University of Malawi alumni to fund raise for Poly

Some members of the Polytechnic Alumni have started meeting to strategize on raising funds for rehabilitating infrastructure at the constituent college of the University of Malawi.


Mijiga: Help in the cause

The first meeting took place at Ryalls Hotel in Blantyre on Monday evening where In attendance were the Vice Principal Dr Nancy Chitera, Registrar Margaret Longwe, The Students Union President, students and alumni -Hannock, Ng’oma, Joseph Chafumuka, and Rachel Mijiga among others.

Chitera told the meeting that the alumni have been invited to the golden jubilee celebrations of Unima and Polytechnic scheduled to take place from 21-26 September 2015.

She also hailed the alumni for the fund raising initiative saying this will go a long way of maintaining infrastructure at the College.

“The Polytechinic was the first to open its doors in 1965, so this place holds a special history as long as tertiary education is concerned the country,” she said.

She said the Anniversary celebration resource mobilisation committee has incorporated people from the industry which include Old Mutual General Manager Edith Jiya, Candlex Limited’s Director of Operations and Marketing Fredrick Changaya and NedBank Head of SME and Retail Banking Stanley Mkwamba, all alumni of the Polytechnic.

Longwe told the meeting that the college has embarked on tree planting exercise as part of mantianing the environment which it operates in.

She also said a football match between the old players for University Football Club namely Hannock Ng’oma, Phillip Madinga and Khwesi Msusa has been lined up to play with the current crop of the club.

The Alumni pledged to lobby with groups like Malawi Institute of Engineers, CIM Malawi Chapter, ICAM (Institute of chartered accountants in Malawi ) and organisations like the Telecom companies, Auditors Delloite, KPMG, Price Waterhouse, Banks as well as the alumni in the diaspora, to help in fundraising as the Polytechnic feeds into these organisations.

One of the Alumni Rachel Mijiga’s asked fellow alumni to help in the cause.

“In the fury and jungle of getting busy with our lives and occupations, we often are guilty of joining the ranks of those who ask what Government or those in authority are doing to take the nation forward, INSTEAD, of asking ourselves “what am I or have I done for my country…” said Mijiga, now Head of Enterprise Business at Airtel Malawi

Date of next meeting is on Monday, 30th March 2015 at Blantyre Sports club and all Alumni are encouraged to attend.

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20 thoughts on “University of Malawi alumni to fund raise for Poly”

  1. alukosyo says:

    Where do we start to be alumni? What about primary,secondary schools? Those who hv gone up must go down to the roots first. Our primary and secondary schools are in pathetic state.Tione kaye kumene tachokera like the scenario where a teacher is sleeping in a toilet

  2. Kokotowa says:

    Ine sindipereka nawo! I already pay heavy taxes part of which goes to Poly.

  3. Tizanka says:

    If the whole Malawi could think like this, most of these primary schools could be well taken care of. We are just a heartless self serving jealous bunch.

    This is fresh wave of thinking, will sure be there ku meeting imeneyi!

  4. jb says:

    good move Poly! Chanco should do the same

  5. andrew says:

    Start by paying back university loans and repair cost for the damages caused by your strikes. Am sure that is more than contributions of 5000 kwacha etc.

  6. Alex Likoswe says:

    Good idea. Let the priority long term pressing needs be catalogued and costed. Them be looking for innovating ways of financing

  7. chatonda says:

    Good idea ladies and gentlemen. If we raise more, we can as well give scholarships to the most needy students. I will support you with one million kwacha and will attend the meeting on the 30th March. Good luck. Let us do it.

  8. Poly wa pamwala says:

    Khwesi is not a Poly alumnus!!! He will bring you guitars!

  9. chimtumbira says:

    This welcome news but please when are you coming to Lilongwe so that we can also contribute? We want to be part of it.

  10. mphatso says:

    dont they get funding from the government apart from this spirit of dependency.Heish malawi ndi zothandizidwa…..

  11. matama says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiih guys anthu awa pride imawapweteka auntiwo ngati sanyeratu…..olo ngati ka bumbu kawo ndi ka golidi..plz guys tell me what have these guys from so called constituent done to this nation than kumaba ma fat salaries mtima airtel,tnm,sobo mu in the name of graduates iiih UNIMA ndimafuna kusanza ngati kuli anthu oloweza ndiye ndiamenewaaaaaaa..zauchitsilu basi illuminati ndiye kuti chani za satanic basi.amvekere ndikupanga promotion yazatonse marketing manager wa poly tu ameneyo wina waku Chanco promotion ndalama m’mudzi winaso promotion yake cocacola kawawa zachamba zoti wina aliyese angathe kupanga…koma tima certificate timawapasa matama anyani amenewa…..ukooooooooooooooh

  12. Kanyimbi says:

    Good news. Keep it up.

  13. Cathy says:

    Mufunse anthu akuuzeni za UNIMA ndalama za infrastructure rehabilitation zimabwera zambiri and there is no need for you to raise funds for that. Koma zikupita ku milandu UNIMA has lost so many cases worthy millions of kwachas. UNIMA has paid 66 million to Mr Kumkwawa and Mr David Bwanali, it has also lost another case they are going to pay Mr Kumkwawa and and Mr David Bwanali 50 million, it has lost case of Benjamin Chirwa, Chimimbe and others, UNIMA is requested to pay 75 million, it lost case of Mrs Chipeta and others 20 million was paid. Its is about to lose a case worth 2 billion for declaring a strike illlegal as if they have powers,remember is only the court who have the power of declaring strike illegal. UNIMA staff did not get their full salary in December.

  14. Nyapapi says:

    Way to go! Tizakhalenso ndi social weekend, nthawi yathu kunalibe zi matrolley nkufuna nkakweremo.

  15. Masoambeta says:

    The whole country is awash with local graduates. Ma status pa facebook plus zithunzi zanu show that you’re doing very well.
    Walk the talk now. The problem with Malawians is that we go to school to develop ourselves rather than looking in the bigger picture of how we can develop the country. This get rich quick project leads to graduates getting good jobs but stealing from their workplace to fund the lust for cash. Education attains us a status in the society but let us dress that status by together looking at whatwe can give back. After all, most of us now went to university for free.

  16. souds says:

    It sounds like minutes of the meeting not a story. Where are your standards?

  17. Valentine Takondwa says:

    I will be there

  18. Denis Mgaby Munthali says:

    You have proved to be wise but the government shud also help

  19. mbani says:

    Just go and get part of 92

  20. Atcheya says:

    still, there is invalid information. how do we make contributions? makamaka amchirefe.

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