UDF says won’t resolve differences with Lucius in media

United Democratic Front (UDF) has said it will not resolve the misunderstanding with its former parliamentary leader Lucius Banda in the media but by using established systems in the party.

Ndanga:UDF will use established structures

Ndanga:UDF will use established structures

UDF spokesman Ken Ndanga in interviews on Joy TV and Times TV on Monday said that the party will engage its members at all levels to clarify issues following the movement of his party’s members of Parliament (MPs) to government side in the House.

The party’s former leader in Parliament Lucius Banda remained on the opposition side.

“Differences in opinion in a political organisation that has a huge membership are inevitable but what is more important is how the party resolves the matters using the established systems in the party,” said Ndanga.

“We will not resolve these matters in the media because doing do is contrary to party policy and also detrimental to our organisation,” said the UDF spokesman.

UDF president Atupele Muluzi, who is also Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, refused to be dragged into commenting on the matter when journalists pressed him on Friday at Parliament in Lilongwe.

He said Ndanga is“preparing a statement” and that UDF will be holding a new conference on the matter.

UDF parliamentarians’ movement to the government side in the House with its leader still on opposition benches has attracted a lot of comments within and outside the House.

Banda, who is Balaka North MP, wrote Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya earlier last week that he would maintain his seat on the opposition side while still maintaining his role as leader of UDF in the House.

The Balaka North MP said he would continue to support government as he had done before regardless of where he sits in Parliament.

Ndanga said the party will not resolve the matters in the media “because doing so is contrary to party policy and also detrimental to our organisation.”

He said the decision to relocate to government benches was made “after thorough consultations that included the leadership in parliament and that is why only one member has chosen to remain on the opposition bench.”

UDF has 11 MPs seated on the government side, which has increased DPP’s numerical strength in the 193-member National Assembly to 63, excluding Banda, Muluzi and Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Clement Chiwaya who are UDF but not affected by the move.

Following the relocation, UDF on Thursday woke up to the reality of its decision by discovering that it has no voice and identity in Parliament.

For example, UDF was not on the schedule of opposition political parties to respond to the State of the Nation Address which President Peter Mutharika delivered on Tuesday because 11 of its MPs are now sitting on the government side.-Additional reporting by Malawi News Agency

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35 thoughts on “UDF says won’t resolve differences with Lucius in media”

  1. sinja wamasinja says:

    uhule pazipani muzasiya liti inu a UDF? why cant you follow Lucius’ example? Soldier is not money oriented but indeed a soldier of the poor. Mugwa nayo sitikuvoteraninso 2019.

  2. R Phiri says:

    Luciuas have shown us that he is mature on politics

  3. wa mcp akhale chete apa anya manyi kena ndithu

  4. Henry Batson says:

    Thats malawi politics.

  5. Ntcheu Boy says:

    Zanu zimenezo bapusitsanani, ife MCP Boma 2019. Kwachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. Kavuluvulu says:

    Bravo Lucius !

  7. Kent says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk MalawI

  8. Mark siyazawo says:

    Lucius is right nt move to the government side. Coz atupele must come up with justice about our party that he’s selling to dpp party.

  9. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    UDF yatha ngati makatani. Sitingafunenso umboni wina. It is a spent force.

  10. mtichimwitsa says:

    Thumbs up to L Banda

  11. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Lucius I know. What is UDF?

  12. I 4 me says:

    Munthu ofuna kukhala ozindikira, kufuna kutamika pa guru. Ameneyo ndy Luciuos Banda

  13. Leo Rastaman Myloss says:

    it seems dat Atupele azalamulira dis national thru DPP trust me….am d one ov great thinker….dont waist our tym talking about dis issue amaziwana anthu

  14. Mtumbuka, says:

    Imwe wadada Lucius tikumpokerani ni mawoko awiri ku chipani Cha MCP

  15. Dr Mbewe says:

    Udf is a party of thieves they can’t stay put on principle. They like stealing government money, look at Bakili Muluzi. Udf has been bought by Peter and he is finishing this udf organisation

  16. Kenkkk says:

    Yes you should not resolve this matter through media. Sit down with soldier and discuss. Then let us know what you have decided. The whole country is watching this episode.

    Don’t forget nankhumwa is also implicating the father of udf in the so called killing of bingu. Kaya chikwati cha udf ndi dpp chitha bwanji? If I were muluzi, I would be demanding a full explanation from dpp. or is it true that pursuit of power blinds everything?

  17. nyapankhwesa says:

    Paja cheya adati vuto la amalawi ndi kuiwala (2) zipani zina zizatha ngati maketani ndipo chipanicho ndi UDF,atupele wagulisa chipani

  18. haward says:

    Kupepera UDF nonse amene mwapita ku boma mudzaluza 2019 koma Lucious adzawina ndipo panopa he is a hero. Atupere adzawina chifukwa cha ndalama osati chikondi cha anthu ake

  19. Masked 5 says:

    Devil progressive party swallowing the weak and feeble udf the price is milia I freedom he started the udf and wants to finish it before he dies al devils basi

  20. Leave lucius alone.remember he took part in referendum and voted for bakili in 1994.so if the muluzi have bought. he does like to bought.just wait nankhumwa will chase them remember what he said of jb project.

  21. Bodza says:

    True, Lucious Song Says Andale Zawo Nzimodzi Iwe Ndi Ine Tizingokangana. Basi Hav Stopped Commenting.

  22. mathanjez Ishmael says:

    You said former leader. You want to tell the nation that Lucious is no longer a leader of Udf in the house? Mr editor. ………

  23. Aferazao says:

    What else can akumangwetu do? Less educated and low reasoning power.

  24. Charombanthu says:

    So Mr Ndanga what you are telling us is that you will engage all the concerned people at all levels after you have already decided to move to the government benches in parliament. Were you not supposed to consult the people who put those MPs in parliament before moving? According to Lucius, his constituents are not in agreement with that move implying that at least he consulted. Ma MP inu mumaiwala kuti ife ndamene timakuvoterani kuti mukatiimire ku nyumba ya malamulo koma mukangolowa, mumapanga zamthumba mwanu basi in the name of blind loyalty. Atupele is misleading you all and if you are not careful, this will be the end of UDF. Look – you cannot even respond to the state of the nation address. So what is your role in parliament now? Listening to the DPP speeches basi….

  25. Blessings says:

    Thats very good lucius,dont be like a pendulum,u r going to win again 2019 osakonda anthu awo apite tidzaona 2019 UDF ndiyakubanja yatha ngati makatani.

  26. Uchindami says:

    Mumugwire Soldier angakupulumukeni. Wadutsa muzambiri zokhoma ndiye ndi munthu wolimba mtima! Ku dera like tikugwirako ntchito ndipo anthu ambiri amamukonda!

  27. your testicles says:

    the white man who brought democracy to malawi didn’t teach us how to behave in parliament. every sitting brings one form of nonsense or another.

    imagine if parliament in the UK or the senate in washington was as mickey mouse, masanje, phada, jingo-jango and galimoto zama wire as ours, with anyone crossing the floor as they please….we’re a very sad lot when you think about it.

  28. The Truthful One from the West says:

    No matter what UDF says it is finished as a party. The consequence of Bakili Muluzi’s greed and lust for power. Atupele is as greedy as his father. He is a failure. UDF is now a spent force.

  29. Nazombe says:

    Iam dead

  30. mahara says:

    LUCIUS BANDA ndiwe mwamuna weniweni osangotekeseka ndizina zilizonse.come 2019 i will vote for because you have shown strong characters.zimenezo ndiye ndale .dont do things because somebody has done that mawa umapusa.THUMB UP LUCIUS BANDA

  31. kandapako banda says:

    Soldier for real

  32. Phodogoma says:

    What is formed when blue and yellow colors are mixed. Look at the first mixture of blue and yellow above. Some members have already accepted to be baptized. I think Lucius do not know politics. Who knows Atupele will be a the president one day through such simple moves.your constituency will be vacant again this time. because Lucius do not do what politics want.

  33. nijo says:

    Tonse tili ngati mu sitima anayimba Lucius kuti ikamira timira limozi.

  34. The party’s former leader in the house lucius banda remained in oposition bennch……Mr editor please tell us did lucius banda said he quit udf party?

  35. FREDRIICK says:

    Anthu andale zawo ndi zimodzi,iwe ndi ine kumango kangana ku mudzi,mutauni

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