Uladi storms Malawi Police station in ‘solidarity’: Msungama charged with sedition

A prominent Malawi Congress Party (MCP) official, Ulemu Msungama, has been charged with sedition over a conversation on WhatsApp that purportedly talks about how President Peter Mutharika could be toppled, police said on Monday.

Msungama: Charged with sedition

Msungama: Charged with sedition

Uladi Mussa (in suit) arriving at police station

Uladi Mussa (in suit) arriving at police station

Msungama—who was being held at Kanengo Police Station in Lilongwe before being moved to Area 30 police headquarters—was formally told of his sedition charge after his arrest on Sunday.

National Police Spokesperson Nicholas Gondwa has confirmed that Msungama has been charged with Sedition contrary to Section 51 of the Penal Code.

Gondwa said he could not comment much about the matter “to avoid obstructing the investigations.”

He, however, said Msungama has been released on police bail after being taken to Area 30 Police headquarters in the capital city for further questioning.

Police spokesman also confirmed hunt for MCP spokeswoman Jessie Kabwila and its legal advisor Lewis Chakhwantha on similar charges as those of Msungama.

Kabwila and Chakwantha are also members of Parliament (MPs), with the former representing Salima North West while the latter is legislator for Lilongwe Rural South West.

Meanwhile, Peoples Party (PP) acting president Uladi Mussa, secretary general Ibrahim Matola, Kamlepo Kalua, and Ralph Jooma visited Kanengo police station in the morning on Monday to give their moral support to Msungama on arrest widely condemned as “politically motivated.”

“We came here to visit Msungama who is a victim of political persecution and intimidation tactics,” said Mussa.

“Malawians will never again allow to be subjected to dictatorship. They will prevail, trust me,” he added.

Msungama stood on the MCP ticket for the Lilongwe City North East parliamentary election in the May 2014 polls.

He lost the election to Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) Bentry Namasasu, but is challenging the results in court.

Meanwhile, social and political commentator Stanley Onjezani Kenani took to his Facebook page to condemn the arbitrary arrests, saying government wants to deflect attention from economic woes.

“Professor Mutharika wants a coup so bad. He wants something that people can talk about, other than his incompetence. So he has started tasking his agents to sniff Whatsapp groups, Facebook posts, anything that will help him cry wolf. But it won’t work,” wrote Kenani who is also a poet of refute.

“Malawians know it is silly to arrest people like Msungama for a chat in a Whatsapp group. Besides, whoever edited that chat was so dumb he forgot to put the dates in chronological sense. So what we have is a text sent on 29 January 2016 being responded to on 27 January 2016. How? That’s what happens when you put into intelligence bureaus people who are as dumb as a rock,” he added.

And Malawian flagship newspaper, The Daily Times in its editorial comment titled “It’s a democracy, not a police state” condemned the arrest, calling it “primitive operation.”

The paper called the seditious arrests as part of business as usual “mundane script”.

“Malawi is at crossroads and needs to encourage free speech so that the dominant views can survive and offer solutions,” reads the editorial.

It said Police should not be used as political tool and as weapons against political rivals.

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48 thoughts on “Uladi storms Malawi Police station in ‘solidarity’: Msungama charged with sedition”

  1. jbm says:

    We are fast aproaching April when we usually have timely deaths of autocratic leaders period.

  2. Rift Valley says:

    Holy Thursday is just round the corner

  3. Pablo says:

    No Comment in undemocratic country like Nyasaland, or risk being………………………………….


    Clueless idiots is sedition politically motivated? Is he denying the charges? Wait for your time.

  5. Lets take our country back says:


  6. 2016 welcome says:

    The ides of March are come. Beware APM. I see your days are numbered. Malawi will not mourn but celebrate your demise

  7. Joseph Msumba says:

    Mumangatu aliyense!!!!!
    Time has come kuti wina apitenso ndi cardiac arrest,OK Daniel Phiri number is close get ready guyssss

  8. HPB says:

    If the Malawi constitution says that a citizen cannot talk about the need to change a government by PEACEFUL MEANS( demonstration, protest, recall procedures, impeachment, etc), then we need to amend the constitution immediately.
    It should always be remembered that any politician is elected by the people. He/she serves as a prevailage NOT entitlement to hold elective office. The people are the sovereign.

    The answer to people’s discontent is communication. People must know that government cares about the concerns of the citizens; explain what is being done; the challenges being met and seek constructive engagement as happened at the recent PAC Conference.

    Any heavy handed approaches to grievances simply inflame the already tense situation and divert government’s energies from focusing on solving problems. It also antagonises the very people with whom government must work hand-in-hand to address national challenges . Let cooler heads prevail.

  9. Tiwapochere says:

    Mutharika’s are failures. They both failed in the diaspora and in their presidencies. Their problem is one. Instead of using their education for the good of the society, they use it for pomposity, exactly like Matthews Mtumbuka.

  10. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Where else on earth, sedition case given a bail. As a layman of laws, it clearly shows that the trump up charges are politically Dausi fashioned. To hell with DPP

  11. kokoko says:

    MCP MCP dig your own political grave. I cant vote for MCP, Ndadya njinga?????

  12. Ryson Mashabwada says:

    It is very funny. Very funny indeed. Kodi inu a MCP (from Cenral Region) ndi PP (Northern Region) simunadziwebe kuti the majority of DPP omwe amachokera ku Mwera (where the majority reside) sakonda kulongolora pa Nyasatimes, FB Whatsapp. Mark my words, chisankho chitachitika lero, don’t be surprised kuti many people will vote for Peter. Why? You are making a lot of unnecessary noise which is little by little pushing us southerners to sympathize with Peter. To be honest with you, as of now it’s only DPP which has followers in all the three regions of this country. MCP is failing to penetrate the South. If MCP is to suceed, make sure that you win the hearts of the southerners. Don’t you see kuti alliance between UDF and MCP is creating a watertight resistance for MCP and PP to penetrate? Change your strategies, the one you are using will not succeed. Don’t allow that woman Jessie to mislead you please! Moreover, the development strategies the DPP has engaged in spite of the economic challenges Malawi is undergoing due to withdraw of financial support from donors, cash-gate, adverse weather conditions, lack of patriotism, etc, construction of roads, community colleges, malata subsidies programmes are continuing. Dr Rev Chakwera you are the the right candidate to steer the MCP from being a regional party to a national party as it used to be under Kamuzu. But if you allow yourself to fall into the trap of mere politicking, you will soon lose your credibility. Being a Christian and God-fearer, you can easily win the hearts of the majority of Malawians if you play your cards well. I am looking for a day, in our country, when all the political parties will mature into national parties instilling patriotism in us again. I am looking for a day when this nation will stop listening to NGO’s and Civil societies whose influence is from the westerners who are still fighting tooth and nails to keep us Malawians and the rest of Africa to be under everlasting economic colonialism! May God remember Africa again in this era!

  13. Chatsika says:

    Malawi police, idiots, why r u doing about njauju, chasowa and the like? Koma witchunting basi? Simuiphura muona big up PP for solidality, united we stand. Nalo boma kodi mlandu wa chilumpha wa treason uli pati? Nanga the mid- night dpp six? Ulendo uno sitikumva zamkutu. Chakwera woyee!

  14. Mapuya says:

    Nyima you’re such a dunderhead, as your name suggests your head is full of unimaginable nyima, sedition and treason cases are not bailable cases, the fact that Msungama is out on bail proves the police have no concrete case. That Malawi is now a failed state is very clear to everybody let alone those who went to school. The DPP government does not need anybody to topple it, it’s very busy toppling itself, my only fear is we don’t need another Daniel Phiri cardiac arrest. Solve the multiple problems facing this country instead of focusing your energy on whattsap . Can a govt be toppled through watsapp? Be serious guys. If you think you can deviate people’s minds with this you have another thing coming. Watch this space.

  15. Myao says:


  16. therere says:

    Uladi showing solidarity? i doubt with his motive, let us wait till 2018 or 2019, you will hear funny stories

  17. Dr m says:

    Angalu amatero.nkhani sikulanda boma koma ngati boma ngati silichita zomwe anthu akambirana monga apac atule pasi udindo.ndiye tinene kuti chimanga chomwe amati alinacho walephela kupeleka.zitsilu inu ngati mukudya kapena ngati mumapita ku private hospa azanu ndiosauka ndiomwe pac ndi otsutsa akuwamenyera ufulu amenewa.zikomo poti inu ndi amanu mudadalitsika ndindalama koma amalandanso mulungu akaona kudzikondako kaya ndizasatanic aa sizidzatha.

  18. rhodwel gadi says:

    dpp boma la nkhaza kuli njala mmalo mosova mavuto

  19. Belita says:

    Ulemu Msungama apa ndiye wabhebha heavy. Go on MCP and PP and all other opposition parties. Zinayamba chonchi nthawi ya Bingu, mpaka anafa nazo. Now Malawi is not a warm country to stay in. A lot of Malawians are frustrated with the way things are now. You simply cannot afford anything that is necessary in your life. God rescue us. ………Sad!

  20. rennex bamusi - malawi says:

    Timangeni tonse I can assure you kuti ife achinyamata sitibwerera pambuyo no matter what! zomwezi za pa whatsapp mpakana kumumanga munthu why? tangokonzani mavuto anu apa ife takutopelani mwamva ! mutiphe tonse and msungamayo amasulidwe ndipo alibe mulandu woti ayankhe.



  22. ghetto yut says:

    last tym bwana atakumangani pamlandu ngat womweyu munanena kuti treason z aserious case,iwonder y today u are taking this freedom of expression as aserious case mpaka ku area 30 zomwezi zapa whatsapp’zi,,mubarack style ithink wil work.

  23. kaDausi says:

    Pitala is not even Malawian, ndi mkwelekwele ameneyo, mthamangitseni azipita kuchikamwini kuja anakwatira ku Antigua.

  24. Banda chisomo says:


  25. Nyima says:

    Which solidarity are you taking about? sinister moves will not help malawi ,when jb was looting this country non of the members from blood party mcp ,stood up and say jb must go.Why this time ,zisakuwaweni ,mavuto ali mmalawi muno is not APM,who brought this ,lero mukufuna kuwoneka anzeru,it was first when jb was in power in 2013 when maize reached 15 pin pamalawi pano,did MCP acted like this? a MCP ngati simuchenjera forget about rulling malawi ,mark my words,why alwalyz you are full of nyau moves,if you are strong enough wait for election time and win elections ,if you have that capability ,it simply shows that you are cowards and you know that you can not win elections ,thats why you want to use the back door.For Uladi and his pp idiots we know you want to overthrow government ,so that you rescue your jb from cashgate cases ,this is very cheap thinking ,why out of all the delegates in Pac meeting ,its only 2 groups calling for regime change? simungayiphure mwachepa mafana ,nanga tawonani munthu wamangidwa ku LL ,ANTHU WOKAMUWONA VERY FEW ,IFE NTHAWI YANU IJA AULADI ,MUKAMANGA APM ,LILONGWE IMAKHALA PA STAND STILL.ACHEWA AKUSOKA FODYA SANGABWERE NKHANI ZA DYERA NGATI ZIMENEZO ,NGATI MULI MADOLO MUYAMBE KUKONZEKERA CHISANKHO MUZAWINE NGATI ZINGATHEKE

  26. Apao Kugola says:

    Indeed, the Malawi uses some terms without understanding their exact meanings. Sedition is a serious crime and a police bail doesn’t on it. Check your dictionary. Vuto the Malawi police behave as if they dont’ get affected by the socioeconomic problems affecting the country. They get too excited for nothing. May be it goes with the kind of training that they undergo. It’s high time our policed worked like professionals in the art of keep law and order in a democratic nation. The police must be in the forefront to discipline the DPP Young Cadets. If they fail they should ask the army to do the needful. But instaed alas! The Malawi police would watch political thugs harrassing and whsiking innocent civilians away fearing re4prisals from the ruling party. And this fear boils down to poor judicial system that we have. Our judiciary is too corrupt to defend a police officer who works hard for a peaceful Malawi. We are in a web of numerous problems. A solution lies with partiotic Malawians who have nothing to lose if they stand for truth and justice (not vandalism). We can change salvage this decaying society to something we want to live in harmony. If people are willing, most of the bad laws can be changed to function properly in a democratic system of governance.


  27. chimwemwe says:

    Dikirani 2019 inu a mcp.Zikugwirizana ndizomwe zinatuluka posachedwapa kuti Ochakwera olufuna ulanda dziko-tu?Sipajamumati ziwawa zidzayambika after mnsonkhano wa paki?Lemekezani azanu kuti inuso mulungu akadzaku kondelani mudzalemekezedwe.

  28. Mwenecho says:

    Copied this so that we are on the same page that this was a waste of government resources an should never be allowed in modern democratic set up. “Stephen in his “History of the Criminal Law of England” accepted the view that a seditious libel was nothing short of a direct incitement to disorder and violence. He stated that the modern view of the law was plainly and fully set out by Littledale J. in Collins. In that case the jury were instructed that they could convict of seditious libel only if they were satisfied that the defendant “meant that the people should make use of physical force as their own resource to obtain justice, and meant to excite the people to take the power in to their own hands, and meant to excite them to tumult and disorder.”

    The last prosecution for sedition in the United Kingdom was in 1972, when three people were charged with seditious conspiracy and uttering seditious words for attempting to recruit people to travel to Northern Ireland to fight in support of Republicans. The seditious conspiracy charge was dropped, but the men received suspended sentences for uttering seditious words and for offences against the Public Order Act.[21]

    In 1977, a Law Commission working paper recommended that the common law offence of sedition in England and Wales be abolished. They said that they thought that this offence was redundant and that it was not necessary to have any offence of sedition.[21] However this proposal was not implemented until 2009, when sedition and seditious libel (as common law offences) were abolished by section 73 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 (with effect on 12 January 2010).[22] Sedition by an alien is still an offence under section 3 of the Aliens Restriction (Amendment) Act 1919.[23]

    In Scotland, section 51 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 abolished the common law offences of sedition and leasing-making[24] with effect from 28 March 2011.[25]

    1. Baba wa boyi says:

      Laws are enacted by countries.

      Judicial Precedent is local. You can not use English precedent into Malawi Law.

  29. Mr Buyelekhala, Ukhuluma qiniso mfethu, Thanks to Hon Uladi Mussa and your team, In Unity there is power, Wena Upitala Muthalika cela uthathe mthwalo wakho ubuyele khu Ameleka, Ukhohlakele kakhulu wena, Ungasijwayele kabi, Hamba Pitala, Hamba Dpp, Hambani njenga manje!

  30. mbuzi iwe says:

    koma yah

  31. mbuzi iwe says:

    pipio this is malawi &peter is leading us as if he is in U.S.A.
    Shame DPP,brave chakwela.

  32. Mr Buyelekhaya, Ukhuluma qiniso mfethu, Asivale Umlomo Mlumuzana. Thanks to Hon Uladi Mussa and his team, In Unity there is Power, Upitala Muthanyula Ukhohlakele Kakhulu nge mpela, Cela uthathe mthwalo wakho ubuyele I Ameleka, Ungasijwayele Kabi, Hamba Pitala, Hamba Muthalika.

  33. malume says:

    hey.txt written on 29th and then responded on the 27th the same month,the same year? hahahaha koma yah!

  34. Chepio says:

    Simunati akumanganidi ana osapola pa nchombo inu. Offer solutions to the current problems Malawi is facing not kulanda dziko. If we are to trust you advise the government positively. This is not time for campaign. Boma timachotsa through the ballot and 2019 sikutali. Kuzolowera kulowera ku Sanjika pawindow eti? Ndiye mumangidwaditu simunati.

  35. Mr Buyelekhaya I think you must be MCP Chairman in Easten Cape, I can’t hear your Xhosa Language, Thanks so much Mr Uladi Chenji Golo and your PP team, In Unity there is power, Likwere Kwere Pitala Mathanyula ukhohlakele kakhulu, Kuncono uthathe mthwalo wakho Uhambe, Ungasijwayele kabi, Hamba Pitala! Hamba Muthalika!

  36. kaDausi says:

    Uladi and Kamlepo, well done. We need that solidarity with MCP to pressure kaAPM and kaDausi.

  37. Buyelekhaya says:

    Mlandu wa treason wasintha kukhala sedition! Tiyeni nazo!

  38. stephen says:

    u wil never understand malawi.
    sedation charges kupeleka bail.. that shows the allegations are baseless

  39. lipenga says:

    state funeral soon! regime change now!

  40. BOKHO says:

    So whatsapp message on 29 January 2016 and responded on 27 January 2016. Another false imprisonment. This country is heading to be burnt by God the Almighty. How does that work, you are demeaning the whole integrity of Police. IG be careful, these people will put you in a very very dangerous position because that party you are touching is live wire not neutral or earth soon or later. Refrain from that, DPP want to bring war in this country and we don’t want that here.

  41. Cash Gate says:

    That’s too bad, this DPP government has failed to run this country, mumanga angati,

  42. Buyelekhaya says:

    Koma ndiye kuli chapwa. Uthenga ndatumiza pa 29 January koma nkudzayankhidwa pa 27 January, ! Nkosi yam! Intoni ikwenzeke ku lizwe lethu laseMalawi! Ndiyahleka! KKKKKKK

  43. Mytake says:

    I am shocked with these arrests. Peter Mutharika should not start being dictatorial. He has to tackle the maize shortage. He badly underestimated the maize required. He should not blane vendors.

  44. OWEN says:

    Bravo Mussa and Chakwera we want people like you speak it out

  45. Power Hungry!! says:

    Hahahahaaaaa!! Change goal ndiwe kape. Are you sure ndizinthu zobakila zimenezo? You will be apa carrier basi you will never ring a bell.
    Your PP is the sore cause of some mess in this country and you want to hide behind the MCP power hungry?????

    Sheme on you!!!!!

  46. SAPITWA says:

    Thats total solidarity we want to prevail in Malawi,thanks Uladi.

  47. Mbuya says:

    sedition police bail kkkkkkk malawi polisi

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