US is Malawi ‘s ‘friend indeed’: Food aid

United Nation’s World Food Program is now making final arrangements and logististics to bring to Malawi K9 billion worth of relief food courtesy of the US government.

President Mutharika with US envoy Palmer: Friend in need is a friend indeed

President Mutharika with US envoy Palmer: Friend in need is a friend indeed

The Obama administration is the first to respond to President Peter Mutharika’s call for food aid to starve off 3 million Malawians facing hunger this year

US ambassador to Malawi, Virginia Palmer says the K9 billion food package include legumes and vegetable oil and the items will be in the country next month ready for distribution by the World Food Program.

Malawi is reeling from acute food shortages due to floods and drought that hit some parts of the country, a situation that has pushed the cost of maize, the staple food up.

The situation has been worsened by the harsh economic environment due to the withdrawal of donor aid among other factors.

This prompted Mutharika to call for food aid from local and international well wishers, saying government has already bought maize from Zambia worth K3 billion which will be distributed next month.

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You will soon have genetically modified food in Malawi.You will end up growing tall like their basket ball players and putting on oversized shoes like Americans.A beggar really has no choice.

Thako Lambeta

Bola musasunge kuti muzapangire campaign 2019. One other thing osamadalira thandizo la azungu nthawi zonse tamabweraniko uko tizayambe kulima minda ija anasiya a Press Agriculture kuti tiyambe kuzidalira tizikhala ndi chakudya apa. Nthawi yolima ino Anthu oposa 100 mukutaniko uko anthu oti mutha kukhala ma tenant amphanvu bwerani muzalime kuno tipange chathu chakudya cha chaka cha mawa. Thanx anyway to the American Government for ur hand to help my fellow Malawians may the good Lord be wth U.


Adzadya a chipani zimenezo

Lovemaniac 91

Ok. # feels gud to be back in love!


Granted, some parts were severely hit by floods. Yet, most of Malawi was not. There remains no reason why we should be having food shortages in this day and age while serious public funds just disappear. Absolutely no reason. Even if the entire country were to suffer drought, there should be enough national reserves to BUY food, not receive aid. If not food, what is in the many silos at Kanengo and all those nkhokwes one Mr. Ryan Thomu aka Bingu popularized himself for? Is Dautsi using them for blue intelligence?

yamikani John mwasama

Thank you President Obama for your kind gesture that you have made to avert loominghunger that crappled Malawians,May the Good LORD bless you with abundant thawab.

Henry Banda

Timely response indeed

Thom Chunga

Thanks very much for your kind gesture. May the Almigty God bless all USAmericans

APM's adviser on gondolosi n nsatsi

Friend indeed,I like American gvmnt champion of democracy koma atsogoleli ambiri akayamba kuzunza anthu awo samaikonda america chifukwa imadzula ndie kenako timangonva tilowela ku east ngati Mugabe


Please DO NOT give Cash to that useless president.
He will spend it for his personnal lusts.
He is completely irresponsible

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