UK to support Malawi ‘not through govt financial systems’

Visiting United Kingdom Development Minister Grant Shapps said his government will continue support Malawi in its efforts to reduce poverty but said London will not be channelling its funds through government systems.

Grant Shapps meeting community behind Malawi irrigation project which has led to huge increase in food security

Grant Shapps meeting community behind Malawi irrigation project which has led to huge increase in food security

Britain, Malawi’s former colonial master and major bilateral donor, first suspended direct budget support to Malawi in 2009 after being angered by a decision to buy the presidential jet. London’s position hardened in October 2013 when other development partners also suspended direct budgetary support to Malawi citing poor public finance management as exposed through Cashgate—the plunder of resources at Capital Hill.

Speaking on Tuesday after an audience with Malawi President Peter Mutharika in the capital Lilongwe, Shapps said he was impressed by the country’s reforms on poverty reduction, financial management, public reforms as well as action to tackle corruption.

“The UK will work in support of the national priorities and in close partnership with government to achieve its goals,” he said.

UK’s strong support for the poor people of Malawi was demonstrated by the increase in bilateral programmes with Malawi towards health, education, agriculture, water and sanitation among others.

However, Shapps said while UK cannot channel funding through government financial systems, they are still working in support of “national priorities” and in very close partnership with government in crucial sectors which support budgetary aims.

“Our strength of support for poor people in Malawi is demonstrated by the increase in DfID Malawi’s bilateral programme this year to over £72 million [K50 billion], with a broad portfolio of investments.”

Mutharika said Britain and Malawi’s bilateral relations are strong, noting that this was the highest-level delegation his year-old administration has received from the UK.

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Shaap mwaganiza bwino A britain ndalama saika mu thumba lobooka koma mukamapelekanso ndalamazo muziziona kuti kodi zonse zikugwira ntchito yake y


We have been taken forgranted for long time now.Lord give us the peace we fought for from the colonial masters.


Well done, stop giving direct money to these ruthless thieves name them UDF, DPP and PP.



Comment 5 by achimidzi is dead right!!! The UK govt tries to fool its own taxpayers and the Malawian people by constantly re-labelling its aid. The £70 – 90mn will flow from UK into Malawi every year, as always, whatever Grant Shapps and politicians may say. We must pray that it is not ALL diverted into Ndata, Nsanje Port, cashgates and champagne for Schapps !!

Wapsa tonola

Big hands 4 uk dont put ur money thieves account no:1. go to the villages and implement projects with local leaders like cllrs and chiefs


I wonder if Grant Shapps was informed of the Government’s plan to build two banquet halls? The UK is not stupid and in spite of all that was said to the President, it does not trust him or the government one little bit. Much care will be taken to see that APM and his cronies do not get their grubby hands on any of the aid provided by the UK.

So some donors are still around. Now, the big question is why do our politicians say donors had stopped supporting and giving us aid becuase of cashgate? All what is happening is that donors’ money or assistance is not shown/included in the budget figures and therefore not discussed in parliament. That’s all. BY- PASSING GOVERNMENT SYSTEM IS NOT STOPPING. Please, find appropriate terminology/word to described how donors are assisting us these days. Otherwise, politicians are misinforming us or misrepresenting their relationship with donors. Remember, what we call aide is a tax paid by some ordinary citizens somewhere. Learn to say… Read more »
White Rabbit

“M”, with all due respect…also, channeling resources through ‘caretakers’ is not a good idea.
Direct funding, now that I know better, would be preferable.
‘Caretakers’ seem to muddle things up, not comprehend the politics in matters, and ‘sometimes’ (read often) like to take a good chunk for them self.
Naturally I know they report, well I know this as of lately, but what they report can not be the truth. It’d be much more efficient and correct to have direct reporting.
Having ‘caretakers’ is VERY stressing!


Nice one

Nyau Isthobwa

Apa ndiye mwaganiza bwino pano M` Boma muli Asizinamtole ambiri please maintain that until MCP Takeover but with these DDP Thieves forget

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