17. changatomba says:

    UDF itha ngati momwe atathele ma sachet ama rider REST IN PEACE

  18. DPG says:

    Apa UDF ndiye yayitha. Good move UDF you have my full support

  19. Neutral says:

    Hahahaha lupanga lomwero lizamuphe. Munapha AFORD lero muphedwanso

  20. Chilungamo says:

    Unless one is a strange in Malawi then can question this working relationship! DPP was born from UDF now even in real life after some time a child can accommodate a parent! UDF going to DPP is normal its one family! Only those who are afraid of this strong relationship will talk ill about it. Otherwise this is a winning formula for the next elections

  21. Moni says:

    UDF is doing the right thing, it is showing maturity and not being cry babies like the others. Most who talks negative about this party UDF are always those wished UDF any good since its inception, so their thinking have no impact to UDF. About The Nation Newspaper, some of us know that it’s the Nation news paper that instigated the birth of DPP because of its always negative reporting between the former president Bakili and Bingu Wa Mutharika, of which the former took to heart and left the party that sponsored him. Today seeing that the party is working well with DPP, it (the nation newspaper) being a PP, it’s at it again trying to sow seeds of enmity between UDF and DPP. They’ve started lying about the inside of UDF, later they will lie about the inside of DPP and then bring lies about discord between DPP and UDF. Some of us who’re UDF supporters through and through isn’t buying this bogus research of theirs. I just urge the UDF and DPP to be careful with the writings of this PP newspaper, because their aim is to try and give their dying PP room when DPP and UDF will be at loggerheads come 2019. Nkhanga zakuonani inu a Nation News paper, ulendo uno takudziwani zolinga zanu.

  22. Achimidzimidzi says:

    How many parties will be ruling the country? Legally what do you call that?
    I strongly suspect UDF is not telling it all, there is more than what meets the eye.

    My opinion is that the most credible way of going into government is through ballot paper.

    Anyway, the choice is yours.

  23. welcome bebe ife we like u and ur party come and make pieceful malawi asiyeni agalu enawa azimaduku abwebwetuka

  24. George says:

    You will pay heavily politically for this sin, This is a harbinger of more nasty things to come for UDF. With Ukiti ukiti in the driving seat UDF is headed for ditch. UDF sold the mantle to the devil it will never get back either through a front or a backdoor. Time is up for this party

  25. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi is the poorest country in the world today because of UDF useless government. They sold all government companies to Asian community. For example, Press Agriculture, Kasungu flue cured tobacco company. Sugar Cooperation of Malawi (SUCOMA),Dwangwa Sugar Company, Malawi Railways. David White Head Company. Stage Coach Bus Company, Malawi Cold Storage, All these companies became bankrupt because of UDF led government. If it was not UDF Malawi could be the richest country in Africa. Today headless Malawians like those from Mangochi and Machinga and Balaka they still vote for this useless party. Shame.

  26. musa says:

    chosangalatsa ndichakuti; aliyense akuzindikila bwino kuti DPP inaturuka mu UDF. Ine sindikuona chachilendo, anthuwa ndi amodzi.

  27. Wokomaatani says:

    The UDF is finished and some of its members have joined Islamic State (IS), Boko Haram and Al Shabab. Bakili Muluzi wakanika kuphwetsa chubu chimene adapopa yekha. When Atupele was arrested in March 2012, Bakili said that he would fight Bingu but not politically. Bingu died five days later. Ufiti. He supported Joyce Banda for his survival. Now he has sold UDF to DPP for his survival. He knows he can’t seek refuge in foreign hospitals any more. Nyasatimes don’t waste your time with a dead party like this. It has joined Chipani cha Fuko.

  28. chamakoza says:

    No words move on we will look at you

  29. ADE says:


  30. wawa says:

    zipani izi zimadana how can they work together? musatipusitse we will never ever trust UDF……izi zikusonnyeza kulephera kwa DDP…DPP CAN NOT DO ON ITS OWN… Pamene UDF inatha basi chifukwa sidzalowanso mmboma………..on the reasons we know ….. koma ndale MUNGOFUNA MUYDE NAWO BASI……koma mtima wothandiza mabvuto ali mu dzikomuno ayi………..Sleep walking MPs

  31. Patriot says:

    UDF ndiye chaninso?
    Chinatha chipanichi. Paja anapeza ma mp folo okha paja?
    Chipani cha boko haram kikikiki china chitikanso boko haram hahahaha
    Asilamu ali pa masiye kikikiki alibe chipani hahaha

    1. joe says:

      Iwe uti so called Patriot pamenepa zikukhunzana ndi mpingo,wa Chisilamu,unzpanga ndemanga,zothandinza

  32. It’s a good move and a big risk at the same time this could be the end of the once so strong party Bebe wavakidwa thewela ndi pitala

  33. Chims says:

    Crazy freaks

  34. fact says:

    So, you can’t support government while sitting in the opposition bench? I think we have different meaning of work “support”. This is sad, but I believe we are seeing the last days of UDF before ending like “kabudula wa chiwaya”…kkkkkkk

  35. Simeon Nyapala says:

    The party cannot die just because it has gone on the govt side. The party will revive only if it goes down to its members and strengthen its structures. This DPP will also weaken if you are able to read signs of the times.

  36. henz says:

    Kutha kwa UDF ndikumeneku bye bye UDF have a nice journey.

  37. Issa Kabudula says:

    UDF is walking toward rebuilding the party, I for one do encourage its members to agree with the top leadership ruling to move to the government benches as a very good direction towards development.

    Multiparty – does not mean war, instead its the system of working together in development regardless of our differences in our ideologies, egos and likes, dislikes, therefore go UDF go.

Comments are closed.

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