University of Malawi fees hike – Mutharika, Ministry of Education and  Unima Council a selfish lot!

From the President of Malawi—Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM)—to the minister of education—Emmanuel Fabiano—and his entire Ministry of Education; and from the Chancellor of the University of Malawi—APM—to the Council of the University of Malawi…you people are all nothing but a selfish lot!

Protestors in the capital Lilongwe performing a 'mourning' demo

Protestorsperforming a ‘mourning’ demo

Is it not the same APM-led government that tells civil servants to forget salary increment because the economy is in bad shape? Good people, is it not the same Council of the University of Malawi which, not long ago, pleaded with our dear lecturers not press ‘pause’ on salary increment because Unima’s accounts are unsound? Now they raise fees to students whose sponsors are the very same mothers and fathers who they brush shoulders with as they go about their daily business in this very same sick and dying economy.

Good people, nothing best describes these people here other than that these people are…wait for a moment…SELFISH. Yes, these people are selfish from head to toe; from the bones to the bone marrows; and from the heart to every tiny cell in their bodies. Selfish, selfish, selfish. Selfish is what they are!

Good people, you have been witness to a litany of sad stories of your nieces and nephews dropping out of college simply because they have been unable to pay K275 thousand kwacha fees. It is sheer insensitive for this selfish to sit down, have snacks served, get allowances, and resolve to raise fees for such students from K275 thousand kwacha to K400 thousand kwacha. C’com good people! Or is this another way of telling these students that their stay on campus is unwelcome. Wasn’t it APM himself who ordered the public universities to register needy students after the students’ appeals for assistance reached record levels?

Good people, come to think of our dear sister, Mercy. She has a Diploma in Education and teaches at that Community Day Secondary School. She stays with her two siblings and she is the sole breadwinner in her family. With a diploma, it means she is on Grade J according to salary scales in government which means she earns less than one hundred thousand kwacha in a moth after tax. And that’s where she ends with her education. This is the case because, should she desire to upgrade her education, Unima says fees for upgrading students are no longer K275 thousand kwacha but a filthy K900 thousand kwacha. And that is for fees alone. What about rent, upkeep, and all the nitty-gritties that goes with life?

Good people, government has raised salaries for civil servants by an average of 15% and yet Unima raises its fees by an average of over 500%. No logic at all. In fact, this reasoning is pathetic. Good people, how does Unima expect someone whose salary has been increased by 15% to be able to pay fees matching an increase of 500%.  We should be afraid, good people, if this is how our children are taught. In good conscience, how do those behind the fee-increment decision expect someone to spend more than they earn? With this kind of thinking, corruption will surely never see the exit door in Malawi. And we sure will be doomed as a nation. For real!

And UnimaCouncil argues that “…globally, mature entry students pay economic fees and not subsidized fees….” It is true that globally mature entry pay economic fees, but the truth is that such countries have stable and vibranteconomies, loan schemes, and the job opportunities are just everywhere. Its’ just utter…spoiler alert, stupidity to compare such countries with Malawi where the economy is hopelessly diseased, the loan schemes elusive, and job opportunities scarce.

As if the folly above is not enough, Unima Council further lamely argues that students in private colleges pay economic fees in the ranges of the raised fees. That is true. But remember, they are private colleges. They do not get government subvention as Unima does. The simple logic here is that they are justified to charge so much because that is the only money they get. For public universities, the story is different: government gives money which is used to supplement some of the expenditures.

There was time good people that college life got intimately associated with goodies—good food, entertainment, and interactive lecturers—and secondary students were motivated to work hard to taste such a life. But now this is history; students in colleges now survive on popcorn at lunch and poorly-cooked food at K300 served by, in case of Chancellor College, what are commonly called “Delicious Women” from the populous Chikanda ghetto. It remains to be seen if secondary school students will be any more motivated to work hard if they hear these kinds of stories about life in college. Gone are the days college-life storiesbecame interesting. Today, unless you add a lie here and there, it is nasty.

The fees-increment may be, and of course is a good idea, but it is ill-timed and more so, unthinkably prohibitive for an average Malawian. But who is Malita to tell APM, MoEST, and Unima Council what to do? After all, they manage the colleges and are free to develop policies that will see only their nieces and nephews in the corridors. But the irony is, these people attended these same colleges when the fees were as good as free!

A nation ticks when its policies favour the disadvantaged and stinks when the opposite is the case. Malawi nation’s policies, especially on education, and more so with the Unima fee increment, reflects the latter, oh baaad! God, God, only you God can save us. If not now, ohh God we beg, just give us the insight and solidarity to kick this government out in 2019. Mmhh it’s too much. This government is unbearably selfish. Selfish this, selfish that. Selfish, selfish, selfish.

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25 thoughts on “University of Malawi fees hike – Mutharika, Ministry of Education and  Unima Council a selfish lot!”

  1. BUYA says:

    hey which universities hav u gone thru som of who are commenting hear…..thats an idiot way of thinking we pay tax thus y we need to benefit thru fiz….stop ur nonsense you bustard

  2. Wachukucha says:

    Nambewe, going through your comments which are nothing by gabbage, I knew you are one of those who benefitted when the same education was almost free. You were given 40 grand loans but did not pay a cent back. What a shame and you are now telling us what?? This stupid government messed up the economy . We are now talking about poverty instead of prosperity and you expect a commoner in the village to afford those fees?? The bottom line is the rich will continue getting richer and the poor poorer and there is no hope for the masses. God help us!!!!

  3. Engress says:

    By saying, University of Malawi, we mean that it is the role of Government to fund every action happening within the college system. Now if one is to reflect on how much he or she can spend on fees and every requirement in order to posses university of Malawi education in comparison to other private institutions, it seems that there is no difference at all. Is it not the same Government which is aiming at promoting tertiary education in the country? Can we therefore say that the Government is reasonable enough to put forth such claims and at the same time imposing heavy amounts of fees to be paid. If and only if the government proposes other means of fundraising its income so as to support the college system unlike imposing such threatening fees upgrades, then Unima students will sing a different song altogether and demonstrations at the same time will be withheld. Education is for everyone, it is not only for the rich, it is also for the needy. Keep in mind, look at the economic rank Malawi is now and its survival tools..

  4. Chigumbuli says:

    Some of us we are just fond of supporting ideas without fully scrutinizing what is really going on on the ground. Malawians, let us be honest that this country is poor. If government can not afford to pay her people a minimum of $1000.00 in a month, how do you expect such people to pay fees that are close to one thousand dollars? Those who are blaming and castigating Marita are liars. Students across the country and in the world over are supported by their guardians who in this case are being paid little salaries despite that they are qualified people. The president and the rest of his team must do a careful audit of what really is needed to improve the welfare of the people of this country. Improve the welfare of the people and then adjust student fees otherwise it does not make sense to me in the current situation. If government cannot realize in a year what was budgeted in that year, is an indication that there is a problem. Some of you are abroad, by the way why did you decided to seek refuge in other countries if things were fine in this country? Be realistic in your arguments. Otherwise this country shall remain very corrupt.
    I rest my case.

  5. Chigumbuli says:

    Reverse gear development strategy

  6. Nambewe says:

    Malawians have got to get used the idea that things cost money to run”!!! If you get charged for using a service its not selfish of the policy makers its reality! When Malawians stop expecting anything on a silver platter they will then progress!!

  7. Bumbu Tchena says:

    Good people, if you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, get out! No more freebies…

    1. Nambewe says:

      Yeah!!! this is independence Malawians! its about time you stopped blaming everybody on your problems! take control and realise that its toil! you save for children from early on for them to go to good schools!

  8. ManoRo says:

    Kuzolowera za ulele basi. Stupid lazy people, there is no free lunch. If you want something good then you need to sacrifice your consumption today for better consumption tomorrow. If you want education that will give you more opportunities in the society than others then start saving now for your education. Government is not a relief agency or charity organization. Government is run on tax payer’s money and tax payer’s money is not intended to support projects that encourage individual benefits like subsidy on school fees. Directly, school fees subsidy benefits individuals and not all.

    Tax payer’s money is supposed to be used for projects that benefit, directly, everyone e.g. construction of a road.

    1. dada says:

      This simply shows u hv never been to university

    2. Nambewe says:

      well said Manro!!! Malawians are a sleep! they seem to have a mental block about responsibility! they want their cake and eat it as well!! They are in for a rude AWAKENING! THOSE DAYS ARE GONE! independence MEANS MANAGING ONES AFFAIRS ONESELF!n the discussion

  9. ineyo says:

    Good people, Malawi always has a bunch of people like Malita who will complain for everything. Good people, Malita thinks subsidies will make Malawi any better but, oh! Good people it’s high time we embraced realities in this country!

    1. Nambewe says:

      well said Ineyo! people like Malita are useless citizens! They want to consume but don’t Join the discussion. These are the citizens who end up stealing when they get a good job because they have unrealistic expectations! Mr Malita Jailosi hehehe even the name speaks volumes! School costs money sir! that is why they are asking you to pay for it!

      1. nyapapi says:

        foolish. ,ukusokosa ngati munazilipilirapo school

  10. Erenimo Jekemu says:

    UNIMA Council please for God’s sake, check what is happening at College of Medicine’s MPH program with regard to completion of studies. The college has off late become specialised in de-registering students who have paid their hard earned money for tuition but due to systemic challenges overstay in the program some due to reasons beyond their control. Daylight robbery is what can describe this situation.
    To my amazement, COM is not a pioneer of deregistration. World over deregistration happens in Universities and affected students are given a second chance with clear timelines to complete their studies, a thing which is remote at COM. MPH management! can you for once rise to the occasion and stop this madness of milking already thin cows. Malawi wavuta tonse and it is only education that can liberate us. Do not regard your prospective graduates as your competitors but rather be proud of your contribution to the national development agendas.
    My kind plea to the UNIMA Council is a call to duty on this cancer in the MPH program before it is finally institutionalised by selfish minds such as…. nthawi ina ndidzaulula.

  11. Bongololo says:

    It’s about time UNIMA charged it’s students the REAL cost of getting an education. For years these kids have benefited from the benevolence of the taxpayers and what the nation has got back in return is a bunch of chibukhu drinking experts! So there it is, if you want an education you have to pay for it and it is not cheap! Now stop giving us those stupid tears and face the situation like a bunch of grown-ups! No more freebees!

    1. friday says:

      usilu wakowo

  12. International Observer says:

    Where on earth have you been told that education is cheap? Even in the developed countries where universities are plentiful just like what secondary schools plus MCDEs put together in Malawi are, shall you find cheap university education. Are you aware that the books, let alone computers are very costly and that they are manufactured abroad, which needs money? In this age and times you still cry for freebies, on whose account? There is literary nothing free in todays world and if you want good life you must be prepared to sweat for it. In hospitals you want free meds, in schools you want free education, in your houses you want free food, free water, free electricity, free housing everything free and yet you keep on saying you again want those free things to be of high quality; are you serious? Travel and get a glimpse of how other people in countries around Malawi are striving to earn a living. Simply put, if you can’t afford paying stay away from education and let those who can work for it continue studying. Actually because of these freebies that is why not many are serious working hard in class since the tuition fee came up so easily. No wonder donors have closed their taps because till when will they assist lazy plonkers?

    1. Nambewe says:

      Dear International observer you are spot on! But This is a predominant attitude in Malawi! They beg! They are used to donations! They have not developed their own way of surviving and so when the regime charges for a service they think the President is a bad man! I am Malawian and I am a lucky Malawian because my mum and Daddy toiled to send me to the highest possible level of education and I am living proof that it can be done and it ought to be done like this in Malawi! The mind set has to improve and move forward please Mr Jailosi!

  13. Issa says:

    There are three areas in Malawi that need almost 80% subsidy, Education, Health and Agriculture. Why should our government be funding institutions like MBC? when in actual sense such institutions can generate enough revenue through commercialisation. In this century our government should be striving to make university education free.
    Greed is the main problem here. Just look at how much is being allocated to buy state house cars for one man really? That is why we need a president like Jose Mujica who donated 90% of his salary to charity, used a beatle koma a Peter akuti ndi olemera nkumakwedza fees, ati tidzidya mbewa.
    Please reduce the fees so that people can have access to education because its a right and its yoiu duty to provide it because that’s what you promised

    1. Nambewe says:

      Issa if what you are saying is true, the problem is not greed but mismanagement!. I agree priorities need to be assessed but don’t be too ready to blame people who are just trying their best to keep a service running. I would like more facts about the subsidies that Malawian Government pays MBC. Then we can hold a proper debate on the subject

  14. Chandamale says:

    Vote them again, they are the one talking about landslide 2019 I don’t know if you guys see this a burden on part of your academic studies. This is just horrible in Malawi. So I am edging you that this is his down fall come 2019. This guy is completely coward.

  15. Mzala says:

    Things change quickly. I can’t believe that I did university education at Poly for free. Free Cafeteria, free allowances…….

    1. friday says:

      usilu wakowo

    2. Nambewe says:

      Yes the reason why Kamuzu gave us that chance was so that we could get the education that would command a higher paid job so we can pay for our children. We now need to manage, manage, manage every aspect of our lives! The country cannot continue doing this on the free because life isn’t simply like that!

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